Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 332


Two words that were so desperate in the face of the transcendent and demonic forces of the enemy.

Those gathered in the conference room stared blankly at the words on the window that Leet had floated for a long time.

In the meantime, the writings of deacon and civil servants continued to be erased.

Well done, butler! According to what it says here, it seems that their evil ability to manipulate history can’t help but……!

Diana grabbed Leet’s hand and said,

3,26 wizards, including Elona Zipple.

Three thousand twenty-

The number meant nothing less than that. It was a combined number of all the best wizards of the Jipple that Looncandel knew, and exactly matched.

Elona Zipple is also known as the strongest wizard in the Zipple, even though she is not a lyricist.

I have fought many battles with her.

Themes and teen reporters have concluded that Elona is responsible for more than 50 percent of the Gipple’s total power, so she can’t explain her power better than this.

Elona, it’s shocking that all the monstrous wizards and elite wizards have already tried to undermine Gaza once.

Padler shuddered. He was recalling the memory of stopping Elona with his teenage knights last year.

Teenagers realized for the first time that there was another human being in the world besides Themeer who they might call a “monster.”

How the hell are they manipulating history? Fucking bastards, I’m sure they have something to do with the tower of the story……!

Shilderay vented his anger.

As he said, Looncandel did not yet know exactly how Jipple was manipulating history.

We were only aware of the fact that the manipulation would occur after the wizards of the Jipple had massed into the story’s tower.

But that was a wild guess. In addition to the story’s tower, there were a few more places where “history manipulation” was supposed to be carried out.

Since the owner of the house has decided to destroy all of their towers first, the answer will come soon.

In the main building of the Rutero Magic Federation, Draca was still unable to attack. It was because Elona was always defending herself.

The towers were being destroyed smoothly. More than a hundred towers had already been destroyed, except where they were used as the main base of the story.

Teenager Sir Sarah Looncandel is back!

A guardian ran into the conference room and said,

Then, Leet and the teenage knights started running to greet Sarah at the same time.

I’ve been waiting. May one of them, Themeer and Sarah, come back. The two men were leading other teenage knights to hit the towers of the Jipple.

Reet and the teenage knights were so impatient that they ran to the front of the castle and met Sarah without stopping the pouring rain.


Ser Sarah!

What, it looks like everyone’s been waiting for this body. It’s not even puppies, and I’m embarrassed if they run this far.

Sarah smiled at her colleagues who ran.

In the midst of the rain pouring like a hole in the sky, there was a strong smell of burnt smell and ash from her. It was a reminder of how fierce the battle was until the last minute.

Especially Padler, this weak bone will catch a cold if it rains. Ha ha.

What happened? Sarah, did you break all the towers of the enemy?

No, I couldn’t. Can you believe there was another wizard like Elona? Silderay. No matter how terrible it was, I’m on my way back from hitting 50 or so.

Well, well, really……!?

The only person who was deceived by Sarah’s clumsy lies was a shilderay.

You’re being fooled again, Silderay. Hahaha! Be deceived. I can’t stop fooling around because I’m so easily fooled every time.

What? You’re lying? Again?

Yeah, there’s no such crazy monster in the world, huh? It’s stupid and cute.

Well, we felt like blood was drying up while we were waiting for you. You’re lying to me like that?

I was trying to soothe the dryness of the blood. She is.

You’re five years younger than me, but you’re…….

Other colleagues were realizing that Sarah had already succeeded in her mission at the time she had succeeded. As always when Sarah is in a playful mood.

We destroyed all the towers assigned to our side. Orabunny, no. It’s a lot smaller than a group with a family name. I think we’re going to have 10,000 wizards made of ashes.

Sarah was the best teenager in the world. The number of the sorcerer she killed was not a blunder at all.

I’m sure it’s about time for the gaju side to finish. But it’s weird. There are more masts to destroy, but I thought the family would finish before us.

The tower that Sarah Cho decided to destroy is twenty.

The tower that Temer’s Joe decided to destroy is 40.

Despite the double difference, Themeer’s force was more than enough to offset the difference.

What’s wrong with you? Am I the one who beat Gaza in a long time? No, it can’t be. Did something happen to Gaza?

We’ve been keeping an eye on Elona’s location. So there’s no way that anything happened to him. Maybe it was possible because your Magum’s tie was complete.

As expected, right? Well, the last five of them were swept up in business. It was melting.

Can’t you not use the expression “melt” in a person?

Sarah shrugged as Padler frowned and spoke.

For me, men are only for those who are not Looncandel’s enemies, weak bones. You know, but you’re acting new.

Still, it doesn’t seem to be good for your feelings.

Am I an adolescent girl? Take care of your health when you have time to take care of my feelings.

Sarah ruffled Padler’s hair and laughed.

Along with the hopes that Leet brought, the teenage knights’ expressions, which were heavy on Sarah’s appearance, were quickly being softened.

Sarah, look at this.

Reet once again floated a translucent window in front of her.

Huh? What is this, Leet? There are 3,26 wizards, including Elona Zipple…… Oh! This is really good news. Our brother, no. I guess the lyric is amazing.

Of course, I can’t be completely relieved yet. Elona Gipple and all the best wizards were included, but the gaffle’s lyricism and fringe were missing.

To manipulate the history of the “fairy” people, Zipple used householders, additional shareholders, and 500 elite wizards.

This, too, was confirmed by Leet’s record ability to record.

Naturally, the power of Jipple Housewives and VATs should not be ignored. Only short of Elona’s, they were also characters who were sufficiently transcendent.

It took that much power to erase the entire history of the elves, which span tens of thousands of years.

Reet was very fortunate that he couldn’t manipulate the history of Themer even though he used more power than that, but at the same time, he felt bitter.

His own kind is still being forgotten at this moment.

It was also sad that the tens of thousands of years of history and history of his own kind might not be worth as much as a human being named Themeer.

The power of existence.

Leet could not know exactly what it meant in the record window.

Sarah, who read the mind, put her hand on Leet’s shoulder.

Boss, I know what you’re thinking. But you know, I think. I think the power of this being is just that. How much change you’re making in the world, that’s the standard. That’s why Jipple can’t do more with the theme than with the fairy’s history.

So, Sir Sarah, you mean that the more changes you make in the world, the harder it is for the Zipple to operate?

Yes, the theme is completely changing the landscape of the world right now, right? Fairies are waiters and recorders, so their role is to stay still rather than change the world.

a thoughtless reet for a moment

……that’s what you could interpret, Ser Sarah.

Of course it’s just a hunch. It’s pretty plausible. To be honest, my brother and our host. I don’t think the value of a person of the theme would be superior to the whole elves. Of all the beings, you can’t say for sure which one is superior.

Other teenage drivers nodded. They, too, were happy when Leet first brought news, but worried about him like Sarah.

Thank you for taking care of me.

Well, it’s far from what the butler does for us. Now, we’ll have a drink in a long time until the housekeeper comes back……I’d love to, but can I help you with the housemaids and the writers? The more hands, the better.

The moment Sarah spoke with her arms around Padler’s shoulders.

Leet’s eyes, which were naturally staring at the record window, grew bigger.

Now, hold on. What the hell is this……!

With Leet’s new voice, the teenage knights had no choice but to feel an ominous intuition in unison.

Boss, what’s wrong with you, ha…….

Diana, who was approaching Leet, looked at the record window and stopped talking.

To be exact, it wasn’t stopped, it was speechless.

Other colleagues who saw the record window responded similarly to Diana.

In the record window, sentences were being generated that I didn’t know how to take them.

On March 3, 1977, Temer Looncandel and his teenage knights destroyed five towers of the Jipple in the Palin Kingdom. The Looncandel side suffered no damage, and there is not a single survivor left on the Jipple side.

… on March 3, following Temer Looncandel and his……the tower of the Jipple in the kingdom……destroy. ……, …….

……, Themeer Looncandel and ……., ……, ……, ……,

It was disappearing.

Themes and teenage knights destroyed the tower of today’s Jipple.

But that’s not the end of the shock for Leet and the teenage knights.

On June 6, 740, Clio Zipple ordered the authorities to build five towers in Palin’s kingdom.

On August 2, 743, the wizards of the Jipple were placed on the completed masts. Each of the five small family members of the Jipple family is appointed as the tower owners.

On January 5, 744, the small family members of the Banggye family resigned from the stupa. There’s a whole bunch of pure blood jipples…….

December 20th, 750…….

The contents of the record window were constantly being updated.

And the last update was a record of these sentences.

On March 3, 1977, five towers of the Jipple in the Palin Kingdom were operating in good health. The towers have never been attacked by outside forces since they were completed, just like 57 years ago.

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