Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 312

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On March 21, 1799, Jin, Gilly and Murakan were returning to the Sword Garden after a long vacation.

Come on, come on, come on!

The hoofs of horses leading the Runkandel steel wagon rang cheerfully. Jean was thinking about Valeria’s hideout that Missha had told her, often waving to the passers-by of Carlon, who was seen outside the carriage window.


The Outlaws’ City of Mamit.

Valeria had now settled there under the pseudonym Aria Outhart.

When you go to Mamit, there is an inn called the Moonlight Well. It’s where the bastards of the human scum live, calling themselves kings.

When I was a cadet, I did a mission there. Is Aria Outhart there?

Yes, they often use Mamit as a base. I used to live there when I was 14.

This crazy, 14-year-old human girl used to live in such a criminal den? I’m sure the aria isn’t a common bet. Besides, if it’s in the inn where the captains are staying, then is Arya also sitting there?

Well, I didn’t look into that in detail, but it’s true that he’s a well-thought-out sword-like kid.

It was a conversation we had before we left Misha’s tavern.

Jean smiled, imagining an old teacher who would be staying in Mamit.

‘I thought I’d be in Mamit by now. I remember describing it as more romantic than I thought.’

As Jean knows, Valeria lived there for two years.

That’s why when he went on a mission to Mamit when he was a cadet, he asked the bar clerk if there was anyone who used the name “Hister.”

‘There must be a reason for the teacher to hold Mamit as one of his strongholds. He’s not a man who moves aimlessly.….’

Jean and Valeria met when they were 25 and 23 and had been together for about three years.

At that time, the two often had deep conversations and peeped into each other’s innermost thoughts, but Chin did not exactly know all the deeds of Valeria.

“You’re meeting your teacher six years earlier than you were in your previous life.’

I was curious.

What more can I know about Valeria, whether I can be with her as in my previous life?

Jean, who briefly recalled Valeria, shook her head lightly.

The reunion is just a story that applies only to you, and I thought it would be good to have a sentimental mind before meeting her.

Jean took two spirit beads out of her arms. The first and second could be distinguished by size and color.

“That’s interesting, Master. That little bead was a recording device.”

said Gilly, looking at the spirit bead.

“If that aria can really restore the device, I’d love to see it myself. Are you going straight to Mamit?”

“I’ll be right there. Unless I have to deal directly with the Sword’s Garden.”

The carriage stopped.

When the guardian knights opened the door, Petro approached and greeted them. He has been waiting for Jean to return at the entrance to the Sword’s Garden.


“How was your vacation, Master?”

“It’s been a long time since I had a good rest. What’s the matter with you?”

“All I have to do when you’re not around is simply file-keeping and room- I had a free time.”

That’s what the horse said, but Petro had a hectic day.

He examined the territory of Volta during Jean’s absence, discussed it with Dino to manage the articles about Jean, and invested his allocated rider funds in various safety projects.

Above all, he was busy looking into the family situation on behalf of Jin.

As a result, Petro was able to discover one singularity.

“You’re out, so you don’t have to report back.”

“Where did he go?”

“Sorry, Master. I didn’t know that.”

Petro, conscious of the guardian knights near the carriage.

Jean understood him straight away and headed for the room.

As he entered the room, Petro opened his mouth.

“Your Grace, you have gone to the Necropolis of Bemont.”

a nebulous voice

The main building of the “Ghosts” which is notorious for being the world’s largest and worst mercenary group along with the Black Royal Army.

Rosa had only one reason to find it at this point.

“You’ve gone to see the Celiac Zipple.”

There were not many places in the world where the heads of both families could meet unofficially for each other’s safety.

Gwigoksaesaeseong is a kind of neutral zone, which has long been used as a venue for secret talks between Looncandel and Jipple.

One of the reasons why Ghost University can maintain a similar scale while accepting far fewer requests than the Black Royal College was because it provides the main building as a venue for talks and receives a certain amount of money each year from both families.

“How did you know? It must have been a top secret.”

“The family president owes Mrs. Luna something. So I figured it out under the pretext.”

In other words, Petro has consumed the only card available to him at will.

It was a proper task to report to Jin, but he did not blame him and waited for Peter’s next words.

It was because I thought there was a reason why Petro acted like that.

And the basis of Petro’s judgment, Joshua.

“We recently received information from senior leaders that they discussed rewards for the second term. I don’t know the details, but right after the reward was decided, Ma was looking for the ghost. So I decided it was one of those things.”

“Didn’t you figure out exactly what the reward was for?”

“Sorry, Master. We couldn’t figure that out.”

“No, good job. There seems to be something causal between the two facts.”

Jean immediately made this judgment.

Joshua made some contribution.

And the result is something so unconventional that Rosa can offer Zipple a deal herself.

Otherwise, Rosa had no reason to look for the ghost all of a sudden.

‘Barton Bichena. Mother wouldn’t have found Kellyak for the reason he was involved. If it were, I would have met him before he gave me a mission.’

What is Joshua’s credit?

Petro used the president to find out the secret of the Rosa-Kellyak meeting.

However, it was not clear what Joshua’s credit and reward were.

That meant Joshua’s achievement was more important than a secret meeting between the heads of both families.

As soon as I was about to worry, the sound of footsteps was heard from outside.

“Do you have the youngest!”

a gravelly voice

It was Jed.

As soon as Jean faced him, she swallowed a smile inside.

‘You must have succeeded in improving the fall.’

Jean, Petro and Gilly bowed their heads.


“If you were going on vacation, wouldn’t you have told me?”

“I didn’t know my uncle would be disappointed.”

“It’s not upsetting, hmm! It’s working. “Without you, this uncle has become a disgrace.”

“What happened?”

“Isn’t it that the old men in the back room of a terrible man don’t believe what this uncle says? Haha, follow me. Today is the time to press those old ladies’ noses.”

It’s unimaginable in the middle class.

Jean felt very friendly to Jed, who was so excited.

“Yes, let’s go. Uncle.”

Jed took the lead like an excited boy to the training ground.

I didn’t know that my nephew had finished paying for it as soon as he saw him.


As soon as he arrived at the training camp, Jed pulled out the sword.

“Now, take a look. This uncle has developed a decisive battle machine that is never inferior to the sword called Myeongwanggeom Waterfall you have shown us.”

“Sister, I have something to tell you before that.”

“What is it?”

“I’ve changed my mind. “You just put your uncle’s name on the improved falling flower.”

Jed glared his eyes.

“Why all of a sudden?”

“Suddenly, I felt I didn’t want to show my abilities to other elders. If I show off what I have, I don’t think they’ll approve of me anyway.”

“What are you talking about? This body has already finished talking to the old folks. When you come back, I’ll prove that you’ve advanced the family battleground and award you for it. Besides, I’ve already told them about the electric lights of the Six-Final.”

“Six-wire electric light, what do you mean? Did the fourth rider tell the elders about the other swords I have?”

“Is that a problem?”

Then Jean shook her head and sighed.

“My uncle, as a rider, I don’t have very many cards to survive in this tough family. It’s not enough to use one at a time when it’s critical.”

“That’s…… Hmm. That’s what you might think.”

“And the elders don’t appreciate me anyway, and I wonder if I need to share what I have with them.”

“But the youngest. Doesn’t this uncle have a sense of honor? If you don’t prove it, this uncle lies beneath his pride.”

“Only turn to your uncle’s credit for the improvement of the Quadrant Fallen. I’m not going to prove anything about the hexadecimal electric light. I won’t be able to open the Pluto Falls in front of them.”

As soon as I was beaten by Jin’s stubborn attitude, my heart felt blocked.

I don’t understand why attitudes suddenly changed, but when I think about it, it wasn’t wrong.

What happened during the vacation? Why is he suddenly…….’

An idea flashed through Jed’s mind, which had come up to there.

“Hey, you want something from me……!’

Come to think of it, Jin seemed to be raising his lips strangely.

“The youngest.”

“Yes, uncle.”

“Do you want to make a deal with me?”

Then Jean shook her head. in a very, openly sly manner

“You damn bastard. Tell me the truth. If what you want from me is the right line, I’ll give it to you.”

“Yes, then I’ll tell you. Gi-su, what kind of credit did my older brother make for you to go to the Necropolis?”

Jed’s eyes grew bigger.

“What? How did you just come back to know that?”

“Please tell me.”

“If you don’t tell me, this uncle’s face will be thrown into shit.”

“I’m also a rider in Looncandel. We’ve had that much in the family, and I don’t want to be excluded.”

This time again, it was not wrong, though.

Jed sighed.

“My youngest, I don’t know exactly what Joshua’s ball is.”

“I’ve asked too much, I’m sorry. I’ll go back.”

Jean hung her head and turned around, and Jed clenched his teeth.

“Hey, hey, you bastard!”

“Yes, uncle?”

It came over.

Jean made eye contact with Zedd with certainty.

“What I’m saying right now should never be said anywhere or anywhere.”

“I promise.”


Have you ever heard of a family called Hister?

On Jed’s backbiting, Jean almost coughed in vainly.

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