Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 313

Hister! I didn’t expect to hear that name again at this time of year.

‘Is Joshua’s ball related to the Heaster?’

My heart was pounding.

There was only one hysteric currently alive, Valeria.

“I’ve never heard of it.”

Chin, who managed to manage her expression, said in a calm voice.

“It’s the only family that ever threatened a jipple with magic. And yet the reason you’ve never heard of it is because they were destroyed by the Jipple and erased from history. We have very little feed left.”

“Oh, from what my uncle said…… I think I’ve heard that name once when I was a backup jockey. It’s understandable why there’s almost no feed left. The Zipple must have destroyed everything.”

“Yes, it seems like the Zipple cares a lot about them. We still have a bounty on a family that’s been gone for hundreds of years.”

“Is there a survivor?”

“There’s only one person left. The fact that Jipple is looking for him, the pants that we Looncandel had already figured out a few years ago. So even in the family, we were secretly searching for the whereabouts of the Hester.”

It was the first time I heard that Looncandel was looking for Valeria.

Jin in his previous life was treated as trash by his family, let alone as a rider, so he could not know this information.

‘My teacher never told me that he had been tracked by Looncandel. You didn’t recognize him? No, it can’t be. I guess you didn’t say it so I wouldn’t feel pressured.’

In his previous life, Jean and Valeria had little talk about ‘Luncandel.’ For Jin of his previous life, the name Looncandel was by itself the greatest wound and failure of life.

“So the ball that the second rider made, did you capture him?”

Though slim, the possibility of Valeria being captured could not be ruled out completely. Maybe she was caught and released before she returned. Or fled.

“No, it’s not.”

Jean swept her chest down into her heart.

Jed paused and looked around. There is no way that there is a listening ear in the training camp, but it was intended to emphasize that it is a secret information.

“……I didn’t capture it, but I think I’ve figured out the name he’s using now.”

“It’s not about finding a location, it’s about finding a new recruit, it’s about finding a place. You’re saying your mother went to Kellyak to offer you a deal herself.”

“So didn’t I tell you to keep quiet?”

“I’m surprised a descendant of a fallen family has such a ripple effect….it feels like Jipple is afraid of the Heaster family.”

I don’t know what the Hister’s intention was to look at history. But what I paid attention to them was the fact that Jipple could not help their recording magic with historical distortions.

Suddenly Missha’s words came to mind.

Magic that can leave a record that is never distorted. Zipple was actually afraid that the magic would come back into the world.

“Anyway, that’s enough?”

“Lady, may I ask you?”

“What else?”

“Do you know his name? And what she’s trying to get through negotiations…….”

“I didn’t mean to say, where the hell did you sell your shame? You’re too greedy. Or looking at this uncle with water.”

“I’m sorry, but I thought your face was more expensive than that information.”

“You’ve got some connection with the flatterers out there. They can’t be told.”

“Honestly, you care about me. You won’t regret it if you let me know.”

“It’s like it’s a match for a bunch of iron-clad mules on your face.Didn’t you tell me earlier? I don’t know exactly what Joshua did. I don’t know his alias. And so does the acting president.”

“That’s a sad story.”

In fact, there was nothing to be desired.

Just the fact that the family is interested in the teacher is a huge harvest.’

I got some valuable information that I didn’t even think of for free.

If Rosa’s purpose had been understood, it would have been icing on the cake, but it was a matter of finding out as much as possible.

“Is it too bad? You’re such a nice guy. Now say something else about the duel. You’re going to have a lot of fun.”

“Of course, uncle. Thank you.”

Bowing, bowing gin.

Jed kicked his tongue at the sly manner.

It wasn’t really unpleasant. It was rather pleasant to see my nephew show his good spirit against him after a long time.

Of course, if it had been full of curiosity, it would have been immediately disdainful, but in Jed’s eyes, Jean was just scrupulously taking her own interests.

Woo-woong, Jed’s sword shone with Orr.

“Thank you, and prove to your elders that you have found a clue to the progress of the family’s decisive battle.”

Then Jed began to play the decisive battle.

an improved version of the looncandel fourth series of fall

Jean concentrated on her uncle’s sword. Everything was the same as it was when I first saw it, from deliberately splitting the sword-bound oracle, to endangering and then forming petals.

The same was true of Orr’s petals flying everywhere in a trajectory that was simply unreadable.

But the moment the blade that fell to the bell was recovered.


The pillar of Orr suddenly rose from the spot where the falling flowers were unfolded.

The petals gathered on the pillar and spread again, and a huge tree made up of just an oracle seemed to be fluttering in the wind.

“The Ming-gum Jeolgi Falls you showed me, like its name, poured your brain into the place where the sword passed by. On the contrary, a fall is a form of ascension. I’ve been thinking about the most efficient way of using an auror instead of a brain organ.”

At a glance, I could feel a big difference from the existing fall paintings.

“What do you think?”

“When I first saw the fall, I thought it was a sword that was inferior to a waterfall. But now it looks like an equal sword. If the falls fit one-on-one, the improved fall will be easier to deal with.”

Creek, Jed smiled, ready to be heard.

“You’re looking at me too. The reason why the traditional fall painting was inferior to the waterfall was because the two swords were actually the same technique. Rather, the fall was just a brain drain from the falls, so it had to be less powerful.”

It’s only been a month or so since I showed Jed the waterfall.

In that short period of time, Jed studied a single-shot sword to advance the decapitation.

“It’s not a step forward, it’s a complete one.’

Jean swallowed up her admiration and opened her mouth.

“You’ve had a hard time. By the way, uncle.”


“Are you really going to put my name in the improved painting? I’ve been thinking about it many times, but it’s not my credit, it’s your work.”

“I have already said that I will put your name on the fall. There is no reversal.”


“As you say, the senate doesn’t appreciate you. And you think you can eventually reverse the reputation of the senate in any way without naming your fall painting. You’ve always been that way.”

“Then why do you insist on handing over to me what your uncle has achieved? Because you told the senate that you’ve already had my help?”

Then Jed shook his head.

“Can’t be? But it’s not that you’re very pretty, but I don’t think it’s bad to have a debt erased. Well, lately you’ve done a great job for the family.”

Jed’s “big deal” was the killing of Barton Vichena.

“So when this uncle wants to push him, he’ll behave himself. However, as I said before. If your ass goes wrong, I’ll take the lead and thrust the knife in.”


“And another, thought changed.”

“What kind of thinking?”

“You’d better put off showing the elders some proof of the duel. After finishing up the 6th series of electric lights, the improvement on it. Show me, another season of the Ming sword that Dipus had suffered.”

“I’ll show you. Instead, you should know this.”

“What is it?”

“If I were also a senior, not an uncle, or another family. I would have prevented them from recklessly improving my electrical connections. And if you’re successful in improving the lights for the sixth series, please include your uncle’s name.”

“No, I’ll name you for that, too, so go ahead and open it up.”

The two did not leave the training camp until night, but played a decisive battle with the Ming sword.

Whenever Jean showed him a new Ming sword, Jed thought of trimming the decisive battle lines based on it (the idea that the senate would hang on to Jin and himself in the future), and his smile wouldn’t leave his mouth.

* * *


Joshua sighed and sat on the chair. When I lit a cigarette, my tired face stood out.

A woman approached him.

“Joshua, what happened?”

She was Joshua’s wife.

“……Kellyak Zipple, he didn’t respond to his mother’s offer of a deal.The more.”

Rosa and Kellyak’s negotiations broke down.

But just by saying in Rosa’s mouth, “We found out the name of the Hester,” Kellyak had benefited.

“The acting housekeeper, and we had some expectations. Don’t be too discouraged.”

“The name alone is not enough. You have to capture the hysterics altogether, so that your mother can press Kellyak properly.”

The woman smiled, gently wrapping Joshua’s neck.

“Anyway… ..I know the name, it’s only a matter of time before I catch her. He’s got the talent to hide like a dirty rat, and it’ll take a lot of time, but he’ll end up in our hands before the Zipple.”

Zipple doesn’t know the name ‘Aria Outhart’ yet.

Therefore, chances were high that Looncandel would find Valeria first.

“By then, Kellyak will have to vomit more than he’s offering. So, don’t be in a hurry, Joshua…….”

* * *

The last day of March, 1799.

The sun was blazing hot over the swarming city of villains like bugs.

A barren land that does not grow a single weed;a city of bottomless outlaws.


‘It reminds me of the old days.’

The first time I visited this place in my present life was when I was 15 and in the intermediate class.

In the meantime, Jean achieved an indescribably remarkable growth, but Mamit was the same scenery as it was then.

The city’s residents still told tales of terrible crimes, and in the streets there were dirt, as well as the five organs, fingers, and heads that someone spilled.

Like four years ago, Mamit’s criminals were feeling fresh shock when they saw the camp just entering the city.

But if there is one thing that has changed since then.

‘Gee, it’s Jean Looncandel…….’

‘Crazy, why would a giant like that find this shit box?’

‘You idiots! Don’t make eye contact. You’ll cut it in half.’

It was an attitude.

The eyes of the Jin-conscious Mamitian criminals were filled with fear.


“Yes! Lord.”

“Go to the inn’s moonlight well and tell the kings of Mamit. “Until I arrive, every single one of you must come forward and kneel down.”

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