The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player Chapter 305

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Episode 305

305. Marvas

[The twenty-first death has occurred.]

[The nickname of the deceased is ‘Old Man No Gay’.]

When Plunictos learned of the death of the seeds he had planted, he had no regrets.

I just had a sneer on my face.

[He died in the end.]

[Are you saying that His Excellency is the human being who planted the seed of the devil?]


Vassago, the third-ranked person with a skull face, flashed red eyes.

[I searched the location and found that he died 5km away from here.]

[Who killed it?]

[It is a black scythe.]

As soon as he heard that name, Plunictos laughed.

A situation where you have to kill a colleague with your own hands.

I don’t know how Black Scythe felt, but it was a success.

[He died earlier than expected. Although I expected the black scythe to kill.]

It is difficult for other players to kill a human who has been injected with the devil’s seed.

As he receives a portion of his own power, his fighting power is on a completely different level than before.

Vassago asked as Plunictos looked somewhat regretful.

[Are you sad? Because you lost one of your chess pieces?]

[What would be a pity that such an uncontrollable person died? It’s just a shame that more people didn’t die.]

He hoped to kill countless people by demonizing old people and old people.

However, the black scythe appeared at perfect timing, and the plan ended with the death of the demonized human.

‘Still, thanks to the information provided by Moros, we were able to kill one key contact.’

I wanted to turn humans into demons in this way, but I can’t abuse it as much as it takes away my power.

Moreover, it is necessary to be a human being with a mind full of killing.

‘So isn’t this why you brought 72 noble demons?’

Plunictos looked at the men next to Vassago.

The 4th and 5th ranked players are standing side by side in an immovable position.

[Report the situation, Vasago.]

[I will report. According to the current orders, the top 10 high-ranking demons have arrived in the other world. As soon as we arrive, we are carrying out orders to find and slaughter the players.]

[You must have taken a route that doesn’t take you when you came here, right?]

[That’s right. I used the route provided by Artaros, so there should be no problem.]

[It’s not that there won’t be one, it’s that there shouldn’t be one. If another god catches the eye, it will be difficult for me and Artaros-sama.]

[We are handling this as quietly as possible.]

[okay. That’s why I called the eight of you.]

There were eight demon nobles who appeared in this world.

1st place Baal and 2nd place Agaroth had already died in the last round, and only 3rd to 10th place were called to join the human hunt.

Plunictos looked at 3rd place Vassago, 4th place Gamigin, and 5th place Marvas.

[Except for the three of you who came late, the rest have already scattered and are killing humans.]

[That’s right. by the way… … .]

Vassago, who noticed that there was a thorn in his tone, was the first to lower his head.

[Sorry for arriving late.]

[Sorry, Your Excellency.]


As the three of them bowed their heads in unison, Plunictos’ discomfort eased.

[Well, that can happen if you are busy with work. Rather, it went well. If they had appeared all at once, the gods might have noticed.]

[Thank you for your understanding.]

[Wouldn’t it be okay to kill all humans now?]

Even as we were talking like this, the number of deaths was piling up, reaching over 30.

The death rate is accelerating as the high-ranking demons he summoned are hunting humans in earnest.

‘Actually, it is against the rules for demons to interfere in the Elyos’ game… … .’

Anyway, what do you think?

Not only is the Archangel Artaros supporting him, but the primordial god, who is much higher than him, is behind him.

‘If something goes wrong, Artaros will take care of it.’

All he had to do was do as he was told, unleash his men, destroy all the players except Black Scythe, and disappear.

[Now you can leave too.]

[All right.]

[Spread out to hunt as efficiently as possible.]

[of course. Aren’t the humans here a species so weak that they can deal with them alone?]

Vassago and other demon nobles showed confident expressions, as if they were planning to act alone without saying anything.

Plunictos isn’t particularly worried either.

If you are a demon noble ranked 3rd, 4th, or 5th rank, then you are a 3rd rank archangel.

It was clear that this was a force that could not be defeated even if all the players here stuck together.

However, there was only one person that bothered me.

[You cannot let your guard down. I’ll say it again out of anger, but it’s a black scythe. Never touch that person. Although he appeared as a human, he was clearly a god. Since he is an Irregular enough to put Artaros in a near-death state, there is no question of whether it is a direct confrontation or a surprise attack. He is an opponent who must be avoided at all costs.]

[Don’t worry about that either. I’m already familiar with his face. I promise that the moment I see even a single hair, I will run away without looking back.]


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[There will be no time to escape. You must return to the demon world immediately. Since he doesn’t have warp ability, he won’t be able to follow me to the Demon World.]

[I will do so. Don’t worry.]

Despite the words of his subordinates, Plunictos could not easily shake off his worries.

Because the opponent was none other than the Black Scythe.

‘Well, there won’t be any problem. ‘Everyone is scattered and hunting, so how can I stop it on my own?’

Since everyone is away, even if he hears that his subordinates have been attacked, he will be able to buy time to escape.

It was time for Plunictos, who was grinning, to give the order to disperse.

[Your Excellency the Grand Duke. Three humans are approaching from a 50m radius.]

Plunictos turned his head at Vassago’s words.

It’s really coming this way.

[In that case, I have to come pick you up.]

Plunictos, who was closest, moved first.

As soon as the distance is closed, the human woman is startled and takes a step back.

[Hehe, the prey rolled in just in time.]

[That’s right.]

[All three are female humans.]

[I’m lucky for my first hunt.]

The 3rd, 4th, and 5th ranked noble demons each added their own words.

It seems that all three of them were quite attracted to the prey as they couldn’t take their eyes off it.

Plunictos spoke as if he were being generous.

[I will give up the game to you. Who will step forward?]

At those words, Gamigin and Marvas looked at Vassago at the same time.

[Vassago, who is high in rank, decides.]

[I’m fine. I’m not interested in human women. You two decide.]

At that time, Marvas with the face of a lion looked at Gamigin with the face of a horse.

[Hmm. Gamigin? How about handing it over to me? What I like the most is the screams of human women.]

‘I like it too… … .’

Gamigin only spoke to himself, but when he saw Marvas talking with his mouth watering, he had no choice but to give in.

Moreover, since two of his superiors had made concessions, it would have been a strange situation if he had not made concessions himself as well.

[i get it. Marvas, I’ll leave it to you.]

[thank you. Hehehe.]

When the decision was made, Plunictos spoke.

[Then, let the rest of us, except Marvas, disperse and start hunting. Vasago, you must come with me.]

[Yes, Your Excellency the Grand Duke.]

The prostrate nobles were scattered in all directions.

Plunictos was no exception.

The only one left was Marvas.

* * *

‘W-what’s the situation?’

Yamti did not understand the current situation.

It’s not that I didn’t hear the conversation.

The interpretation function even interpreted the devil’s words.

I just couldn’t understand the situation in which I was left alone.

‘Everyone left except for that lion-faced devil, right?’

Yamti clenched his teeth.

How easy was it for them to have left them alone?

Of course, it is true that the opponent appears to be formidable.

It was natural that he had a dirty look because he had the face of a lion, and he was as massive as two brown bears joined together.

‘Still, wouldn’t we be able to win if the three of us work together?’

Himself as a tamer, Seo A-rin as a summoner, and Min Joo-ri as a buffer.

Two summoners and one supporter.

It’s not a bad combination.

‘If you look at the monsters she killed in the forest, Seo A-rin’s firepower is at least three people’s worth.’

If you take out all of your monsters, you will boast tremendous firepower comparable to John Delgado’s summons.

‘If the three work together, we can win.’

The three women exchanged glances with each other.

The intention was to attack if necessary.

The lion must have seen that and smiled, showing his teeth.

[You lowly humans. Don’t look at me and try whatever you can. What I’m saying is, give it a try before you die.]

“… … .”

“… … .”

“… … .”

[Anyway, even if you give humans a chance to attack first, they only pay attention. If that’s the case, I’ll make the first move. Let’s hear some human screams first… … .]

As he approached and licked his lips, Marvas raised a hand the size of a bear’s paw.


The Soul Knight’s sword, which had been stabbed by surprise, was easily blocked.


He stabbed his sword quickly, but Marvas moved faster than it looked.

He was able to block all of the sword blades with just one hand.

[Ugh. Is it possible to cut the ends of my hair if you are this slow?]

But there was not just one soul knight.


Another knight suddenly cut in from behind, but Marvas nimbly turned his body as if he already knew.


The two knights soon joined forces, but Marvas still looked like he was yawning.

[This, this, is slow enough to be used with one hand, right?]

Marvas, with a bored expression on his face, grabbed the blade with his hand and broke it.

Cheonggang- Cheonggang-!

They were soul knights who lost their weapons in an instant, but that was not the end of Seo A-rin’s summoned beasts.


The light fired by the four fairies completely burned Marvas’ head.

However, somehow, only a little bit of scorching occurred on the fur, and it did not appear to be damaged at all.

When Seo A-rin stopped attacking because she was dumbfounded, Marvas looked at her with a smile on her face.

[why? Do more. It was warm and nice? Hehe.]

“Da, attack again!”

Under Seo-Arin’s instructions, Fairy, Golem, and Soul Knight attacked Marvas at the same time.

However, the joint effort was insignificant.


The summoned beasts were completely extinguished with a single blow.

“iced coffee… … .”

Seo A-rin and Min-ri Min couldn’t help but be shocked when they saw the summoned beasts disappearing with just a single shout.

‘Such strong summons in one shot… … .’

Minjoo-ri asked with eyes of disbelief.

“You can summon more, right? “Isn’t this the end?”

“I can’t summon you anymore. “You have to wait for the 10 minute cooldown to summon it.”

“It ended in vain like this? What about strengthening the summons you learned at level 60?”

“I already wrote it! To the soul knight!”

However, it applied cleanly.

Minjoo-ri, who had no fighting ability, had nothing to say.

‘I supported them by setting up a buff zone, but I can’t believe they were defeated so easily… … .’

While the two were in despair, Marvas was at ease.

[There is no need to despair too much. It is natural that an egg cannot overcome a rock.]

Now that we have confirmed that Marvas is no better than a bug, all that remains is to enjoy it.

[Okay, then whose limbs should you tear off first? I wish I was a person with a beautiful voice… … okay! you.]

Minjoo-ri was startled by Marbas’s nomination.

[The voice I just heard was my style. I’d like to start with you… … .]

It was then.

Dozens of monsters were summoned and blocked Marvas’ front like a wall.

[It looks like there was another summoner. Yes, it is a light in the wind.]

He grinned and kicked the lion’s rear once again.


The monsters that were coming were destroyed all at once.

‘Hmph, stupid.’

Marvas thought that he had disappeared without any time to spare, but that was not the case.


Because before I knew it, the three women were flying in the sky with the monster.

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