Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 311

“The Spirit Bead is a damaged recording device, and to fix it, the Master……you have to meet him?’

The sudden story almost swallowed my breath.

“Aria Outhart, isn’t that the name of the wizard you mentioned before? He said he was aiming for the final sentence.”

“That’s right, Jean. You remember.”

“Is he connected to something with the recorder that Solderlet left behind?”

Missha made eye contact with Jean when asked a question she pretended not to know.

“There will be no direct connection. The arrangements he left for you must all be ready a thousand years ago. Now the 17-year-old kid couldn’t have built a recording device with Solderlet.”

“Oh, then why does that name pop up?”

asked Murakan nervously. He was somewhat dissatisfied with the emergence of another name he did not know following Picon and Olmango.

Missha, lightly ignoring such Murakan, made eye contact with Jean.

“About 400 years ago, in Inse, there was a family named Hester.”

A heaster.

The real name of Aria Outhart, the family to which Valeria Heister belongs. Missha was one of the few to experience the magic of “Hister” in person.

“It was a very good wizard family. It was small in size, but with a small number of people, it threatened the jipple. The Hysterics had all the transcendent corners. He had a mysterious power, like a few sexes, that was beyond description.”

Listening to Missha’s explanation, Murakan was recalling when he had heard of the name “Hister.”

“But their greatest value was not the ability to fight, but the civilization achieved by magic.”

“What is it?”

“Records. The Heister had a recording magic that no one could follow. A magic that can perform a perfect record, which cannot be distorted in any way.”

“A record that cannot be distorted in any way? Leaving aside the question of whether that is possible. In the end, history has no choice but to intervene in someone’s personal opinions, interpretations, and intentions.”

“I don’t know what Hyster’s intention was to look at history. Only that I noticed them was the fact that Jipple couldn’t help their recording magic with historical distortions.”

Murakan’s eyes widened at the words.

“Anyways, it’s a recording magic……you’re a bit of a temper, ’cause you’re not the kind of person to talk shit about. That’s understandable. The Heaster family must have been destroyed by the record magic. To Zipple. Aria Outhart is the blood of the Hyster family.”

“That’s accurate. What are you doing here? He’s always used his head as a decoration. Younger brother, let’s continue to think that way.”

As soon as Murakhan was about to get angry, Jean opened her mouth.

“Then Misha says I have to meet Aria Oulhart and the Hysterian bloodline. It must be the record magic.”

Missha nodded.

“I can’t fix the recorder, so I’d better show it to the kid. I’m not sure, but I think I can help. He’s restoring the Heaster’s recording magic. However, there is a lack of justification for you to ask for help.”

“Misha, I don’t know how much you trust him, but……is an outsider after all. This recorder is Soldier’s legacy. Can the kid show it to you? Besides, even if you’ve restored some of the recording magic, I think it’s another problem to touch the device that Soldert made. That’s the spirit.”

“I told you earlier that the Hister family has a transcendent aspect, you bastard. I’ve experienced the recording magic used by Hister’s wizards in the past. When it comes to records, they can handle anything. Anything else, not mana or spirit.”

a sure look

At this point, Murakan was also curious about the hysterics.

Murakan admitted that her evaluation and judgment were always right, even though she was a dirty, more evil sister than the Great Devil of Hell.

“Hmm… …what do you want to do? Kid. Are you going to meet him?”

“Yes, Missha, you can’t fix the recording device, so you don’t have to worry.”

“We should hope that a man named Aria Outhart will make the recording device intact. If I can’t, I think I’ll have to run around to find another way. By the way, Missha.”


“How did you know that Aria Oulhart is the blood of the family, whether it’s a heaster or a heaster? Since the Zipple destroyed it, it wouldn’t have been easy to find.”

“I made a promise with Aria’s ancestors. I had some debts.”

“To protect the surviving descendants?”

It was the first time I heard it. Jean remembers that Valeria had never relied on any human or power since the “Gray Owl Mercenaries” who raised her were exterminated by the wizards of the Giffle. I’ve used it before.

She was always on her own until she reached out to Jean, who had become a cripple.

Jean was the only person Valeria had ever cared about and relied on since the gray owl was exterminated.

Jean was not strong enough to help Valeria properly.

Just before Qin died in the kingdom of Arkin in her previous life, she left the house where she lived together, leaving no words to Qin.

Whether it was a decision to choose to be alone again, or a short trip for research, as it often was, was still an unknown area.

The question will never be solved. In the meantime, Jin in his previous life died, and now things have become his own memories.

“Not protection, but vice versa.”

Missha smiled bitterly, answering Murakan’s words.

“What I promised the Hister family was to keep an eye on the descendants who survived Zipple’s beast. If any of them can’t overcome their hardships and try to hand the Master’s magic over to Jipple……he asked me to get rid of it.”

“That’s a cruel request.”

Jean’s voice was strangely cold when she said so.

It was because I was angry with Valeria’s ancestors who asked Missha to do such a favor.

“It’s a cruel thing. But so far, none of the hysterics that were trying to get past the Zipple have survived. They have no family to lead them, they can’t even use the name “Hister,” and they continue to oppress the people. Every single one of you has lived with a sense of duty to restore your recording magic.”

“That’s amazing. How can there be so much loyalty left to the family even when the family is gone?”

“There will be their own record magic, which is only passed on to the survivors. Hister’s mission as a wizard and his memory seem to keep up with him.”

Missha also had a vague idea about the Hister family’s “victory.”

Jean nodded with a heavy heart.

Suddenly, I remembered the days when I was a backup rider who acted to become a disciple of Kidd.

I’m 16 years old and, you know, I have seven-star horsepower. The mana from the battleground is only available to pure blood hysterics with a full horsepower.

You were raised in the hands of the mercenary general, do you know what a total horsepower is? It’s a lost word even in history.

I got to know him when I went to the battleground. As soon as I got in there, all kinds of recording magic unfolded and taught me what the absolute horse power was. And he said the qualifications were met, and he passed on the horse power. I can’t prove this separately.

the home of the hysterics

All the members of the Hister who survived, as Missha said, were able to obtain the records, magic and mana left by the Hister in the battleground.

“Aria Outhart is now the last remaining hysteric. He’s holding on to his fate, not succumbing to the oppression and pursuit of Jipple, as any other hysterics did. He’s as strong as you are.”

“Uh, uhh!”

Suddenly, Murakhan shook his head as if something had come to mind.

“Hey! Missha, it’s come to mind. Oh, I feel good. No wonder the name “Hister” stuck to my ear strangely.”

“What are you talking about all of a sudden?”

“I don’t know if it’s real, but we have a wizard’s wizard book.”


“When he first became a backup jockey, he destroyed the underworld of the Arkin Kingdom. That’s when I bought the Wizard’s Book of Schuester at an underground auction house. Two hundred gold coins.”

Missha looked alternately at Jean and Murakhan, startled.

Yes, this is the 25th product. It’s left by a wizard named “Shuzejie Hister.” Start your bid!

Two hundred.

Two hundred, do you have any more?

Why is that? Kid, is that a hunch again?

It’s just, I’m afraid there’s someone who’ll look weird if I buy one. I have a good feeling about it.

At the Tessing Underground auction at the time, Jin purchased the Wizard of Shouge Hister at a bargain price of two hundred gold coins. I think it’s a bigger harvest than Muleta’s Run, Chenmi’s Magic Book.

The wizard was undoubtedly genuine.

Only Qin and his teacher had a code system that they knew.

Jean had been thinking of the fact for a while, but she had not said it on purpose.

It was because I thought there would be a chance to explain to Missha more naturally.

Murakan was even seen using pen and paper to describe the cryptography system in the wizard’s book of Shouge Hyster.

“I also looked at Shuziel’s magic book while deciphering Chenmi’s, and I still remember how annoying the code was.”

Missha looked at the code carefully, and said:

“I’m sure it’s a little crude of yours, but I’ve seen Shu Ziel use this cryptography in his lifetime. It’s very similar. Oh, my God. . . . . Schuester’s Wizard was circling that underground auction house?

“Huh? Missha, have you actually met Shouge Hester? I thought it was a fake because the cryptosystem was so strange.”

“Shuzie Hister is the one who asked me to keep an eye on his descendants. Just 200? That’s amazing. Where are you? The Magic Book.”

“It’s stored in a tican. I’ve forgotten, too, since it was years ago.”

“Good, I was thinking about what cause you should approach the cranky kid. The magic book you got will be genuine. I guess you and Arya were destined to meet eventually.”

“Isn’t this solderlet’s arrangement, is it?”

“It’s not impossible, Murakan.”

Jean certainly didn’t think it was necessary to add words.



“Meet the kid and make a deal with him with the wizards of Shouziel. Ask them to restore the recording device.”

The heart beat with a double whammy.

Jin took a breath and made eye contact with Missha.

“……do you know where the wizard Aria Outhart is and where he is?”

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