Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 322

“Well… …yes. The top of the golden pin No. 1 row top. I’m sorry if disguise was the best thing you could do. As a business partner in the future, I feel a little less reliable.”

“I can’t believe I’m losing faith! You’ve experienced more of our technology than anyone else, and you say that? I’m so disappointed, haha.”

When Fang laughed, the other three golden snowmen followed.

“I’m in the top two rows of goldfish. You’ve seen the last time a retired mercenary dressed up as a traveling outfit, haven’t you?

“I’m a gold digger, the top three row stone. Nice to see you again, Jean Looncandel.”

“I’m the top four line of goldfish, Songyi! You have a pretty good face for a human being. It’s good enough to be used as a sign on the top of our goldfish.”

Top, Sooni, Stone, Pine Mushroom. The four were the leaders of the cave’s golden snow clans, who made them the greatest rejections in the kingdom of 쟌쟌.

“No, what if these little bastards talk down to you like that? Our country is the bannerman of the great Looncandel, eh?”

Kashmir grabbed him by the shoulder as Jet spoke with a funny fist.

“Be quiet and you stay back. Confucius will take care of it.”


“Are you Lord Kashmir, the Ear Sword? Thank you for stopping me. I thought I’d throw that naughty fellow out of thin air!”

The top snorted at the back of Jet, who is leaving in a lonely way.

Shue! Shue! The golden snowmen stretched their fists into the air, making wind noises with their mouths.

Jin and Kashmir swallowed a smile at the sight of the golden snowmen. Anyway, it was a race with a cute side.

“K, anyway. That means we’re so successful because you made us seed money. But the real thing is from now on.”

“I was ready, but I couldn’t start my business without the main character.”

Fang and Soonyi looked at Jin and said,

I like it. After I become the flag bearer for Looncandel, I’ll talk to you about business in earnest. Then everyone was glad and grateful, I’m leaving.

What Jin said when he last met the Geumseol tribe.

The business they were talking about meant ‘cosmetics business’.

Until now, the Geumseol people have been rich only by investing seed money into various businesses and businesses.

But now they wanted to start a direct business.

Innovative business that would devour the world.


Dori and Songyi unpacked the paper they had brought in advance.

The paper, likely to be nearly a span thick, had business plans and contracts written on it.

“Come on, take a quick look. The top of the gilt is Jean Luncandel and the bottom is the top of the top of the gilt. Well, there’s no particular clause to care about. To summarize the key points, we are in charge of the operating rights of the top five to five, and you should be faithful to advertising. The termination of the contract is absolutely impossible…….”

“I don’t like it from the start. Profits are seven to three. My side is painted. Change the top operations to accommodate some of my opinions, at your disposal, only in the land of the water.”

“The latter admits. Isn’t the former too much? Seven to three? Are you going to act like a robber against us?”

“Instead, the top of the goldfish is officially protected by the 12th flag of the Looncandel. I mean, I’m totally going to pay for someone’s direct attack, so to speak, damage to property caused by raids, looting, robbery, etc.

“That’s tempting.”

It was a very tempting story for the Golden Snow people.

There have been two main reasons why they have not carried out their own business. One was to wait for Jean, and the two had no means of protecting themselves.

The second problem was big.

No matter how much money you have, it was not easy to find a reliable force. Because they were literally nerds.

Not having connections, not having a high reputation, not having power. The Geumseol people were just rich numbers.

At least some of the Looncandel’s guardian knights have been dispatched for the return of Bradamante, so they are keeping their money.

Hana money was like a candle in front of the wind.

The Jeokho people were slowly looking at Looncandel’s guardians and demanding payment, and they were even showing an attitude that they would kill and rob them if they were wrong.

“If Looncandel attacked us, will you make up for the loss?”

“Of course.”

“Even if the Zipple attacks?”

“Sound of course.”

“Okay, take it.”

Fang unexpectedly accepted Jean’s offer.

Rather than having a 50 percent stake that might be taken away at any time, it was judged that having a safe 30 percent would be beneficial in many ways.

“I’m sure you get the hang of it, but the business plan is very specific and innovative. Especially when it comes to advertising, how much we’ve been worried about…….”

Fang and Geumseol people began to explain their business plans.

It was quite a long story, but it could be summed up in one line. He said he would use “character” called Jean Looncandel to advertise very directly.

“Think, Jean Looncandel. Everywhere you go in the world, there’s a picture of your face hanging in every big building. about the size of a sailboat Using our cosmetics, posing for the product.”

“There must be some writing underneath it, too. Experience the beauty of Jean Looncandel’s choice, the color makeup of gold.”

“or discover your new beauty. Jean Looncandel recommends, gold-pink color makeup.”

“What do you say, innovative? When you think of goldfish cosmetics, everyone will naturally think of your flat face.”

To be sure, no top has ever advertised its products that way.

“In addition, our cosmetics are classified into three categories. high-grade snow, low-grade snow, and jade snow for special disguises. I’m going to extort money from every human being in the world, from ordinary people to the Royal Family of Beaumont!”

“Oksul makeup, which is a disguise product, is a makeup done by Kumsul technicians, and will be a perfect disguise as if you were transformed into a retired special soldier. It’s a special product for friends who usually do dark things. I won’t include it in the advertisement, but you can only buy it through the acquaintance.”

Part of the earnings will be donated to various organizations to help the top have a good and friendly image. Make-up donation, that’s strange, right? We’re also going to have a free makeup event every week, with Golden Snow technicians wandering around the world.”

All the way through, Kashmir couldn’t shut his mouth.

Jean was also tongue-tied at their business acumen.

“Confucian, this is…… it sounds crazy at first glance, but it certainly does. I think all the young people in the world will be anxious to imitate Confucius.”

“I’ll hang my face in pictures for every big building in each city……?”

“You’re not a backup jockey any more. Do I need to cover my face? If you really don’t like it, you can use a different face, but there are only a few people who can surpass you in terms of influence and appearance. Maybe not at all.”

“It’s not that I don’t like it. That’s an ingenious remark. Well, not bad. No, that’s a great way.”

It was when Jin first thought it would be okay to do business with Geumseoljok cosmetics when he was a backup jockey.

Their cosmetics were clearly outstripping the public. Skills enough to fascinate the world if properly distributed.

In that sense, Jin thinks that the cosmetics of the Geumseol tribe were similar to Zipple’s ‘life magic products’.

People in the world, whether they like it or not, have no choice but to use the products of Jipple.

The various life magic products they developed, such as mana lights, mana stoves, and various mana-based amenities, were simply dominating the world.

Zipple used to use it to gain the upper hand in dealing with any force.

If the company does not accept the deal, it will cut off the supply of magical living products to the power.

Of course, not many people in the world knew about such misdeeds of Jipple. Even if I knew, I couldn’t raise the issue recklessly.

On the other hand, all Looncandel had was force.

Although the tools made by Looncandel’s blacksmiths were selling like hot cakes, demand was low. There are overwhelmingly more ordinary people in the world than unmanned ones.

That’s why as the years go by, Jipple influences more and more places in the world.

Looncandel was destined to grow smaller and smaller.

It was because there were more things that could be done by magic than by force.

It’s a decline that’s yet to be seen. But one day, the gap was bound to be revealed.

‘The family seems to be only thinking about breaking the jipple and gaining their influence, but that’s not the only thing we should be prepared for. Business with the Geumseol people is the beginning of change.’

Jean smiled, asking for a handshake from the Golden Snow.

“When are you going to start?”

“As soon as you sign the contract.”

“So from now on, then.

When Jin signed the contract, the Geumseol people joined hands.

“Let’s make a bunch of money together! First of all, I’m going to put an ad on Hufester first.”

Jean Looncandel, or Looncandel.

When the name comes to mind after today, people would naturally associate it with the fashionable force, as well as beautifully illuminated colorful cosmetics.

* * *

A week has passed.

Joshua took the butler Howard and a few of his close aides to visit the Kuroano himself.

It was because I heard an absurd story. The story is about a painting of Jean Looncandel and her youngest brother hanging in Kuroano Gongguk Square.

As it is rumored, Joshua was able to identify the giant portrait of Qin hung at the entrance of the Kuroan Gongguk Art Street.

(Select of Gene Looncandel, color makeup of gold)


The bright smile described by the portrait was scratching Joshua’s stomach like a blade.


Joshua, who was reading the picture and the bottom passage, opened his mouth for a moment.


“What the hell do you think this is? The family’s flag bearer has low-cost cosmetics……hah, cosmetics? I’m speechless because it’s amazing. When I cut my purse strings, I never thought I’d have a big accident like this.”


Joshua clenched his teeth.

I couldn’t even imagine how funny people would find the alternative Looncandel when they saw that ad.

What name is Looncandel?

For a thousand years in the world what Looncandel symbolized was fear itself.

Now the youngest, who has become a jockey, dares to bleach his name. Even, in the name of the Looncandel, which will soon be his own.

Not only Joshua but also quite a few people gathered in front of Jin’s portrait to smile. As if watching a strange animal!

At the sight, Joshua’s judgment was twisted and he was going crazy.

“Tell the senate right now to refer the lunatic to disciplinary action. Put that goddamn portrait away.”

“What should we do with the portraits outside of Hufester?”

“It’s outside of Hufester……?”

“I’ve heard that there’s already a 12-year-old portrait hanging in the cities of the Rutero Magic Federation.”

“… …get to know the guys who made this. First of all, don’t just drag them in, what kind of guys are they? I want you to thoroughly investigate who’s on the back row.”

* * *

Meanwhile, while Joshua is venting his anger at the Kurano Dortrune.

One by one, Qin and his colleagues were gathering into a forest in the Ekan kingdom.

It was where Joshua’s secret villa was.

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