The Boundless Necromancer Chapter 429

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429. Butterfly Effect (1)

In an instant, system messages appeared one after another.

「… … .」

“The Tower of Trials tolerates your forced plunder to some extent.”

“The Tower of Trials has activated the exclusive authority #A-087 [Change Trial Breakthrough Reward] to change the trial clear reward.”


「The Tower of Trials has activated the exclusive authority #A-087 [Ordeal Breakthrough Reward Change], and the Trial Clearing Reward has been changed from ‘■’ to ‘Able to activate unique characteristics and unique myths for one of the ancient deities.’ 」

Just like that, I read the system messages that appeared in my field of vision one by one, was silent for a moment, and then blurted out something mixed with laughter.

“… … “That’s awesome.”

It was huge.

Instead of something called ‘■’, an unknown object that was set as a reward for clearing an ordeal, the situation has changed to something that can obtain the power of an ancient god.

In fact, didn’t this allow the Tower of Trials to use not only high-ranking gods or formal gods, but even ancient gods as a basis for growth?

‘Even an ancient god, not a high-ranking god or a formal god, can be swallowed up by necromancy and the myth <Possibility of Transcendence>… … .’

I looked at the system message beyond my field of vision and then smiled with excitement.

‘Even if the imitations made by the Tower of Trials are fakes that are no different from the real thing, it is a huge deal.’

In the Tower of Trials, the fact that the trial clear reward ‘■’ was modified to ‘allows the ancient god to activate unique characteristics and unique myths’ had a greater meaning.

‘Depending on what you do from now on, there’s a good chance you’ll get something beyond your imagination, so it’s a huge opportunity.’

It was worth it.

The ancient gods, who are said to be the most powerful beings in this universe, are in a state of insanity that must be transformed into the concept of divinity itself.

In the first place, the number of ancient gods in this universe is not that large, and the number of ancient gods that we can hunt is inevitably rare.

‘Anyway, the ancient gods outside the Tower of Trials are most likely to belong to the pantheon.’

That couldn’t have been a good sign.

Perhaps, given the mixed emotions of hatred, wariness, and jealousy shown by the many ancient gods I saw in the pantheon last time, a major incident would erupt in the near future.

Moreover, not only were they the enemies this side had to deal with, but there was also an overwhelmingly powerful force called the God of Despair, Fall, and Madness.

‘To be honest, there is no way to widen the growth gap to an overwhelming level of growth from the enemies outside of this Tower of Trials.’

There wasn’t that much time.

What you have to do is set, and isn’t it obvious how many ancient deities will emerge in the future?

And that is why, in this Tower of Trials, the opportunity to devour one of the ancient deities, one of the lords of the universe, could not help but have an even greater meaning.

‘If it’s not now, there’s no other way.’

It was truly a golden opportunity.

‘Then you will quickly become stronger here.’

It’s not even just that.

Even the Tower of Trials, unlike in the past, even tolerated the fact that this side forcibly exercised its power without blaming them for anything.

In this war of gods, there was a need to basically hunt at least one of the ancient gods.

“really… … .”

At that, I cleared away the system messages from my field of vision and smiled.

“I’m looking forward to seeing where and what kind of prey I’ll find.”

Luckily, there was one more thing that could be gained from the war of the gods.

“I’m going to get busy from now on.”

Funnily enough.


I was looking forward to it.

The war of the gods, and what you can gain if you defeat one of the ancient gods that lie deep within it.

To be honest, I felt even more joyful because the possibility of getting such a great opportunity by climbing the Tower of Trials to a higher level was slim.

‘It’s hard not to feel joy in the first place.’

But… … .

―What the hell is this…? … .

Somehow, there seemed to be something he didn’t like about a martial artist who died due to lack of skill while climbing the Tower of Trials.

―From the fake imitations created by the Tower of Trials, it is possible to obtain power no different from the real thing… … ?

Dam Cheon-woo, who had not said much, perhaps because he was mentally exhausted after returning from his visit to the Pantheon, spoke as if he had seen an incomprehensible strange phenomenon.

-her… … ! Even if it were the Tower of Trials, the only transcendent structure in this universe, there would be no way something like this would be easily possible. Isn’t this a miracle that goes far beyond providence?

If I were to be honest, it was a natural reaction.

No matter how transcendent the Tower of Trials is, it makes no sense to replicate higher-level gods, formal gods, and ancient gods.

At best, what the Tower of Trials could create was limited to pseudo-gods whose concept of divinity was not properly established.

‘I guess it’s natural to think that way.’

In fact, the very fact that one can exercise the supernormal abilities of necromancy against the fake higher-level gods, official gods, and ancient gods created by the Tower of Trials is a miracle that shatters common sense.

“… … Well, if you really think about it, it doesn’t make sense at all.”

However, if I thought about it deeply, I was able to come to a conclusion that was somewhat understandable.

“… … That’s right, this stage created by the Tower of Trials even has the supernormal abilities of Remegeton added to it.”

Although the supernormal ability of ‘Remegeton’, which is no different from a sacred relic obtained from a demon god in the past, has a different purpose from that of the Tower of Trials, it was able to produce similar results.

“In reality, the Remegeton given by the Demon God is a kind of power that he possesses. “It is a relic, but it is an item with more value than a relic.”

Since it is a one-time miracle that occurred through a combination of the Tower of Trials and the supernormal abilities of the Remegeton possessed by a demon god, one of the lords of this universe, it is barely acceptable.

“It’s not that strange to recreate the battle of the gods, even using an item that is equivalent to a power given by a demon god, one of the main lords of this universe.”

―… … I don’t know. I think what you said makes sense. Even if you take that into account, it doesn’t change the fact that they are very heterogeneous.

As the blade of the Blood Heavenly Demon Sword rang lightly, Dam Cheonwoo continued to speak.

-Is that all? As you said, let’s say that the fake ancient deity out there somewhere is like the real thing. Nevertheless, even that is not something to be accepted very warmly.

A voice full of doubt, as if there were a few strange things.

―In this universe, the ancient gods are a concept in themselves and are beings who have been reborn as immortals.


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Is that why?

―If even the fake ancient deities created by the Tower of Trials are no different from the real thing, then you wouldn’t be so willing to do so, wouldn’t you?


-It’s simple. Because he is an ancient deity. They are the lords of the universe, immortals, and beings who have been sublimated into a single concept itself. What would it be like if there was no distinction between real and fake? It would be obvious.

“… … .”

At this point, I felt like I understood what they were saying.

-hmm. Think about it. If the Tower of Trials creates you, ‘Han Seong-yoon,’ no different from yourself, what kind of being would you be? What will that guy do?


-In the first place, if each of those ancient deities were monsters that carved their own divinity and concepts into the universe, wouldn’t they know that they themselves are ‘fake’?

Before I knew it, I realized that the story of Dam Cheon-woo heard from within the Blood Heavenly Demon Sword was not a delusion that could not possibly come true.

―Are you sure you will never notice that this fake world created by the Tower of Trials is a cage made just for you?

It was possible to imagine that after climbing the tower of trials on his own, he finally transformed into the concept of divinity itself and became an ancient god.

―Han Seong-yoon.

A mere possibility.

―Do you think the ‘fake’ that the Tower of Trials recreated by perfectly imitating you is an ancient god and will not know that it is a ‘fake’ until the end?

That is something that can be realized at any time if there is just one opportunity.

―And then, what kind of thoughts and actions do you think the fake ancient deity created by the Tower of Trials will show?

Ancient deity.

―In that case, is it only beneficial to you that in this war of gods, the ancient deities that existed in the beginning were recreated at the same level as the real thing?

The end of the universe.

―As time passes, even a small action like flapping a butterfly’s wings can change more than you think.

Each one of them has become the very concept of divinity and are immortal beings who have escaped the bonds of life and death.

―Whether it will be good for you or bad for you, we cannot say for sure.

Until time passes, we cannot be certain whether it will end up as pure prey as we hope.

―However, if the Tower of Trials does something like this to you, there will inevitably be corresponding hardships and hardships.

Moreover, the Tower of Trials has never once gone against its basic order and structure of high risk, high return for challengers.

-That is the natural law that the Tower of Trials adopts as its principle.

… … For some reason, it didn’t seem like the war between the gods would go as smoothly as he had hoped.


Time passed quickly.

「Use all the commands you have to permanently increase your stats.」

“Strength has increased by 57.”

“Agility has increased by 58.”

“Stamina has increased by 59.”

“Magic power has increased by 64.”

“Durability has increased by 56.”

“Concept has increased by 31.”

Before I knew it, I had invested in the growth of all abilities of all the commands I had collected from all over the Western Front.

‘That’s great.’

Perhaps because the enemies they defeated were all high-ranking gods, regular gods, or demon lords that even they could not easily defeat, the increase in all their abilities was high.

‘It’s a shame that no skills were extracted.’

Well, it would be a shame if necromancy or mythology <Possibility of Transcendence> did not provide much useful power other than the basic growth function.

‘Anyway, the power of necromancy is mostly a simple random chance battle if certain conditions are met, so you will be able to obtain useful abilities next time.’

However, just for a moment.

“Rather, the problem is finding out where the survivors of the orderly camp who fled earlier are on this Western Front.”

As it was, I walked around the Western Front, which had been transformed into a wasteland, and continued to search for where the survivors of the orderly camp had gone.

‘Earlier, on the Western Front, I felt like everyone was fighting and retreating, but I don’t know where and how the gods of the lawful camp actually retreated because I didn’t pay attention.’

For now, we just continue our search without worrying about what unexpected events will occur in the War of the Gods.

Thanks to the unexpected advice from Dam Cheon-woo, who happened to be sleeping within the Blood Heavenly Demon Sword, I should have known that this war of gods would not proceed smoothly… … .

Nevertheless, it was difficult to see it as an issue that needed immediate action.

‘There’s nothing I can do right now, whether or not the majority of ancient gods in the War of Gods notice something.’

It was natural.

‘Then it’s right to take care of what I can, step by step.’

Yes, it is said that many ancient gods somewhere in this war of gods may have discovered something, but if you look at it that way, it is still just a hypothesis.


And accordingly, I set out to find the gods of the orderly camp who had retreated from this western front.

But even that didn’t last long.

Before I knew it, I could sense some kind of life reaction from the feeling that this side had created by carefully distributing divinity and mana.

That too up close.

‘Is it there?’

and… … .

‘It was closer than I thought… … .’

The moment I stepped into the place where the high-ranking gods and official gods of the orderly camp that retreated from the Western Front were presumed to be gathered.

“The god of non-conformity looks at an unknown being and warns him.”

[─That’s it. ]

A very cold voice came from somewhere.

[ Little bastard. Don’t move any more. If you show any more suspicious behavior, you will be killed immediately. Do you understand? ]

“… … .”

[ Tsk. No matter where I look, I can’t feel any divinity or magic, so it seems like they’re hiding their power… … . If you don’t follow what I say from now on, you will be torn to pieces. Do you understand? ]

“That’s fun.”

Perhaps one of the high-ranking gods belonging to the lawful faction is standing guard somewhere in the air… … .

“you. Is it one of the higher deities belonging to the Order faction? Then there’s no need to be so sensitive. “Actually, I belong to the same orderly camp as you.”


Suddenly, before anyone could say anything, the other side fired a projectile made of divine power and acted as if they would not even give them a chance to speak.

[ Pfft! Like you? The joke is too much. If you say any more nonsense than that, I’ll shoot you in the head next time. ]

“No, I really belong to the lawful camp like you”

[ dog sound. If he were a proud being confident in his own power, there would be no way he could hide his divinity and magic. Do you think I’ll believe what this guy says? ]

“… … .”


[ Pathetic guy. Even if you are a god belonging to the lawful camp, there is no need to listen to what the weakling says. Just obey what I say. That is, if you don’t want to die. ]

Is that why?

“Is it unconditional submission to the strong? … .”

Before I knew it, I was smiling brightly as I looked at the place where the high-ranking deity with his confident-looking tone seemed to be hiding.

“That’s good.”

It’s no different… … .

“The god of transcendence and death is intrigued by an unknown higher god.”

[–Actually, I didn’t really want to spend time persuading someone who was weaker than me. ]

For some reason, I felt like I could build a warm, deep camaraderie(?) with that higher-ranking godhead without even having to engage in useless conversations.

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