The Boundless Necromancer Chapter 305

305. Melee (1)

A bright smile appears on a face that looks like it was modeled after Alton’s goat.

[ … … . ]

I think he’s probably putting on a poker face to hide his intentions… … .

It doesn’t work for me, who has reached the level of godhood and can read other people’s emotions in detail.

Currently, Alton is clearly looking down on me, and his eyes are as if he is hunting prey.

‘So absurd.’

It was certain.

Even if this isn’t a skill to read emotions that has been mastered through faith, isn’t it obvious?


The answer was decided when I was invited to a meeting where rankings between monarchs were determined solely through 1:1 duels.

That too for sure.

‘At least you didn’t invite me to the duel meeting with good intentions.’

Perhaps what Alton wants is my place.


Alton was showing signs of greed after killing the Goblin, the 62nd monarch of the Demon World.

And in fact, he has been secretly showing interest in the position of 62nd monarch.

‘The reason I invite you to a place like a cradle is because I want to get the position I have.’

After a moment of thought, I was able to read Alton’s purpose.

But that didn’t mean I had any intention of not falling for Alton’s moves.

If we continue like this anyway, we will be surrounded by countless monarchs of the demon world and will have to fight.

Perhaps Alton also knows this fact, which is why he confidently exudes greed like that.

“Let me ask you to choose wisely… … .”

actually… … .

“It’s probably better than being chased by countless monarchs like this… … , Wouldn’t it be reasonable for you to come to the duel of the cradle?”

Alton suddenly curled his eyes like a snake and spoke threateningly.

‘… … ‘That’s fun.’

At this point, I’m so curious that I want to dig up Alton’s resources.

What on earth are you hiding that makes you think that you can overpower me with that level of skill at best?

Even if you are an apostle serving an ancient god, there will be limits anyway.

My interest arose as I thought that I might have received some kind of power from an ancient deity.

‘We need to at least find out what he believes and why he is so confident.’

It was worth it.

If, as an apostle of an ancient deity, he is hiding something, it can be used as such.

And above all, wasn’t there information obtained from Alton?

The position of the highest monarch of the demon world can only be achieved by killing at least six more monarchs.

In that case, it would have been foolish to reject Alton’s offer at this point.

‘He said he would take me to a good restaurant, so there’s no need to refuse.’

So, I smiled and nodded.

[ Now that you say that, I too am curious about what kind of place the cradle is. ]

“then… … ?”

[I participated in the war in a place called Cradle. ]

“Hahaha… … ! You seem to be quite confident in your skills! I don’t hate that kind of person… … !”

And Alton’s eyes lit up as if he were looking at a fish that had taken bait.

“Then now is the time to save each other’s time.”

The moment Alton opened his eyes wide with greed and snapped his fingers.


【 Wanderer’s Vortex 】

Just like that, magical energy overflowed beneath his feet and a purple portal opened.

It’s probably a type of black magic called the secret art of the demon world.

It was fun.

‘I think I know roughly what the principle is.’

It was worth it.

Until now, there was no room for talent to be applied to things like space movement technology… … .

The purple portal that Alton deployed as a demon is different.

Because it is a space movement type of magic made entirely of black magic.

[ … … . ]

And that could only mean one thing.

A talent that astonished even Alkaid, who had worked in black magic all his life… … .

The genius who can read the essence of technology in the blink of an eye has discovered Alton’s black magic.

‘That’s fun.’

In short, I had now gained the ability to move through space.


Space movement.

‘I never thought I’d get this like this.’

Being able to instantly jump over the distance between spaces in the blink of an eye.

Surprisingly, among the many abilities I had acquired so far, not many were related to spatial movement.

At most, it would be limited to the power ‘Sunbo’ obtained from a prospective apostle who served the god of battle.

This is even more true when it comes to spatial abilities that can travel extremely long distances.

‘… … I never thought I could get the ability to move through space not through a skill or authority, but through something like black magic.’

Therefore, the purple portal in front of me had to be a valuable technology.

Perhaps, after modification, it could become an ability that can be used in combat, such as teleportation.

What really caught my attention was the fact that it was a black magic technique that was easy to use.

And as I was looking at it with interest, Alton smiled and giggled.

“I think I surprised you unintentionally.”

In an instant, Alton’s goat-like face was filled with a subtle sense of superiority.

“I understand. There are not many black magic techniques as sophisticated as this in the world. After seeing the dark magic of the lowly goblin, Alkaid, you will be amazed… … .”

It’s as if it can’t be compared to something like Alkaid.

“In fact, this is one of the secret arts passed down in our family. “It is probably the noblest black magic I have ever seen.”

[ … … . ]

“iced coffee. But you can be so surprised later. Since we won’t have time, I’ll show you the black magic separately… … .”

[It’s not like that. ]

But I smiled at Alton’s sense of superiority and said,

[ Anyway, the interpretation of the magic is over now. ]

“… … yes?”

[So there’s no need to show it later. ]

“… … Well, what on earth does that mean? So, the interpretation of the magic formula has been completed? “There is no way I could interpret this so quickly.”

[ there is. ]


[The principle is fixed anyway. ]

“What… … .”

[On the surface, it looks like just moving through space, but if you look closely, it’s not like moving through space. ]

“… … .”

[ In effect, it just specifies spatial coordinates, contracts the current space to that point, and makes it look like it is moving through space. ]

“Well, what the hell…” … ?”

[Wanderer’s Vortex].

The black magic developed by Alton is actually closer to space contraction than space movement.

The idea is to briefly use black magic to attract the concept of abstract space, and based on that, take those who have come in contact with black magic to the desired location.

[It’s not a very stable method. ]

Moving through space is definitely interesting… … .

There were so many flaws.

First of all, since it is shrinking the abstract concept of space, the difficulty of using it will be enormous.

And even if the use is successful, if a mistake occurs during the space contraction and movement process, a catastrophe will occur.

There was a possibility that the body would be exposed in the process of crossing space.

‘If that happens, the body could be swallowed up in space.’

At least if that fails, the loss of part of the body is guaranteed.

[This is the most unstable black magic I’ve ever seen. ]

“… … .”

[The black magic of space movement is interesting, but it has its fair share of flaws. ]

“What on earth are you talking about earlier! Well, that can’t be possible! “This is our family’s arcane magic!!”

[ … … . ]

But did Alton not even know this?

‘Is this really an apostle serving that ancient god?’

Before I knew it, Alton’s face was filled with an inexplicable reaction.

Nervousness, anxiety, suspicion, jealousy, anger, etc… … .

Numerous negative emotions were fluttering beyond his eyes.

He probably didn’t know what kind of flaws the black magic [Wanderer’s Vortex] had.

And I couldn’t help but lower my eyes in deep disappointment.

‘Do you really mean that you didn’t even know the principles of the black magic you were dealing with?’

At most, I only used black magic once.

Still, I felt like I already knew all about Alton’s capabilities.

After realizing that Alton’s level was not at the highest level like Alkaid’s, my interest in him rapidly decreased.

―You are incredibly foolish, unbecoming an apostle of an ancient deity.

In fact, Dam Cheon-woo also said that as if he was dumbfounded when he saw Alton.

But there was no need to worry that much.

After all, a guy like Alton who doesn’t even know about his own black magic wouldn’t be worth remembering.

and… … .

“Then why don’t you try my secret technique yourself… … .”

Soon, Alton’s eyes flashed coldly and a faint expression of anger appeared.

“Why don’t you prove it yourself that it’s not spatial movement, it’s just pretending to be spatial movement?”

I immediately nodded and accepted the offer.

[Of course. ]

Even so, I had no intention of subjecting myself to such trivial black magic.

The failure of the black magic [Wanderer’s Vortex], thanks to the transcendental durability value as well as the divine armor, is not a very meaningful assumption.

Even so, there’s no need to entrust space movement to Alton, a half-baked warlock who doesn’t even fully understand his own technology.

I even knew where the cradle was by calculating Alton’s black magic.

‘It’s easy to use black magic more reliably if you know where the cradle is.’

So all that’s left is to deploy black magic.

[Can you at least show me a more efficient black magic than this? ]

That’s why I said that and calmly deployed black magic.

In an instant, my thoughts are focused, and the principles of black magic shown by Alton unfold quickly, but more stably than before.

Perhaps, if black magic is developed like this, it will boast excellent perfection.

However, while building a tower of magic, my eyes were drawn to a principle that showed room for improvement.

‘It’s good that it’s a space movement series, but why are there so many things that are disappointing?’

It was worth it.

This is because black magic pursues inefficient principles even though it can be sufficiently efficient.

Among them, one of the most annoying was the principle of moving by shrinking an invisible space.

In this case, wouldn’t it be more efficient to fold the abstract concept of space and bring it into contact with it?

‘Anyway, you just need to be able to move to the place you want.’

and… … .

[I think it would be better to do it this way. ]

In the blink of an eye, the progression of the spell was slightly distorted and a new black magic appeared.

【Folding vortex】

A technology that can transcend space, modified solely by genius.



The moment when purple waves flowed from beneath my feet and enveloped the entire area.

The true value of the black magic [Closing Vortex] shone through.

As it is, space and space are twisted and connected to each other, and the landscape itself changes.

As if by magic, the space itself changed from a half-collapsed fortress to a duel arena.

The results of my own modification of the black magic [Wanderer’s Vortex] appeared before my eyes.

“The achievement ‘Space Control’ has been achieved.”

“Exclusive authority #D-0007 [Increased reward] is automatically activated when the conditions are met.”

“The level of rewards obtained from achievements increases from [Class B] to [Class B+].”

「Skill ‘Space Control Assistance (B+)’ is created.」


[I told you, right? ]

“This is… … !?”

The moment I finished moving through space and turned my head to Alton.

[If you are going to move through space, there is a more efficient way. ]

As it was, Alton’s animal-like eyes trembled violently as if an earthquake had occurred.

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