Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 342

Shock! Rutero magic federation, storm the top of the goldfish. In the process, the wizards of the Jipple directly strike the Hufester Federation.

Mr. Fang, the first lineer at the top of the goldfish, says, ‘Thank you to Looncandel for saving us…….’

All the executives and staff at the top of the goldfish are missing. I’m guessing Looncandel’s protecting him.

Looncandel decided to support the “top of the golden spines” as of this time, and was there a wind of change in the family of the clans? If so, the cause is presumed to be the supernova gin looncandel…….

June 10, 1799.

Led by Dino Zaglan, Hufester’s newsletters were pouring out articles about the attack by Zipple.

Most of the articles decorated with moderately restrained rhetoric were praising Qin, while those plastered in a tough tone were condemning the Jipple.

Jin, who was looking at the article, always thought that Dino was very good at his job. Of course, his face is a bit flustered when he looks at the praise article.

“Yap, strawberry pie. Look at this, it’s a supernova. And, Supernova! Very just our little boy, now a star, huh? Wow, it feels like yesterday when I was a backup rider and couldn’t use my real name.”

Murakan giggled and shook the newsletters in his hand. Gilly smiled cheerfully and put the strawberry pie on a plate.

Whoo! Whoo! Whoo!

lie down and inhale strawberry pie When Murakan, who was caught in the throat, coughed, Gilly scurried for water.

But it was acting. Gilly came to support her neck and gave her a show in anticipation of watering her.

How did you get fooled every time?…? Are you being fooled?’

At this point, I was not sure, and I felt like I should take care of myself.

“Oh! I’m going to live. Thank you every time, strawberry pie. I’m glad you’re here.”

My ears were itching, so I thought it would be hard to hear anymore.

“Hey, Murakan.”

“Yes, Almighty Supernova. Did you call?”

“You really don’t remember the old deacon of Looncandel? An ancient fairy named Reet Damiro Yul.”

“I told you so?”

A thousand-year-old Looncandel seen from the recorders of the third tomb.

Jin asked Murakan how many times he knew about Leet in the video since his return, but he didn’t seem to know it at all.

And Jean also had no memory of the fact that she had met Leet in person.

……and me, my family, and my teenage knights have not yet forgotten that the fairy fought with the Looncandel. Solderlet, Murakhan and Misha.

I felt bitter when I recalled Leet’s words in the recording device.

“Oh yeah, nothing comes to mind?”

“The ancient elves were already extinct in those days. At least according to my memory.”

Murakhan folded the newsletter and raised himself.

“But there’s no way there’s a false record on Soldert’s device. A thousand years ago I may have remembered a fairy named Leet, but not now. Either I had a memory problem while I was asleep, or the Jipple’s fabrication of history ended up eating me, too.”

When Murakan touched his forehead, Gilly put his hand on his shoulder.

Gilly was the one who looked at the innermost part of the Murakhan, into the deep darkness that he himself was not aware of.

Murakan was suffering from considerable trauma every time he awoke to the fact that memories of those days had become blurred or disappeared. His mind is being worn out without his knowledge.

We need a way to leave a record that they can never touch.

I remembered what Sarah in the recording device said.

Absolute record, the magic of the hysterics. When I thought about it to that point, it was reported that I had sent a letter to my teacher not long ago.

‘It’s about time you got a reply.’

I thought I should stop by Vigung and visit Tikan.

“Where else are you going?”

“I’ll take the golden snowmen from the safe house of Mr. Dipus to the palace.”

“Cuck, my kid is also thick-skinned. Did Bi-Gung-Ju ever do anything wrong to you in his past life? What if they don’t?”

“You’ve got 30 percent of the 50 percent you were going to dedicate to your family. Maybe we should ask him to make a deal about one percent of them.”

* * *

Every one in a hundred and fifty small numbers was being protected in a safe house in Dipus.

Jean took them straight to the palace. It took about three days to use the mobile gate and ship, but the family gave Jin a leave of absence until the business was stabilized.

When the ship reached Manzi Island, Lucas Manfran, an unofficial informant of the Seven Colors and a hotline of Tallaris, welcomed the group.

“Sir Jean, if you had contacted me, I would have informed Tallaris in advance.”

“Lucas, long time no see. How have you been?”

“Yes, thanks to you, I’ve been well. By the way, you have a terrible face. It’s very dry. Are you sick?”

“No, thanks for your attention.”

Lucas winked at the little Sioux behind Jean.

“I will inform Lord Talaris immediately.”

Poof! Poof!

When Lucas fired a flare, he suddenly showed his eyelid Mott in the air.

“Uh, uh, two, toads!”

“Scared, toad, rain!”

“Argh! Jean, what the hell is this! Toad!”

Small numbers were instinctively very afraid of giant toads.

Either way, Mott opened his mouth as he could and began swallowing a few small hydrants.

On the surface, a predator swallows its prey, forcing small numbers of people to panic.

‘I should have explained it beforehand.’

There was no time for that.

With five dimensional shifts, Mott moved both the gin and the small Sioux inside the palace.

“Woo, we, lived?”

“Oh, oh, oh! I thought I was being eaten!”


As soon as he arrived, someone said in a cold voice.

The spider of the abyss, Talaris Endorma. The little watermen fell on their knees and bowed their heads, and he was also an act of instinct.

Jean is meeting her after almost two years.

She used to live with the word “our son-in-law” in her mouth looking at Jean, but today her gaze at Jean was not very good.

“Mr. Talaris. I’m sorry to see you late.….”

“Hmph, stop, stop. Keep your mouth shut for a while, son-in-law. I was wondering if someone else’s son-in-law was a jockey and maybe his foot was cut off. How can we finally find him?”

Jean is sometimes a considerable impudence in the necessary circumstances.

Now I felt like my heart was stabbing and stuffy.

After becoming a jockey, he had to visit the palace once to greet Talaris.

“I’ve fought dozens of spectre and battles because of my son-in-law, and the palace has officially announced that it has been defeated even after winning the battle in the West Sea…… Uh-huh, it’s been a pretty fun day.”

Every word seemed to poke my conscience.

“Do you have anything to say?”


“Yes, yes. No. to have nothing to say Ahhaha, that’s it. I think you’re even here to ask me a favor. What’s with those hairs?”

“……my business partners who have brought me here to ask for protection.”

How can you be so brazen?

Talaris was feeling both very unpleasant and not very distasteful at the same time.

It was because Jin’s friend, Siron Looncandel’s youth, overlapped. Sosit’s poems were often this brazen when he had to ask Talaris to do something for something.

Still, why am I always helping them at critical moments?

Talaris suddenly thought of such an idea and smiled inwardly.

“I should have visited you in advance, but it was late because I tried to thank you after some stability.”


Jean pulled a box out of her arms and opened it. There was a glittering ore in it.

the ancient late spring

A dreamlike ore of all fighters, a reward for the mission of killing a black knight. It was brought to Talaris to show his sincerity.

In fact, this amount of ancient manhood was enough reward for what Talaris had done so far.

The value of the ancient fountain was beyond imagination, as it was the black knight of Looncandel and the Cosec and White Night of Jipple who came forward to win.

But that’s just a general standard, and Talaris and her only daughter, who use “Mansbing,” didn’t need much of the ancient fountain.

“It’s an ancient late-life, so it’s a worthless scrap for me, and it’s no different value.”

But the next moment.

Talaris had no choice but to burst into laughter.

‘There’s this cute corner, unlike Siron.’

It was because I saw hundreds of letters piled up under the fountain.

All the way to the palace, Jean did not sleep a wink and wrote a letter of apology to Talaris.

The letter not only contained the contents of the apology, but also listed most of the events that Jin had been through.

That meant Jean trusted Talarias. There is even a story about Themar’s Tomb, which has yet to be told to Siron.

This was why Lucas said he felt empty as soon as he saw Jean’s face.

Talaris, who had looked over the letters for a long time, softened his expression a little.

She was at odds with her inside. Whether to forgive Jean and bring her back to our son-in-law, or to keep her son-in-law.

“Motte, go get your daughter.”


Mott quickly returned to the Battle of Pirate, carrying Siris.

“Mother, you called…… Jean Looncandel?”

It’s been a long time since I saw Siris. She also didn’t like the way she looked at Jean, but if there’s one thing different from Talaris.

He said he was somewhat distracted by the small numbers Jin brought.

She was a cold, cold-hearted human being in most situations, but she used to be very weak for furry animals.

That’s why I was shocked to learn that the butterfly Looncandel, who was so pretty at the Looncandel banquet hall, was actually Murakan.

“Daughter, listen to me. Do you know what his son-in-law says? I don’t have enough time to say hello. I don’t know…. Oh, my God.


Siris pulled the sword out of the waist.

She had not had a single day not thought of him since Jean, a backup rider, left for Laparosa.

Of course, it wasn’t because of the coalition, but because they wanted to compete again.

“I want to experience the skills of the 12th Runkandel. Pull out the sword, Gene.”

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