Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 331

The spirit bead, which Reet took out, looked a little different from what Jin had seen so far.

There was a subtle blackness, a smaller size, and when I looked closely, I could see people and landscapes in the beads.

I could tell instinctively.

It’s an undamaged recording device.

The scenery seen in the beads was the records of the past.

“What do you mean by not being able to remember Mr. Leet?”

“It’s literally. Zipple, their fabrication of history is still valid.”

I’ve heard a lot about Jipple’s fabrication of history, but Jin hasn’t experienced it in person yet.

I’ve only seen problems in the memory of others, especially those associated with the old Looncandel.

That is why it was not readily understandable. It’s so vivid, will you really forget about Leet’s existence if you get out of this space?

As if to have read Jean’s mind, Reet smiled bitterly and took out the quill pen from his bosom.

“Give me your hand.”

Leet wrote his name on the palm of Jean’s hand.

After a while, Jean had to feel a chill in her spine when she saw her name on her palm.

Reet Damiro Yul.

……Damiro Yul, ……Damiro Yul, ……rate, …….

‘The writing with the name of Leet is being erased……!’

Screeching, creepy.

The fact that Gipple has the ability to manipulate history was a matter that was already fully understood.

However, it was a completely different matter to feel it in person.

[Senior Jin, a thousand-year contractor, may have been to the previous two tombs. You must have met the guardians there.]

“…Yes, I met the guardians of Lord Sidderay and Sir Sarah.”

[They seem to have disappeared from my memory, too. Unlike them, I am not a guardian of spirit. So even in your memory, I will continue to disappear.]

She was a living man, not a guardian owed by soul and spirit.

That’s why unlike Silderay and Sarah, who have already died, it’s been erasing from history.

[I wish I could tell you a lot about Luncandel a thousand years ago, but unfortunately I don’t remember much about those days.]

The time given to fairies is like a dragon, but no existence in the world.

You don’t want to endure a thousand years of long time alone without even remembering it intact.

So it was difficult for Jean to choose what to answer.

[Don’t be so sad, Lord Qin. “The loss of my history is only a scar of glory from my family and the protection of the world, as a member of Looncandel.”

calm-talking reet She lost most of her memory of Looncandel, but her blind affection remained the same.

“……the price for protecting the family is too harsh.”

“But without such a price, Looncandel would have been wiped out of the world. How’s Looncandel now?”

“It is the second largest force in the world after the Zipple.”

Then Reet smiled broadly.

[Look, it was a worthy sacrifice!]

Like a child full of excitement, said Leet in an excited voice.

[Did I tell you?] Temer, I’m sure we’ll be able to protect the family…….]

Jean and Leet’s eyes met.

Leet looked at Jean for a moment and shook his head.

[Oh, I made a mistake. I’m sorry.]

“It’s all right, Mr. Leet.”

There was a moment of silence.

Jin seemed to be more confused by the embarrassing sight of this pathetic fairy.

The Looncandel of my time was almost erased from history. The most powerful family of horsemen in the world is gone. Now that you’ve made a covenant, you can’t use magic now.]


[But Lord Qin is the contractor of Solderlet, and the curse Looncandel received at that time will not apply.]


Jean formed a sphere with mana on the palm. Leet looked at the sphere for a long time, bewitched.

[Flame, we saved it.]

“Now I’m the only horse prosecutor in Looncandel.”

Leet also created mana.

Then there was a strange wave in the spirit bead, and Jin recalled that he had already seen the magic in the past.

‘Recording magic?’

The magic that Leet was using was very similar to the recording magic of Histerga.

It was between 1400 and 1500 that the Heister family was active. It is known that the elves were destroyed much earlier than that.

by the time of the year


Young-gi beads began to drive, creating a familiar little noise.

Is there something to do with the elves and the hysterics?

As soon as I thought about it, Reet opened his mouth.

[You look a little surprised, Lord Jean.]

“I’ve seen similar magic.”

[It’s not magic, it’s just our fairies’ special ability. Our species, instead of being born with a life-force close to eternal life…….]


The unstable noise of the spirit bead gradually turned into a soft sound.

The sound was not heard in the damaged spirit beads.

[I’m obliged to record.]

To watch and record the world.

That was the reason for the fairy’s existence.

[We’ve had enough power, but we’ve rarely been involved in royalty. Even when tyrants appear and violate the world, or when human culture flows in the wrong direction. We just recorded it. Because that’s our role.]

“Then, the reason why the fairy, Leet, had an enemy in Looncandel. It must have been because the Jipple was fabricating history.”

When Jean read and answered the context, Reet nodded.

[Clearly, if they hadn’t damaged history, I wouldn’t have met Themeer and become the deacon of Looncandel.]

Reet Damiro Yul, by nature, was the noblest of the fairies.

The name ‘Yul’ is only given to the king of the fairy.

[But at some point, I was inspired by Themeer and began to regard myself as a member of the Looncandel. This storm feels more like home now than my original hometown, the forest of the beginning. Compared to the years I spent in the woods, the time I spent here was just a dream I had in the middle of the night.….]

Now that even that was almost erased from his memory, Jean could not even imagine what the loss of Leet would be like.

Haha, it’s not time to try to recall forgotten memories.]

“Mr. R엣et.”

[Speak for yourself.]

“By any chance, do you know a family named Hester?”

[First name I’ve heard.]

“The people in the family use a similar ability, recording magic. So they disappeared after being destroyed by the Zipple, but I know the last survivor of the Hister. Maybe you can ask him to bring back your memory.”

[Interesting] That’s interesting. He’s a man of similar magic to us….but it won’t be possible to reverse my memory.]

“But we still have to try.”

[I can’t get out of here, and Lord Qin forgets everything about me when I leave this space. So it doesn’t make sense for Lord Jin to ask him to get my memory back. Even if he really has that ability.]

Reet took Jean’s hand and put it on the spirit bead.

[Still, I don’t think I completely forget the existence of people. As far as I know, there’s a little bit of me in this recording device. I can only show you once, so take a closer look.]


The wave of mana extending from the spirit bead intensified.

At the same time, Jin was able to look at the records contained in the beads with a sense of being absorbed.

* * *

It’s a place where there’s rain and wind all four seasons, but it was unusually heavy that day. The faces of the people sitting in the storm room were grim.

Tens of thousands of blank sheets of blank paper were piled up on one side of the conference room. But the papers were all crumpled, as if they had been touched once.

Sweep, swipe, swipe.….

The butlers and writers constantly wrote something on the new paper.

They were making a record.

What the fairy has been through recently.

Hundreds of people were writing the same text in different sentences and interpretations at the same time.

(March 3, 797), Looncandel records the historical fabrication of the Jipple about the fairy. On March 4, 797 five elves, Sheep Damiro, Becca Tishke, Mulias Mon, Trica Tredos and Jen Minu, were forgotten among the elves…….)

(……March 3, 2006, Looncandel…)a jipple of … about …make a record of… …… March 4th, ……five people to rest, ……)

The letters were being erased while the butlers and writers were recording.

It was like pouring water into a perforated jar. Nevertheless, butlers and writers were desperately writing the same thing.

It was because of the fear that if they did not, the fairy would be completely forgotten.

But it was not a fear without substance, but a fear that came because it had already confirmed that something had been erased that way.

But what’s more frightening is.

It was the fact that one day, when the fairy was completely gone, Looncandel could be erased from history in this way.

Are you really going to erase these crazy kids, the fairies who are alive and breathing like this is how you’re going to do it?…!

Teenage knight Diana vented her anger. Everyone else in the conference room felt the same way as her.

Everyone knew.

In this way, we cannot stop the fairy from disappearing in history, and we are just barely delaying the disappearance.

Even a living being.

When erased from history, he becomes an unheard-of being from the beginning. No one recognizes him, and he also loses himself.

Zipple’s ability to manipulate history was beyond simply “disturbing the truth” and reaching the realm of getting rid of the truth.

How can such power be wielded by humans, not by God?…If it weren’t for the fairy’s power, I wouldn’t have known that their ability to manipulate history was at this level.

Said teen driver Padler.

As he said, without the “recordability” of the elves, Looncandel would never have known the truth.

But at this rate, the elves will soon disappear.

No one for Loongandel, no. You won’t be able to record the truth for the world.


The deacon, Leet Damiro Yul entered the conference room.

Hello, butler.

When Diana bowed, Leet raised a mana and launched a translucent window into the air.

Everyone, look at this, there’s hope. I’ve found that there’s a limit to the Jipple’s manipulation of history.…!

Reet shouted in a sweet voice, contrasting with his gaunt face.

On the translucent window she floated, there was this inscription.

Elona Zipple and 3,26 other wizards tried to manipulate the history of Themeer Looncandel, but failed to break the power of his strong presence.

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