Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 330

Jean’s eyes grew bigger.

“My enemies, who do such a thing? And how do you do that?”

Nehru the Myoin tribe shook his head silently without answering the question.

[We don’t know the details either. I just felt like the cave was about to break. Our species have been able to survive without being extinct by the human race, thanks to that intuition.]

the gut feeling of the saplings

It was not very reliable to say that only that has enabled the Myoin people to survive so far.

But as I have just experienced from the cave to the island, I have decided to believe that there seems to be some kind of mysterious power.

“Is it by persimmon that I am an enemy of the heinous people who will destroy this place and slaughter the Sioux?”

[No, it’s just a rational elicitation. Considering the causal relationship, the only reason our space will be attacked at this time is the business you started with the Golden Snow. The reason why you can’t draw an accurate enemy is because you have a lot of enemies.]

The fact that Jin has a lot of enemies was not necessarily a unique intuition of the Myoin people, but everyone in the world knew it. It is not difficult to infer a fight within the Looncandel, as well as the Jipple.

During the Holy Land incident, even Kinselo was involved, so Jin was dealing with the three great powers of the world, even from the eyes of outsiders who knew nothing.

Who are they?

Are the families planning to strike Su-in to disrupt the business or warn themselves?

Is Jipple attacking Jin, who was wanted, after seeing him even advertise? Or is it that the cave of the Myonites, as much as it is in the land of the Sioux, that Kinselo comes in with some purpose?….

The possibility of all three made it impossible to judge hastily.

“I blame myself for the cave being attacked, so I’ll take responsibility for it’since it’s my fault, I’ll take responsibility.”

[We’re going to transmit it to the small numbers so that you won’t be responsible for it. There’s already room for escape.]

“I’m glad to hear that. But isn’t there a case? I’d better go back and tell him to run away right away.”

I never wanted to go through a terrible situation where small numbers of people were slaughtered.

[If you tell me in advance, the problem could be bigger because of the movement of the Geumseol and the water tail. Besides, according to our intuition, in that case, we won’t be able to fulfill our promise to Soldierlet.]

“It sounds like you’re going to take the lives of a small number of people as collateral because of your promise to Soldert.”

[That’s right.]

“Why do you go so far? What if small numbers of people get killed? No one can take responsibility after they’re already dead.”

I felt a sudden surge of anger.

Of course, everything is just the “intuition” of the Myoin people. The invasion of the enemy of the Qin, the slaughter of the Suin people, forewarned the danger.That liver problems can grow.

But Jin could not erase the ominous feeling.

[Gin Looncandel.]

Nehru lowered his eyes with a bitter look.

[Like we’ve always been, we want to protect the little beast. You asked us what we would do if the number of people died, but we’re more worried about not being able to fulfill our promise to Soldert. It’s a promise that I’ve waited for a thousand years.]

Jean made eye contact with Nehru without answering.

[How many sacrifices do you think have been made so far, for an appointment with the solderlet? Your forefathers, my colleagues, and countless human race and dragons. Five hundred years ago, my colleague was tracked down by a jipple and died.]

a low sigh

To fulfill one’s mission as a contractor of solderlet.

When I signed with Soldert for the first time in my previous life, I had never thought of that. Just as Soldier had said, he was full of thoughts of becoming the world’s greatest warden, commanding the world, and taking a small revenge on the family that abandoned him.

But what you gradually learn after your return, is that the power of solderlet is by no means a force without a price.

Circumstances suggest that the return is a phenomenon caused by solderlet, and everything prepared for Qin is a factor that can turn the world upside down, so it was not thought that the price was excessive.

It just feels cruel to the loser himself, to the people who sacrificed themselves for Solderlet’s safety.

Swoosh, swoosh…

Nehru’s drawing on the sand was nearing completion. What he painted with a branch paper was a curious pattern, a kind that Jean had never seen before.

[I know it’s hard to believe, but I want you to know that we want to protect the fewest numbers.]

“What was the relationship between the Myos and Soldert?”

[Friend, God of the Cat and Solderlet were very close, too. And he’s kept us and other small people from being killed by Javier several times. Small numbers, all of them, owe their lives to Soldierlet.]

Hua Ah…….

Suddenly, the pattern painted by Neru began to glow purple.

Unlike the dark magic used by Rontelgius not long ago, it was a violet with a mystical feeling somewhere.

It was a phenomenon that occurred when the third tomb was unsealed. It was also an ability used by the Myoin people to create special hiding places.

[If your enemies had arrived here before you, you would never have been able to enter Themeer’s third grave for good.]

“Your choice is not entirely convincing, but still.”

Jean paused, looking at the seal.

“Thank you. I don’t know what else to say.”

[……don’t worry too much. As I said earlier, we’ve detected the danger ahead of time, so if you go to the grave, we’ll evacuate the small water. Where it will never be discovered.]


From the purple pattern the spirit began to rise. Young-ki soon became an oval door.

[Finally I can keep my promise for a thousand years. Come on in, Jean Looncandel.]

“I’ll be back as soon as I can. So that no one gets hurt.”

[Yes. And, I have a favor to ask you.]


[Give it to a friend inside. On behalf of the Nehru people, I thank them for their hard work of a thousand years. No matter how hard I try to recall, I can’t remember who he was now…….]

Neru said in a sad voice.

Mr. Olmango, do you know what kind of guardian is in the second tomb?

[I can’t answer.]


[All the memories of him are gone. No matter how hard I try to think of it, I can only think of such a dim figure.]

A similar thing happened when I met Olmango and visited the second tomb. Like then, Nehru seemed to have forgotten who his “friend” was, who had been guarding the tomb for a thousand years.

It was the result of Jipple erasing them from history.


Jean moved her steps into Young-ki’s door.

* * *

Unlike the first and second tombs, there were no signs of destruction or error anywhere.

The whole space wasn’t even made up of just dark spirits. It looked like a central hall in a castle. There was also a sense of familiarity somewhere, which Jean soon realized why.

‘It looks just like the wealth in the storm castle you saw from the first tomb, the central hall. It’s the central hall.’

There was nothing new to be surprised about.

There is no reason why we can’t reproduce space, as we have already seen people being copied through Missha in spirit, and have met guardians who are imitating what they were a thousand years ago, there is no reason why we can’t reproduce space.

I wanted to take a closer look at what the storm looked like a thousand years ago, but I moved quickly. I was impatient at the thought that I might be beaten by the Suin people if I was late.

It was the first time I had visited Temer’s grave alone.

The first was with Murakhan, and the second was with colleagues.

Previously, there had been an enormous number of guardians whenever they visited the tomb. Silderay Looncandel, Sarah Looncandel. Both were strong guardians beyond Jin’s control.

But this tomb was different.

“Olmango said, ‘There is no such guardian here, so there will be no battle here.”’

Olmango, like Nehru, did not know exactly who was in the third tomb. Instead, Olmango had a little more memory of him than Nehru.

Inside the third tomb, I was told that there was a butler of Looncandel at that time.

a butler’s keeper

A thousand years ago, he was in charge of various affairs of the family of Ma prosecutor named Looncandel.

Even now, the deacon of the family has more information than the jockeys. Especially his father’s henchman, Heinz, may know more about the secrets of the family than Joshua.’

It was the same with Looncandel a thousand years ago. In the end, any working-level official in charge of family affairs had no choice but to do so.

‘However, even the butler here may not have a sound mind or memory. Lord Sarah was seriously mentally worn out to endure a thousand years…….’

Buck, Buck, Buck.

As he reached the end of the center hole, one bowed toward the camp.

[Waiting, Sir Jean Looncandel. It’s an honor to meet you.

“You know my name. Are you the old deacon of Looncandel?”

[Yes, sir. Soldert gave me a few names for the thousand-year contractor. My name is Reet Damiro Yul, the deacon of Looncandel.]

Reet Damiro Yul.

The butler, who introduced himself like that, was impressed with the red hair of the same color as Valeria. Leet looked like a young human woman, but not human.

The fact that she is not a human being can be seen at a glance by anyone. If you saw the glistening eyes, pointed ears, and a round jewel stuck in your forehead, as if the Milky Way were flowing.

She was a ‘fairy’

The fairies are the butlers of the old Looncandel….I knew a thousand years ago that the elves had already gone extinct and only the descendants had survived.’

The elves were gone, and there was not much left in the literature about them.

On special days, on special occasions, only the descendants of fairies who used to make ‘gawangju’ for special people were living in this world. Even though they are not easily met.

Although there is little food left, it was still a myth that the fairy time was the same as the dragon time.

Perhaps that’s why, though Reet endured a thousand years alone, there was no sign of madness or collapse at all.

“R르et Damiro Yul. On behalf of the Myonin and Nehru, they asked you to thank them for their hard work. I feel the same way.”

Then Reet smiled a lonely smile.

I can’t remember what kind of friend Neru was……I just miss it strangely.]


[Sir Jean Looncandel, if you leave this space, you’ll forget my name. You won’t even remember what I looked like and what I talked about.]


Reet took a small box out of his arms and opened it. There was a spirit bead in it.

[Instead, you’ll still remember what you see through this recording device.]

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