Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 314

“I’ll take it.”

Mesa replying in a restrained voice.

Not long ago, she passed the final exam for a guardian driver, and was assigned to the rank of 12th rank.

With “Skut Lyman,” a motive standing together on the other side.


“Yes, Lord.”

“You get rid of the garbage on the street.”

Robbery, murder, assault, etc. I could see lawless people committing crimes in real time if I turned my head a little. There are those who have not yet recognized that Jean has come to Mamit.

It’s up to them to fight back and forth, but there’s also a mix of people who look like ordinary people.

What Jean asked me to clean up was those who were making a fuss against the general public.

“I’ll carry it out.”

Knock, knock, knock!

Mesa and Scott passed the camp and began to move.

Within seconds, the screams of the lawless rang out from all over the neighborhood. The frequency of the scream died down very quickly.

It was because everyone knew the situation as soon as Scott cut some outlaws.

The fact that not just one guardian came out on a solo mission, but that the rider of Looncandel had found this desolate land.

In a moment the streets became calm.

However, he went through the alleys silently like a ghost to clean up.

It has become quiet. Mamit’s criminals seemed busy hiding in their homes or taverns like beasts who met their natural enemies.


A cold wind swept the path. It was the first time in nearly years that Mamit had been so quiet.

‘Mesa, Skeet. You’ve both grown up.’

Jean smiled softly. It was amazing that the two became proper guardians.

‘Belop’s coming back from Mount Maitel’s southeast coast.’

The other seven youngest divisions were about to take the final exam.

‘If everyone becomes a guardian, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to send hell training as a group. Hopefully, they’ll all be strong enough to be black knights before they turn 50. It’s not that it’s not, but should we roll it so that it’s bound to be like that?’

I never dreamed that Jin was thinking like this.

Mesa and Scott managed to stifle their pounding hearts and intimidated Mamit’s lawless men. On the fact that they could be together again with Jean, they were ready to give everything.

Jean’s pace to the Moonlight well was slow.

“Just as the life of the youngest division has changed, the life of the teacher will be different from that of his previous life if he meets me.” Perhaps Joshua’s discovery of the teacher’s alias at this time is also a result of my return.’

My back has cooled off.

Ever since his return, he has always had the perception that every single act of his or her own can change the future of his or her neighbors.

Therefore, he has chosen options that can be good for everyone he cares about.

However, it was difficult to judge Valeria.

I had no idea whether meeting Valeria would have a good or bad effect on her.

But it was no time to think about it.

We need to keep them by our side and provide them with safeguards. Neither Looncandel nor Zipple have caught their teachers in their previous lives, but I’m never sure what will happen in this life.’

Valeria was definitely a strong man. To the point where Jin can be counted among the people he knows.

I’m not just talking about combat capability, but the will of a man named Valeria.

It was definitely shiny enough to admire.

But there were certain things in the world that could not be solved by will alone.

For example, a genius wizard who is only 17 years old now avoids the pursuit of two giant powers.

Valeria didn’t have any brothers or colleagues to hide her from Laparosa, like Jean, who was a backup rider.

“No matter how much I think about it, it’s impossible for a teacher to avoid the pursuit of two families. If I don’t help you, you’ll be caught sooner or later.’

As a disciple, it was time to pay back the light of the past life lost to his teacher.

As the moonlit well neared, the confused mind slowly subsided.

“You’re here, Lord.”

Mesa and Scott bowed their heads as Jean arrived at the entrance to the Moonlight well.

“and behind the two men, five of the hordes and pawns were kneeling down in rows of five.” There were about a hundred people in Jokgae, and that was the number of executives from each power group.

Jean looked down at the lawless for a while without a word.

To find Valeria.

‘There isn’t.

Then what you have to do from now on is recognize those who know Valeria among the harvests.

“Fortunately there’s one familiar face left. There, you say. What’s your name?”

Jean said, eye-to-eye with the frontmost of the harvests.

“This is York. Have I and Sir met somewhere?”

Geodu answered politely, revealing his name.

York was the person whom Jean had met once in the past.

Boy, I think it’s a great deal for your age, but it’s no good staying in town for a long time. It could be a problem if you don’t care.

Thank you for your advice. But there’s someone I need to find. I won’t have any trouble with those who stay here.

Haha, yesterday I heard you killed the barbarian with a single stroke. Now you act like a gentle lamb.

Because they and you are different. I know my place well.

Good manners are pass. Okay, I’ll allow you to stay here a few more days.

Thank you. I will never forget the kindness of the kings of Mamit.

Conversation with the kings of Mamit, including York, when they were on intermediate duty.

“Yes, York. Four years ago, my friend, who was courteous to me in the lobby of the Moonlight well, fell his throat from the sword of the palace at that time. Do you remember a little now?”


At the remark, Geodu opened his eyes wide and bowed his head.

I couldn’t help remembering.

After Jean terrorized an outside wizard, Chuck Moonlight Well, to carry out his mid-level mission, Mamit’s gentry had suffered immensely from Siris for some time.

At that time, Liu and Hitten, the seven swordsmen of the palace, could not find the wizard (Jin) who made “the call of lightning” in the moonlight well.

Siris trampled on the bastards for a while, saying he would hunt down the culprit even after that day.

Then he suddenly came to the conclusion that Jin, the boy he had released, might be the culprit.

So Siris ordered the dogs to investigate the boy’s visit to Mamit. The date and purpose of the boy’s visit to Mamit, every move he has made.

As for the bastards, they were struck by the dry sky, but they did not have the power to refuse Siris’ order.

Siris, as soon as he got to Mamit, he cut off the neck of a pyrammy named Tonkra from the bar and acted like he was looking for someone. Then he found the Moonlight well, and did nothing else in Mamit.

Is that all?

Yes, I think. I don’t think he’s the killer. Doesn’t it honestly make no sense for the blood to use 6-7 star magic?

If it’s not him, you mean my men missed the wizard?

It’s not that… … As Siris said, even if he’s the killer. I don’t think he meant to attack the palace. Maybe one of us just hated him or had a grudge.

Who was he looking for?

Well, they found a Whizta or a Fester.

At that time, it was Judeo, York, who had this conversation with Siris.

York deliberately said that Siris was irritated and that she was a whiztha, a fester.

In fact, the 15-year-old Jean had clearly confirmed that the person she was looking for was a “heaster.”

Siris wasted another time trying to find out who wrote the names of Whistar and Fester.

“Sorry for not getting to know you right away, Lord Qin.”

“Only York remains, and the rest disappear before my eyes at a rapid pace.”

As the camp spoke low, the rest of the ploughs and executives rushed out somewhere, as cockroaches scattered.

The weight of the name Looncandel within Hufester was not something lawless could bear.

“Let’s go in and talk.”

The remark gave York a hunch.

Jin visited Mamit four years ago to meet the person he was looking for.


As the two entered the Moonlight well, Scott and Mesa guarded in front of the inn like gatekeepers. The empty lobby was empty.

“I’m looking for a man.”

“Yes, Lord Qin. Tell me who you are. If you tell me your name or appearance. I can find you right away from this Mamit.”

“Is there a girl who is about seventeen now living in Mamit? You’ll have a red-headed, silver-crowned cane.”

“Red hair, cane…….”

York groped his memory.

As far as he knows, there was no girl with red hair and a silver cane. There’s no way a seventeen girl could survive in this rough city in the first place.

However, it wasn’t without someone coming to mind.

“There’s no girl with red hair and a cane, but there’s a girl of the same age who’s recently entered our organization.”

“What’s your name?”

“Aria, no last name. He’s from the back alley. He’s got a lot of nerve.….”

Heart beating!

The heart beat faster.

“Who else?”

“No, he’s the only girl with blood that’s less than twenty. Shall we bring him in?”

“I’ll check.”

“Yes, Lord Qin. Please wait a moment. I’m going to go outside and ask the people downstairs to find Aria…….”


The moment York tries to stand up.

Suddenly, the roof of the lobby collapsed and a string of windows fell. It was a shriveled window consisting of a sudden mana.

It’s a metamorphic magic that Jean has experienced once in the Mitra’s Great Membrane.

The spear pierced through the top of the yoke and stuck straight into the floor. A sudden blow prevented York from screaming.

Jin, who slowly raises his head and looks up.

Through the ceiling of the lightning window, I saw a person wearing a hood.

I could recognize even with my face covered. I could be sure even when I saw a strange brown hair sticking out through a gap in the hood.

That she is Valeria Heister, her own teacher.


The hour seemed to have stopped.

I wanted to call her out. I wanted to say it’s been a long time.

All kinds of inexplicable emotions were piercing in my heart like the light that stretched out recklessly.


said Valeria, eye to eye with Jean.

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