Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 340

The elders’ eyes were filled with anger. He was ready to tear his limbs to death if anyone was annoyed at all.

Of course, I dare to cut off the elders and say a word. It wasn’t Jean who said it, it was anger at Jipple.

Most of the elders dislike Qin, or consider him to be somewhat unfriendly, even if he remains neutral.

They are the fighters who have devoted their lives to Looncandel.

It is the elders who are more full of hatred and hatred for Jipple than anyone else, regardless of pure blood, collateral, lower families, and external forces.

After decades of fighting with the Jipple, I had no choice but to do so.

Most of the elders had memories of losing their family members, colleagues or lovers to Jipple.

“Tell me, twelve horsemen!”

Gorden shouted with bloodshot eyes.

“First of all, I’d like to say I’m sorry that I’ve caused something unsavory.”

“Get rid of the unnecessary noise and get to the point!”

“The retaliation must stop.”

The elder opened his eyes wide at the remark. Other riders in the conference room looked at Jean in surprise.

“What?! Twelve horsemen, what are you talking about?…!”

Jorden strode to Jean. He glared at Jean, literally close to his nose. Other elders doubted their ears, and the atmosphere was not much different.

“Are you conscious of what you’re talking about?”

“Yes, it is.”

“It’s a responsible, reasonable story to be told. Or I’ll cut my arm off here.”

“I think there are a lot of people who are after my arm. But I really took it. I didn’t have any identity, fortunately.”

“Don’t be sarcastic! In this atmosphere, do you really think you’re right?”

“If you had heard me through, you would have told me that you were right. What I said was, let’s not retaliate, was physical retribution.”

“Physical retaliation? So you’re saying we shouldn’t hit the production site of the Zipple’s magic products?”


As Jean answered without a blink of an eye, sighs came from all over the place.

How could you say such absurd things as a jockey? That’s why I hate you…. Bam! Elders who kick their tongues.

Jean was looking at them and thinking this in her mind.

“Is it natural that your brain doesn’t work well, or is it because you’re all older? Use this good opportunity to start a fight that you can’t beat.’

The elders were not the only ones who were dumbfounded. Jean was also dumbfounded. Their simple plan.

“Why… …tell me! Why do you think so?”

“Isn’t it obvious? What would you do if you touched their magic production site and then a full-scale war started? Can you win?”


“It’s a realistic story. Can we beat the Jipple? Can you fight right now, smash them, and make the whole world ours?”

There was a moment of silence.

It was a question that everyone knew the answer, but no one could answer.

“Gaju and the strongest riders are absent, and so are some of the Black Knights and the Black Knights. In this situation, it’s much more likely that we’re the ones who see blood when we start a war with the Giffles.”

The same was true even if the strongest swords in Looncandel, which left for the Black Sea, were still in place.

Looncandel can’t beat the Zipple.

At least for now. That was the only reason why Siron Looncandel did not have an all-out war with Jipple even after he climbed up to Changseong and told his youngest son that he had “no time for me.”

So it was not the time to be so angry that we talked about things that we couldn’t or shouldn’t have done.

“My father has been staying still for a reason. Yeah, I’m sure Jorden and the elders don’t know that either. It is just hard to control one’s anger.’

He was like a kid. You may want to screw your opponent up somehow, but you have no powerless.

That’s why he is venting his anger like a grump.

Had to be well grown and coaxed into a better direction.

“In such a situation, touching the enemy’s most important facilities is a shortcut to defeat. What’s more, we haven’t really suffered anything.”

“You never said there was no damage, how did you know?”

“I got a report from my butler on the way. I’ve heard that four and seven killed them, and we’ve only suffered minor injuries. In addition, a senior citizen has just said that the public could have been hurt. Doesn’t that mean there was no damage to the public?”

Jorden’s speech was speechless. He also knows what Jin said was right, but he didn’t want to hear anything this naughty man says.

Therefore, this attack should be regarded as a great victory for us. We’ve lost nothing, but the best wizards that haven’t been opened to the public.”

Kad Deuk!

Jorden clenched his teeth with the spirit to chew the gin.

“So what are you going to do? Do you want to say, on the surface, that it doesn’t matter what happens?”

It was no different why Jordan was so angry.

The decision to strike Zipple’s magical production facilities was to help Jean, who wanted to break her wings at any time.

Even though I knew it, I was furious, but when Jin heard the candle, I felt like I was going crazy.

“And they’re not fools, either. If we’re going to have an all-out war with us just because a few of our facilities are going down, we don’t know that other forces are staring at the opportunity.”

“As they say, the chances of a full-scale war are slim. But there is one thing in ten thousand, and most of all. It means you don’t have to gamble too hard when you’re dealing with a much more efficient retaliation.”

“More efficient retaliation?”

The edge of Jorden’s eyes narrowed.

“It makes the public turn against the jipple.”

“Ha! What did you say, and what did you bring up is a public opinion contest? They’ve invaded our territory, but let’s make fun of them.….”

It was an expected response.

“Older brother, please calm down and listen to me more. I know you were angry to fight for me who didn’t want to see you. But you’ll understand that my story is the best after all.”

Jorden staring at Jean without a word.

“I’m sure you know how much influence Zipple’s magic products have on the world. We haven’t been able to import their magic products recently, which is causing inconvenience to the public.”

After the Sungkuk incident, Gipple completely cut off the supply of magical products to Hufester.

How did they import life magic products through black markets and smuggling, but the supply was incomparably low.

“In this situation, building a production facility for Jipple means throwing away all public opinion. Of course, we need to know when our family started to think about it. The world’s biggest villain is moving from Looncandel to Zipp.”

After the Sungkuk incident, the image of Jipple was plummeting day by day. Good Jipple is now an old saying.

Looncandel, on the other hand, was having a strong reflex effect. The image of “Luncandel of the Passion” still remains, but at least there has been a perception that it does not use humans for experiments like Zipple or mess with neutral countries like the Holy Land.

All that was of course Jin’s service.

“It adds to this trend. The good number of cosmetics makers, the jipple who tried to slaughter them without notice, and the Looncandel who showed up nicely. Isn’t everything perfect?”

“What kind of retaliation can you make against a jipple, assuming it forms a public opinion?”

“When good public opinion is formed in Looncandel, it naturally increases my awareness of cosmetics. That’s going to lead straight to sales performance, and the bigger my business is, the more stupid the Zipple becomes.”

The reason why Gipple hit small numbers in the first place was that the cosmetics business was done by Jean Looncandel.

This is in retaliation for the fact that the wanted man of Jipple put his face on the magic federation as a lute.

But the fact that he couldn’t destroy a 12th-class company even though he put in a ghost band. In itself, it was a disgrace to Jipple.

“Just like the four or seven riders did this time. Please protect my business as of now. And please start supporting us at the family level.”

“It’s getting worse as we go on.”

“The family’s protection of my business makes Looncandel more clearly dismissive of the jipple. And in the process, there will be natural local battles. That’s the only way to kill them.”

As Jean smiled, Gorden sighed, as if dumbfounded.

But he also knew that Jean’s story was right. However, it was difficult to shake off the feeling of being dragged away by Jin.

“In the end, I think it means he wants to fill your stomach. By selling those damn cosmetics!”

“Yes, but when I’m full, I’m full in Looncandel.”

Jean glanced at Tellot’s side.

He had decided to push Jean, but somehow he had not said anything yet.

‘Why is the president of the Tribunal still doing nothing? I think if you step forward in moderation, the senate president will step down as if he can’t win.’

But not long after.

Jean could see why Tellot stayed still.

“Do so.”

A sharp yet dignified voice confirmed Jin’s opinion.

Black leopard Rosa Looncandel, mother of Jean. It was her voice. When Rosa opened her mouth, the cluttered atmosphere inside the conference room quickly subsided.

“I will protect your business. As you said, I’d rather take more practical care of you. Instead, families after today have 20 percent of the revenue coming from your business.”

Then a faint smile came over Telot’s mouth.

without deception, offering 할20 per month faithfully. I’ll help your business as much as I can. It’s not impossible to get rid of all the disciplinary actions that have been stopped in Yubo.

The 20 percent figure Rosa said was already determined when Jean first spoke to Tellot.

As soon as Telot heard the sad news that the specter had raided the small Sioux, he had first visited Rosa and finished talking to her to offer Jean 20 per cent.

“I will completely eliminate your disciplinary action, which is currently reserved. Keep in mind that this is not because you made the ball, but because the situation went that way.”

There is no favor without reason.

‘There is absolutely no such thing as unprovoked goodwill, especially when it comes to a relationship like mother and me. You’re trying to owe me something.’

Jean had a hunch that Rosa wanted something from her.

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