Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 320

Ron Heiran was by far the best of the world’s best-known ten-star articles along with Talaris Endorma.

If he had made up his mind to cut himself, there was nothing he could do about Jean.

Gently, Dante’s eyes shook frantically as Ron approached Jean.

Dante, first of all, unwittingly blocked the front of Jean.

“Stick aside.”

“My grandfather, please listen to my story!”

“I don’t want to hear it.”

Dante had no choice but to recall the promise he made with his grandfather a few years ago when he visited the arena of Cosmos.

I’m sorry, grandpa. He didn’t win this time, and he barely survived twice.

I almost lost my life twice in that low-key competition….? What the hell happened? Was the sword lacking in accomplishment, or was it hidden from money and play?

The sword was not lacking in achievement, but the spirit of the element was lacking. Also, I met two boys who were blinded by money and play, but were attracted to them.

Haha, I’m just curious to the point where you say that. He doesn’t even care about the best people in and out of his family…. yes, what are the names of the guys who shook our grandson’s heart?

My grandfather, I’m afraid I can’t give you my name…… once again, I would like to ask you one more favor.

You’re so sweet! You’re making this old man feel bad as soon as he gets here! But I’ll forgive you. What is your request?

Just once in any situation, let me save them.

Ron was supposed to listen to Dante’s request at the time.

In less than a second, Dante’s head made all kinds of calculations. Indeed, is it right to use this card now?

Looncandel and Hairan were clearly competing. It meant classifying each other as “enemies” and that they could strike each other whenever they had a cause.

Therefore, it was well-deserved for Ron to pull Jean’s arm now. Whatever the reason, he broke into the original fortress of Hainan in disguise.

‘Maybe, the time may come when your grandfather is really trying to take Jean’s life. It may not be now to take only one arm, but maybe it’s better to bring up that promise then……!’

My heart beat like crazy, and I thought I’d hear my grandfather and my friend. I had to choose.

Do you save the hand you received from your grandfather for a day that may never come, or use it to prevent your friend from becoming crippled right now?

I closed my eyes tightly once.

Dante finished his troubles. I couldn’t wait to see my friend’s arm cut off before my eyes.

“My grandfather, I remember the promise you made with me a few years ago……!”

But it’s already late.

Ron had already raised the sword, gently pushing Dante, who was standing in front of Jean.

Dante was so focused on agonizing in extreme situations that he didn’t even know he was pushed.

Rashid, Ron’s favorite sword and a symbol of the Highland family, was already stained with an aurora.

At the sight, Dante felt the blood all over his body quickly cooled down. At a moment I felt dizzy, and my eyes went dark.

He also threw himself reflexively. To stop Ron from ginning with his body.

On the other hand, Jin looked calm as he faced Ron. He remained calm even after Ron appeared.



Dante, who was about to shout so, could see a moment later, stopping just before his grandfather’s sword reached Qin.


Suddenly Ron burst into laughter with his belly buttoned up.

“You’ve been fooled, haven’t you? Hahaha, how was the old man’s acting? Huh? It’s been a while since I saw my grandson’s bewildered face, and he’s so cute that I’m going crazy! Hahaha.”

“Joe, grandpa……? You’re telling me this was all a joke?”

After nodding his head, Ron couldn’t stop laughing for a while.

“I was very curious because you seemed to leave your grandfather’s conversation and suddenly fidget.”

Only then did Dante realize he was deceived.

Come to think of it, it was strange from the beginning.

Ron Heiran, the only grandfather Dante knows, is not the kind of person who will do things that will hurt his heart.

“Who the hell came to see us, my grandson! Well, are you the princess you saw at the last feast? Or did Henserk’s journey to Geomhwangseong Fortress finally pay off?

At that point, Jean opened her eyes round without realizing it.

‘Crazy. Dante, I wondered why you were so late. You were talking to Lord Ron?’

If it had been Looncandel, it would have been inconceivable.

While talking to a family member, he looks restless because a friend came to see him.

“That… …rum, grandpa. Doesn’t your grandfather hurt the friend of the child?”

“Why would I hurt my grandson’s favorite figure for no good reason? Of course, it’s a bit of a shame that you didn’t find her in such a hurry. My grandfather is very happy just to see the true nature of the fellow you’ve often mentioned.….”


Dante suddenly falls on the floor.

Ron’s face turned white at the sight of it.

“Dante, my grandson! Rain, did you get anemia?”

Dante, who was born with an extremely weak body, was often struck hard or collapsed, causing anemia or seizures when he was overworked.

It was a symptom that was almost gone recently.

“I’m sorry, Grandfather. The device is a disgrace.….”

“Oh, no. The old man was wrong. Hey! Call the medic, come on!”

The medical staff rushed in in an instant at Ron’s loud cry. As soon as they saw Dante, they skillfully drugged and loaded him on a stretcher.

“Jin… …a little later, we’ll talk again.”

The moment Jean nodded, Dante lost consciousness.

“Is our grandson in very bad shape? Huh? Is it a big pain?”

“It’s just anemia, don’t worry. My lord!”

“Nervous! If anything happens to your grandson, they’ll all slit your throat.”

“Don’t worry, my lord! We will make sure that your condition improves as soon as possible!”

As the medical staff quickly left with Dante, Ron looked at their backs and sounded alone worried about his grandson.

Only two people, Jean and Ron, were left in the drawing room.

“……say hello late, Lord Ron Heilan. The thirteenth child of Looncandel is Jean Looncandel, the twelfth rider.”

“I know your name. I didn’t know you had a hobby in disguise.”

Ron looked slowly round the gin. Unlike when he looked at Dante, he seemed to have no mercy at all.

“Why were you so sure I wouldn’t cut you?”

Jean gently bowed her head to Ron’s question.

“I don’t think he’s that light.”

“My grandson must have been upset, but it’s true that I was deeply concerned about taking one of your arms at the expense of it.”

“If that’s the case, it’s something I should have done for coming to the city of Geomhwang.”

“He’s not good at making fun of me. Siron, I think he’s looking at his young enemy.”

“Thank you.”

“It’s not a compliment. Your father is still like that, but he was a more ugly person in his youth.”

Ron’s eyes were bathed in greed when he said so.


He spoke fearfully, but couldn’t take his eyes off the porcelain held by Jean.

“Because of you, my precious and precious grandson, who wouldn’t hurt my eyes, was almost hurt. How are you going to take responsibility for this?”

“I’m afraid it’s not my responsibility.”

“Yes, it won’t be your responsibility. If you were stronger than me.”

Ron smiled lightly at Jean’s shoulder.

As soon as his palm touched, Jean almost screamed. The intangible energy stretched out from Ron’s touch and Orser quickly muddled Jean’s organs.

What kind of backflow……… You’re trying to get up like a wizard.’

The mother’s bones have become hollow.

The backflow of the fighters to the oracle was much more difficult to artificially induce than the backflow of the wizard’s mana.

It is widely believed that it is impossible to simply inject a bigger error into the opponent to create a reverse flow.

But Ron was doing it casually.

“What do you say, are you starting to feel a little responsible now?”

Ron’s reflux was getting stronger. Jean did not scream while shaking, nor did she miss the pottery while her grip was loosening.

“First of all… …but, uh, Te. Anemia, no.”

Ron’s eyes widened at the words.

It was because it was unbelievable that Jin noticed Dante’s “fake disease” in that short time. It is a matter that even he was concerned about at first.

“I know.”

But on the surface, he didn’t reveal his amazing heart.

“When you mix with food, you get fed. He’s never responded to my pranks like this before, but he hung out with you. You seem to have been tricked.”

Ron said, taking his hand away from Jean.

Jean took a breath, wiping the blood flowing from her nose and mouth.

“Dante did a great job. Pretending to be anemic, because I’ve made a stand-alone relationship with Lord Ron and passed judgment on 300 million gold coins to you.”

“Our grandson wasn’t a very clever one, but he left it all behind. Yap!”

“Why don’t you give me a price to eat?”


“Dante, who was only clear, showed boldness to deceive Lord Ron. When he takes over the hegemony of the Hairan, I don’t think he’ll just get the back of the head among the Beaconian conspirators.”

Jean’s impudent manner made Ron forget what to say for a moment.

“Also, I have provoked Dante more than any other genius warrior in Highlanda and Beaumont. My hard work is in part of what Dante has achieved.”

“Want to get paid for it, too?”


“Hahaha… …not food, but evil. Do you know what that means?”

“I think it means I have nothing to say if you cut me before I dye Dante more evil.”

“You can’t stand it. Yeah, I wish I could just punch your ass in the neck. I’ll try to avoid that for my grandson. I’ll spare you. That’s the price you paid for Dante’s dye.”

“That’s not enough.”

“Well, that’s not enough. It is the case that the Runkandel 12 d’Or dared to offer a deal to the owner of the Geomhwangseong Fortress. Just leave the pottery behind.”

Ron smiled back and said,

“And let me also hand over the ancient fountain to me, which your son is set to receive as a reward for his recent assignment to assassinate the black knight. If you want to live.”

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