The Boundless Necromancer Chapter 330

330. Battlefield of the Gods (1)

“Special conditions have been met by absorbing the spirit of the sky god ‘Ciel’.”

“You can acquire one of the divinity possessed by the spirit of the sky god ‘Ciel’.”

“The potential divinity that can currently be acquired is <Sky>, <Luck>, and <Cloud>.”

「※At this time, the uneven potential divinity will not appear as an option in the future.」

Choosing Divinity and Acquiring Divinity.

As always… … .

I frowned as the reward I received after the fierce battle with the Celestial God appeared before my eyes.

“What is this again?”

It was worth it.

Divine <Sky>, Divine <Luck>, Divine <Cloud>.

Because the options divided into three divinity were virtually no different.

Even though the nova <Sky> is a concept-type nova, it has never been seen in any particular activity, and it is unlikely to be very useful.

‘I don’t know what kind of hand the divine <Sky> will play, but it probably won’t be that good.’

The divinity representing the concept of godhead was certainly higher in status than the auxiliary divinity.

But isn’t that just a story?

Even if it is a conceptual divinity that represents a certain deity, it cannot be judged to be 100% higher in value than an auxiliary divinity.

So, I also filtered out some of the concept divinity.

It was even more so when you consider that the god of despair, fall, and madness did not write the divine <Sky> while writing the advent of the apostles.

“… … .”

If that wasn’t enough, there could have been restrictions attached to the divine <heaven>.

Maybe there was a condition that allowed it to exert great power only in the sky, and even if it wasn’t, it was meaningless considering it wasn’t used much in battle.

So now the remaining options are either divine <Luck> or divine <Cloud>… … .

In fact, like the sacred <sky>, the sacred <cloud> did not seem that practical.

‘Let’s say it’s divine <luck>, but what ability is divine <cloud>?’

What on earth can you do with the sacred <cloud>?

‘… … I have no choice but to exclude the sacred <Sky> and the sacred <Clouds> from the options.’

Nothing was certain, but at least it didn’t seem like there would be much of an advantage.

The level of divine power may vary depending on interpretation… … .

Because the divinity <Cloud> possessed by the Heavenly God is not that great.

The only thing that had an intuitive form was the divine <Luck>, and it was obvious that this was actually an ability that would be exercised in a local aspect.

‘But that doesn’t mean that divine <luck> is good either.’

That’s right… … .

‘If Divine <Luck> was an overwhelming increase in luck, it wouldn’t have ended up like this in the first place.’

If the divine <luck> had been able to act to overturn the situation, the Heavenly God would not have been defeated.

In the end, it means that all the options for acquiring divinity are not good one way or another.

However, there was no way to change the choice itself.

So there would be no point in worrying any more… … .

“This is the best.”

In that case, it was decided which option to choose.

“Selection completed.”

“Divine <Luck> is replaced with potential.”

It was right to choose a god who could function as a joker at least to some extent.

Therefore, even if it acts on a local level like the divine <luck>, we have chosen an option that can help in an emergency situation.

Of course, this may also be a useless divinity… … .

Without knowing why, I thought that choosing Divine <Lucky> would be the right answer.

‘Still, divine <luck> may help in unexpected situations.’

It was worth it.

The power that interferes with ‘luck’ that I have seen while climbing the tower has exceeded my expectations every time.

Wasn’t it even the luck-interfering power ‘Hero’s Protection (C+)’ that assisted in the unique power ‘Skill Synthesis’ that created the current main skills?

“No matter what, there’s nothing bad if you’re lucky.”

Even if it is not the same as the power ‘Hero’s Protection (C+)’, if it can produce a similar effect, it can be considered a great benefit in itself.

‘There will be many sections where luck will come into play anyway.’

and… … .

“Divine <Luck> satisfies the conditions and is automatically used.”

“Divine <Luck> adds luck to some situations and steers them in a beneficial direction.”

“Divine <Luck> greatly increases all luck-related abilities of challenger Han Seong-yoon.”

“… … uh?”

It was then.

“The power ‘Hero’s Protection’ is strongly activated.”

“Your luck will increase temporarily and violently.”

“Skill ‘Spread Hope’ is activated… … .」

“Hope for you is spreading rapidly thanks to the skill ‘Spread Hope’… … .」

“Skill ‘Spreading Faith’ is active… … .」

“With the skill ‘Spread Faith’, faith in you will spread rapidly… … .」

In the blink of an eye, system messages filled my field of vision and various abilities were activated.

“What… … .”

It’s not even just that.

The power ‘Hero’s Protection’, which has rarely been activated until now except when combining skills, was also used.

And as if that wasn’t enough, some skills that I forgot to use after acquiring them also appeared and showed their power.

‘Could it have suddenly become like this because of divine <luck>?’

I couldn’t understand.

‘Where on earth can there be room for luck to come into play…’ … ?’

The divine <Luck> was not activated by me, but was activated on its own.

However, nowhere did the conditions for the activation of sacred <Luck> be satisfied.

All I could do was acquire the sacred <Luck> and guess its use.

So, a thought suddenly passed through my mind.

“… … Could it be that this was triggered by someone else and not me?”

I can understand it if someone else, not me, satisfies the conditions for divine <Luck> to be activated.

In that case, sacred <Lucky> can be used even if you stay quietly in your place.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t things I don’t understand.

as soon as… … .

‘… … Then who activated the sacred <Luck>?’

The question is who met the conditions for activating the divine <Luck>.

“… … .”

I had to find out for sure.

Only then will you be able to know where and how divine <luck> works.

But I didn’t have time to continue thinking like that for long.

It’s no different… … .

“… … ?”

Before I knew it, a system message related to achievements appeared, informing me of the reason for the activation of the sacred <Luck>.

“The achievement ‘The object of worship by many powerful people’ has been achieved.”

“Skill ‘Transformation of Faith (S-)’ is created.”

“… … What.”

… … And that too, in a direction I could never have imagined.


Same time.

Inside the Heuijangjang, where access is strictly controlled.

There, challengers from all over the world sat in their respective seats and watched the news playing on the television hanging on the wall.

[…] … During the investigation of Akiyoshi Yuuta, the main apostle and mainstay of the Celestial Sect, it was revealed that ‘Challenger Han Seong-yoon prevented the Celestial Cult’s terrorist activities in London.’]

[…] … Regarding this, the British government announced to challenger Han Seong-yoon that it would make an appropriate case through the Hunter Association.]

[…] … Meanwhile, the world is paying attention to where challenger Han Seong-yoon, who is said to be the highest-ranking climber, will head.]

And Chen Xiaoling, who was quietly watching it, said as if he was dumbfounded.

“… … Indeed, no matter where I look, there is only Han Seong-yoon’s story.”

However, unlike envy or jealousy, her face showed only signs of boredom.

“… … Well, since he has such monstrous power, he probably deserves to be mentioned that much.”

It was worth it.

Because Chen Xiaoling saw Han Shengyun tearing through space and appearing.

And in the process, Chen Xiaoling was able to briefly measure the extent of Han Seongyun’s power.

Even if it is not divine power, the power that Han Seong-yoon has can no longer be judged by the category of a mere mortal.

“That’s it, isn’t it… … .”

“Han Seong-yoon. In fact, it was my first time seeing it, but I thought that if there was a strongest person on Earth, it would be like that… … .”

“No, but wasn’t that person originally a prosecutor? “What on earth are you doing, tearing up space?”

In an instant, there was a commotion inside the conference hall.

All of the challengers currently here have faced the Heavenly God in person in London.

Aren’t they even considered high-level challengers around the world?

Therefore, they could only guess to some extent the size of Han Seong-yoon’s power, and their opinions could not help but be divided about it.

Bang bang-.


But that was only for a moment.

“We didn’t gather together to talk about this.”

Suddenly, David Taylor let out a sharp voice and turned his attention to the head of the conference room.

“Isn’t it because of your suggestion that we gathered here?”

It’s no different… … .

“Challenge Lee Ha-yeon.”

Attention is focused on Lee Ha-yeon, who is sitting there.

Even though she is not suitable for battle, she is also one of the high-ranking challengers.

Therefore, eyes of interest poured in on her from all over, and only then Lee Ha-yeon nodded and agreed.

“you’re right.”

And David Taylor narrowed his eyes and continued speaking.

“… … They didn’t say this right after the situation was resolved. “With a simple procedure, we will give you the power to fight against the Celestial Sect.”

“It was like that.”

“So, now let’s get to the point about it. “Everyone here came because of that.”

“If that’s the case.”

Only then did Ha-yeon Lee smile and say.

“The way to gain the strength to fight against the Celestial Cult leader may be simpler than you think.”

“… … .”

“At most, all you have to do is have faith in Seongyoon.”

“It’s called faith… … ?”


And one of the male challengers in the conference room said with a twisted smile.

“What… … .”

A look of disdain, as if he were talking nonsense.

“Could it be that you gathered us together with the intention of creating another Celestial Church?”

He continued talking while glaring at Lee Ha-yeon as if she were dumbfounded.

“Otherwise, why would you say something like that…” … .”


“Who exactly should we have faith in?”

Nevertheless, David Taylor asked the question as if nothing was wrong.

The male challenger looked at David Taylor with his eyes wide open.

Like why are you seriously responding to such bullshit?

“David Taylor. Do you really believe that crazy thing right now? It’s faith. There’s no way something like that could be powerful… … .”

“You can do that.”

“… … yes?”

“You said that faith can really be a strength.”

But David Taylor spoke unwaveringly.

“… … Perhaps, depending on who you make your faith in, the power you gain will be different.”

Suddenly, his eyes were full of confidence.

“In the first place, the reason Han Seong-yoon defeated the challenger from another world who appeared in London was because he was an apostle of God.”

It was worth it.

Because Han Seong-yoon had previously revealed himself to David Taylor as an apostle of God.

And David Taylor still believed that fact without denying it.

“And above all, now I know something about God.”

It’s not even just that.

“As I climbed the tower, I learned, albeit shallowly, that godhood exists.”

So far, as a result of David Taylor climbing the tower, he even read the traces of godhood before he knew it.

“If you worship Han Seong-yoon, who has the power of a god, you may be able to gain real power.”

and… … .

“surely… … .”

“Now that I think about it, stories involving gods often come out of the tower… … .”

“Bird, now that I think about it, I think I also saw priests using the power of God in the tower?”

Soon after, voices filled with anticipation rang out throughout the conference hall.

The man who expressed doubt closed his mouth, asking if it makes sense to become strong just by having faith.

If he insisted on further doubts, it would only be showing that his knowledge was limited.

It’s not even just that.

“I think I’m wondering if worshiping Seongyoon can really give you strength.”

Before we knew it, Lee Ha-yeon looked around the conference hall, opened her palm wide, and gave off a golden light.


“This is the ability you can gain by worshiping Seongyoon.”

It’s no different… … .

“The power ‘Divine Power (E+)’ is activated.”

The divine power previously bestowed upon her by Han Seong-yoon was unleashed.

“It’s true…” … ?”

“her. It’s not a skill or magic power. I never thought something like that would exist… … !”

“Isn’t that similar to the strange energy you felt from the Celestial Church leader?”

The moment when words of acknowledgment of her divinity were exchanged among the challengers who saw her divine power.

“Well, there’s not much you need to do.”

Lee Ha-yeon smiled brightly and continued speaking.

“Believing in Seongyoon, that will be enough to achieve this.”


“how is it?”

Next moment.

“I think with a little bit of faith, you can gain quite attractive powers.”

Eyes filled with greed or envy for Lee Ha-yeon’s divinity were seen throughout the conference room.

And at a very intense level.

It’s no different… … .

“Isn’t this worthy of some degree of worship?”

It was the moment when the center of the Transcendental Church was established on Earth.


“The achievement ‘Unintended Growth of Religion’ has been achieved.”

“All abilities increase by 10.”

“The achievement ‘The Beginning of Evangelism’ has been achieved… … .」

“All abilities increase by 10… … .」

“Achievement ‘Holy Religion’ has been achieved… … .」

“All abilities increase by 10… … .」


System messages flashed before my eyes and my smartphone trembled.

[A total of 4 messages have arrived.]

Immediately after that, I checked the messenger app on my smartphone.

[Lee Hayeon: Seongyoon, can you meet with me for a moment?]

[Lee Hayeon: So far, I have prepared something that will be helpful to Seongyoon.]

[Lee Hayeon: I think Seongyoon will probably like it if he sees this. What do you think?]

“… … .”

… … Without knowing why, I felt like I knew where this luck that wasn’t good luck began.

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