The Boundless Necromancer Chapter 415

415. The Beginning (2)

The understanding was completed in an instant.


It was simple.

After becoming an ancient god, this person’s pure senses would have given rise to tremendous insight that went far beyond the normal scope.

At this point, there is no need to build up a detailed search net by using things like divinity, magic power, or skills.

Just by sneaking in some of your pure physical senses, you can immediately grasp a lot of information on the stage.

‘… … Divinity, and mana and magic.’

I felt it.

In the blink of an eye, I captured the energy of numerous challengers beyond the great forest.

Most of the challengers who climbed the Tower of Trials that I had seen in the past must have been quite distant from divinity or demonic energy.

But the people here were different.

There are quite a few people who have established individual divinity comparable to that of a formal apostle chosen by a higher godhead or a formal godhead, or who appear to be actual apostles.

‘Have some of them gone beyond just having a variety of items to the point where they have established a hierarchy sufficient to establish the divinity of individual concepts? … .’

It’s not even just that.

Without the ability to absorb divinity, like one of the supernormal abilities of necromancy, it would not be easy to construct an individual concept of divinity.

But despite this, quite a few of the many challengers out there seemed to have achieved divinity in the concept.

‘The average is slowly increasing.’

I roughly understood it.

In essence, the integrated trials with other challengers in the Tower of Trials have a structure in which equals are matched according to the number of floors and rankings.

Considering the high number of floors and not only that, but also my high ranking, everyone on this stage deserves to be called a high ranker.

“really… … .”

Is that why?

“There are quite a few.”

Before I knew it, I was smiling and looking interested.

“For mortals.”

Should I say that it feels like I’m at a cheap buffet with great value for money?

‘It’s a close call, but I think it’s a passing mark.’

Even though they are only at the level of quasi-gods rather than high-ranking deities or formal deities, they will be a slight addition to the supernormal abilities of necromancy.

‘At this point, it’s definitely worth hunting for.’


‘I’m looking forward to seeing how much benefit I can get.’

It was then.


Suddenly feeling something unusual, I stopped moving to start the hunt and gave a cold look.

“… … .”

There was one gaze.

I had already noticed that there were about three or three people not far from where I was standing.

It goes as far as to say that there is a high probability that they are all assigned the role of fugitives, not hunters, but hunters.

However, they seemed to be making some kind of preparation without approaching the place where I was standing, so I didn’t pay much attention to it, but if this happens, the story is different.

“… … under.”

That too for sure.

“… … “It’s annoying.”

In the blink of an eye, I let out a vicious killing intent and the mana in my body flowed out.

“… … you.”

Coo coo coo coo coo coo… … !!

“-Come out now before I tear you to death.”

Magical power imbued with eerie thunder shines harshly with murderous intent. At this point, a large amount of magical power with the nature of thunder is forming an air current similar to a vortex, almost pressing down on all directions.

Even if the divine power of one of the ancient deities was not added, the level of pure mana has also reached a level that cannot be compared to that of a single challenger.


“… … Pfft! Yes, I apologize! Oh, don’t get me wrong! “I wasn’t watching with any intention of being hostile towards you.”

Is that why? It looks like the other person also felt pressured.

Before I knew it, a female elf with white hair came out from behind a large tree with both hands raised and let out a voice full of embarrassment.

Perhaps sensing the power this side possessed, they even put down their pride and urgently revealed that they had no hostile intentions.


“… … That—.”

“Don’t think about manipulating me.

”“… … .”

step… … .

“I’ll give you one minute.”

I didn’t like it that much either.

“go away.”

It’s great that they recognize that this side is strong and treat them with courtesy, but the rest is not.

Perhaps because they have a vague sense of my power, they are being friendly and putting aside their pride… … .

I don’t want to pay more attention to things that are merely higher-level deities or quasi-deities that do not even reach the level of formal deities.

“… … Oh, I think you misunderstand. Like you, I am also in a position to play the role of the hunted rather than the hunter. There’s no reason to fight. “Perhaps, we can build a good relationship with mutual understanding.”

It was absurd.

“-Consensus of understanding?”

Peeeeet… … !!

At that moment, hearing the voice of the female elf full of infinite fear, I lightly moved my hand blade and formed an invisible blade.

In the blink of an eye, the heart sword fired grazed the female elf’s right cheek, but it did not stop there and accelerated once more to cut down a large amount of trees.

That too, very neatly.

Blah blah blah… … !!

“That sounds interesting.”

And accordingly, he smiled crookedly while watching the sight of countless trees falling down as a spectacle.

“There is no way there can be a consensus when the difference in skill level is this big, right?”

“… … .”

But… … .

“… … Well, let’s make a deal.”

Could it be that they saw the power this side had and came up with a different proposal?

“… … “I’ll give everything I have, so in return, can’t you just help me survive until this ordeal is over?”

Originally, to this side, that female elf with white hair was a being close to a flying insect or an ant, so no matter what the cost, there was no way they would be interested in it.

“… … “I will offer you the highest grade items among the rewards I obtained while climbing the Tower of Trials in return for protection.”

But this is different.

“… … “However, if you don’t like this deal, I won’t go against your wishes any longer and will quickly withdraw.”

That’s right… … .

“I will accept.”

In fact, among the rewards that can be obtained from the Tower of Trials, special items such as skill proficiency increase potions or designated stat increase potions can greatly strengthen this side.

“At that point, it’s definitely worth the deal.”

It’s not even just that.

‘I think I know roughly.’


‘How to get the most efficient benefit.’

This means that there is, in our opinion, the most efficient method of supplying and receiving compensation through which we can gain the maximum benefit from the numerous challengers.

‘Trade, or robbery.’

Isn’t that a method in which even weak people who cannot benefit from the mythical <Possibility of Transcendence> or the supernormal abilities of necromancy can benefit enormously?

‘Actually, the biggest reward that could be obtained from challengers climbing the Tower of Trials was this.

‘Originally, while climbing the Tower of Trials, I must have squeezed out countless items through item trading or transfer with numerous challengers.

Somehow, lately I’ve been seeing more enemies like ancient gods or higher-level gods, and since I don’t have much use for them, I’ve just forgotten about them.

It was worth using.



However, just for a moment.

“… … “We have to get out of here quickly.”

Suddenly, the white-haired female elf let out a voice tinged with tension, as if she was nervous.

“… … “I’m perfectly happy that you accepted my deal, but suspicious signs are approaching quickly around here.”

It was worth it.

According to the conditions for clearing the 35th floor ordeal given by this Tower of Trials, the hunter would be in a situation where he must find his prey and kill it quickly.

So, it was obvious that many challengers who saw me using my sword would narrow down their tracking net like hyenas that smell blood.

“… … “Twenty people, or if you take into account the number of people who were not detected by my senses, there is a high possibility that we can easily exceed the number of thirty people.”

In reality, there was no difference.

I could feel that numerous challengers were approaching the area where I was standing, forming a siege net.

Should I say that it is like a fish approaching the bait on a float without knowing that the person holding this fishing rod is a predator?

It was ridiculous.

“… … “Be cool.”

But… … .

“… … “It’s best to retreat from here.”

Could it be that this was perceived as a desperate crisis?

“… … “There is no benefit to staying here anymore.”

Before we knew it, she spoke persuasively, convinced that neither of us would be able to survive if we stayed here any longer.

“… … “If we continue like this, we will face the worst situation that we can never turn back from.”


“At this stage, even if you have a strength that is different from that of ordinary challengers, you should know that fighting in front of that number is unreasonable… … !!”

step… … .

“Well, that’s only for a moment.”

“Just because dozens of ants gather together doesn’t mean it’s impossible to trample them.”

Anyway, those flying insects won’t be able to cause any harm even if hundreds of people gather.



“I’ll teach you.”

That means only one thing.

Kiiiiiiiing… … !!

“The power skill ‘Holy Light’ is activated, creating starlight imbued with divine <death>.”

It’s no different… … .

「… … .」

“Skill ‘Symbol of Destruction’ is strongly activated.”

“By consuming a certain amount of magical power, all types of abilities gain destruction correction.”

“Holy <acceleration> is used.”

“All abilities of challenger Han Seong-yoon are greatly accelerated and become faster.”

「… … .」

“Skill ‘Starlight Expansion’ is strongly activated.”

“All types of starlight are greatly expanded, resulting in up to 4 times performance improvement.”

It was simple.

“If you die roughly halfway, everyone will definitely notice.”

In fact, the idea was to make people realize that rules such as hunters and prey are no longer important in this stage.

“Offer to me the items you obtained from the Tower of Trials.”

That way, those countless challengers who are overcome with infinite fear will be able to easily obtain numerous items from me.

“That is the only way for them to survive.”

This will no longer be a place where challengers risk their lives competing against each other, but a fish farm where countless items will be received as offerings until one is satisfied with the other.


Next moment.


In the blink of an eye, black starlight spread out in all directions, engulfing everything.

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