Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 334

I’ll be back for sure…….

The moment that the words came out of the subspace of Young-gi, to the shame of the word.

Jean forgot everything she shared with ‘Living Leet Damiro Yul.’

Her looks, her clothes, her red hair, her voice, everything else.

I even forgot that two days have already passed in a small space. It was not because of the reed in the record, but because it was told by the forgotten reed.

Outside was still the beach, mysterious and lonely violet stars twinkling. Jean looked up at the stars blankly in her sleep.

“In the third grave……I think I’ve met someone. No? Did you just check out the old storm?’

The strange distinctions made me feel dubious.

‘And what the hell is this vomiting when you haven’t even fought? Or what happened to your memory and your body because you fought such a big battle?’

That can’t be true, but I was nauseating from the inside as if I had used my body to the limit. I had a creepy sensation like a bug crawling all over my body and I sweated a cold sweat.


As Jin picked his breath, he recalled what he had experienced in the subspace again.

‘The subspace seemed to reproduce the old storm, and I checked the recording device as always.’

However, I couldn’t think of how to check the recording device.

It seemed like someone handed it over by hand, it seemed like he had opened a small box and found it, and it seemed to work itself as soon as he entered the tomb.

‘Neru said there must be someone inside. So I asked him to tell me that he’s been through a lot for the past thousand years.’

Who was he? He wasn’t inside?

As the question continued, the faces of the old Looncandel “checked with a record device” came to mind.

Temer, deacon Riet Damiro Yul, teenage knights, deacons and writers who recorded the history of the Fairy that was being forgotten with a haggard face.….

Among them, strangely.

When I thought of a fairy named Reet Damiro Yul, one of my heart became numb. Although he was definitely a person I’ve never seen before, I felt nostalgic and bitter.

Jean remembered only the reed in the record.


As I recalled the old Looncandel in the recording device, I remembered a problem I had forgotten.

‘Little Sioux, you must go save them quickly!’


There was a bad smell of ash. When I first entered this beautiful tombstone space, I could not smell it.

It was never the smell of cooking something or warming up by making a fire. With a jerk, Jean, who turned his head, swallowed his breath.

The forest behind the beach was burning.

Except for Qin, mysterious beaches, which humans have never entered before, are being eroded by the flames.

My heart was in a hurry. Come to think of it, Neru, a tomboy, was not seen even though he had escaped from the subspace.


As I was about to scream and run, I could see Nehru in the distance.

“Are you all right, Neru?”

[Uh…… Jean, Luncandel.]

Nehru was breathing hard with his hair all over his body soaked in sweat. There was no visible trauma.

“Are you already under attack?”

[… …not long after you entered Themeer’s grave, this very spot was discovered.]

It was less than five hours after Qin entered the tomb.

The secret shelter began to be attacked from then on, and Nehru and other sages were desperately defending themselves by mobilizing all the power they had.

If it were the way it was, when it was discovered, it should have had a hunch in advance and fled. In fact, the Myojins were sensing intense danger three hours before the enemy began to invade.

But the Myojins could not escape.

If they run away, the Temer’s grave will be discovered.

It was because even a thousand-year-old solderlet contractor would be in danger. Especially if the Temer’s tomb collapses in an attack when the camp is inside, the camp will never be able to escape.

In order to prevent attacks, the sages have used most of their belongings given by the god of cats in the past.

Although he was determined to be a god who had protected him for thousands of years to buy time.

Nehru did not inform Jean of the fact. The decision came from the heart that he would only feel indebted if he recognized it.

“What kind of guys are they?”

asked Jean in a low voice.


It was not out of expectations. Looncandel or Jipple or Kinselo of Joshua. I expected it to be one of the three.

But I couldn’t say it was a relief.

[… …listen carefully, Jean Looncandel. From now on, don’t rest and run to the beach over there. Until I met a tomboy named Lulu. Then Lulu will send you somewhere safe.]

“You mean I should run away alone.”

[That’s for the best.]

“What happens to Neru, the Myonites, and the little Sioux? When I get out, can you get away?”

Neru can’t answer.

“I’ll buy you some time, so you have to take the little Sioux and evacuate.”

[Jipple, like your black knight to them. There’s a elite sorcerer’s unit called the Ghosts. Five of them attacked us. I know you’re strong, but I can’t buy time against them.]

a specter belt

Jin’s face hardened as soon as he heard the name.

When he was a backup rider, Jin had experienced their formidable martial arts.

‘Are you saying that you sent that secret elite army to catch the cemeteries and the little Sioux, and attack my business?’

According to Nehru’s analogy, it was the cosmetics business that caused the Zipple to hit small numbers.

It was an incomprehensible part, but on the other hand, I thought that there was someone who was smart even in Jipple.

“Some have seen how much the cosmetics business will increase Looncandel’s influence among the general public in the future.” Or….’

Or have you found out that there is a third tomb of Themeer here.

Either way, the terrible fact that the specter had come remained unchanged.

[And now our frictions are at their limit. Two days have already passed since you entered the grave.]

“What, two days?”

Jean’s eyes grew bigger.

I never thought that time would have passed.

I couldn’t even remember what had happened inside the third tomb properly, and my mind was once again confused by the fact that two days had passed.

[Yes, for the next hour. I can’t stand any longer than that. So, run away now.]


Jean clenched her teeth.

“You can’t do that.”

[If it’s because of the guilt that small numbers of people could die because of you, we’ll try to make the most of it. They’re still in the pit, so they’re safe for an hour.]

“Tell me where they are.”

[There are a few entrances to our secret space other than that cave. They’re breaking the chain at every entrance, but I can’t figure out exactly which direction it is. But what’s certain is that the cave has all the entrances connected, so it eventually gathers there.]

I was able to realize it intuitively.

The Nehru and the Myojins plan to protect the small Sioux, instead of sacrificing themselves.

It was accurate.

In fact, they used one of the remains to evacuate the small people, and they were ready to die here.

It was even impossible while Qin was in the grave. If there were any gaps in the new structure, it was highly likely that the enemy would enter the cave through this site.

Even the little watermen in the cave knew they were being attacked. They were quivering with fear that they would suffocate in the bonds invoked in the cave with the beach.

“Can you get them all?”

[Honestly, I can’t guarantee that I can save them all.]

In the first place, he endured two days against the five ghosts, and it was great in itself to say that he could save some of the small numbers.

However, Jin could not back down if he was not confident that everyone would survive even if he ran away.

At this moment, it wasn’t strong enough to take someone as a shield and run away.

Of course, you shouldn’t just move with a sense of fairness or a sense of stupid justice. I didn’t mean to die a dog.

“I’ve already been dragging my feet against a larger number of ghosts.”

[And if you go wrong, your thousand years of keeping promise will go down in smoke.]

“I don’t mean to fight because I don’t want small numbers of people to die. When I start fighting them, I’m sure there will be a man from my family or from Kinselo.”

[How can Looncandel and Kinselo know you’re fighting?]

“I’m the only one in the world who uses spirits and brains. The former Rigo is a flagpole in Looncandel, and the Kingdom of 쟌 is the territory of Hufester. Moreover, the land of the Sioux is the territory of the Kinselo, so they have every reason to fight.”

There was no reason for Looncandel and Kinselo to stay still if Qin fought with the specter near the cave.

Qin planned to battle the specter as splendidly as possible, leading the two forces to enter the war.

‘The question is whether I can hold out against the five spirits, the family and the Kinselo until people come. It’s also protecting small numbers.’

But I could save everyone if I could hold out. No matter how many zipples, they cannot live in the middle of the territory of other great powers.

When the family knights come, it is meaningless to disguise Bellop. Since you’ve caused a serious accident, the disciplinary action you’re holding against you will come back to the surface.’

But that was better than all the small numbers dying. If you’re lucky, it’s a problem that you can just let go of course.

[What if Looncandel and Kinselo don’t come to the battlefield?]

“I’ll get away and survive somehow. The thousand years that so many people have sacrificed for me won’t be in vain.”

[Why are you so loyal to the little Sue?]

“That’s what Fang used to say. “Among small numbers of people, the principle of unconditional hospitality is those who have won the favor of the Myonites, regardless of reason or race.”

[It’s just a small number of people making it up among themselves…]….]

“But even before I met Nehru, I was always welcomed by small numbers of people. I owe them their lives. That’s why I’m trying to be loyal. You can’t see a business that just started going down.”

Neru looked up at the camp.

“And as I said, the Kingdom of Zeng is the land of Looncandel. That means my land, and running away from here. It’s no different from saying that I don’t deserve to be the flag bearer of Looncandel.”

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