Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 349

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a city calon

Residents were looking at a group of people walking down the boulevard with curious eyes. What they were looking at were ten figures and two human beings.

Veracet and Baengnang warriors, and Vishkel and Margiela.

In Kalon, it is common to see at least five or hundreds of knights in armor. Su-in’s walk was a rare sight to see.

It was Veract who stood out.

Walking alone gave him a sense of hypocrisy, as if the fortress were moving, or as if a huge sailboat was sailing.

In other cities, the people who had seen Veracet would have shuddered with anxiety and fear if they had not sinned against him.

But this was Carlon.

The heart of Hufester and the home of Looncandel.

The inhabitants of Kalon were not afraid of outsiders. The city of Calone was simply the safest city in the world.

No harvest, no enemy, no monster could make a riot inside the Kalon. It was only for those in Looncandel who were allowed to draw swords, fight, and divide victory or defeat at will here.


As Veracte’s crowd reached the road leading to the Sword Garden, the guardian of the place said in a low voice.

It was a very profane voice for the Baengnang warriors. Human beings cannot dare to speak so forcefully to the great warrior of the Baengnang tribe.

So as soon as the Baengnang warriors were about to growl, Veracte showed a still condensed energy. It was an order to stay calm.

“Why didn’t you inform us of your visit plan in advance?”

“On my way to meet an old friend, I thought I didn’t need such a thing.”

Veracte calmly answers the question of guardian knights.

“I’ll make sure you’re admitted. Stand by.”

The article’s level of keeping a high-handed attitude to the end was seven.

It’s a great game by general standards, but it can’t be a fight with anyone he leads, let alone Veract.

Nevertheless, the guardian knight was confident because of the pride of Looncandel.

There was also a belief that because the opponent was such a big shot as he is now, if he lost his life, he could never escape the city alive. Even if it’s not Veracte, but Kellyak Zipple.

A long time later, soldiers brought answers and informed the guardian.

“You are admitted to hospital.”

The Baengnang warriors wanted to tear him apart right away, but Veracte seemed not offended at all.

Rather, he was praising the guardian in his heart.

“I’ve been thinking about it for a long time, but I think all the most useful of the human race are gathered in Looncandel.”

“The Looncandel knights have spirit, Mr. Veracant.”

“Hmm! Of course the best of all is our deputy general manager.”

Veract’s humiliation was not the end there.

After entering the Sword Garden, no one came out to meet them. They had to stand in the courtyard for a while.

“That’s too much. Warrior, no matter how suddenly we came. Do I have to stay still after this humiliation?”

“What if you don’t stay put?”

“Go back, I didn’t mean to talk to the humans in the first place.”

Then Veracte shook his head, and Vishkel opened his mouth on his behalf.

“For us, this treatment is a disgrace, but Looncandel would be very displeased that we came here without saying anything. At this rate, it’s like hospitality for Looncandel, so stay still.”

Verakt smiled as if he was satisfied with what Vishkel explained instead.

There’s no one like our deputy.’

After a long time, it was Rosa Looncandel and 30 executive knights who came out to the garden.

“My old friend, I didn’t know we were that close. Veracet Sidriker.”

“Long time no see, Rosa.”

Rosa had quite a few duel with Veracte when she was young. The winning and losing were tied, and every time there was a fight, the two were seriously injured.

Each time they didn’t kill each other because they hoped there would be no unnecessary all-out war between the Sousers and Luncandel.

“You wouldn’t have come to mix up the sword without forgetting the time of the hour, and what happened without contact?”

“Because I have something to tell your child, something to receive, and something to offer.”

“Is it about the youngest?”


“Come in. I’ll talk to you inside.”

Rosa got a man to find Jean.

But I didn’t ask you to come straight into the drawing room where Veracte was.

(When it becomes clear what Veract is trying to tell you, what he’s offering you, and what he’s going to get from you, and when you reach the conclusion that you’re in the interest of Looncandel, come to the drawing room.)

Rosa’s note from the servant said so.

“Come to me all of a sudden, and I have something to tell you, something to receive, something to offer.’

What are you up to?

“And as the servant said, Vishkel and Margielo came with them.’

The Ibliano family, Bishkel, who became a new housekeeper around the time Jin began his preliminary jockey career.

Jean has naturally assumed that the reason why Vishkel is an executive of Kinselo is likely to be for the revival of Yvelianoga.

The Yvliano family was originally a famous swordsman of Hufester.

‘For that, you don’t have to do anything to hate Looncandel. To visit the Sword Garden with the giant of Kinselo without asking for a visit. It means that Vishkel’s purpose was beyond my expectations.”

Or finished weighing between Looncandel and Kinselo.

At any rate, it was important to know the purpose of Veracet’s visit right now.

What to tell, what to receive, and what to offer. It wasn’t that hard to infer two of them.

‘What I’m going to get is a compass, or a debt for the last ghostly raid. There’s nothing else Kinselo can ask me for except that. What you want to offer me is…….’


Jean decided that Kinselo would offer him an alliance.

‘Even in the Holy Land case, when we rescued a small beast a while ago. Kinselo has always been good to me. I steal their compasses, annihilate the Dark Wizard Society, etc. Even though I have never acted in a friendly manner.’

There is no unprovoked goodwill in the world. There was certainly a clear reason why Kinselo kept showing favor to Jean.



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This is because the alliance with Jipple has been broken.

It was also Qin who contributed most to the destruction of the alliance. The destruction of drinking stones and the exploitation of compasses have destroyed the trust between the two forces.

It was an alliance that would be broken someday anyway, but Jin pushed the timing forward.

While Zipple suffered only one-sided losses in the process, Kinselo got his own harvest.

Moreover, as the comet-like Bamel and Jean Looncandel are constantly sucking at Jipple, Kinselo naturally had no choice but to think about the alliance offer.

Kinselo formed a half-way alliance with an individual named Qin, and later when Qin sat on the throne of the family. If we move on to a full alliance with a huge force called Looncandel.

The conclusion was that the great task could be completed easily.

‘What the hell is it that you want to tell me? Information on Jipple?’

There was only one thing that came to mind right away. However, there was no idea what information might be.

When the purpose of Kinselo becomes clear, and when you reach the conclusion that the meeting between you and Veract will benefit Luncandel, come to the drawing room…….

Jean looks at the contents of the note again.

It didn’t take much time to finish the calculation.



“Let’s go, to the drawing room.”

“Huh? Me too?”

Murakan was chatting with Gilly without much thought while Jean was agonizing over Rosa’s note.

“Yes. I think Kinselo would suggest an alliance with me, and I’d rather you join him.”

“Why? You’re afraid that Verat’s gonna make a scene?”

“I can’t be true. But I just need to let my mother know that 12-time Jean Looncandel and Soldert’s contractor Jean Looncandel are different.”

“Then I’ll pretend to be a cat. If I’m human, I’m going to have to mix a few words with them, so it’s annoying.”

“Do it that way.”

Feng, niang! The transformed Murakhan climbed up Jean’s shoulder.

“12 jockey.”

“Come in.”

As I entered the cohesion, I saw a group of Rosa, knights, and Veractes.

Rosa and Veracte looked calm, but there was tension between the knights and the prisoners. in the midst of their spouting of life

Margiela, smiling brightly in it, stood out the most.

“I heard you found me. Lord Veracet Sidriker, the White Rang Warrior.”

“Yes. We’ve met before, haven’t we?”

“I’ve never seen you before.”

When Jean spoke calmly, Veract burst into a giggle.

“I’d like to talk to you alone, but I don’t think my old friend would allow it. So I’ll just be blunt.”

“Yes, you said you had something to tell me, something to receive, and something to offer.”

“First on the offer. Join the Kinselo.”


As soon as Veract’s words ended, the executioners pulled out the sword.

The Baengnang warriors were therefore unable to take out their weapons. Although the blood was boiling, they did not know that it would be a catastrophe.

Hit it.

If Rosa had said one such thing, the Veracs and the Kinselo warriors would not be able to return to life in this land.

In the midst of a moment of silence, Jean shrugged her shoulders.

“Of course.”

At the words, the executioners’ eyebrows flinched, and Jean immediately followed the back horse.

“If you give me the position of general manager, I’ll join you.”


When Veract burst into laughter, a strong vibration occurred inside the drawing room.

“It’s a thing. Indeed, it must have come from Rosa Looncandel’s stomach.”

“I’ll take it as a compliment.”

“Well, why did you answer that when I got the offer? Were you really thinking of giving up Runkandel’s 12-time status and joining the Kinselo?”

“It’s not a very satisfactory development personally, but it doesn’t seem like a bad choice for the family. Now that Kinselo has emerged as a big force, not as a third-rate terrorist group, it would be possible to defeat the Zipple if we joined forces with Looncandel.”

Of course it was a lie. Jean had no intention of joining the Kinselo no matter what they offered.

“That’s too bad. I can even give you the position of deputy general manager, so if you change your mind, feel free to contact me.”

Jean could read one of the exact intentions of Kinselo in the words.

‘This is a warning to my mother. If Looncandel keeps me in check too much, I’m always ready to take him out on exceptional terms.’

As for Jean, she was as good as getting one insurance policy while staying still. It’s not going to be used, but Rosa has no choice but to think a little more about the direction she’s dealing with Jean.

“What can I tell you?”

At that moment.

Like in the Holy Land case, she’s just…… I could identify Margiela speaking in mouth.

‘I’ll let you know that, Lord Qin.

In the presence of Rosa and dozens of executive knights, what dare to express one’s intention with a mouth. Maybe it’s just her in the world.

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