Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 302

They were elders.

About twenty people. It is rare for the elders of Looncandel to move in such a band.

The servants did not dare raise their heads, and the guardian knights saluted with discipline whenever they encountered them.

Everyone wondered where the elders were headed, but could not dare ask.

‘Oh, they’re elders, aren’t they?’

The just-up Tonya brothers rubbed their eyes and looked out the window.

Where are we going? Uncle Jed is here. Oh, I think it’s the youngest’s room.’

As the Tonya brothers expected, it was Jin’s room where the elders were headed.

“Senior Jed, is that really a definite story?”

“These people, what a fool they are! How many times do I have to tell you? I’m sure I didn’t show you the advanced form of the duel. I didn’t achieve it by myself.”

It was no different why the elders were visiting the camp.

a power failure

Jed had applied for deliberation by the senate after completing the improvement of the fall. The elders, who were unaware of the situation, congratulated Jed and said, “Let’s naturally name his newly born fall painting.”

However, Jed insisted that the name added to the painting should be named after Jin, who provided decisive clues, not himself.

“No, I just don’t understand. What the hell, you found a clue to the progress of the duel in a child who just became a rider…….”

“It’s only a few days before Jean Looncandel took over the fall from the elder Jed.”

“Oh, you’re lying to me because I want you to fly me a dozen times? I’ve been doubting myself since before. If you’re going to do this, don’t follow me!”

“Hey, that’s not what I meant. Come on, let’s your excitement. It’s my fault.”

“Yes, yes, it’s your fault. He’s no one to lie to. And last night I didn’t come up to the fourth rider and tell him anything strange.”

Another old man gently touched Jed’s shoulder and continued his words.

“You said the 12th rider used a sword that was superior to the 6th series of electric lights in this mission. Perhaps the Twelve Horsemen, as Zedd Wenlo said, are capable of providing important clues for our Looncandel showdowns to advance.”

Dipus deliberately leaked information to the elders about the Ming-gum seasonal thunderclap used by Qin.

Jin can’t explain it even if he asks, so he decided to borrow the elders’ mouths. It was an excellent choice.

“The fourth rider is also not a person to talk nonsense. Anyway, we’re here to check for ourselves. We’re almost there, so please all calm down a little bit.”

Ahem, hm! Hm! Hm!

The elders coughed softly, watching Jed’s countenance.

Before long, the elders stood in front of Jin’s door.

“You old men, the youngest, show you the sword yourself, you’ll be drooling and coveting. How dare you doubt me?’


Jed gritted his teeth against the door.

“It’s the call of the presbytery! Twelve-time Jean Looncandel, come out quickly!”

Jed shouting in a triumphant voice

But there was no response in the room.

“The youngest! Come out quickly!”

When there was no answer for calling again, Jed jerked the door knob.

Cuckoo, the lock broke, the door opened, and there was no one in the room.

“No, why is he……you don’t have it? Hmm, hmm!”

This time, Jed secretly looked at the elders.

The elders were just shrugging their shoulders with the face, “Yes, it is.”

“I’m sorry to hear that, Lord. We’ve all taken our precious time out.….”

“Well, let’s put aside the fact that the youngest isn’t there. Why do you all look so disappointed? You really don’t trust me?”

“Come on, it’s not like that. Well, we believe in Zedd. Something must have happened to the 12th rider, hehe. So let’s go back.”


When the elders turned around at once, Jed had no choice but to resent Jean inside.

Where the hell is he? I don’t know how humiliated my uncle is!’

* * *

Squeak! Squeak!

Jean was sitting in a bar on an open beach, where seagulls were crying, drinking each of the tiles.

In front of him, gilly, dressed neatly, was throwing food at the seagulls.

“I’d like two more cocktails, please. Same thing. Anyway, isn’t it time for everyone to come? Master.”

“Yes, there he is.”

When Jean pointed her finger at the sky, the seagulls began to rush away somewhere.

It was because a dragon, which had just been revealed in sight, was descending.

It was Murakan.

Tikan’s colleagues were on his back.

“Oh, my Lord! Do you know how much I missed this Jet!”


The first ones to run were Jet and Enya.

They were showing signs of welcome like a puppy reunited with its owner who had almost lost it.

“Jet, it’s Enya. How have you been?”

“Oh, I’m always happy thanks to you. Oh, how hard have you been? I heard it was hectic again as soon as you went to the Sword Garden.”

“No, should I call you Sir, not Confucius now? You are still handsome! Please sign first! I also wrote down the 12th Runkandel. Here, on the back!”

As always, Enya is like an excited primate animal, banging my chest and expressing joy.

“Ha, yes. En, it’s nice to get your autograph, right? Yeah, that’d be great. Nice to meet you, Jean.”

“How are you? ID Quikantel.”

“Sure. Except Enya, Yuria and Pinte whining all the time that they miss you.”

Quikantel no longer told Enya to save face as Olta’s contractor.

“Sir Jin, you weren’t originally like a child, but now you’re really like an adult.”

“Alisa, just call me the way you used to. En, you too.”

“Shall we?”

Jean and Alisa shook hands and hugged lightly.

“I remember the day I first met Confucius.”

Kashmir, who followed, made eye contact with Jean.

“Sir Kashmir.”

“Thanks to Confucius’ help, my daughter is still growing well. I’m already nine.”

“It seems like time flies. I was five when we first met.”

It has already been more than four years since I made a connection with the people of Tikan.

To Qin, they were more like family than real brothers, and Tikan felt more like home than the garden of the sword.

“My daughter and Ratri couldn’t come. I’m behind in my work at the snack bar…. Veris is helping out, too. “Kuzan and Julian are still on Confucius’ mission.”

It was truly a surprise that Veris had that personality and worked in a snack bar.

Kashmir’s basket was full of cookies. Refreshing hard-retra cookie, signature of the retra snack bar.

But it wasn’t a snack prepared for Jean.

Jean only checked the cookie’s condition, then closed the basket again.

“I hope you like it.”

“Maybe so. Sources have confirmed that Olmango’s contractor is dying to eat it.….”

Jean and Kashmir burst out laughing in vain.

The Seven Colors have long known the exact location of Olmango’s contractor. It was confirmed even before Jean gave the order.

As a result, Olmango’s contractor even found out that he had a strange fantasy about Litra Cookie.

The Litra Cookie has been making the prestige of its exquisite taste and aroma toward the whole world since around last year.

It has become a cookie that even famous people from all over the world have to eat in line.

All kinds of magazines and newsletters can be introduced if they are bored. For those who said, “Eat some refreshments,” Littra Cookie was known as a dream snack.

Some minstrel poets preached that they must go to Tikan Free City at least once before they die, even to eat Littra cookies.

However, it is only rich and time-consuming aristocrats and wealthy people who can visit the free city of Tikan for a cookie.

Unfortunately, that was not the case for Olmango’s contractors.

“Anyway, first of all.”

Jean looked at her colleagues and continued her backstabbing.

“Let’s have a few days off. And there won’t be many days when we can get together.”

Since then, I haven’t done anything, and I’ve only been playing like a prodigy on the beach.

We talked about this and that, and we solved our troubles, invited the city’s minstrel poets to listen to songs, brought in chefs to taste instant dishes, and swam and fish.

The three nights and four days disappeared like a bolt out of sight. Colleagues have long forgotten that simply “play” is this much fun.

“You all seem to get along very well. Thanks to you, we’re going to set a new sales record this month.”

The young clerk at the bar looked at Jean and said,

He was a young man with a young face, a strangely moist skin that seemed to have just turned twenty.

He did not yet know what Jean and his colleagues were. If I had known, I wouldn’t have spoken to him so easily.


a clerk surprised at the sudden call of his name

From his point of view, it was a natural response because he had never given his name to Jin and his colleagues.

“……Yes, sir?”


Jean put a basket full of Retra cookies on the table.

“I am the 12th rider of Jean Looncandel, and the contractor of Solderlet. And this is a gift.”

Jin and his colleagues spent days off at a bar in the corner of the beach.

This was because this was the place where the contractors of Jogubi and Olmango work.

a statue-like stele

When I opened the box with trembling hands, the smell of fragrant and savory cookies came up.

“I came here because I had something to receive from your God. If you don’t mind, could you please call Mr. Olmango for a moment?”

The shock seemed to be great.

Not because I knew Jean’s identity, but because I was blinded by the cookies that lay right in front of me.

“This is… …you’re really giving it all to me?”

“Of course.”

“Well, can I eat and talk?”

Jean nodded, and the jogger picked up the cookie with his trembling hand.

Wang, who took a bite of his face immediately turned red with a bitterness.

Then, a few minutes later, the eyes were turning, leaving only the white part.

The cookies tasted shocking, but it was a reaction when God was in peace.

It was almost the same as when a pecon was placed on Bin Branche’s body.

[Killing!] Yeah, I’m sick of fish and shellfish!]

“……Mr. Olmango?”

[Wait a minute, Solderlet’s contractor. Let me finish this and give you what you’re looking for.]

In Olmango, who ate cookies with his head in a basket, there was no such thing as God’s authority.

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