The Boundless Necromancer Chapter 394

394. 27th floor (5)

It was the worst.

“… … .”

Ancient deity.

It refers to someone who has carved immortality into this universe by transforming into a being similar to the concept of divinity itself.

Even if it were said to be the weakest of the ancient gods, its power would be in no way comparable to that of higher-level gods.

Knowing that made me drool.

‘really… … .’

It was absurd.

This was even more so because they were aware that they were the weakest of the ancient gods.

In fact, it was like the Pantheon was asking me to solve a problem that was outside of my scope.

‘It’s difficult.’

At that, I had to keep a smile on my face.

‘I’ve become strong enough to be able to slightly resist the Tower of Trials, but it’s not as difficult as killing an ancient god.’

It’s not even just that.

Originally, the ancient godhead would have transformed into a concept divinity and imprinted its concept and existence on the universe itself.

Even if I win by sheer power, it doesn’t mean I can completely eliminate the ancient godhead itself.

In any case, the ancient divinity does not die until the concept of divinity itself is eliminated.

‘… … However, that cannot be said to be completely impossible. I am. There is a slight possibility of penetrating the immortality of the ancient godhead.’

Of course, there is no way.

In fact, even if the ancient godhead became the conceptual divinity itself in this universe and achieved immortality, it would be nothing without the conceptual divinity.

If so, there was a means to try it.

However, that doesn’t mean I have a firm belief that I can definitely kill the ancient god, so I wasn’t very reluctant.

It is a gamble with a low probability of success.

“Do you think it is possible for me to eliminate the ancient concept of godhead and divinity itself?”

When I frowned at him and asked him that question, the God of Darkness shook his head.

[Aiya. Not really. I just saw the possibility that it could happen. If you don’t like it, I can adjust the pantheon’s request. ]

“… … .”

[Hehe. The original goal of the Pantheon was to steal the holy relics, right? Then that’s all you have to do. There is no need to overdo it. ]

“Is that so.”

I noticed.

The God of Darkness was trying to be considerate by coordinating the pantheon’s request as I wished.

If this side did not wish to do so, they could clear the trials on the 27th floor by reclaiming the relics stolen by the Pantheon, rather than eliminating the ancient deity.

‘In fact, it would be better than eliminating the ancient concept of divinity itself.’

But… … .

‘If you just want to clear the 27th floor ordeal, it would be right to aim to recapture the holy relics from the ancient god.’


“… … .”

I didn’t really like it.

So far, I have climbed the tower and fought countless battles to reach the state of ancient godhood.

High risk, high return.

Isn’t the reason this side was able to become so strong in the first place because they had a challenging spirit that did not shy away from any fight to the death?

Only then did I notice the sense of heterogeneity rising inside me.

‘There’s little chance of winning?’

It was worth it.

‘dog sound.’

Because up until now, I have never shied away from fighting any strong enemy.

What this side pursues is to reach beyond the ancient state of divinity by accumulating divinity.

In fact, building a stronghold that can overcome the tower of trials is the ideal that I hope for.

‘That’s not something I think about.’

Then the correct answer is fixed, right?

“There is no need to help me easily clear the 27th floor ordeal.”

It was simple.

It was high risk, high return.

The resolve we have maintained while climbing the Tower of Trials has never been broken.

If one wanted to reach a high state beyond the ancient godhead, one had to go through appropriate trials.

“The god of birth. Dirmore. “I will accept the Pantheon’s request regarding the death of the ancient deity.”

Only then will you be able to overcome those monster-like ancient gods and reach the highest position.


The God of Darkness spoke with an uncontrollable smile on his lips, as if he was interested in this choice.

[Aiya. Are you serious? God of epiphyte. Although Dyrmoa is only a baby, he is an ancient god. The level may not be right for you yet… … . ]

“It doesn’t matter.”

[ … … . ]

“It’s fun, isn’t it?”

I gave the God of Darkness a twisted smile and responded happily.

“What reward will I get after destroying the ancient concept of divinity itself?”

That was actually the case.

Before I knew it, I was thinking about the reward I would get after defeating the epiphyte god, also known as the Ancient Godhead.

It was said that he only became an ancient god about a hundred years ago at most, but despite this, it was clear that the god of epiphany had tremendous strength.

At least to a level comparable to this one.

“So, I have no regrets whatsoever about the choices I made.”

The God of Darkness looked intently in this direction, then nodded and answered benevolently.

[ okay… … . Hey kid. If it is truly your choice, it is worth respecting. This is really great. ]

and… … .

[Then there is no need to delay any longer. ]

It was that moment.

“Ordeal modification completed.”

As system messages appeared before my eyes, I felt an unknown air current slowly envelop my entire body.

“You will enter the 27th floor of the Tower of Trials.”

「Difficulty – Difficult」

“The theme of this ordeal is ‘request’.”

“I hope that there will be a satisfactory result after the asceticism chosen by the challenger.”

That means only one thing.

“The 27th floor trial begins.”

「Remaining time – one month」

「Conditions for passing the ordeal – Completely kill the god of growth, ‘Dirmoa’, who resides in Skandia.」

「Trial failure condition – death of challenger or end of remaining time」

「Ordeal Breakthrough Reward – Catalog of Numerous Divinities (SSS+)」

「Trial failure penalty – death」

Now it is time to clear the 27th floor ordeal according to the request of the Tower of Trials and the Pantheon.

[For the time being, the Tower of Trials will not be able to affect you, so you don’t have to worry. ]


[Hehe. I hope your choice leads to no regrets, child. Come back. ]

The moment when the God of Darkness waved his hand softly and sent us off.

“Then I’ll see you later.”

In an instant, the world turned into darkness.


It literally changes the whole world.

At best, the space itself did not change slightly, but the world itself changed completely.

Noticing this, I raised my head and at the same time expanded my physical senses to figure out what kind of space I was in.

“… … .”

I felt it.

Before I knew it, I had arrived at a meadow guided by the God of Darkness.

I was able to figure out what kind of world this was right away without having to worry about it.

‘Is it Scandia?’

It literally matched almost perfectly with the world of Skandia that the God of Darkness showed us in advance.

‘It’s a little different, but it’s still the same.’

Everywhere in the world was showing its freshness, embracing the vitality of Mother Nature.

There were no monsters or monsters here to fight.

If I were to be honest, I would say it is similar to the Earth before the cataclysm.

‘by the way… … .’

But still, there was definitely a sense of heterogeneity.

‘What is this again?’

Suddenly, I felt that the vitality felt beyond the land of Skandia had decreased to some extent.

For some reason, it was sensed that life force throughout the world of Skandia was gradually disappearing at regular intervals.

There was no need to spread this magical power widely, but I could feel that it was blatantly draining the life force from the world of Skandia itself.

‘This is outrageous.’

It feels like some kind of parasite has attached itself to the world of Scandia itself.

But, despite this, I didn’t think to look into it in more detail.

In any case, if you do something that stands out as soon as you come here, your existence will only be discovered by the god of epiphytes somewhere in Scandia.

It wasn’t very welcoming.

‘First, I need to do some more research to find out something.’

However, just for a moment.

―It was the worst… … .

Suddenly, the Blood Heavenly Demon Sword shook, and Dam Cheonwoo’s tired voice was heard in my ears.

-Huh. God of darkness… … . I never thought I’d end up in front of such a monstrous ancient god… … . He thought he would die trying not to offend the monster.

“Well, it’s surprising that you react like that. Aren’t I also an ancient god? “But why are you so scared?”

-her… … . It’s foolish. The God of Darkness is the monster who must have lived the longest among the ancient gods. For example, if I had offended the monster, it would have been destroyed without any help.

“… … .”

As if I was dumbfounded, I tapped the blade of the Blood Heavenly Demon Sword and immediately got an answer.

-noisy! It would be natural for anyone, even if not me, to be scared in front of a monster like that! Anyway, I’ll be resting sooner or later, so call me when there’s a battle!

Somehow, looking at Dam Cheon-woo’s reaction, it seemed as if he had been greatly mentally shocked by the overwhelming divinity emitted by the God of Darkness.

‘Does it matter?’

But that didn’t worry me.

Anyway, even though he became the ego of the Blood Heavenly Demon Sword, wasn’t Dam Cheonwoo also a challenger who climbed to the upper level of the Tower of Trials?

There is no need for you to take care of it, it will get better over time.

Then it was clear what to do.

‘Let’s explore without being discovered by an ancient god somewhere in Skandia.’

In our view, first of all, there was a need to know where the God of Epiphany, one of the ancient deities, was located.

At least you need to know where the God of Epiphany is so you can fight him.

Therefore, I prepared to continue my search while hiding my divinity and magic as much as possible.

and… … .


It was then.

“under. Is that the Pantheon’s commissioned attendant from the Tower of Trials? “What a shallow power.”

The space not far from where I was standing distorted, and a white-haired man decorated with gold came out.


“I am Raien, the seventh servant of the God of Pride.”

When I saw the white-haired man adorned with gold who roughly introduced himself as Ryan, I got a feeling.

“Originally, an ordinary apostle serving the God of Darkness wanted to come here as an overseer, but the God of Pride said he could not trust you at all.”

I think the Pantheon sent something like that to help us kill the ancient deity… … .

“I have come as an overseer on behalf of an apostle who personally serves an inferior god of darkness, so I should offer up a prayer of thanks to the god of pride for my coming.”

I wasn’t that angry.

“A supervisor?”

only… … .

“under! Then, did you think I could trust someone like you who was raised by the Tower of Trials? “You need to follow my instructions as an agent of the Pantheon”

It just felt like a novel joke.

“—Like you?”


“The god of transcendence and death shows his murderous intent with a straight face at the words of an unlikely apostle.”

[You’re kidding, right? ]

The eyes on this side were shining coldly, unlike the mouth that was smiling.

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