Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 333

What the hell are you talking about?

cried Shilderay.

The recording ability of Reet and other fairies has never shown a lie. However, now there is a clearly false description in the record window.

The five towers of the Palin Kingdom were attacked last year and the year before by Looncandel.


Suddenly, Reet let out a hollow nausea.

It was a waste of nausea stemming from the sudden separation of historical manipulation.

Watching reality get manipulated in real time is more shocking than you can imagine.

Deacon, we have to inform the writers! You have to write it down, you have to write it down!

When Sarah grabbed Leet, who was about to fall, Diana shouted. As she said, everyone here needed to keep writing this phenomenon ‘before they ‘completely forgot’ that history was fabricated.

At the sound of her voice, nearby maggots and guardian knights rushed into the castle.

Boss! Wake up. Don’t forget. What’s written in this record window is fake. Deacon! Deacon!

Reet trembled and there was no answer.

Soon she fell unconscious, and was scattering into the rain and wind, only the perplexing voices of teenage knights.

* * *

Half a year has passed.

The butlers and writers of the storm no longer recorded the history of the elves.

Because they were forgotten by the world.

The existence of elves itself did not completely disappear from people’s memories, as if it had not been there from the beginning.

But the fact that Reet Damiro Yul, king of the Fairy, happened to meet Temer Looncandel, and with him against Zipple.

The whole fairy tribe’s struggle to stop Jipple’s fabrication of history has been erased.

Even the public now remembered that the elves were “dead” in the distant past.

Still, thousands of fairies who have forgotten themselves are alive and breathing.

I’m sorry, Leet.

A man said, looking at the back of Leet.

It was a Temer.

You don’t have to be sorry for me.

When Themeer didn’t answer, Reet went on the back burner.

Do you think the fairy race has been erased from history because I met Gaju?

Yeah. If you hadn’t met me, the elves wouldn’t have been beaten by the Zipple…….

Don’t be ridiculous, my lord. What was the first thing you should get rid of when you were manipulating history? Looncandel? No, they’d be the first to eliminate the elves, regardless of the Looncandel.

In fact, after becoming Looncandel’s butler, while looking at the records, Leet discovered that Jipple was fabricating the history of the fairy.

It was five years ago that she and Temer met.

But it was only eight years ago that historical manipulation of elves began.

So she didn’t think it was the Temer’s fault that the fairy’s history had been erased.

Rather, I was deeply grateful to Temer.

If I hadn’t met him, by now I would have lost myself and forgotten from people, just like other people.

Thanks to the great power of existence of the housekeeper, I can stay and fight against the Jipple without being forgotten. So don’t ever say sorry to me again.

The theme nodded heavily.

……and me, my family, and my teenage knights have not yet forgotten that the fairy fought with the Looncandel. Solderlet, Murakhan and Misha.

The power of existence that the Temer possesses.

It wasn’t just a force for the Temer himself. The beings who were deeply affected by the Temer were also benefiting from its power.

Thanks to this, the figures that Leet just mentioned were still accurately aware of the history of the fairy.

But as time went by, they knew that even they were slowly forgetting about the elves.

It was only the Temer who was completely free from the Jipple’s historical manipulation.

When Looncandel hit the towers of the Palin Kingdom half a year ago, he saw that the history of only Temer being manipulated in real time was false.

But human memory is. It eventually wears out in time. Also, memories were like humans, and could not continue to exist alone.

If there is no one else to listen to or prove the memory, there is no power in the clan. You lose meaning.

I’m worried about the housekeeping.

There’s nothing to worry about.

Everyone is relying too much on the housekeeper. Recently, the owner seems to be trying to hold too many people.

Ever since Temer realized that his influence could suspend Zipple’s fabrication of history, he has always been trying to keep as many people around as possible.

There used to be a lot of people around me.

Of course, but you haven’t slept and met people like you do these days. When was the last time you had your eyes closed? Ten days ago?

I think it’s about that long. But you know, I don’t sleep anyways…….

The housekeeper is a human being after all. It’s not a god or a monster. If you keep going that way, you’ll have a hard time with your mind, even if you ask me to go.

There was a sound of publicity from outside.

A housekeeper, butler

Sarah entered the Oval Office with a dark look.

There must be some bad news, thought Temer and Leet. That’s what Sarah always did when she wasn’t playful.

From this morning, Padler started not to remember the history of the Fairy. I try to think about it, but it doesn’t work…….

Even though other teenage knights still remembered told stories about elves, Padler had no idea what it was about.

Even after hearing the story, I forgot again after a few minutes.

The world was becoming a huge theater filled with the taste of jipple.

In the play, the members of the Looncandel were slowly seized with terror.

No matter how powerful a man may be, it was impossible to endure the constant collapse of the reality he knew.

We need a way to leave a record that they can never touch.

Sarah bit her lower lip and said,

Garage, no! Come on, brother. I’m afraid I can’t. I’ll go meet the witch who’s in the Black Sea. Rockeia said there might be a way for a witch. We can stop the Jipple from fabricating history…….

Locia, she was one of the teenage knights. He was also a wizard with the best skills in Looncandel by magic alone, not by swordmanship.

Sarah, you can’t do that.


She’s a disaster. We don’t know what’s going to happen if we make clumsy contact.

My brother.

Sarah took a breather and said the latter.

At this rate, Looncandel will be destroyed. Not only the elves, but also the history of the Looncandel has begun to be manipulated.

If Heluram is awakened, the world, not Looncandel, may be destroyed.

The world without Looncandel means nothing to me.


Everyone’s counting on you. We want to do something, too. I’d rather sell my soul to the devil than be helpless like this.

I’ll pretend I didn’t hear you, Sarah. And tell Rocia not to reveal anything about Heluram from now on.

When Sarah didn’t answer, Themeer gave her a gentle hug.

I know it’s hard. But it’s not that I don’t have any plans either. Sooner or later, with Soldert, we will meet other gods.

Did the gods say they’d give you strength?

I’m not sure. But Soldert said he was in a mood of cooperation.

Sarah nods her head reluctantly.

She had the power of the best teenage knights, but she couldn’t stand the fact that there was nothing she could do.

And I’m worried, so don’t try to break my orders and contact Heluram. It’s a household name.

I got it.

The siblings were lying to each other.

Solderlet had already failed to appease the gods, and Sarah had no intention of following the Temer’s orders. Because she doesn’t trust the absolute majority of gods who have already succumbed to Zipple.

When Sarah left, Temer sighed deeply.

I think he’s going to have an accident. I’ll have Diana take a good look at Sarah.

In fact, Themeer and Leet.

I already had the worst situation in mind.

They saw Solderlet often trying to leave a message to the ‘1,000-year contractor’.

In particular, Leet helped Soldert in the process.

Of course, that never gave up the fight against Jipple.

They just have an ominous intuition that this terrible, long fight can continue after the end of their time.

Therefore, preparations were needed for the next generation, the next generation, and the next generation.

It was only natural because they were unsure that they could win their time.

But it’s not that Sarah doesn’t make any sense. Leet.

Yes, my lord.

It’s dangerous to have direct contact with Heluram, but if it’s his lover, it’s a little different. Go find out where he is, Orgal the Masuwang.

* * *

Yay, yay, yay, yay. . . . .

The recording device was up to there.

Jean couldn’t say anything for a while and had to be lost in thought.

[You’ve seen it all. How was it?]

asked Leet.

“……shocking. I didn’t know it was that much of a historical fabrication.”

several decades

No, it’s been tens of thousands of years.The history of the clans can be manipulated at will.

I could affirm. It’s impossible even for the gods.

‘So the record says the gods succumbed to the Zipple.’

For the first time, I wondered if it was possible to beat the jipple.

But Jean quickly shook off the mind.

‘If they were still as healthy as a thousand years ago, Looncandel could not have existed in the first place. They must have paid something great for beating Looncandel back then.’

We could not look at what the price was in this record, but we got the most information from the Solderlet records we’ve ever seen.

In particular, the transcendental capacity of the Jipple could be reduced more than ever.

‘To deal with a jipple, a teacher is the key.’

As soon as I naturally thought about it.

[Sir Jean, it’s probably been two days outside.]

Leet opened his mouth.

“Two days?”

Jean stared at Leet with astonishment.

If two days had passed, it would have already been possible that one of his “enemies” would have raided the caves of small numbers.

I’ll be back as soon as possible. So that no one gets hurt.

I remembered the promise I made to Nehru the Myon people.

[Looking at the look on his face, there’s an urgent business out there.]

“There are people I promised to save. Because I’m here, there are prisoners on the verge of death.”

[Then go ahead and leave.]

Reet’s determined answer made my heart water.

“If I leave here, will you be alone again? I forget about you.…?”

a still nod of the head

[You’ll only remember what you saw on the recording device. As for me. But Lord Jin, I’m actually dead and forgotten anyway. It is more valuable to save the living outside than to soothe my solitude.

“……I’ll be back. By all means.”

There were too many prisoners who could die without knowing anything, to be torn apart by pity.

Reet smiled a faint smile.

Recalling Themeer who once said the same thing as Jean.

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