Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 346

“What do you mean, it’s not a thing of solderlet?”

It was a problem that I had never thought about. If it’s not Soldert, who made the recording device using Young-ki?

” Literally. This recorder is made up of only Young Gi, but it’s not made by Solderlet. The device is filled with indescribably evil energy. I almost got my mind contaminated.”

Valeria picked one breath.

She was embarrassed because the “dark energy” inside the device aimed for her in a moment when she peeped at the bead.

“You almost got your mind contaminated?”

Jean took the line of Valeria to heart.

Valeria, he knew, was not the kind of person who thought it was just a “mistake” and moved on smoothly.

‘Oh, my God, I didn’t know that just checking this recording device would hurt my teacher.’

Besides, it’s not a solderlet’s thing.

In the midst of confusion, of course. Valeria’s eyes got cold wet.

“Gin Looncandel, for me it’s a situation of doubt.”

If he had been in a previous life, he wouldn’t have doubted himself. In modern life, however, Jean was not yet very close to Valeria.

“It sounds like I was trying to attack you with beads.”

“Your Looncandel is trying to catch me, which makes me even more suspicious.”

Claiming innocence seemed to do nothing to clear Valeria’s misunderstanding.

‘If you lose faith with your teacher at times like this, the next meeting may be years from now. Or you can cut off contact with me until you’re caught in Looncandel or Gipple.’

Valeria was a man who could do that.

‘Is it because my teacher is still young, or is it because I have a little trust in me, or because the situation supports me. You don’t doubt me with confidence.’

It would be the third case.

The first time I left it to Valeria, and she doesn’t think Jean knows where to hide.

“Well, you can. I understand. Even if I say no here, there will only be more distrust between us.”

Jean shrugged her shoulders and said,

“You know very well.”

“Of course the attack you claim to have received is quite abstract damage of mental pollution, and one of my recorders is on you, and you’re the one I need. Maybe it was my attack. Even mental pollution, that’s the old dark magic that’s gone.”

When Jean said so, Valeria shrugged.

“Well, you can think like that. I’ll try to understand. But that doesn’t mean I’m going to let it go without confirming that you’re not.”

“If there’s anything you want to check, do anything. I’ll cooperate if it’s possible.”

“I don’t need your cooperation, so don’t worry. I’ll check on myself. Let’s move first.”

“A little while ago, I’m not going to move this place because it’s only seen in the kitchen.”Dunny, if you need a quiet place, why don’t you go to Lord Kashmir’s mansion?”

“Follow me. The confirmation will be over in no time.”

Valeria rose from her seat.

As soon as she was about to get up, she looked at the table as if she had forgotten something. There were two pieces of Latri’s special cookies left.

one by one

Valeria that packs cookies and puts them in the inner pocket of lobes.

Jean had no choice but to swallow a smile as she was about to burst out laughing at it.

Was there a cute side to the young teacher, or was Ratri’s cookie the level of a drug? I’ve never seen my teacher pack food when he’s not on the run.’

Following Valeria, he left Latri’s tea shop.

She had been to the Tikan several times, as if she had been to the Tikan.

Walking for a long time and riding a carriage in the middle, and arriving on foot again, was a cliff at the end of the island.

Below it floated a small boat that Valeria rode on.

“……did you not officially enter the free city, did you smuggle yourself in?”

“Because I’m in a bad position.”

“Why would this city be named freedom? It’s a place where you’re welcomed unless you’re a decent felon. Only me and my colleagues can recognize you.”

I said it out of frustration. I felt sorry for my young teacher’s life, which even “free city” had to come in hiding all the time.

“I know that. It’s just that this is more comfortable. We’re going down by boat.”

Clap clap!

Valeria jumped off the cliff. It was definitely the height to die if it fell wrong, but I was not surprised to see it several times in my previous life.

Just before she fell, she stirred the wind with her mana to absorb the shock, and landed lightly on the ship. I followed her down to the ship on the Jindo cliff.

It was a small boat, so it was full when two people got on board. The two were almost forced to sit together.

“I’ve had enough of the top cliffs, should I have come all the way to this cramped? How the hell did you sail all this way with this ship?”

“Because the safest is the best.”

Gently, Valeria moved her silver cane (even this one is covered with gold-snow black dye). Like rowing oars.

Shua Aak!

Then suddenly, the sea water near the boat soared and froze, in the form of a hemisphere. The frozen sea water shrouded the ship like a shroud. The ice was so thick that there was no sunlight at all.

Pod, from Valeria’s touch, blue mana spread like a lantern.

Regardless of the situation, the bright light in the ice-covered boat and the two men’s appearance were just like a picture drawn by someone.

“Gin Looncandel, I’m going to read some records about you from now on.”

Naturally, Jean was expecting Valeria to. But it didn’t show up.

“Read my records. That sounds like a pretty dangerous. Why don’t you explain it to me?”

“It would be easier to say that you’re looking at your memories. Technically it’s a little different, but it’s similar.”

“So, you mean, I’ll read my memory to see if I was trying to hurt you. You mean this?”


“Okay. But there are two conditions.”

“Tell me.”

“First, I don’t know how far I can read memories. I’d like you to respect my privacy.”

“Believe it or not, it’s pretty hard to read other people’s records directly. It’s a different matter than reading the records of the person’s traces or things. It’s hard to find useless records.”

It was about the progress.

Even his twenty-five-year-old teacher could not finish reading Jin’s records.

“Second, if it turns out I wasn’t after you. From now on, cooperate more with me. Frankly, I don’t think it would be a problem if we had this much confidence.”

Unexpectedly Valeria nodded her head gently.

“Okay. Then give me your hand.”

He followed Valeria’s words.

Then, with her eyes closed, she placed her hand on Jean’s hand, wrapped in the unique blue mana of record magic.

Valeria at that time was completely defenseless.

‘It’s the moment when the teacher becomes the most vulnerable.’

When performing the recording magic with full strength, Valeria couldn’t do anything else.

Is it this easy to find a gap because I think I don’t know it? Or was there a little trust in me in the first place?’

Slowly, the human record of Jean was seeping into Valeria’s head.

Jean looked at her still and waited for the spell to end.

Jean Looncandel just found Tikan and met Valeria Heister.

His purpose was to check the status of the recording device.

Nothing special’s coming up yet. I don’t think he intended to harm me, given the fact that he was trying to figure out the status of the recorder.’

Valeria thought. In an instant, a tingling sweat formed on her forehead.

Young Jean Looncandel laughs when he sees Sukho-ryong Murakan calling his nanny Gilly McLoran a strawberry pie.

‘Young Jean Looncandel? What kind of record is that? Let’s concentrate, just look at the last few days.’

Taking a peek at other people’s records was not a matter of easy control. They had no choice but to look at some of the records that they didn’t need to check.

One-year-old Jean Looncandel is very ashamed of his nanny Gilly McLoran changing diapers.

‘What the hell is this, no. Wait a minute… …you’re a year old and you’re ashamed of yourself?’

That was a bit of a weird.

Is it possible to have that kind of feeling when you’re a year old? No one in the world would have felt ashamed when someone changed their diapers.

‘It’s too much to say that you’ve been an extraordinary human being from birth. Let’s keep an eye on it for now. By the way, who is this woman? Reet Damiro Yul……?’

“Jin Looncandel examines the records of Solderlet held by Rheet Damiro Yul, the former deacon of Looncandel not long ago.

르Ret Damiro Yul is the king of fairies.

Leet Damiro Yul was forgotten.

It was the latest record.

It was also a strong memory. Valeria was feeling a strange attraction when she checked her rare red hair, a color just like herself.

‘Forgotten…… elves?’

Slowly the limit of mana was approaching. Valeria breathed heavily, and Jean looked at her with anxious eyes.

Jean Looncandel did not tell her family that she had met Valeria Heister to protect him.

All right, then.

It seemed that there was no need to check any more. So the moment I tried to stop the recording magic.

Valeria was able to identify a strange kind of record that she had never seen before.

Jean Looncandel was born under the curse of the widow of flying. This curse was cast by Joshua Looncandel and hung by the Magician Kiddhard Hall, but the truth is……, ……go, ……fateful, …….

It was conveying an indescribably disparate sense, unlike other ordinary records that we’ve just looked at.

I had a headache as if I had a blade in my head.

At the same time, I wondered when I could check these records about Jin if not now.

“Aria Outhart, are you all right?”

Blood flowed from Valeria’s mouth and nose.

She was by no means a wizard falling into reverse mana, but checking the record was so burdensome.

Especially if you keep going at the moment you have to stop, even Valeria is dangerous.

A little more, a little more……!’

Now there was blood in my eyes and ears, too. At this rate, it could soon have fallen into the final phase of the reverse flow.



Valeria rolled forward and spat out blood.

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