Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 316

Valeria’s eyes were increasingly leaning to the left.

It means tension and confusion are accelerating. She never dreamed that her old, but almost unexposed, unconscious habits were being read by Jean.

I had no choice but to. Before meeting Jean in her previous life, the only people who knew the habit were members of the Grey Owl Mercenary Corps who raised her.

Jindo seemed to be parched.

I don’t think so.

If Valeria gives up the other half of the magic book, there is little room left for further improvement in relations.

Flattered, flushed……took, tuck.

There was a loud sound of flames burning in the palm of Chin’s hand in silence, and a drop of blood dripping down the body of the dead Yorker.

“……let’s turn off the lights and talk.”

All right, then.

“I can’t turn it off until you give me a definite answer.”

Jean swept her chest and wedged it into her heart. As if tired, ballet Leah shook her head.

“Hoo, good. I’ll help you. If that recorder is the kind of thing I can touch, I’ll restore it.”

“A wise choice.”

“But this is just a deal, not that I’m going to be your person. I want you to make that clear.”

Hoo Woo-wook.

Jean grabbed his hand and put out the flame, and Valeria’s eyes found their place.

“A lasting alliance is ultimately determined by necessity. You won’t regret it.”

“Show me the stuff.”

Jean took two spirit beads out of her bosom.

And as soon as Valeria saw the beads, she had to be surprised again. It was because the colors were different, and the young beads were very similar to one of the various recording devices seen in the battleground.

“It’s a device made of spirit. Is it made by Solderlet, the god you signed with?”


“Then why don’t you ask Soldert to restore the device himself?”

“For some unknown reason, we are not able to communicate with Solderlet.”

“Then how can you be sure this is a recording device? What if it’s just a round lump of spirit?”

“Because I’ve seen the recording in person.”


“Do you have to know why to work? You’re asking for too much information, saying it’s just a business relationship, not my person.”

Valeria shrugged.

“That’s true. Those things, give me a minute.”

Valeria, who received the spirit bead, created mana on the bottom of her hand.


Then a strange wave began to occur near her hands and the spirit beads.

‘I haven’t seen you in ages.’

What Valeria was unfolding, was the Hysterian record magic. I wondered if her magic would work on a device made of spirit.

Jean watched her behavior without knowing it.

After a while.

즈즛, 즈즈즉…….


Jean’s eyes grew bigger.

When I first got the beads, I started to make the same noise as when the device was running.

Valeria, on the other hand, nodded as if she knew it would happen.

“Surely a recorder. It’s damaged. It’s not working properly.”

“If you could check it out like this, did you have to question it?”

“That’s how I found out that you lost communication with Soldierlet.”

“I’ll give you a compliment for being smart. Can you restore it?”

“Um…… maybe.”

Valeria replied, putting down the spirit beads on the table.

“Given that you’ve already received the prize money, your answer is lukewarm.”

“Hey, Jean Looncandel. A recording device, it’s more sophisticated and complex than you can imagine. Besides, it’s not exactly the same thing my ancestors made, so I need time to check.”

The habit of Valeria, which Jean knows, was not just that her eyes were tilted slightly to the left when nervous.

To gently touch the ends of hair with the index finger and thumb with folded arms.

It was a habit that was revealed when Valeria was very interested in something or situation.

‘The teacher’s interest in Soldert’s recording device means that it is possible to restore it. Or it’s something he needs.’

If necessary, perhaps because it helps get the Hister family’s recording spell back.

Jean is the mistress of Soldierlet, the record he left behind, and this meeting of the day.

Strangely, it felt like fate. At first glance, it seems like a coincidence, but in the end, it feels like he had no choice but to meet Valeria again. Like a puzzle that fits perfectly.

“I see, I’ll give you time. How much do you need?”

“That’s not exactly clear either.”

“Is that because your recording magic is not complete yet?”

Just before Jean’s return, even the twenty-six-year-old Valeria had not been able to restore the Hysterian’s recording spell.

‘As far as I remember, the teacher at this point would have found only three places to go. I’m sure you’re not lying about needing time.’

The recording magic of the seventeen Valeria was extremely limited.

“……Luncandel must have more information about me than I thought?”

“At least I’ll need my protection.”

“As I said earlier, I don’t need your protection.”

“My mother and eldest brother are looking for you. They say they’ve figured out the name you’re using right now. The name Aria Outhart.”

“That’s not the only one of my aliases. They’re moving, erasing their tracks.”

“Anka Lofman, Lailin Hazzard, Lucille Scope, and Hartia Ben.”

Her eyes flinched when she said another alias for Valeria. Except for her habit, it was a part of how embarrassed she was when dealing with others, who rarely expressed her feelings.

“Isn’t that your alias? And to say that you and I have done a good job, aren’t we meeting like this and talking to each other conversation?”

Not only Looncandel but also Jipple have yet to know the other aliases of Valeria, except for ‘Aria Outhart.’

Except for Valeria herself, Jean was the only one who knew the identities of the aliases.

But as a Valeria, I couldn’t think of it that way.

Where the hell did he leave his mark? I thought I had erased it for sure.’

I quickly searched my memory, but Valeria couldn’t be sure where she made the mistake.

Being unsure of where it was meant that there could be traces anywhere. Anxiety rose in Valeria’s mind. have the strongest inner self Still, you’re only seventeen.

“……no matter how many of my names they know, they won’t catch me. And you found me because, as I said before, I decided to talk to you.”

“It’s nice to see you full of confidence, but shouldn’t you be more careful? If Looncandel’s at this level, Jipple must have gotten more information about you.”

“I feel like I’m about to cry because of your concern.”

“The spirit bead you have is much more valuable to me than the sorcerer’s book of Shuzie Hyster or your life. I’m afraid you’ll get caught during the restoration and lose it.”

“Hiding away from the eyes of Looncandel and Zipple is not only possible for Jean Looncandel, a backup rider with a total bounty of 400 million. Anyway, I’ll take the advice of being more careful.”

Valeria put the spirit beads into the inner pockets of the lobes.

“I’m afraid this is the end of the story. Give me an address that I can write to. To a safe place.”

“You can send it to Alisa Basser, captain of the Central Guard in the Tikan Free City.”

“I’ll go back and send you a letter when there’s any progress in the restoration process.”

“What address can I reach you?”

I said it without expecting it. Because I thought she wouldn’t give me an address because she’s a fugitive.


Surprisingly, however, Valeria took out the paper and wrote down the address.

And as soon as Jean saw the address, she had no choice but to open her eyes wide.

“……this is the heart of Samil, isn’t it?”

Assassination group A city of unknown names, Samil.

The heart of it was a place where only the family of unknown fountains or special benefactors could live.

It was also the only golden zone in Samil and the place where Jin used to win a bet with Oul in the past.

Valeria has no family. She had earned the right to have a house in central Samil in her capacity as a benefactor.

Well, in his previous life, he might have asked him to find or assassinate his teacher at least once, even if he was unknown. Is this why my teacher has not been killed by the world’s best assassins so far?’

It was a problem I had never thought about in my previous life. That Samil also has Valeria’s hideout.

“I don’t actually stay there. Instead, you can check the correspondence to that address, so if you have anything to ask me, contact me.”

It was no different why Valeria gave Jean a contact address.

It was because she was also curious about Jean. It’s true that the atmosphere was so different from that of the man in the dream that I was disappointed, but I’m still talking to him.

I felt like I met someone I missed.

It was the first feeling I felt except for the members of the dead grey owl mercenaries.

“I didn’t know that obscurity was treating you as a benefactor.”

“Looking at your reaction, I don’t think even Looncandel has figured it out. Don’t tell me you’re not going to do anything stupid that comes in person.”

Valeria rose from her seat.

“I’m going back now. I hope you will cherish the Wizards of your ancestors until you restore the device and return it.”

“Of all the things I need to restore my recording device, I can always ask for anything I can get. And, when I get back, I’ll send a package to Samil.”


“I dyed my hair brown, but I can see it’s all red. I don’t think the level of disguise is very high, so I’ll give you a good dye and makeup tool. I won’t bury the poison, so think of it as adding a safety device.”

“……dye and makeup tools?”

“You’ll find out when you try. You’ll be able to live with the face of cloth.”

a smirk

Valeria burst into laughter.

“You know how to talk nonsense.”

Standing up, Valeria reached out to Jean.

“First of all, I think it was a mutually beneficial meeting.”

Jean staring at her small slender hands.

‘Is this only because he is younger than his pre-regression teacher?’

The Valeria he remembers would never have asked for a handshake in this situation.

Soon, when Valeria held hands together, warmth spread.

“Aria Outhart.”


“When you first saw me. Why did you just call me by my first name? Just like you knew me.”

It’s because of my dream habit.

Valeria raised the corners of her mouth instead of answering like that.

“Well, see you next time.”

* * *

The meeting was held as soon as Jean returned to the Sword’s Garden.

Not only the jockeys but also the heads and main pillars of the senate were gathered in the conference room. Not just a mission, but a meeting dealing with the family’s grave affairs.

As Rosa entered, people stood up from their seats. Rosa took them back to their seats with one wink, and said:

“Today’s agenda is about a figure named Aria Outhart.”

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