Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 317

Aria Aulhart.

When Valeria’s most cherished alias came out of Rosa’s mouth, most of the riders were forced to read each other’s countenance.

Because I didn’t know who it was. Jean and Joshua were the only ones who knew the name among the riders.

But no one dared ask Rosa, ‘Mother, who is that?’

It’s absurd, but that’s the only way to prove one’

On the other hand, the elders who decided to award Joshua were naturally aware of the existence of Aria.

They subtly show that they have the upper hand in information over most riders.

“The acting housekeeper and the second term have made a big decision. He was the one who had to find out to all the riders.”

said the elder (chairman of the Black Prosecutor’s Office), Jorden Loonkandel with a smile. Deputy Chief Justice Lynn Milcano also nodded as if he was convinced, while the Senior Secretary Telot Looncandel did not respond otherwise.

Gorden secretly turned to Joshua.

“The role of the second rider was very great.”

“That’s right, Elder Jordan. The second rider got the name, so we could move ahead of the Zipple.”

“That’s right.”

When the elders who supported Jordan and Joshua helped one by one, the riders were going crazy.

Joshua’s brother didn’t tell us anything.’

“Dumb old men, what the hell are you talking about? Can you explain it to me so I can understand?’

Mew and Ann’s innermost thoughts.

“How much did you major in? How much did the elders set the mood?’

Are you finishing the bottom line to raise it to Gajoo?’

Lan and Vgo.

‘Oh, let’s just stay quiet.’

‘But you still have to keep as much weight as you can.’

The Tonya brothers.

“Have you heard anything?’


Mary and Dipus.

‘It’s annoying and annoying…….’

And finally, Luntia.

While the brothers were thinking in their heads, Rosa opened her mouth again.

“Most riders won’t know what the name Aria Outhart means. Let me explain. He was the last remaining survivor of the Hyster family, the wizard family that once threatened the Jipple.….”

Rosa continued to explain “Hister” for a while.

The time of the Hysterics, the reason why they were able to use magic to threaten the Gipple, and how such a great family came to be erased from history that it was hard to find any related historical data.

‘You know quite well.’

He was not a rider before his return, so I couldn’t join such a meeting.

It was extremely limited then that Qin knew about the family of Looncandel.

Rosa, no, more than Jean expected. Looncandel was more interested in the Hysterics.

“… …so, we’re Aria Outhart. If you find a character named Hister first. If he gets information about the Hister family’s place of transmission and the recording magic that he knows. You’re going to have one important means of pressuring the Zipple.”

It was really surprising that Rosa himself brought out the words “record magic” and “the place of victory for the Hester family.” I didn’t think Rosa would share that much information with anyone but Joshua.

‘Well, there’s nothing weird about it. Only a few key members of the senate and riders are informed.’

When Rosa’s explanation was finished, the riders lit up their eyes.

It was because I knew that everyone had a “opportunity.”

“Mother, why did you call today’s meeting to order our riders to find him?”

“Yes, Lan. Searching and capturing Aria Outhart is the full-time duty of the Looncandel riders as of today. Classify it as top secret, and absolutely exclude the use of external manpower.”


If information that we are looking for the hysterics is exposed to the outside world, we will find the route of the leak and severely punish all those involved. There is no exception. So each rider must carefully select the members of his mission from among the Yehha Guardian Knights.”

The riders nodded heavily.

an expression of stern punishment without exception

It’s soon enough that you get into this mission and make the mistake of leaking information.

This meant that he could be disqualified from being a jockey.

Disqualification soon leads to deportation or unconditional exile.

“Jipple is also looking for him with his eyes on it. But we don’t know the name Aria Outhart yet. Necessarily, we must secure the hysterics before the jipple.”



Jorden coughed and drew attention.

As the chief of staff, I have a few things to tell the riders about this mission. First, I want the riders to be clearly aware that this mission is not just to establish a major, but to the family.….”

Jorden paused and muted.

“Secondly, whenever there is progress in the mission, all riders must report to the current top rider, the second rider.”

That’s what he said, as if I knew it.

Disappointment flashed through the eyes of some riders. I thought it was an opportunity for Rosa to pursue her major without being discriminated against for a long time, but this time again, she is becoming a monopolist.

Of course, everyone was acknowledging it. The fact that Joshua is going to be the owner anyway.

As a jockey, I had little desire to compete for a position in Gaju.

But sometimes I was disillusioned at times like this. I felt like a puppet to fill my head, not a rider. That not been suffering from jockey to death to be like this, I feel like that.

Even if you can’t go away, you want to have pride.

Rosa saw through the hearts of the riders, but ignored them thoroughly.

Even if they ignore it, they have taught them to never protest unless they “prove their qualifications.”

In that sense, of the eleven remaining riders in the family.

At this time, only four people could express their displeasure with Rosa and the elders.

“I don’t understand, sir. Why do you have to report the progress of the mission through the second term?”

“The fourth rider is right, sir. The second term is not literally acting as a ji-suji, ka-ju or ka-ju, is it?”

It was Dipus and Mary.

They have consistently demonstrated their qualifications even before they became jockeys.

Force is force, duty is duty is mission is duty is duty is duty is duty. Neither side has disappointed Zion, Rosa and the senate.

But the fact that he never let down the disappointment did not mean he was on good terms with the entire senate. They have not respected Jordan, nor have they given up their place in Gaza.


“You don’t look like you have any complaints? This is a matter of trampling on the pride of the riders. You said you were a family ambassador, but I don’t understand why you’re creating a sense of incompatibility in this way.”

“Then why didn’t you find out the name Aria Aulhart?”


“It’s not you guys, it’s the second time I’ve known the name that Giffle hasn’t figured out yet. It means it’s a two-timer’s own ball. We were rather considerate of you to share the credit.”

As expected, Jorden leisurely retorted their stories.

“Oh, is that so? I didn’t know. Then Joshua Oraver, no. You can search by yourself. Why did you bring us all together? Is this the will of the senate or of your mother?”

“What a rough talk!”

“Would it be worse than the Elder Gorden’s handling of the painting?”

As Mary gritted her teeth, Rosa raised her hand lightly.

“Stop, seventh rider. I understand you’re offended, but be polite to the elder. The Lord Commander is generous with you. It’s time to be full of energy.”

Rosa’s word stopped the three growlers.

Rosa then turned to another rider, Jin and Luntia, who had a say.

a three-man, twelve-man series Don’t you guys have anything else to say?”


“I’m not here either.”

“Then let’s do this. All right, look at the opinions of the 4th and 7th jockeys and post them directly to me, not Joshua. Also, I will hand over the sovereignty of the Five Eastern Regions of Hufester to those who visit him.”

That remark drew everyone’s attention to Rosa in the conference room. Even Joshua and Jordan, apparently on Rosa’s side, looked awfully surprised.

Only one man, Jean, kept a calm face.

“The sovereignty of the Five Eastern Regions. I can’t even compare the 400 million gold coins I had around my neck.….’

And Joshua was so surprised that he turned his head to see Rosa, and by chance. Facing Jean’s calm face, I felt something strange.

the sovereignty of the five eastern regions

It was in fact the greatest reward a rider could have, except to be a housekeeper.

Even if you don’t become a household owner, you can build your own power if you have the control of the five eastern regions.

Even the ‘Eastern Five Regions’ of the rule that a jockey, or a distiller, could have been a good piece of land within three fingers.

The riders, who were barely able to hide their disappointment, thought they were the only ones who ate the whole thing, sang the joy into their hearts.

Whether you’ve been recognized by Ciron and Rosa or not. If Aria Oulhart is found and brought back, he will be able to reign as the loser of the east.

“Now everyone must have definitely felt how important this is. Once again, it’s a top secret and a permanent mission. Everybody stay alert and find the Heaster and bring him in front of me. Weird!”

The meeting ended.

The riders and elders bowed to Rosa and began to exit the conference hall. Deacon and civil servants waiting in front of the conference room found their own main forces and followed them.

‘Seeing you’re looking for your teacher, the deal between your mother and Kellyak Zipple didn’t work. Besides, East Five, what on earth is she going to get in return for finding her teacher and handing it over to Zipple?’

It has not yet been guessed. However, it was clear that Rosa was so great that she mentioned the sovereignty of the five eastern regions.

As soon as I was going back to my room thinking about it.


Joshua called Jean.

“Why are you calling me? Second-tier.”

When Jean turned around, Joshua bit his butlers and writers.

When only two people were left in the empty hallway, Joshua’s words popped out of his mouth, which was totally unexpected even for Jin.

“You’ve already found it. Isn’t that right?”

“What are you talking about?”

“Aria Outhart, you’ve already found him.”

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