Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 325


Colleagues put their heads together and looked at the newly acquired spirit beads.

“Joshua, you got this from robbing his villa?”

said Murakan, stroking his chin.

It was difficult for him to understand that Joshua had the recording device for Solderlet. Just like all my colleagues do.

“What the hell happened to you? Why does he have the recorder for Soldierlet? Besides, I killed him because he had a horse, and that was Rontelgius again?”

Next to Young-gi’s bead lay the madors of Rontelgius. At the same time, there was a pile of paper spilled by the dead horse.

“You know the name? No, should I ask if it’s a family?”

“It’s a family I know. Listen, kid. You’ve been incredibly lucky. Because, even after meeting the Rontelgius’ Mana, he survived.”

“I just stabbed him in the neck, and he died instantly. He looked very weak.”

“So you explained that you were lucky. Rontelgius is a duchess of the Ma tribe society. Right below the king of the devil, one of the four most powerful peacocks.”

The Devil, the Four Peacocks of the Horse.

How great a position it is, how great a power it has. I couldn’t understand quickly as my colleagues.

They’ve never had a horse.

“It’s natural that you don’t know the name now that In-se has almost disappeared. At one time, most dragons avoided friction with Lontelgius. It’s not over just dying or getting hurt.”

As can be seen from the curse on the Mado Paper of the dead Ma, Lontelgius Rampen, Lontelgius was a masterly family of curses among the Ma people.

“Cursed is the curse, but Rontelgius was a close relative of Orgal, king of the Masu. I don’t know, Murakan was asleep, but he used to be notorious in the past.”

However, after the victory of the Union of Humanities, the Ma people left the Inse. Although it was not often seen on the Internet, it completely disappeared.

“Quikantel, do you think the Witch has gone through a lot since then? If this little guy goes for a blow.”

“You said he was in a state of weakness. Besides, if Jean hadn’t been a contractor for Solderlet, she would have been cursed.”

Quikantel looked at Jean and said back to her.

“Your brother, the second rider of Looncandel. How on earth did he reach the Lontelgius and how he knew where to use the spirit bead? We need to find out.”

How Joshua got the spirit bead, and how he and his horseman were related. For now, everything was a mystery.

“Does he know that the spirit bead is a recording device?”

“Well, once you get back to your family, Joshua will approach you first.”

“Prince, Joshua has no justification. As I escaped from the Ekan Kingdom, I certainly erased all traces.”

Jean smiled at Kuzan’s words.

“Yes, I’ve erased all the evidence. But even without proof, he’ll be sure of it. That doesn’t matter. It’s only part of the sequencing war anyway, and there’s no context of dragons’ involvement.”

“Little boy, are you going to ask Joshua directly? Do you know what that is?”

“You have to decide that by looking at the atmosphere. I still don’t know how he’ll turn out.”

“Then we’ll find out about Rontelgius when you come back. No matter how hard I think about it, I can’t believe that the horseman died so easily. Maybe it’s an abandoned mana in Rontelgius, or maybe Rontelgius itself is ruined.”

“You should also look for someone who can read mados and paper bundles. I think it’s an important clue. And…”

Jean looked at Julian, who was sitting down on one side of the Oval Office.

“Let’s discuss how to wake up Julian’s guardian dragon.”

The brain dragon Caltor.

He had fallen into “sleep” without enduring the harsh torture that lasted too long. Therefore, even after the rescue, Julian could not say a word with Sukho-ryong, whom she had missed so much.

“As I said earlier, little man. A dragon named Caltor’s heart is broken and must recover for at least five hundred years, hugh.”

Gilly naturally closed Murakan’s mouth.

“There must be some way, Julian. So don’t be too upset, just wait calmly.”

Julian looked at his colleagues with red eyes.

“Thank you all…”

Then his colleagues blinked.

It was because Julian first used honorifics.

“That gilded man uses all the honorifics. That’s great, that’s great! I’m in a mood. This Murakan will wake you up somehow, so stay calm until then. Come to think of it, he’s less than a thousand years old, so it’s going to be easy to recover his heart.”

“I think it’s pretty organized. Then I, Gilly and Murakan, should return to their families the day after tomorrow. You’ve emptied the Sword’s garden too often lately, so it’ll be hard to stop by Tikan for a while. Unless something special happens.”

* * *

“See you next time, then.”

“Yes, yes. Thank you for always taking care of me, Aria…….”

Valeria turned back, bowing lightly.

Old people in the donkey village waved their hands, revealing only a few teeth left until she disappeared out of the village.

Soon, completely out of their sight, Valeria clenched her teeth and touched her forehead.

In recent years, no follower of any force has ever come very close to him. They all wandered around an old hideout that had already been disposed of, or in vain, pointing to a completely different place.

But this time it was different.

“The hideout in the donkey village has been discovered…… plus the movements of the pursuers have become more sophisticated.’


When Aria injected mana, the blue mana spread with a cane.

The mana soon became a translucent, square form of “Changshui,” and surprisingly, letters began to be written on it.

A 29-year-old woman with Clever’s last name visits the donkey village and threatens the elderly. No more records can be found.

A 34-year-old man with the last name of MacLoran visits the village of the donkey to appease the elderly and ask about the whereabouts of Aria Outhart. More records than that…….

Clever and McLoran. the castle of Hufester’s most prestigious families

Valeria was able to guess that the people who found her were the guardians of Looncandel.

My mother and older brother are looking for you. They say they’ve figured out the name you’re using right now. The name Aria Outhart.

That’s not the only alias I have. He’s doing a good job erasing his tracks.

Anka Roffman, Lailin Hazzard, Lucille Scope, and Hartia Ben. Aren’t they your aliases? And to say that you and I are doing a good job, we’re meeting and talking.

Not long ago, a conversation with Jean came to mind in Mamit.

‘……I must have underestimated the great families. The movements of the pursuers have changed.’

Fortunately for Valeria, it was Looncandel, not Zipple, that found the village.


Valeria turned to the donkey village, releasing the open recording magic.

‘The elderly will soon be in contact with Looncandel.’

Just a few days ago.

They were the ones who followed themselves like saviors. Most of the old people in the village were abandoned by their children and lived without any hope.

The old men told Looncandel everything about themselves. Though I know very little.

Never expected loyalty from the old man.

No, not to them but to any human being Valeria did not expect loyalty.

But I couldn’t help but feel bitter from the bottom of my heart.

‘I’m glad I didn’t kill everyone. Come on I’ve got to go. Rutero Magic Federal Hideout.’

Diligently moved to the night.

Over five identification cards were used while using land, sea and mobile gates. On the way, he stopped by ‘Samil’ and received letters and items that came to him.

She was able to arrive safely at the ‘Failin Kingdom’ of the Rutero Magic Federation. And as soon as I got there.

hung in the middle of the entrance to the mobile gate, one could see the face of Jean Looncandel.

(Your beauty, Gene Looncandel, warrants it. gold-pink color makeup)


Valeria looked up at the commercial picture, swallowing her breath unconsciously.

It’s a cosmetic ad…….? What the hell is this guy thinking?’

Valeria who has been absent-mindedly staring away from the billboard for a while and is walking away.

It was dawn when we arrived at Palin’s hideout. Only then could Valeria confirm the letters and items she found in Samil.

(That’s the first letter. These are cosmetics and makeup tools that give you a good look if you spread them out. Thanks for fixing your clumsy disguise.

Contact Tikan if you think you’ll get caught. Well, good bye.)

Valeria shook her head looking at the items.

There was one more letter.

(I didn’t know I’d be sending you a second letter so soon. There’s one more recording device. I hope we can meet soon. Get in touch with Tikan, so we can find a place to meet.)

“You got another spirit bead?’

Ha! Feeling dejected, Valeria sighed.

The Looncandel’s youngest seemed to get a recording device that no one could find even if they searched all over the world for it.

For the sake of research, it was Valeria who thought she should meet Jean Looncandel again.

‘Anyway, it’s a gain for me. I will use it hard, Jean Luncandel.’

* * *

As soon as he returned to Hufester, butler Petro urgently found Jean.

“Dear old man!

“What’s going on? Petro.”

“I’m in big trouble. The senate has designated you as the subject of disciplinary action!”

“Punishment? For what reason? Stop making a fuss and talk it over. What’s the disciplinary action?”

I’m asking, but to some extent I expected it.

Cosmetics business started with the Geumseol people. That must have been the reason.

‘Maybe he’s been given a probationary measure. The issuing side of hanji may be better than being in the garden of the sword.’

After living as a jockey, I thought it would be better to stay in Korean paper for about a year.

There were too many eyes to see in the garden of the sword. Therefore, there is too much to care about whenever you have to find the grave of Themeer or the arrangement of the Soldier.

Even if you go to Hanji anyway, it is too easy to make a good cause to return home. That’s better than…….’

At that point, the disciplinary action that popped out of Petro’s mouth was an unthinkable number for Jin.

“The punishment is off-site. It’s three years.….”

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