Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 303

The owner had left the store to Jaggerby and returned home first, and the guests were all Jin and his colleagues.

I’m in a hurry, I’m in a hurry, I’m in a mess……!

The sound of Olmango chewing on cookies was also heard. He looked almost like a cookie god.

They are literally inhaling cookies as if they met water in an oasis in the desert.

What kind of god is this?

Jin could not help but feel somewhat absurd. On the other hand, I thought I should have prepared more cookies.

My colleagues who were nearby naturally came to see me.

It was an amazing experience. Watching God eat cookies with his head in the basket.

[More, no more!]]

When the cookies in the basket were gone, Olmango looked up and said,

“That’s all.”

[Please tell me there’s more.]

a dejected look

“I do have. Over there across the sea at the tea shop on the third floor of Tikan Free City.”

[Hmm…] Then I’ll save this. The contractor should taste it too.]

Olmango closed the basket with his trembling hand.

Cute! Enya screamed like that without realizing it, and the rest shrugged.


Olmango coughed in vain, as if embarrassed by the eyes of him.

[But I’m a god, and I’m a bit of a jerk…]…… if possible, please pass it on to the owner of Tikan’s refreshment store. This Olmango was the best snack I’ve ever tasted. It’s not human skill.]

I’m not a human being, but I didn’t think I had to tell you.

“I’ll make sure to tell him.”

[All right, all right. Yeah, the Looncandel you lost. A thousand-year contractor, so to speak, that’s what Soldert said?]


[Prove it.]

Olmango nodded as Chin formed a fist-sized sphere in his palm.

[Sure. Actually, I didn’t think you’d make it to me alive. Before he even became a jockey, he went on the rampage against a jipple, and he was wanted….I thought I was going to die.]

Just like everyone in Hufester, Jaggerby and Olmango were well aware of the whole story of the Holy Land.

[Solderet, he finally got it right a thousand years later.]

“Hey, clam god. We’re busy—give me the keys quickly.”

Murakan said bluntly.

He was feeling a little bit sad that Olmango called Soldert ‘friend’.

Before falling into a long sleep, Murakan had never seen Solderlet mingle with Olmango.

In fact, Olmango’s ability, known to the public, was all about moisturizing the contractor’s skin at best and attracting fish and shellfish easily.

And a blessing to cook clams very deliciously anytime, under any circumstances.

That’s why Murakan always regarded Olmango as a magazine.

That’s not because Murakan was particularly rude, but most people in the world thought Olmango that way.

That’s why Olmango’s contractor, Joggerby, stays as a clerk at such a remote bar.

You must be the Black Dragon Murakan. Soldert worried a lot about you.]

“I left the keys to the Temer’s grave to you and to the likes of Picon Mince without a word, and you were worried about me?”

[Solderet might have had his own reasons, didn’t he?]

“Hen! Do you know anything? That’s the situation.”

a head-shaking Olmango

Murakhan’s eyes were irritated for no reason, but it was not a matter for Olmango.

Colleagues saw Murakhan speaking bluntly and felt that he was very upset.

Although we all knew each other a thousand years ago, from Murakan’s point of view, Olmango was really a random opponent.

[Well, anyway. I’m done with the cookies, so I’ll open the second grave in Looncandel’s guest house. By the way, Jean Looncandel.]


[Are we all going in together?]]

Jin met Olmango with his eyes as if wondering.

“Is that possible?”

[There’s nothing that can’t be done.] It’s just a grave to honor someone.]

Visiting Temer’s grave with his colleagues, except Murakhan and Misha, was an unthinkable problem.

But since it’s a special grave, you should be prepared to take risks.]


It was immediately understandable when I thought of the first grave. Like Shilderay Looncandel, if you had a guardian modeled after a teenage knight, it wasn’t just a dangerous level.

Jean didn’t want to put her colleagues in such danger if she could.

However, sometimes I knew that borrowing the help of my colleagues was the way to respect them.

‘Everyone seems to want to go with him no matter what.

Colleagues have already made a choice.

I was already worried that my colleagues were not as active in helping Jean as they used to be.

“Do you know, Mr. Olmango, what guardians are in the second tomb?”

[I can’t answer.]


[All the memories of him are gone. No matter how hard I try to think of it, I can only think of such a dim figure.]

There was not a single teenage article that had not been erased from history.

[But, one thing is for sure. He must be tired. Because there’s already been a big battle, with the Zipple damaging the tomb a few times…….]

The guardian of the first tomb, Shilderay, was the guardian of the first tomb, which was made after Jipple had plowed through it.

He was a guardian who only came out when the condition of “a thousand-year contractor” was met.

On the other hand, the guardian of the second tomb has been guarding the tomb from the beginning to the present.

Once again, a bitter smile spread around Olmango’s mouth, trying to recall an unthinkable face.

[Let’s go.]

Jin and his colleagues followed Olmango and moved out of the bar.

It was an exceptionally starry night. Somehow the starlight seemed to make way for them as they were walking.

The place where Olmango stopped walking was the beach where the party swam all the time.

“……is the second tomb here?”



Olmango turned around the party as he entered the beach. It means not to stand idly but to follow.

[Follow well in a line.]

A moment later a surprising thing happened.

Along Olmango’s slow walk, there is a “road” on the water.

He walked on the sea as if walking on a plain, looking mysterious enough to be called a god.

Naturally, it was all the first time walking on water.

“Wow…… he must really be God, Confucius Jean.”

“That’s right. Thanks to you, Jet is experiencing something amazing again. It’s the most beautiful scenery I’ve ever seen, with waves everywhere.”

“It’s a lovely vacation, Master.”

Even Quikantel was deeply impressed by Olmango’s power.

Murakan was just walking on the water, he said, but he was just whining.

I walked for an hour. Looking back, it was a sea of starlight all over, and the land was barely visible.

[This should be enough to open it up.]

“What are you opening? Aren’t you supposed to give me the key?”

Olmango spread out his hands on Murakan’s horse.

[My power is the key, Murakan.]

The next moment.


Suddenly, the sea in front of Olmango began to divide.

As if the cloth were torn into two pieces.

“Huh. God, beauty, crazy. What the hell!”

Even Murakan, who had been upset all along at that time, had no choice but to vent his admiration.

So did his colleagues.

Even Jin almost opened his mouth without even realizing it.

Quaia, rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, shoot! The sea was forming two waterfalls at Olmango’s touch.

The fact that the god of shellfish was painting this miraculous scene, no one would believe it no matter how hard I tried to explain it.

It wasn’t even the end of dividing the ocean.

‘Oh, my God, what is that?’

Jean and her colleagues looked down between the divided seas.

There was a clam there.

It’s a huge, sleek…… the shell, obviously the only one that exists in the world, is opening its mouth wide open.

It was a size that could be compared to most fortresses.

[It’s been a long time since I’ve worked so hard. This is why Murakan, Solderet, chose me. It’s very rare in the world to be able to handle a seal this big.]

The trivial appearance of the cookies all seemed to be lies. The group had no choice but to pay homage to Olmango in unison.

It was no different why Olmango, the god of shellfish, was known as a popular god.

It was because we always had to save our energy. Olmango’s mission as a god was to use his power to protect stories for those who needed them in a huge shellfish.

Whoo-woo-woong, hoo-woong……!

Like a black pearl.

A huge seal of spirit wriggled in the shell. The very seal was the entrance to the Temer’s second tomb.

[So I hope you don’t feel too bad about Soldierlet. Everyone, listen up and go.]

“Thank you, Mr. Olmango.”

[Of course I did what I had to do. Oh, and.]

Olmango made eye contact with Jean and continued his back talk.

[I don’t remember anyone, but give it to a friend inside. You’ve been through a lot.]

“I won’t forget to tell you.”

One by one, the group threw themselves into the seal of the shellfish.

When all the party were sucked into the seal of spirit, the clam of Olmango shut its huge mouth.

* * *

Again this time, it was a space made up of spirit.

But unlike the first tomb, which was endlessly dark and desolate.

As soon as the second tomb was built, there were signs of fierce fighting everywhere.

The white bone, believed to be the wizard of the old Jipple, rolled on the floor to the point of being kicked by the foot, and when touched, it became powdery and crumbly.

“Oh, it was so mysterious just now. It’s very lonely and chilly here.”

“……how many white bones are there? I have no idea how many men the guardians here have faced alone, Confucius Qin.”

said Jet and Kashmir, looking around.

While the party was briefly agonizing over which direction to walk, a woman’s voice came from afar.

[Somehow I could feel the noise from afar. Yeah, I knew you’d come…….]

The party immediately turned its head toward it, with a keen sense.

And Murakan, this time again, recognized immediately who the voice was.

“Sara? Sarah Looncandel, is that you?”


It was not long before the guardian was seen.

She was wearing an armor that resembled the guardian of Looncandel like a shilderay, but the armor had been torn and punctured and devastated.

Not only armor, but also flesh. The only remaining arm, and at first glance countless wounds, were flowing like blood.

[Why are you so late?] You damn bastard.]

said the guardian, eye-catching with Murakan.

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