Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 324

Reflectively picked up the bead.

When I looked at it again, it was a recording device for solderlet. The difference is that it’s a little heavier than what Jean had before.

‘No, what the hell is this about here?’

I was speechless at the sudden discovery. Other colleagues looked at each other as if they were the same, smacking their eyes.

Joshua, where the hell did he get this? Did he approach Themeer’s grave?’

Temer’s tomb cannot enter without ‘qualification’

The qualification is, of course, the status of a contractor of solderlet.

Immediately two assumptions came to mind.

First, a figure named “Preditor” did something to help Joshua enter the Temer’s tomb.

Second, Joshua got the recording device from somewhere other than Themeer’s tomb.

Either way, the question is whether he knows that the bead is a recording device.’

Jean looked down at the fallen Ma tribe.

Dead men tell no tales.

He might have found quite a bit of information if he had been able to save the Mana, but he had already become a cold body and was spilling black blood from his neck.

It’s a shame.

It was an unexpected harvest. Compared to the fact that every time I got a recording device, I almost had to die, it was no different from just rolling in.

“Gong-ja, you’d better pack up some other belongings of this tribe.”

“Yes, I think it’s a horse that needs to be identified.”

I searched in the bosom of the dead horse. There seemed to be nothing to pack except a bundle of paper with unreadable ancient languages and the letters of the Ma tribe and a book.

And the moment Jin unconsciously opened the book.

Oh, my God!

Suddenly the book gave off an ominous violet glow, and from it a voice with a strange ring spread.

[The great duke of the Rantelgius, the one who has been caught in the mad book of Lontelgius. I will be cursed by Rontelgius forever! You will be a stone statue alive and will not die, and you will be a powder and forever resent yourself.]

It was a different voice from the one of the dead horsemen.

As soon as the curse’s spell was over, a translucent chain of violet came out of the book and tied up the gin.

“Dear Confucius!”

“Prince Jean!”

My colleagues stretched out their swords in a fit of surprise. Naturally the chain of curses was not cut by the sword.

And Chin lightly raised his hand to indicate that it was okay.

“Don’t panic, everyone. I’m immune anyway.”

Solderlet’s contractor has full immunity to all kinds of curses in the world.

The power that Valeria described as “excessively fraudulent” before her return was indeed a long experience for Jean.

The chain that tied the gin slowly permeated into his shadow on the floor.

It didn’t take five seconds for the chain to devour into the shadows and disappear without a trace.

My colleagues watched the scene with their mouths open, and asked me,

“Confucian, are you sure you’re okay?”

“Yes, I’m glad to hear that. If someone else touched this book, not me……you would have been a statue. Unless a bunch of Rontelgius put this device in a book just to scare you.”

At the moment of the attack on the host, the back of the ship had cooled down. Not because I’m afraid of curses, but because of the fact that something terrible could have happened that could never have been undone if another colleague had touched it.

“In the future, we should be more careful with those who use the magic of the devil or the dark. You’ve been purely lucky just now. I also got a name, Rontelgius, which is believed to be a member of this tribe.”


The carcass of the horse was disintegrating. There was not even a trace of blood spreading where his body was.

“It’s a nasty species.”

“Let’s keep going.”

The movement has begun again. Perhaps because of the sudden encounter with the Ma people, the group seemed more nervous.

However, the group never met the enemy until they reached the end of the underground facility.

Three guardian knights, eight hounds, and the rest of the residents are absent.

Rather, it bothered me.

Without so many people, Julian’s guardian dragon might have been transferred to another place…….

When such anxiety was about to pass through the party’s mind, Julian pointed to beyond the darkness of the basement with trembling hands.

“Car, Caltor……! Caltor!”

When I lit the light, I saw a man hanging on the wall.

He was the guardian dragon of Julian, the brain dragon Caltor, who transformed himself into a human being.

He looked miserable enough to close his eyes. The crushed hands and feet were lodged in a huge nail, and the whole body was filled with traces of mysterious torture.

Breathe hardly breathed.

“Caltor! It’s me, Julian! I’ll let you go in a minute……!”

Tears streamed from Julian’s eyes constantly.

This time, Kuzan also pulled out the nails together without saying anything, feeling sorry for Ulian. Flinching! Every time the nail fell out, Caltor’s body shook, and the consciousness showed no sign of coming back.

“Ah… …Caltor, answer me. What the hell did those bastards do to you?”

“Live, Julian. We can go back and heal. Confucius will surely call the saints of Vankela. So just calm down, and keep your voice down. I know it’s disgusting right now, but there’s nothing Joshua can do to intimidate you, right?”

said Kuzan, patting Julian’s back.

Jean took off her coat and wrapped herself around thin Caltor.


On the verge of getting back to the ground and escaping the forest.

Jean turned her head and gazed at Joshua’s secret villa, where she stood.

‘When Joshua was training here, if his father truly recognized him. Would he be less trash than he is now?’

Jean shook her head at the sudden question.

“No, it’s likely to overlap with the time when I cursed myself when I was one year old anyway. Sometimes I wonder what made him so ugly.’

* * *

“I’ve found a hiding place, Lord.

Of the three guardian knights, a man of the colonists reported to Joshua.

“Where were you?”

“Amazingly, it was a country in the eastern part of the Ekan Kingdom. It’s called the village of the donkey, which has less than 100 residents, and most of them are elderly.”

“In such a place? Are you sure?”

“Yes, we’ve already been rattling the residents. They built a lab on one side of town. I looked at the lab myself. The residents’ description of Arya Oulhart matches all of them.”

“You said it was dark under the lamp, but that makes perfect sense.”

“But it would have been hard to find without the detection magic of the devil.”

Three guardian knights and eight hounds that were supposed to be waiting in Joshua’s secret villa.

That was why they were absent from the secret villa. They left the villa to track down the traces of Aria Oulhart in the Ekhan Kingdom, which the Ma people found by the Dark World’s “detection magic.”

Rontelgius rampen.

Joshua nodded, recalling his terrible appearance.

“Yes, it’s a detection magic ingredient, and you’ve eaten a thousand death row inmates. You’re finally paying off. Was there any clue to the other hiding places in Aria Oulhart in the village of the donkey?”

“There’s only a limited amount of way out of the donkey village, so tracking down the expected route of travel will narrow down the suspected area. Clearly, Aria Outhart has another shelter in Hufester.”

“How much time do we need to secure another hiding place?”

“You can find at least one place in a month. If you continue to narrow it down that way, you’ll be able to bite the right tail.”

“Okay, good work. To reduce the time as much as possible.”

“We’ll have more satisfactory results soon.”

“We offer more death row inmates to Rampen. Now that his magic has been proven to be excellent.”

Joshua smiled.

Rontelgius rampen……if he could identify the bead. I’ll even consider providing a death penalty for my cloning.’

Young-gi beads.

It was at the tomb of Looncandel that he got it. When I was a beginner cadet, one day I was busy losing to Luna, as always.

Instead of being locked up in the room and cursing himself as usual, Joshua headed to his family’s tomb.

It is still unknown why he suddenly visited Yeongmyo at that time. They visited Yeongmyo as if they were led by fate or possessed by something.

And the deepest part of Yeongmyo.

A spirit bead was found in an empty tomb where the original housekeeper, Themeer, was supposed to be enshrined.

‘When I touched the spirit bead, I began to hear the voice of the dog.’

A doglike thing; a prophet.

At first she only existed in her voice. Only in the voice of consoling little Joshua, giving advice.

As Joshua grew older, his voice became more and more real. At first, she was a ghostly figure, and from the time she became a rider, she was transformed into a woman who is as clear as she is now.

‘But the prophet does not know that he has awakened from the bead. And the fact that I have beads.’

Joshua did not tell her about the beads, even in the prime of his faith in the prophet.

It was thanks to a natural instinct.

Young Joshua instinctively sensed that the spirit bead could be a safety device.

For example, one day when a prophet betrays himself for some reason, it will be useful.

“When I see the attitude of the prophet these days, I feel like he’s going to betray me at any time. Whether it is dealt with as soon as it becomes a housekeeper, or whether there is a sure means of control before that. Either number has to be used.’

Joshua had yet to let go of his old intuition about the spirit bead.

So by chance, no. Perhaps he was forced to ask Rontelgius to find out where to use it.

“I’ll leave you alone, Lord.”

The moment when the guardian knight who finished the report saluted and tried to step down.

Someone found Joshua in an urgent voice.

“Sir Joshua!”

The man who came into the room and bowed his head was one of the hounds.

“What’s going on?”

“The deserted cottage of the forest has been attacked.”


“It happened that we were heading east of Ekan with the information we received from the Ma tribe.”

Joshua pressed the curse that came up through his throat. The guardian, who was about to step down, was surprised and turned to the hound.

“……what about the damage?”

“The brain dragon and horse race that I had in custody are gone. And the two remaining personnel were killed…….”

The hound could not accurately recognize whether the horsemen were dead or gone.

It was because there were no remains of the Majung’s body in the underground facilities of the secret villa.

“Have you ever tracked?”

“They’re outstanding, there’s no trace left. I’m sorry.”


Joshua picked a big breath.

After all, it was a time when we had no choice but to lean once more on the prophet.

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