The Boundless Necromancer Chapter 456

456. Catastrophe (3)

In an instant, you feel vitality flowing throughout your body and your strength increasing.

“The achievement ‘Superlight Speed’ has been achieved.”

“Exclusive authority #D-0007 [Increased reward] is automatically activated when the conditions are met.”

“The level of rewards obtained from achievements increases.”

“All abilities increase by 1,000.”

Even though it only took two punches, all of his abilities increased by +1,000.

“… … .”

It was huge.

In fact, as you climb the Tower of Trials, the values ​​of all your abilities have also increased like crazy, so now each of your abilities brings about significant growth, so your growth must be remarkable.

However, despite this, I had no choice but to look at another system message floating in the corner of my vision, rather than the +1,000 increase in all abilities I received by achieving the achievement ‘Superlight Speed’.

“Considering the level of transcendental tales, we create myths appropriate for the class.”

“Divinity is applied to the myth to obtain the original myth.”

“The transcendence myth has been completed.”

「… … .」

It’s no different… … .

“The transcendence myth has been completed.”

“Transcendence Myth is accumulated in divine power.”

“From now on, challenger Han Seong-yoon’s movements will be subject to the divinity effect of .”

「※When activating the divine , depending on the user’s capabilities, movements reaching the speed of light can be achieved.”

「▶ This effect has a cooldown of one week immediately after activation.」

“From now on, the sacred effect of will be applied to challenger Han Seong-yoon.”

「※No matter what the situation or condition is, it becomes possible to forcibly activate a specific ability.」

「※However, if the activation of a specific ability is close to impossible, the closer the situation and conditions are, the greater the recoil from use of the effect.」

「▶ Immediately after this effect is activated, you will pay the price for going against the existing providence in some way.」

Before we knew it, the system messages that appeared, almost blocking our view, were announcing the birth of a new transcendental myth.

“Forced acceleration?”

Since I had already noticed that the faith and tales I had accumulated while climbing the Tower of Trials had now accumulated quite a bit, I should have thought that it would not be strange to obtain a new transcendental myth.

“What is this… … .”

I just didn’t know that it would suddenly arise like this without any warning during a fight with the God of Light.

“What happened to this?”

At that, I frowned and expressed my confusion.

Acquiring the transcendental myth can be recognized not only by system messages, but simply by paying attention to how the beliefs and lore within the body have changed.

And because of that, I was able to notice that the beliefs and stories within me had not decreased as much as I thought.

‘In the first place, the amount of faith and lore used to create and acquire the transcendental myth does not seem to be particularly large… … .’

Nevertheless, the transcendental myth boasted an insane level of excellence.

‘I don’t know why, but the divine effects of the Transcendent Myth are all at an incredibly high level.’

The Transcendent Myth has overwhelming performance compared to the cost spent on creation and acquisition.

Since the opportunity for this side to obtain the transcendence myth was to enter the world of super-light speed, it is not strange that it can reach the speed of super-light itself.

However, the ‘force’ itself described under ‘super-light speed’ in the transcendental myth is not particularly related to the movement at super-light speed.

‘Roughly speaking, the myth of transcendence can be seen as the power that makes it possible to forcibly reproduce movements at the speed of light.’

Of course, there were parts that I understood.

The divine effect ‘Forced Power’ of the transcendental myth has the supernormal ability that enables the activation of forced power across all powers.

In short, the transcendental myth used both ‘superlight speed’ and ‘forced power’ to forcibly exhibit movement at superlight speed, which was a standard connection.

‘It’s useful.’

It’s not even just that.

Even if that weren’t the case, ‘superlight speed’ and ‘forced power’ in the transcendental myth could be used separately, so it seemed like an efficient way to use them could be created.

Moreover, the sacred effect ‘Forced Power’ of the Transcendent Myth is a power that not only connects with ‘Super Light Speed’ but also enables the forced use of other specific abilities, so depending on how it is used, it can be of great help.

‘Even though the amount of faith and lore used to create and acquire the transcendental myth is not much, something like this comes out… … .’

It seems that this person’s use of movement at the speed of light itself was a grandiose feat, enough to produce a tremendous result called the transcendental myth , even if only a small amount of faith and lore were consumed.

‘You’re lucky.’

I think it could be said that it was a small achievement to discover that in obtaining a transcendental myth, not only the amount of faith or tales accumulated, but also the base feat is more important.

Jeopuk, Jeopuk-.

However, just for a moment.

‘I’m going to go see what’s going on with the God of Light.’

After finishing thinking about the transcendental myth , I took a light step.

In fact, it could be said that the God of Light was defeated just by throwing two punches at the speed of light.

Even if it were a being that had achieved the hierarchy of divinity that corresponds to the lower level of the three ancient gods, it would be difficult for it to stand up unscathed even after being struck by a strike at the speed of light.

‘Well, since the God of Light is also an ancient god in his own name, there’s no way he’s really going to die… … .’

Just like that, I took advantage of the principle of walking in the air and walked forward, forcing myself to step on the melted terrain.

‘After getting hit by me, he couldn’t even feel the slightest movement, let alone activating his divine abilities or preparing for recovery, so he must have taken quite a bit of damage.’

The guess was not wrong.

Cheeeeeeeee… … .

Somehow, looking down into a pit where the ground was melting more violently and showing signs of destruction than other places, I couldn’t help but chuckle.

“That’s fun.”

That’s right… … .

―… … Huh.

In the hollow pit before my eyes, the God of Light was buried, twitching and convulsing.

―… … Is this true that it is still alive?

Dam Cheon-woo, who saw this, also trembled with the blade of the Blood Heavenly Demon Sword and expressed doubts as to whether the God of Light was alive, but he could not be considered dead.

“There is no danger to life.”

I responded as I watched the God of Light struggle to restore his divine body.

“Because he is an ancient deity. It will not die as long as it does not destroy or damage the very concept of divinity. “It may take some time to revive him.”

Dam Cheon-woo spoke as if he could not easily agree with what this person said.

―… … well. In our view, it seems that you have partially damaged the divinity of the God of Light through pure physical force alone. is not it?

Perhaps it seems to him that the God of Light is half dead… … .

“Well, it seems like the concept of divinity possessed by the God of Light is somewhat shaken… … . In fact, it is not enough to cause permanent damage to the concept of divinity possessed by the God of Light.”

It wasn’t.

“If even the concept of divinity of the ancient godhead could have been permanently destroyed solely through physical force, the ancient godhead would not have been called immortal in the first place.”

This side used a strike at the speed of light to corner the God of Light, but it could not bring death to that ancient god.

‘That’s the biggest advantage of beings who have been reborn as ancient gods.’


In fact, those who have reached the level of ancient godhood will not disappear no matter what until the essential concept of divinity disappears.

And because of that, even the difference in combat power between ancient gods and non-ancient gods is meaningless.

‘To begin with, if you become an ancient god, it’s as if death ceases to exist.’

Well, even if immortals like ancient gods are defeated in battle, they can be revived again after some time.

‘Even if you win the battle with the ancient godhead, it is difficult to call it a victory in reality considering the ancient godhead that will be revived later.’

The God of Light in front of me was no different.

It was obvious that if left alone, the God of Light would come back to life within a few minutes, with his divine body completely restored.

This was also the reason why even the three ancient deities could not kill an ancient deity like the God of Light and had no choice but to neglect it.

‘If we cannot fundamentally eliminate the ancient concept of divinity, nothing will change.’

step… … .

“The god of transcendence and death smiles in anticipation.”

[─That’s right, it’s just a story about a time when there is no power that can destroy the ancient concept of divinity. ]

As the only divinity in the universe with the supernormal ability of , I was able to annihilate it, even if it were an ancient concept of divinity.


like now.

“The God of Light groans from the pain he has experienced for the first time in a long time.”

[Offuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck… … . ]

In the blink of an eye, I landed in front of the God of Light, who seemed to have barely come to his senses, and smiled coldly as I held the Blood Heaven Demon Sword tightly.

“Didn’t I tell you earlier?”

It’s no different… … .

“—No matter what nonsense they say, the consequences of getting beaten up by me won’t change.”

Now, the time has come to murder the God of Light.

“The God of Light looks at you and feels fear.”

[ you… … . ]

The God of Light also made a sacred voice full of fear, as if he had sensed that this side was preparing something.

“The sacred is used.”

“He can control the death of everything that has been eroded by sacred .”

“The sacred is used… … .」

“Challenger Han Seong-yoon’s next attack is imbued with the power to consume divinity… … .」

“The divinity lives… … .」

step… … .

“The deity exclusive power ‘Pure Death Seeker’ is activated.”

“All beings that come into contact with sacred will perish as their life, magic power, and divinity are gradually polluted.”

“All beings touched by sacred take fixed damage to essential elements directly related to life.”

“All beings who touch the sacred can never avoid damage caused by pure seekers of death.”

Even after seeing this, I showed no heed at all and, starting with the divine , I unleashed not only the supernormal abilities of the divine but also various other abilities at once.


Although not as much as the three ancient gods, the God of Light also received help while climbing the Tower of Trials, so he feels reluctant to kill him… … .

‘There’s nothing good about leaving regrets right now.’

Anyway, once the God of Light showed his hostility towards me in the War of the Gods, there was no way we could get through it without giving a fight to each other.


“I hope we don’t meet as enemies next time.”

As I watched the God of Light waving his arms and somehow trying to stand up and defend himself, I stabbed him with the Blood Heaven Demon Sword.


But… … .

Coo coo coo coo coo coo coo coo!

It was then.


Suddenly, before stabbing the God of Light with the blood and heavenly demon sword, I felt an overwhelming energy flowing from above to below.

‘This is Magi, right?’

At the moment when I realized that this was the demon energy I had felt from demons, demons, and demon lords I had met many times in the past, I heard a voice that seemed vaguely familiar.



[Hoo. ]

Even more so, when I realized that there was a difference nearly thousands of times compared to those who were close to mortals, such as demons, demons, and demon lords, I got goosebumps.

[This, it seemed like something incredibly interesting was happening down there, so I came here to take a look just in case… … . ]

Before I knew it, someone standing behind me continued speaking in a divine voice as if he was happy.

[It’s beyond imagination. ]

“… … .”

A voice full of pure joy, as if you were a child who was introduced to a new game.

[ Not only does it have two concepts of divinity, which are the essence of a godhead, but as if that were not enough, what those two concepts of divinity symbolize are superlative concepts such as ‘transcendence’ and ‘death’… … . It’s amazing. ]

Is that why?

[I can’t believe that everyone was out here having fun with such an interesting being, except for me. ]

It wasn’t difficult to realize who it was.

[I’m sorry. ]

It’s no different… … .

“The Demon God is smiling at you, feeling his favor towards you.”

[ ─I also was hoping deep in my heart to fight a rival like you. ]

It was a demon.

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