Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 350

Jean had no choice but to doubt her own eyes for a moment.

‘Crazy…… you talk in the shape of your mouth here?’

It was dumbfounded and almost speechless, but after a while Jean had to realize a more shocking fact.

No one in the drawing room saw Margiela mince her lips.

Five Star Knights, no. It was a scene where even ordinary human beings with good eyes could recognize it, but it’s impossible for the most extreme fighters to miss it.

It was a strange phenomenon.

‘She’s weird, too.

Is it just a coincidence?

There were too many fighters in the drawing room to think so. Even with Rosa, it would have been a lower probability than winning the lottery that all of them could not “surprisingly” see Mar Giela’s behavior.

“Can I hear it here?”

No one saw Margiela mute, so no one thought it strange for Veract to answer Jean’s words.

However, what Veract said forced the executioners to become nervous again.

Veract kept talking to Rosa as if he wanted to talk to Jean in private.

“There’s nothing I can’t hear here.”

As a ’12th-term Jin Looncandel,’ he could not come up with another answer.

“I’m glad to hear that.”

Veract took a moment to pause and continued.

“You may be valuable information that you can’t afford to buy with money. First of all, I want you to know that our general manager thinks you’re that good.”

“As I’ve felt before, Kinselo seems to be lacking talent.”

“It’s a world where there aren’t many people to use. This is the information that I will give you. You’re not the only one in the world looking for a grave.”

I almost opened my eyes wide with astonishment.

There is only one grave that Jean is looking for.

‘Their grave…’…you’re looking for more than me?’

Although he managed to stay calm, Veract smiled as if he could see Jean’s embarrassment.

“You’ll understand what this means.”

“That’s a funny story.”

I answered in an indifferent voice, but my mind suddenly became complicated.

“Kinselo themselves? Zipple? Either way, what the hell are you going to do to find Temer’s grave? And how did Kinselo find out I was looking for a grave? There is no point at all.’

It was only recently that the odds were high.

The day Veract and Margiela came to the cave of the little Sioux to help Jean.

‘In the process of breaking the ties of the Myojins, the specter found information about Temer’s tomb, and Veract interrogated them before killing them……?’

I didn’t think so.

No matter how strong Veract was, it was unlikely that the high-end combat force, which was about to be a specter, would have confessed information for fear of death.

‘Already since then, Kinselo had information about Temer’s tomb. Their leader was also a person who existed in Themeer’s time, so he might have personally confirmed that Jipple was tracking the grave.’

Jean, who came to the conclusion, made eye contact with Veracet.

“And lastly, let me know what you’re getting me.”

Give me back the compass, the stuff you stole.

Of course I thought the story would come out, but Veracte said something else this time.



“I’d like to take a sample of the cosmetics sold by the people under you. Well, his name is……was it wooden?”

“Okseol, Lord Veract.”

“Ah, yes. “Okseol. Can you give me some of that, Jean Looncandel?”

It was not necessary to ask Kinselo to make such a stupid request.

‘Bubar, that crazy guy must be jealous. You’ve been out of work lately, haven’t you?’

The weekly business report Jin receives from the Geumseol tribe included sales as well as information about customers using the secret product Oksum.

The number of users of Okseol was increasing rapidly. As Jin knows, the only person in the world who had previously been engaged in a ” disguise business” had to be hit.

Jean nodded, needless to worry.

“If you give me your address, I’ll send it to you.”

“Okay, I think it’s a rough story. Now, then… Rosa.”


“Why don’t we have a cup of tea alone after a long time? Take out all the smallpox. It’s alcohol, but I don’t think it’ll taste like those days.”

Rosa simply replied, “Let’s do that.”

“Everyone, back off.”

Executives walked out of the drawing room with restrained steps. No one asked if it would be okay to be left alone with Veracte.

“You too go out and wait. The warriors wait outside the Sword Garden at all.”

Thanks to Rosa’s approval, Jean was naturally able to talk to Vishkel and Margiela separately.

“My mother wanted me to get more information from them, so she gave me a seat.’

You’re not the only one looking for the grave, this alone has given Rosa new information. About what his youngest son does.

“Give me a cup of tea, too!”

As she walked out of the drawing room, Margiela said.

“Let’s do it.”


Suddenly, Murakan turned into a human and narrowed his forehead. Marziela’s exaggerated voice was so impressive.



“I need to listen to the other side.”

Murakan had a rather angry face.

In any case, the youngest is in a position to continue making extraordinary changes. Otherwise, you can’t be recognized in this Looncandel. Even if he was a rider. Is this enough to explain?

Okay, so I’ll ask you one last question.

Go ahead.

Where is Themeer’s tomb?

Unknown. May I go now?

It was because of the conversation Jin had with Rosa shortly after he became a jockey.

Although it is now the guardian dragon of the Qin, Murakhan was originally a protector of the entire Looncandel.

If Murakan thought there was a story about Themeer’s tomb, Rosa had to come up with a story before she could find it.

“Mother and Lord Veracte?”

“Yes. Even if I go back in, isn’t there no justification for your mother to kick me out?”

“Well, go in there. If you ask me to go out instead, don’t get angry and come back to your room.”


Murakan went back to the drawing room, and Jean and Vishkel and Margiela headed to Jean’s room.

“Please give me a car, Gilly.”

Margiela was a man of great affinity. She drank tea and praised her mouth for being so good that it didn’t seem empty at all, so Gilly smiled unconsciously.

But I kept trying to be on the lookout for Margiela. Kinselo has been the enemy of Jin since his cadet days.

“Kinselo, what’s my rank? Lord Vishkel.”

“I’m Deputy Commander.”

As if there was no need to hide it, Vishkel gave me his rank.

“I feel like I’m being fooled. When I first heard you were in Kinselo, I thought it was to use their help to revive the family. You seem to have a completely different purpose.”

“Sir Jin is in a mood, but I was actually deceived. On the day I visited the Kuroan legation when I was a backup rider. I don’t know what you did that day, but you got information about the compass.”

There was no evidence, so there was no need to admit it.

“I don’t think I made any mistakes that day except for trying to kill Boubar. Do you want the compass back?”

“No, it’s ridiculous to ask you to return the stuff you lost in the fight. It’s yours now.”

“You don’t seem to be too sad. Now that Bubar exists, I think it’s because it can be rebuilt anytime.”

“Not necessarily. But when Lord Qin uses the compass, there is only a belief that he will not do anything that will benefit Zipple.”

Jean shrugged, and Margiela opened her mouth.

“Maybe Lord Jean doesn’t know how hard it was for us to soothe Mr. Bubar because of the compass.”

“To make your king king king of the world, you must need Bubar Gaston very well. Even Lord Veract, who chews the ghostly band, is watching Bubar’s eyes?”

Despite Jean’s direct reference to the “great work” of Kinselo, Vishkel’s expression remained unchanged.

But he was, too, just like Jean, suppressing his feelings, inwardly surprised.

‘How do you know that the content of our great job has not been advertised to the outside world yet? Is the information leaking?’

There has never been a leak of information about the big business.

That’s the information I learned before my return. But there was no way Vishkel would know that.

“Think what you want.”

“The energy of chaos must be great. So is Bubar Gaston, and so is Miss Margiela.”

It was conjecture that Margiela also had a “spirit of chaos.”

Vishkel’s eyes have narrowed.

“……it’s not very good to talk about things you don’t know for sure. Lord Qin.”

“It won’t be worse than Kinselo’s visit to Looncandel today and bragging about the grave.”

Jean hasn’t been very pleased with the fact since a while ago.

If you really want to bring yourself in, or offer an alliance. It is a content that can be delivered as much as you want even where there is no hearing.

“The only reason I brought up the story about the grave in the presence of my mother and the executioners is because it benefits Kinselo. I don’t think Looncandel knew anything about the tomb except me.”

Jean was confident that after today, Looncandel would devote all his energy to finding Temer’s tomb.

It was natural that Jin had restrictions on finding his own grave.

“It is possible to move secretly, but eventually you will run into members of your family in the process of finding the tomb.’

Although Solderlet’s contractor would never have to share what he could get from the tomb because he was the only one, it was true that it was uncomfortable.

‘You have to make it profitable for the family to start looking for the grave.’

The Themeer’s tomb.

Looncandel will now be involved in the search for it, and someone else is already looking for the tomb.

Then the benefits that Jean could get were clear.

‘Use the family as a shield. To prevent other forces from finding a grave or to keep away from it when they find it.’

Kinselo was also the information Jin brought out hoping to use Looncandel that way.

“Who are you? The other forces looking for Temer’s grave.”

I asked, looking at Margiela.

That was the real information that Kinselo would give Jean.

“Who do you think it is?”


“Correct! But that’s not all.”

Click… …and Margiela put the teacup down still.

“The Beacon imperial family is also looking for the tomb of Looncandel’s first family. Your movements have been exposed to them once.”

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