Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 343

Siris’s eyes were shining cold and sharp. The sword was full of blue and colorful energy, which showed that she had achieved great growth at a glance.

The coldness peculiar to the Endorma blood family has long been recognized for its mysterious and strong strength.

That power was the reason why they had not lost themselves to the great forces so far, even with only one tiny piece of territory called the Vigung.

‘It’s not just ice, it’s just a name sword.

The sharp energy stirred my forehead. She must be one of the strongest men of her age. It occurred to me that maybe he was stronger than Dante.

But will he be a match for himself now? It was a question that I didn’t have to worry about. She was certainly strong, but by no means to beat Jean.

Young divinity such as Siris, Dante and Veradin could no longer be called Chin’s rivals.

The fact that Qin is the strongest among them was a matter not even to be broached. Jin is not a divinity, but a competition with the Gira Castle, which has already been famous for many years.

There are not many people in the world who are still clearly aware of it, but everyone who knows it has admitted it.

Jean and Siris remained silent for a while, glancing at each other. The little Sioux watching shuddered with their heads bowed, and Talaris smiled interestingly.

‘It’s not a very good picture for me to beat Siris here.’

Jean was now in a position to make a difficult request, in spite of her shame. Even if Siris stretched out the sword to take the first fight, it was burdensome to defeat her.

It is obvious that her pride won’t allow her to lose.

I didn’t even want to use a knife after a long time.

It’s been almost two years since we’ve met, so Jean was actually very pleased to see her. They want to ask how they are doing, and they want to solve their anger.

Suddenly, Siris burst into laughter as Jean was agonizing over whether to pull out the sword or not.


“You know how to make that look. It’s quite refreshing to see you acting like a rock or a mule every time.”

When Siris pulled the sword, Talaris laughed with laughter. The vibrations spread as if there had been an earthquake in Daejeon due to the natural energy of Tallaris smiling.

“Was that a joke?”

“I don’t know now that it’s pointless to tell you the difference. Sometimes there are clear things that you don’t have to check.”

Siris had already admitted two years ago that Jean was stronger than she was.

I was surprised when I first found out that Siris was involved in the operation.

I’m more surprised you turned the second floor upside down by yourself. You’ve become a monster, Jean Looncandel.

Conversation with Siris during the operation to take the compass.

Siris wasn’t the type of person who was flirting with objective facts.

She also thought it was no shame that she wasn’t stronger than Jean.

Nevertheless, it was true that he wanted to win the game, but it was something he could do even after he learned how to do it.

She also played mischievous pranks because she was glad to meet Jin after a long time, and on the other hand, she was disappointed.

“Long time no see, Jean.”

Siris asked for a handshake. Jean smiled and held the hand together.

“I’m sorry I didn’t come earlier.”

“But you still don’t say you couldn’t come. That would have added a charge of contempt. You can’t even see it, your mother must have been in trouble.”

“My son-in-law deserved to be scolded. Ugh. Still, I’ve written hundreds of letters, so I’m a little relieved, daughter.”

“Hundreds of them?”

“Yes, look at this. Isn’t it cute?”

The gap between Siris’s eyes looking at the letter has narrowed.

“What about mine?”


“Isn’t my mother the only eye, and I’m not the eye?”

Jean raised the corners of her mouth.

Then he took another box out of his bosom and held it out to Siris. There were letters in the box, about ten pages.

The sight forced Siris to burst into laughter again.

“It was a joke again, but I didn’t know it was real.”

“The last few days of my life were the days when I wrote the most letters.”

“Huh, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen a pleasant trick.”

Talaris nodded as if this was enough.

“Well, I’ve shown my heart and I’ll forgive you. Yeah, this time I’m here to leave those humps?”

The top, who read the mood at the words, quickly stood up, took the angle and stood at attention.

“Hello! Great and Almighty Lord Talaris Endorma! I’m Fang, the number one line on the top of the golden pin!”

Then Soon-i, Stone and Song-i stood up all at once, and stood up and raised their heads.

” Row 2, Soonyi! Save me, and I’ll take you as my life-long benefactor!”

Row 3, stone! We will invigorate the palace!”

“Fourth row, Songyi! We’ll make you happy!”

The late rising dark flames also opened their mouths shut.

“Fireworks, darkness. Water tail, village, representative. Quiet, do, do, do. We. We’re catching. Fish, well.”

“Hey! What if you speak informally?”

“Human, horse, high. I don’t know. All.”

Talarias was not impressed by the look, but Siris stared at the little Sioux almost enchanted.

“I’ve heard about the big situation. Those guys, they used you to advertise cosmetics, and now they’re being chased by Gipple, right?”


“Then why did you come to leave it to our palace when Luncandel would protect the business?”

Talaris has been living in Bigungju for a long time, so he understood the situation at once without having to hear the details.

“Because I trust the palace more than the family.”

“Passed. All right, then what benefits do we have?”

“I’ll share some of the proceeds from the cosmetics business…….”

“No, no. We have a lot of money. It’s overflowing, not enough to feed this little piece of land.”

“I know that the more, the better.”

“So I’m thinking of getting some of the proceeds, too. But that’s not enough, I want you to bring out something more tempting.”

For a few seconds or so, Jean pondering what Talaris’ intentions were.

It was noted that Talaris still could not take his eyes off the letter.

‘I don’t think Mr. Talaris keeps reading my letter because it’s funny.’

She was concentrating on the special contents of the letter.

The Themeer’s tomb.

It was just descriptions of him. Jin had naturally included a story about Zipple’s fabrication of history in the letter, writing an explanation of Temer’s tomb.

“In the future, I’ll share all the information I’ve learned about Gipple with Bi Gung.”

“That’s a satisfactory answer. All right, that would be a good babysitter.”

Only then did Jin, who was relieved, sweep his chest down into his heart.

I’ve been worried about it. Even after receiving letters or ancient manhood, Talaris was in a position to give Jean a cold shoulder and kick her out.

Even if the attack was even made on the grounds of “unpleasing,” Chin actually had nothing to say.

Nevertheless, Talaris decided to help Jean as usual.

Although he was said to have received a price, it felt like he had paid nothing for it.

‘Anyway, business profits should have been shared, and information about the Jipple should have been shared.’

To fight the Jipple, a tragic alliance was absolutely necessary.

The more I knew about them, the more I felt that Jean could not beat them with Looncandelmann.

“Although it seems that now is not at the level of completely regenerating history as it was a thousand years ago, it is a matter of no doubt. The fabrication of history is still ongoing, and I may also be aware of the history.’

It was hard to shake off that idea since I saw the fabrication of history in the recording device.

I know that I can remember fakes as true, but that I can’t really grasp them was certainly a thing that devastated the human mind.

“You have paid off a big debt with a word today, my son-in-law.”

Talaris had more affinity for him than Jean had thought.

Not simply because he regards Jean as a son-in-law, but because he is a particular and eccentric friend of his. It was because I especially liked the fact that he was a child that the poet admitted several years ago.

Siris said to himself, “Who keeps calling you son-in-law?” But Talaris completely ignored the voice.

“Now, with only daughter and son-in-law left. Everyone else, get out of here. We’ve got some things to talk about among ourselves.”



The face of Talaris grew quite serious as the small Sioux rushed out of the Great War.


“Yes, Mr. Talaris.”

“The palace has been neutral for most of the time, but it has not always been. We, too, had made one vow when the First Lord of the Bigung was chosen for the first time by the Divine Sword Manbing and Mott.”


In the grasp of Talaris, brilliantly shining ice crystals gathered together to form a sword.

It was full of ice.

“This sword has absolute cold power that nothing can break. Even in ancient times, it is only a heavy and cumbersome lump of metal in front of the ice of the ice. Even your father won’t be able to break this sword.”

Talaris’s sudden start of the talk of Manbing was intended to explain the “pledge” made by the Endorma blood family.


Mott let out a low cry. Talaris then climbed on Mort’s back and reached out his hand.

As Jin and Siris also rode in Mott, a white gate was opened in front of them to the “Lee Gye-seolwon.”

The scenery of the absurdly unfolded Igyeseolwon was breathtaking. Mott galloped through it with his might.

Where are we going?

As soon as I was about to ask that question, Tallaris’ ice glowed with a powerful resonant sound.

The resonant sound became stronger and stronger, and when it reached its maximum, Mott stopped moving.

When I got off the mat, what was in front of me was another fortress that looked even bigger than the West Sea palace at a glance.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve been here.”

a palace in a palace

Or, really sad.

That’s what those who know the secret of the palace call it.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve had a foreigner.”

The vast interior was a desolate and pale scene as I strode into it.

And in the middle of it, there was a huge column of ice formed by the power of Manbing.

“In the ice, he’s……who is it?’

The ice column held one person like a coffin. I had never seen a woman before, but I felt a sense of deja vu in her gray hair.

“This woman is the old sorcerer of the Zipple, whom our Vigung has sealed for a thousand years by the power of the ice.”

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