Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 351

The Imperial Household of Beams.

Human beings and rulers of the empire, often called noble blood, the House of Mysteries. I never thought they would be looking for Themeer’s grave.


The fundamental question came before the word that they had been exposed to traffic.

“What are you going to do to find Temar’s grave?’

An being who is not a contractor of the shadow shall not take advantage of the legacy left by Solderlet.

Then, the reason why third parties visit the tombs was likely to prevent contractors from using the heritage.

Or there’s something else that Jean doesn’t know in Themeer’s grave.

“That’s not surprising, is it?” I’m sure you were surprised.”

“It’s amazing.

“Wow, I’ve never seen anyone as good at facial expressions as my brother.”

Looking back on the way he treated Bishkel, it seemed that he couldn’t hide his expression very well, but it wasn’t an important matter.

“Let’s say that Gipple is, and the Beem imperial family is also looking for Temer’s tomb. How did you get that information?”

“Well, there’s not much in the world that our general manager doesn’t know. Is this not enough?”

When Margiela answered with a naive face, Jean raised the corners of her mouth.

“There’s nothing lacking. Kinselo has no obligation to report everything to me. I was just asking once.”

“You let it pass.”

“The source of the information is unclear, but the intent is clear. I don’t think it’s false information.”

It wasn’t that I wasn’t curious about the source. I just thought you wouldn’t let me know anyway.

“Do you know why?”

“You mean why the Beacon imperial family finds the tomb of Looncandel’s first family?”


“Ho-ho, I don’t remember that very well. If Lord Jin joins us in the revolution, I think he’ll pop up.”

“Just keep forgetting.”

“Don’t you really feel sorry for it? That’s the best information I’ve ever given you.”

It’s not a common bet.

The identity is unknown, presumed to be stained by the energy of chaos, and the face is thick, sly, and even relaxed. Margiela was a pretty tired sort of person to deal with.

Fortunately, Jean knew how to deal with these people.

“Just turn around. I won’t accept the tea.”

“The price of the car?”

“It was a top-of-the-line Mila car. Me too. Well, that doesn’t matter, Gilly. Lord Vishkel and Miss Margiela.”

“Okay, Master.”

“You’re kidding, aren’t you?”

“I’m serious.”

“Come on, hold on!”

Jean jerked away without hearing the words.

“Slightly! I’ll give you a hint. Why don’t you sit here again…….”

But Jean had already entered another room and shut the door.

Margiela shook her head after staring blankly at the closed door for a while.

“I’ve heard in the social circle that this is called push-pull. Did I pull too much? “What do you think?”

“……that doesn’t sound very appropriate.”

“Well, Lord Gilly McLoran? If I apologize for my rudeness, will Lord Qin come out again?”

a head-shaking gill

“You’ll never come out. Follow me.”

When Gilly left the visit first, Vishkel was forced to follow him, pushing his wheelchair.

Margiela looked bitterly disappointed, and Vishkel looked aloof. He seemed angry at the thought that Jin had embarrassed his younger brother.

“Sir Gilly McLoran.”

“Speak, Mr. Margiela.”

“What the imperial family is looking for is the body of Temer Looncandel. Please tell Lord Qin.”

Gilly kept walking without answering.

But not on the surface, my heart thumped and I felt like I was going crazy.

Gilly once experienced Sarah’s healthy appearance as a guardian in the second tomb.

So it occurred to me that maybe Themeer might also exist in some grave for him in that way.

in the form of a ‘living-looking’ person

At the same time, I felt ominous.

‘If there’s an invitation somewhere in the tomb……will he be friendly to the master?”

As soon as Sarah saw Jean, she attacked. Jin also told her that Shilderay Lundeel, the guardian whom she met at the first grave, also did so.

For some reason, it’s ominous, but it’s not me, but the master.

When Gilly didn’t answer, Margiela sighed bitterly.

“I just want to be with Jin, but I don’t think Lord Jin is pleased with me. I feel like I’m in a one-sided relationship.”

a towering figure

Then for a moment Gilly stopped and looked back at Margiela.

“Kinselo has been at odds with you ever since. When I was a cadet, I kidnapped your people, allied with Zipple, threatened the world by making strange things, and there were not a few people who were unjustly victimized in the process.”

It wasn’t just that.

“In addition, using your compasses, Gipple has been collecting contractors as if they were looking for a novelty, and the Dark Wizardry Society under Kinselo has turned the believers of the Holy Land into bio-golems.”


“I heard you saw it yourself during the Sungkuk incident. The victims of the biorhythm. You’ve never felt any remorse when you saw them lose their lives because their whole body turned ugly?”


“Don’t be mistaken just because you’ve given him a little help. You were able to overcome this crisis without you. What you hate the most in the world is people like you.”

Gilly, who showed her life, looked indifferent again.

‘……looks back on these madmen’s past. I didn’t have to say that.’

And when I turned around again and tried to guide the Evliano brothers and sisters.

“It’s hard to understand.”

Margiela opened her mouth with a light smile.

“And I’m sure we look like bad people. We are doing things for the world in a broad sense.”

“What are you saying?”

“We’ll make the world a better place than it is now. And I really hope Lord Jin will join us in that. Lord Jin will also think positively when he eventually finds out what we mean.”

The remark almost cut me out of reason.

Obviously, if someone hadn’t grabbed Gilly’s shoulder. It must have been.

“… …Fourth Lady.”

It was Mew who put his hand on Gilly’s shoulder.

“The fourth lady? Can you call me that?”

“I’m sorry, Mr. Eighth.”

“Yes, that’s right. Next time I won’t just go over to the warning, Gilly McLoran.”

“Yes, sir.”

Gilly bowed his head.

Mu’s eyes were on the Ibliano brothers and sisters. She was walking down the hall when she happened to hear all the stories they shared.

“These crazy things exist everywhere. Work for the world? That’s what you’re talking about when you’really? Shut up and get out of here. Before you break down the wheelchair, and make your arms useless.”

At one stroke, the life of Vishkel’s eyes spread.

But Mu snorted at the sight.

“Why? Lord Vishkel, don’t you like it? Do you feel insulted?”

“You’re talking too much. Lord Mu Looncandel.”

“Let’s go to the duel. I’m not having a banquet, but I have the authority of a rider.”

So that Marziela doesn’t embarrass her lovely brother or make a mistake in anger.

With a big smile, he said,

“Oh, you must be Lord Mu Looncandel. Pretty faces and harsh language were my taste for a long time. “You’re enjoying yourself again?”


“It was nice to meet you. I didn’t mean to offend you, but I would appreciate your generosity as a rider in the Hufester defeated family. Well, bye!”

Ssaeng! Margiela pushed the ball through the mu at full speed.

He is so fast that I can’t believe the speed that can come out of his slender arms.

“Oh, and Lord Gillie. Thank you for the information! Next time, I’ll get you a ride.”

Vishkel glanced at Mu for a moment and ran after my sister.

It was a moment when there was an increase in the number of people in his mind who wanted to kill as much as Boubar.


“Yes, Mr. Eighth.”

“You just tried to cut those. Is the nanny crazy?”

When Gilly couldn’t answer and bowed his head, Mu’s hand went up. I’m trying to slap Gilly in the face.

Fortunately, that didn’t happen.

“Hey, Mu. Are you trying to slap your hand on the youngest nanny? Put your hands down.”

This time it was Mary.

Unfortunately, it was in front of Mary’s room that they were talking about. So Mary was interestingly listening to the outside story and came out into the hallway thinking something was going to happen.

“Mary sister?”

“Is that what you’re supposed to call me that?”

“… …seven riders.”

“Yes. I won’t talk long. If you don’t want to look around, just go your way.”


“This is called an older sister again. Hey, you stupid thing. You’ve created a situation that can be seen well by the youngest, and why are you making a fuss about getting deducted again? After you hit Gilly, can you handle it?”

Of course, Mu never insulted the Ibliano brothers and sisters to win Jean’s favor.

It’s just that I didn’t want to hear Evelyno, or Kinselo, talking nonsense in the Sword Garden without fear. There was no other intention at all.


“Ha? Do more.”

I can’t believe it…!

Mu gritted his teeth and glared at Mary.

“……I’m going to step down today, but you’re going to stop. It’s the beast who loses and listens, because I’m a human being. Don’t just think how long you’re going to hold it in.”

“You’re a good talker, even animals listen when they’re beaten. People should listen better, right?”

Mary shrugged as Mu left with his trembling fists clasped.

“I see why Luna thought those things were so tiring.”

“……thank you, Lady Mary.”

“Mu’s been a bit of a jerk, but you should thank him, not me. If you had just really attacked Ivliano, there would have been no answer.”

It was the fact that Gilly himself knew best.

If he attacked the Ibliano brothers and sisters, how embarrassing Jin would have been.

So I suddenly hated myself.

Though he could not help Jin, he almost made a mistake because he was swayed by petty feelings.

“Well, I still think you guys have that sense of justice? Anyway, I like it. The nanny in its pure blood. That’s what my nanny would’ve done.”

Mary grinned and patted Gilly on the shoulder.

“Please tell the youngest to set the date and event for the duel soon. And Gilly.”


“In my opinion, the only time when the youngest loses his reason and goes crazy is when his colleagues are wrong. Among them, I’ll be especially special about you, so be smarter in the future. You must be the most precious person to the youngest.”

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