Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 318

From Jin’s unusually calm expression at the moment when everyone swallowed their breath at Rosa’s unconventional proposal at the conference hall.

Joshua didn’t really think anything special would be hidden in Jean’s expressionless expression.

There was no other reason to be strange because he always had a poker face.

Still, it was a purely ‘feeling’ judgment to tell Jean that she had not already found Aria Outhart.

There was a silence.

‘What was that? Was I sitting too fine when everyone was surprised? Even so, it cannot be said so confidently.’

I searched my memory quickly.

But there was no idea when or how Joshua found out he had met Valeria.

Since he began to confront Joshua, Jin was feeling embarrassed for the first time.

Fortunately, Joshua did not lose his unique expressionless face the moment he entered the room while talking about Valeria.

Jean smiled.

At the end of the day, no matter how Joshua found out, it was only a matter of putting iron plates on his face and taking him away.

“Mom and you, you seem pretty sick. Seeing how you’re talking nonsense.”

“The youngest.”

“I hope you don’t call me that friendly. We’re not on good terms with each other, brother and sister.”

“This is more important than you think.”

“So your mother must have made amends for the five eastern regions.”

At first he spoke with conviction, but as pure as he felt. As Joshua, he was also worried about how to draw the flow of dialogue.

So you haven’t found him yet?

I couldn’t ask you so openly.

“If you hand him over to me, I’ll give you more than five eastern regions. On the honor of my name and my family.”

“Let’s hear what an interesting story it is that you keep making a mistake.”


a smirk

Jean smiled.

Then he made a serious face and made eye contact with Joshua.

“You’re still not good at jokes. Didn’t I tell you last time, that was the last time you had the chance to kill me?”

“And the safety of your colleagues.”

Joshua, of course, thought Jean would be very excited about the words. Just like you just called yourself your ass and made a serious face.

But Jean didn’t feel the need to get excited about the words.

I just thought it had come anyway.

‘I was wondering when my colleagues would be taken hostage, but now is the time.’

Fellows, they’re Jean’s most secure fence.

On the one hand, it was also the biggest and only weakness.

Therefore, of course, Jean was determined that her mother, Rosa, and Joshua would one day touch their colleagues and put pressure on them.

Not only Qin, but also his colleagues were all expecting it.

‘I’m getting more and more curious about the teacher’s ransom. East Five’s not enough, and you’re taking out the strongest hand that can put pressure on me now?’

The question of what Rosa had decided to receive in return for handing over the heaster quickly amplified.

Life, and the lives of colleagues.

What Joshua meant by telling Jean that he would guarantee two things…….

“It is highly likely that it is a matter of Solderlet’s contract. My mother might have asked for a drinking seat on the Jiffle, or another means to transfer my contract to Joshua.’

It was a wild guess.

However, I thought it was a possible development.

Joshua’s purpose is not to kill himself, but to deprive him of the power of solderlet, and Rosa’s purpose will be commensurate.

‘My mother felt strangely sorry for me since last time. “For a mother’s best ending would be to transfer only my contract to Joshua, and to use it as a flag bearer for her family.”

In fact, even without the power of solderlet, the magic and the power of the Ming Dynasty would not be available.

Jin was one of the best runners in Looncandel, but he was also considered to have a high potential.

Pure fencing alone is showing enough growth to be mentioned as a next-generation family.

As Rosa, unless Jean gives Joshua the power of shadow, and betrays his family.

There was never a reason to give up the youngest son.

What’s more, it’s almost certain that Zipple can transfer the contract of God, given that the contractor of time in previous and present lives is different and that Midor Ener and Veradin have used the space explosion.

All kinds of thoughts flashed through my mind in a flash.

Dizzling families ended up with a question.

Why is Joshua and his mother so obsessed with spirituality?

“What are you doing? You’re thinking of having a conversation now?”

Jean smiled at Joshua’s question.

“I repeat, I’ve never found a heaster. I don’t know why you’re doing this. I think I just poked it with my gut.”

“I’ll give you ten days. In it, bring the Heister to me.”

“If you want to make a major like that, you’d better grab me and run outside in time for this crap.”

Jin, who turned around, said the last word.

“Just in case, I hope you’re not a moron prepared to bleed into a clumsy delusion. It means there’s nothing good to mess with my colleagues.”

“I’ll refer to your advice.”

“It’s not a warning, it’s a warning. Do you happen to know? At this moment, I mean, when we’re alone in a dark hallway, I could pull out a sword impulsively and cut off the neck of a second rider, right? Without thinking about the consequences.”

“It’s a shame. You think you can beat me if it’s one-on-one?”

“If you’re confident, you can fight right now.”

Then Joshua shrugged.

“You’re not as bad as I thought you’d be. I have nothing to lose if I break it.”

I said it thinking that he would not fight anyway. As Joshua said, Jin had nothing to lose even if he lost the one-on-one duel, while Joshua had no choice but to lose his reputation even if he won.

Joshua watched the back of Jean until it disappeared.

Then I was sure.

My lovely little sister, at least she’s met Aria Oulhart.

‘If the youngest really didn’t know anything about the Heaster, he would have offered a deal back when I spoke to him.’

Jean, recognized by Joshua, was such a figure.

If you see desire in your opponent, even if you don’t have a weapon to shake that desire, you somehow use it.

Having such a scary corner is what he thinks is the youngest.

But now, even though he showed his desire first, he only backed out, saying he didn’t know Hister.

He didn’t seem willing to use it to suggest a deal or to play tricks on himself.

That was why Joshua was convinced of the relationship between Jean and Hester.

The corners of my mouth went up in the hope of a great harvest.

‘But even if you really kidnap or kill his colleagues, Jean will never give you the Heaster.’

On the contrary, it was nothing more than stimulating predators.

‘It’s rather fortunate that the youngest knows Hister. If he has it, neither Looncandel nor Zipple will find him. The hysterics are safe.’

The youngest never loses the hand he holds.

He was also Jean, which Joshua understood.

Though they are clearly, enemies, or enemies.

Joshua was acknowledging Jean.

From the time when everyone was looking down on Jin before he stood out. Joshua had never underestimated Jean.


The retired first-class butler, Howard, approached Joshua. He was the brother of the butler Heinz and one of Joshua’s closest associates.

“Did you have income?”

“I caught an unexpected big fish. Howard, Aria Outhart. Don’t place any of my knights in the hunt for the Heaster. It’s just a waste of manpower.”


“Instead, spray other riders with fake information about the heaster. While the riders are distracted by the hunt for Hister, secure as many death row inmates as you can with Lycalton.”

Howard did not add to Joshua’s judgment.

“And look for a list of all the clients, including traders, rich people and aristocrats, who have relations with the free city of Tikan.”

“That’s something that the writers have already figured out. We’ve been updating it on a weekly basis, so the errors will be minimal.”

Then Joshua nodded with satisfaction.

“I’ll cut it all off. I’d like to dry my purse strings. The youngest and his colleagues don’t mind knowing why the client suddenly disappeared, but it shouldn’t be known that there was our pressure outside.”

“I’ll make sure you keep your mouth shut. How do you deal with your clients on the Zipple, the Vigung, and the Imperial side? It’s hard for them to make sure they’re secure.”

“How many are there?”

“I have to check, but I’ve heard there are about ten. About half of them are Jipple.”

“Leave the palace alone and see if the rest of the clients have a proper production with the Jipple Bonega, the Imperial Imperial Household. If not, have pirates looting and striking.”


There is no need to provoke a beast to walk an all-out war first.

Instead, Joshua decided to gently scratch Jean’s nerves. How Jean would come out when she cut the purse strings and secretly threatened her colleagues.

And I wonder if my colleagues will endure all kinds of disadvantages and remain by Jin’s side until the end.

‘He’s not going to have an all-out war with me like this. But, it’ll be pretty annoying.’

* * *

Ten days have passed.

Tikan Free City, April 10, 1799.

Kashmir’s expression was dark in the Oval Office.

This was because the urban economy was paralyzed at an unprecedented rate.

Already, more than 80% of customers have asked for the suspension of the deal at the expense of breach of contract and penalty fees, and the remaining 20% seemed to disappear soon.

“That’s a lot of Runkandel’s power. There’s not a single account that tells you why you’re breaking up, Confucius.”

Upon hearing the news, Jean had visited Tikan in disguise with Murakan and Gilly.

“Little brother, your brother. Who do you look like and you’re so stingy?”


“As Confucius said there could be a two-pronged attack, we were very prepared. I didn’t know this would happen…. first of all, we’re dealing with slush funds, but I don’t know how long we can hold on.”

Joshua’s attack was valid. In some ways, the damage was greater than the direct threat of assassination.

As Tikan’s leadership struggles to recognize the free city as a “state,” it is because it devotes a huge amount of money to each power every month.

“I’m angry, but still in financial power, that son of a gun, no. Joshua… …no, that bastard! You can’t win, Master. Even the tourists were empty at the news of the pirate ship’s presence in the nearby waters.”

said Gilly, venting his anger.

Jin’s slush funds were also substantial, but not enough to feed a city.

“I didn’t know he would come out this way either. I can’t stand still when you want to fight like this.”

“Do you have any plans?”

When Kashmir asked, Jean raised the corners of her mouth.

“I’m going to hit one of his villas.”

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