The Boundless Necromancer Chapter 369

369. Conqueror (5)


“Challenger Han Seong-yoon won against an unrivaled expert, making him 1.01% closer to [transcendence].”

“I have absorbed the spirit of the Four Heavenly Poison King ‘Tang Luo-un’.”

「… … .」

In the blink of an eye, Tang Luo-yun fell down with his heart pierced.

There were no skills that stood out, except that Tang Luo-un suddenly stretched out a thread called Single Marriage as if it were a special move.

Still, under the assumption that it was just one chance, I dealt with Tang Luo-un a little more to see if there was any martial ability I could gain from him, but the result did not change.

‘Really… … .’

There is nothing to learn.

At least there was something to be learned from the sailors, but the shippers and transporters were at a poor level.

At best, their skills were only a slightly more advanced version of the martial arts they had learned from the Hwasan faction or the Jongnam faction.

‘This is below expectations.’

Tang Nak-un, also known as the Four Heavenly Poison King, was even worse than that.

There is nothing to learn except to spin out threads like a mere spider?

At this point, it is hard to understand how Tang Luo-yun was included as one of the Five Festivals under Heaven.

In response, I clicked my tongue and shook the blood off my sword, clearly showing my disappointment in my eyes.

‘At least it was fun to learn how to attack from Seon-ja.’

It was a little disappointing.

Originally, I was going to omit all the skills that could be used in every five days of the world.

Still, even though it was a world of the past recreated by the tower, I thought there would be a lot to learn since they were said to be the strongest members of the martial arts world.

‘I’m disappointed.’

But that wasn’t the case.

Among the Five Days of Heaven and Earth, with the exception of Xuanzang, most of them had trash skills.

At this point, I’m wondering if the battle with the Heavenly Demon I saw in the 17th floor trial was of an even higher level.

In fact, her skills were so great that she even used the Heart Sword, befitting the grandiose title of Heavenly Demon.

‘Is it still different over there?’

However, just for a moment.

“That’s the only one left now.”

“… … .”

Before I knew it, I had quenched my appetite while looking at Nam Archer, who was left alone on the battlefield.

Although Nangongsu had an old appearance, the way he held the sword could be said to be the most interesting of the Five Festivals under Heaven.

Should I say that I feel something that could be described as a bit of spirit?

Somehow, the way Namgungsu held his sword or the look in his eyes made it clear that he was comparable to Seonwonja.

Even if it wasn’t just that, I definitely felt that that side was strong.

“okay… … . It somehow ended up like this. “You will win the duel trial.”

Namgungsu said, changing his sword-holding posture differently from before.

“I admit it. Han Seong-yoon, you are stronger than anyone under the sky. “That’s true.”


“However, unlike your victory in the duel trial, you will not survive here… … .”

A red malice appeared in Namgungsu’s old eyes, and soon a very familiar energy flowed from the sword.

“I’ll show you.”

I had to open my eyes wide at that.

“It will go beyond the outdated Namgung family’s royal sword style and become a sword method that will open a new sky… … .”

And it didn’t end there.

“This will be the sword of the new era!”

“… … .”

“Look, the greatest person in the world! This is the true form of heaven contained in the sword, and it will be the sword that will cut down everything you have… … .”


Before I knew it, I had to let out an exasperated sigh as I saw the trajectory of Namgungsu’s sword.

“Are you just trying to show me that?”

This was because he realized that there were no new martial arts skills to be gained from Namgungsu in front of him.

“Why do you think it’s going to be a disaster?”


“I already saw that a long time ago.”

“What on earth is that…?” … .”

It’s no different… … .

“I didn’t mean it to be that difficult.”

Changcheongeomhyeong (蒼天劍形).

It was a sword technique acquired during a fight with Namgoonghyeok, the challenger he faced while climbing the tower.

It is even more familiar because it is the technology that became the foundation of the Honwon Demon Sword, which has now become a power skill.

“… … “It’s just that I can use the Changcheon Sword type better than you.”

… … And that too, hugely.


The results did not change.

This person had already honed his Changcheon Sword form by climbing the tower a long time ago.

And since I was more skilled in the Changcheon Sword style than Namgunghyuk, the person who provided the original, there was no way I could be inferior to Namgungsu in terms of technique.

“The unique skill ‘Sword Realm’ is activated.”

It’s not even just that.

‘… … This is quite useful.’

The realm of the sword.

This time, the unique skill obtained through Tamcheon, one of the new detailed effects of Necromancy, also came into play.

The unique skill ‘Sword Area’ can provide a lot of benefits, provided that the opponent fights within a fixed radius.


‘Is this a unique skill? … .’

In response, I internally countered Namgungsu’s sword with a smile on my face.

In addition to the temporary increase in their swordsmanship skills, there was a significant strengthening of their basic abilities.

Detailed effects such as a 10% reduction in all damage received and a 10% increase in all abilities are applied, making fighting even more comfortable.

“The unique skill ‘Sword Realm’ is activated.”

「Predicts the next actions of opponents within a fixed radius.」

‘It’s huge.’

Faint red afterimages appeared before my eyes as if informing me of Namgungsu’s next actions.

Maybe that red afterimage is telling me what to do next… … .

As if that was not a mistake, Namgungsu overlapped his body with the red afterimage and eventually poured out numerous sword blades.

And because I knew about the Changcheon Sword type, I was able to overwhelm Namgungsu’s sword by showing off a technique that was close to perfect.

“The achievement ‘Overwhelming Technology Difference’ has been achieved.”

“Exclusive authority #D-0007 [Increased reward] is automatically activated when the conditions are met.”

“The level of rewards obtained from achievements increases.”

“All abilities increase by 10.”

“What on earth is this…?” … .”

Namgungsu was breathing heavily and his eyes sparkled as if he didn’t understand.

“Why? How on earth… … . Are you able to use the Changcheon Sword type…? … . why… … .”

It was worth it.

In fact, I immediately destroyed all the Jeolcho written by Namgungsu and prevented him from even writing them down.

And as if that wasn’t enough, this side even used the sword’s domain and pushed Namgungsu with the Changcheon Sword type, so it was likely that he would feel so wronged.

“You bastard, answer me!”

I smiled and said to Namgungsu, who seemed half out of his mind.

“That’s right, it was so easy to learn that Changcheon Sword could just see it and imitate it.”


“you-! How far will a bastard like Zara go to mess with me! “I’ll kill you!”

I quickly dodged the sword that was right in front of me and counterattacked while whispering softly to Namgungsu.

“That’s great.”


“Challenger Han Seong-yoon won against an unrivaled expert, making him 1.14% closer to [transcendence].”

“I have absorbed the spirit of Changcheon Sword Zone ‘Namgungsu’.”

「… … .」

“Anyway, I didn’t want to waste any more time.”

Different trajectories.

However, even though the trajectories drawn by the swords were only slightly different, the winners and losers were clearly divided.

As it was, Namgungsu fell to the floor of the duel arena, blood gushing out, without even saying his last words.

Just like those who came before us during the Five Days of Heaven and Earth.

“… … .”

Only then did I relax my grip on the sword and take the reward of the duel.

「Use all the commands you have to permanently increase your stats.」

“Strength has increased by 395.”

“Agility has increased by 388.”

“Stamina has increased by 387.”

“Magic power has increased by 398.”

“Durability has increased by 386.”

and… … .

“We have captured the divinity in the spirit of the Sailor Invincible ‘Sailor Man.’”

“The power ‘Sacred Power’ is activated when the conditions are met.”

“Divinity extraction successful.”

System messages appeared before my eyes and glowed as if asking me to choose a reward.

“The special conditions have been met by absorbing the command of ‘Sailor Invincible’.”

「You can acquire one of the divinity possessed by the spirit of the Sailor Invincible ‘Sailor’.」

“The potential divinity that can currently be acquired is <Circulation>, <Unity>, and <Self-denial>.”

「※At this time, the uneven potential divinity will not appear as an option in the future.」

And that’s not all.

“Conditions satisfied.”

“The conversion and acquisition of unique characteristics has been determined by random probability.”

「Sailor Invincible Absorbs the unique characteristics possessed by the ‘Seafarer’.」

One of the detailed effects of Necromancy, “Temptation,” was activated again and its unique characteristics were acquired.

「Acquire the unique skill ‘Shedding (S)’.」

An unexpected reward was given.



It could be said to be the main skill of a sailor.

Seon-ja, who has been crazy about martial arts for three hundred years, focused more on counterattacks such as shedding rather than aggressive techniques, except for attacking fists.

‘What is this again?’

But it’s not that great.

In fact, even if you trained a skill like shedding for three hundred years, it doesn’t have a value that surpasses the divine power accumulated in your heart.

Since Seonwonja possessed a level of divinity that was close to that of a god, wasn’t it possible to pick out the concept of divinity from this point on?

So, I thought that it would be quite rare to obtain a unique skill from a sailor.

But that wasn’t the case.

‘At best, you can get something like shedding as a unique skill.’

It was absurd.

In fact, it was even more so because I had already learned Gyeonggongquan from Seon-ja and had also acquired some skills.

Of course, since the shedding itself obtained through unique skills is based on unique characteristics, it will have various detailed effects.

“… … .”

I quickly checked the contents of the newly acquired unique skill.

『Unique Skill – Spilling (S)』

『Proficiency – 100%』

『Basic effect – Waste is completely eliminated in the use of the user’s power.』

『Detailed effect (1) – Provides an absolute counter to the opponent limited to the first attack.』

『Detailed effect (2) – Consumes 30% of the body’s sacred power to completely dispel certain attacks.』

『Detailed effect (3) – Even if it is a skill that cannot be let go, it can be let go.』



‘This… … .’

Only then did I realize that the newly acquired unique skill was almost half-powerful.

‘It’s amazing, isn’t it?’


It was truly a power-like effect as a unique skill.

Simply having the unique skill ‘Shedding’ eliminates the waste of power and allows you to specialize in the counter itself.

‘Even among the detailed effects of the unique skill, the attack nullification is the best.’

And that’s not the end.

Consumes 30% of the body’s sacred power to eliminate the opponent’s attack itself.

Even if the opponent’s technique cannot be physically defeated, it is possible to attempt to throw it away.

In fact, each and every detailed effect inherent in the unique skill ‘Shedding’ had a performance comparable to the concept of divinity.

‘This might be worth putting to good use.’

That was actually the case.

Something like Divine <Divine Protection> is specialized in protecting the user from some kind of attack.

Perhaps, if you use the unique skill ‘Shedding’ in combination, the chances of receiving fatal injuries from enemies will decrease.

‘Compared to that, there is nothing eye-catching about divine selection.’

In response, I drew a line around my mouth and even finished choosing Shin Seong.

“Selection completed.”

“Divine <circulation> is replaced by potential.”

‘I’ll check this again later.’

Only then did I stretch as if my body was aching and glanced at Cheon Kang-woon across the off-stage.

“Anyway, has the result of the game been declared yet?”

It was worth it.

Before we knew it, the hall was quiet despite the fact that every single person died during the Five Festivals.

Even though it has already been several minutes since the end of the Heavenly Autumn Festival, no one seems to be able to open their mouth.

Cheon Kang-woon, a notary public and leader of the Murim Alliance, seemed to be in a state of disbelief.

“ah… … ?”

Cheon Kang-un muttered, shaking his chin.

“What the heck… … .”

Am I shocked because I was supposed to be defeated by the Heaven and Earth that they sent out, but I didn’t?

“The duel trial is now over.”

Anyway, it doesn’t matter.

“Did you say that the loser in the duel was the guilty party?”

“He, he, he… … .”

“And I won.”

“… … .”

Trial by duel.

A tradition unique to martial arts that determines right from wrong based solely on differences in power.

And it was said that the one who won the duel trial was considered justice here.

“ruler… … .”

That meant only one thing.

“So, who is the sinner now?”

Winner takes all.

As the saying goes, the winner gets the right to conquer everything.

Only then did I smile and look greedy.

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