Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 315

Jean’s eyes grew bigger.

“Just now, my name……did you call me?”

Jean, even listening to the one word that means your name in Valeria’s voice.

As many as 19 years have passed.

Valeria heaster.

Before her return, when she was banished from Looncandel and rolled around the world like trash, as if she hadn’t reached out her hand.

Qin’s previous life would have been filled only with miserable and dark days. She was a teacher and friend, a reliable companion and subject of compassion, and a savior.

There was a silence.

In a matter of seconds, Jean could not say anything to her heart, which was touched. In an instant, my hot head was blank and I felt like I was losing my sight.

I wanted to answer right away. I wanted to call her name as naturally as I did in my previous life.

But I had to catch the opposite sex.

‘My teacher can’t remember me. Unlike me, my teacher will not have memories of his past life.’

The situation could have been funny if they showed their affection and were delighted.

Technically, it was because it was a solo reunion.

‘You shouldn’t show an attitude that is hard to understand. It’s likely to only stimulate alertness.’

by way of saying

Valeria, like Jean, has memories of her past life. However, it was stupid to approach emotionally.

Jean thinks Valeria is in some ways cooler than her father.

If, even though she has memories of her previous life, she doesn’t pretend to know it first. It must have been an act of careful calculation.

Or because I think the good old days of my previous life are no longer meaningful.

Whether she had memories of her previous life or not, it was necessary to start a conversation as naturally as possible.

Don’t let loose feelings make a difference.

Jean came here to ask Valeria for a favor.

She never had an in-depth conversation or deal unless she really needed it or she recognized it.

One of the two conditions had to be met.

“That’s quite a showy appearance. Is it okay to just kill a gang boss like this? Aria Aulhart. No, should I call him Aria Hester?”

Valeria did not say anything else surprising, although she said both the last names of “Aulhart” and “Hister.” I couldn’t tell if it was because I had suppressed my feelings or because I was predicting it.

“York’s life has been gone since you found me anyway.”


Valeria landing lightly in the lobby.

“No matter how rubbish he is, killing a human being who’s been very supportive of him is a tough job. Since you’ve used your hand instead, why don’t you just say thank you.”

Valeria followed.

Then he took off his hood and showed his face.

dyed brown hair, red, gun-filled eyes, slightly closed lips. As he was only 17 years old, he looked cute but hard to approach.

I had never seen a seventeen-year-old Valeria in my previous life.

Clearly, Valeria today will be weaker and less robust than its previous life of 26. It was smaller and softer than Jean remembered.

However, there was a sharper momentum than in the previous life when growth ended. Like the molars of a wounded beast.

“You might think so. More than that, I didn’t know you’d show your face so easily.”

“I’ll warn you in advance. If you attack me, I’ll choose safety instead of curiosity.”

“Safety. Sounds like you’re confident you’ll get away with me.”

“If I weren’t for myself, I wouldn’t have killed York and stood before you.”

Both had expressionless faces, but in my head, the numbers of cases were constantly rotating.

“Four years ago, I wondered who the man who found me in this city was. After I found out it was you, I thought I’d have to have a conversation.”

Valeria moved into Mamit and lived for two years, shortly after Jean performed her intermediate duty.

This was because the outlaw city also had a “historical place” in it. She used recording magic a few times in Mamit in the process of finding a place to win, and as a result.

Along with the location of Jeon Seung-ji, a record was found four years ago that someone found a hyster at a tavern.

In Mamit’s victory site, which he found soon, he also peeped at the “record of the future” that he must find himself around March 1799.

That’s why she was in Mamit.

He was waiting for Jean.

“I wonder how you found out I found you.”

“That’s a question I have to ask. How did you know about me?”

“This is the Hufester Allies. Do you think Looncandel knows something?”

“If Looncandel were looking for Hister, of course it would have been a top secret, and you were only a fifteen-degree cadet at the time. Which means it wasn’t the information you could have known if you weren’t a jockey.”

“Well, top secret. Aren’t you overestimating yourself?”

“It’s not an overstatement, it’s really something. Just by the sight of Jean Looncandel, the world’s best man. Tell me why you found me.”

Jean smiled.

“I came on request.”

“What kind of request?”

“Recording device restore.”

“If it’s a recording device, is it left by my ancestors?”

“That’ll let me know after you make a positive decision.”

Then Valeria burst into a giggle.

“You know what the name Hester means. But unfortunately, there’s no reason for me to help you.”

“You can make it for a reason. Like, cooperation for survival.”

“You can’t kill me.”

“Why do you think so?”

“That would be beneficial for the Zipple and your competitors.”

“I think you’re overestimating yourself.”

Srung, Sak!

In the blink of an eye, Jean pulled out her signature and cut the corner of Valeria’s eye. Several strands of dyed brown hair fell to the floor.

Valeria’s eyes blinked at the hair that had fallen.

“I didn’t know you were such a nobody……you’re asking for a favor, and you’re saying you’re threatening through force? Only!”

exclaimed Valeria, glaring at Jean with a raised face.

At that point, Jean had no choice but to be startled inside.

It seemed very unfamiliar to Jin. If you were a Valeria in your previous life, you can’t imagine it.

“From Valeria’s point of view, whether it’s an enemy or an ally, I can’t believe she’s showing this much emotion in front of me, which is closer to the enemy. As he is almost ten years younger than his previous life, he may still be awkward in suppressing his emotions. Still… …something’s weird. I feel like I’m too disappointed.’

Jean shrugged her shoulders.

“I hope you take it as advice, not as a threat. If there were any other Looncandel here besides me, it wouldn’t have ended as much as hair.”

“You seem to be mistaken, but what you can be in front of me right now. It’s just because I decided to meet you. Runkandeldo, Jippledo. You’ll never find me after today.”

The horse trembled fast and thin.

As such, Valeria was unable to control her exuberant emotions.

‘You act like you had something you expected from me.’

Assuming, of course, that Jean doesn’t know the character Valeria.

There was nothing strange about Valeria’s behavior now. He seemed to be fed up with just a long escape, a huge family that was after him.

But as Jean thought.

Valeria felt an indescribable disappointment to Jean.

In fact, Valeria had been curious about the human being, “Jin,” ever since she was younger than she is now.

From the time I realized what memory was.

Or since the time she learned the meaning of record as a hysteric, Valeria has had one dream over and over again.

I don’t know if it’s just a dream without a reason or a kind of long foresight.

The dream has been carried on like an intense afterimage.

On the dreary streets of an unknown city, the main content of the dream was to talk to a disabled person who had grown up.

Are you going to stay down like that?

get the hell out

That’s pathetic. Jean Looncandel, your big brothers will love it.

What, you. How do you know my name?

I still have a lingering desire for what I have left. Follow me, I’ll forgive you for pointing a knife at the neck of the man who reached out his hand.

The dream, which lasted almost every day, was a big homework for Valeria for a long time.

Why on earth does a man who has never seen his face appear in his dreams, and it is hard to know what he has to do with that miserable man in his dreams.

Only the emotion was clear.

The self in the dream was obviously sympathetic to the man.

Sometimes, my dream felt more vivid than reality, and after waking up with a cold sweat, I felt sorry for myself who was ten years younger than my dream.

It was when the Sungkuk incident turned the world upside down that I realized the true nature of the dreamer was Jin.

It was the moment when the face of Jean Looncandel was revealed to the world.

Valeria realized that the youngest child of Looncandel, praised by the public, was Jean in a dream.

It looked much better in many ways than the face we faced in our dreams, but I could recognize it at once. The man he hugged without knowing the truth was Jean Looncandel.

When she first saw Jean, she said her name because of the dream she had always had for more than a decade.

Unknowingly, the habit of calling one’s name every day in a dream popped out.

‘It’s a mistake. I gave too much meaning to my own dream character, and I got excited because I was disappointed. But a recording device……it doesn’t hurt to take a look. Jean Luncandel, we need to find out how this man found me.”

Valeria turned back.

It was time to regain one’s composure and weigh the opponent’s demands and what he could get.

“Aria Outhart. Will you just go?”

“You got more to say? If you’re restoring the recording device, go find someone else.”

“I have the sorcerer’s book of Shuzie Heister.”

a towering figure

Valeria stopped walking and looked back at the losing side.


Jean pulled out of her bosom the magic book of Shoujiel.

“This code system belongs to a real exhaust heater.”

The next moment, Valeria had no choice but to stare at Jean, covering her mouth with her hands unknowingly.

Boom boom!

“What did you do?”!”

It was because Jean opened a roughly halfway page and tore the wizard in half.

“Check it out, whether it’s the real Hister’s Wizard.”

Jean who hands Valeria one of the half torn spells.

Valeria’s face, which received the magic book, was clearly perplexed.

Jin felt very sorry for the appearance, but there was a reason why he acted this way.

‘You can’t make your teacher roll your baby hairs. I am still young, so I can see that I am weaker than my teacher in my memory, but if I treat him poorly, I will be caught up in my teacher’s pace without knowing it.’

Valeria’s eyes, which checked the cryptosystem, were leaning slightly to the left.

It was Valeria’s habit. Revealed when confused or in a hurry.

“……where did you get it?”

“The underground auction house of the Arkin Kingdom. It’s gone now. If you restore the recording devices I have, I’ll reward you with the other half of the wizard. In addition, I promise to protect you from Looncandel and Zipple.”

“You’ll protect me from Looncandel and Jipple? I didn’t know that Runkandel had that power. It’s going to be hectic even for you. And I’m not weak enough to have your protection.”

“If you’re not weak, take the other half from me right now.”

“That’s impossible, but it’s possible to get away with the half in my hand.”

“Your attitude to me so far doesn’t sound like a lie. If you want, do it. Instead, this half will never be found again.”

I’m angry!

Jean set fire on her palm with a mana and took it to the half-remaining wizard.

“If you don’t cooperate, it means nothing to me. Choose, whether you want to help me or run away. I promise you one thing instead. If you decide to help me, if you decide to be my person…….”

Jean paused.

Then he put his feelings together again, and then he went on to say this.

“I’ll give you all I can do, among all you want.”

That’s, of all the words and actions Jean showed Valeria today.

It was the only real thing that ever happened.

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