Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 300

On March 10, 1799, Rosa convened a jockey meeting.

On the long table lay Barton Vichena’s hollow pitch.

All the riders except Jin were shocked to see the pitch, but no one showed their emotions outwardly.

Already the riders knew that the main player of the mission was Jean, not Dipus.

That’s what Dipus said to Mary. Without Jin, this mission could never have been successful. Mary spread it out to the riders as if it were her own business.

Charyuk, Charyuk…….

In silence Rosa heard unusually loud sound looking at the report. After reading the report with an expressionless face, Rosa uttered the first word.

“You seem to have forgotten the mission.”

“What was lacking?”

The eyes of some brothers flinched at Jean’s unassuming question. Lan, Vigo, Mu, Ann, and Tonya brothers. They only heard that Jean and Dipus were perfectly successful in their mission.

“It’s good to have ventica and shoot Barton Vicena. But what the family demanded of you was a natural death.”

What the family asked you to do.

Rosa gave the horse a boost.

“Death treatment at the hands of the enemy during the mission” was actually the judgment of the entire senate, not just Rosa individuals.

“Barton Bichena. If you were just going to shoot him, you wouldn’t have to use the power of your riders. It was all I had to do if I and the Black Sword Council moved in person.”


“Tell me, Twelve Horsemen.”

“In this mission, it was impossible to kill Barton Bichena at the hands of the enemy. Because of the power of Kellyak, we needed more people.”

“If such a judgment had been made, it should have been right to seek another chance after Barton Bichena stepped down when he insisted on retreat. Of course, by that time, not you, but other riders would have taken over the task.”

Jin sold the name of Dipus without hesitation in that passage.

“And the decision-maker’s will to carry on with his mission.”

“Fourth rider. Is that true?”


“Why didn’t you step down?”

“Because, in the absence of the first rider, I decided there was no rider who could perform the task better than me and the 12.”

“That’s just your idea, Dipus.”

“I actually got the results. Although it did not produce a natural death, it achieved two tasks without one death.”

“You don’t know why the family tried to kill Barton Bichena so complexly? This is to keep his betrayal from the outside world. All the wizards of the retired Zipple know that he survived. “But when his death is known to the outside world, Looncandel purged the black knight.”

Warriors and Purge during the mission.

If it were any other article, the black knight had to be the former. The reason why Looncandel’s strongest power was purged was because it signaled that there was a problem with solidarity and loyalty.

The fact that the knight was purged would have a tremendous ripple effect in itself. Such was the symbol of the black knight in Hufester as well as Looncandel.

Of course, the former had no choice but to get a scratch on Looncandel’s prestige.

However, the Jipple was far stronger in terms of power deployed to secure ventica.

It is possible for a black knight to die because he dealt with Cochac and White Night.

If the mission had gone as it was, it could have turned it into a propaganda that the black knight sacrificed himself “to save the riders.”

“It’s a sensitive time, as you all know. With the housekeeper and the first rider away, the Jipple is expanding its presence day by day. What would our allies think of us if the black knight was purged in this situation?”

Mu and Ann almost burst into laughter because of their savory feelings.

‘Yes, it is. No matter how great the Diffus brother and the youngest one are, it’s a man. I was blinded by the ball and I was overdoing it and saw a disaster. If Joshua brother takes the hegemony, he’ll take them out first.’

“The association is also refusing to transfer the power to a showdown, which is perfect. This is going to get us out of the senate again.’

Lan and Vigo only admired in themselves the fact that Dipus and the youngest had killed Barton Bichena, but had no other thoughts.

The Tonya brothers, as usual, were full of worries but managed to keep their feelings bare.

Rosa could see the six men’s thoughts clearly. So I kicked my tongue inside and suppressed my stuffy heart.

“… …if the four- and twelve-time riders don’t have a plan for it, this mission will be regarded as a failure.”

“Mother, it’s no problem if you announce that Barton Bichena died in battle. Don’t you know that?”

Jean’s words made six eyes wide open. It was those six people who just let Rosa down.

Rosa and Joshua, Luntia, Dipus and Mary, on the other hand, looked calm. As if I knew this would happen.

“The enemy Cosek was destroyed and six Red Dragon and more than 30 elite wizards were lost, and Veradin was seriously injured using Kellyak’s power. But we didn’t even have Ventica.”

It used Kellyak’s power.

At that point, the six riders fixed their eyes on Jin once again. The report did not include such information. But no one asked what that meant.

“It doesn’t make sense that Looncandel suffered any damage in the process. In particular, if it turns out that I was the one who destroyed the project, it won’t end up as just a disgrace.”

“Wait, the youngest. You mean it wasn’t Diffus, it was you who destroyed the Cosech?”

Ignoring Vigo’s question, Jin continued.

“In this situation, it is welcome as a jipple to make a false announcement that a black knight was killed in action. It’s about taking advantage of each other. Of course we have no real damage, and we have Ventica, so we’re overwhelmingly taking care of it.”

“Don’t you think about the possibility of Gipple revealing that the knight was actually a spy?”

“Yes, it’s a problem that you don’t have to keep in mind. If Barton reveals that he was a traitor, Jipple was defeated with even a black knight who betrayed him. If the Zipple reveals the whole story, I’ll take full responsibility.”

There has been silence for some time.

Unlike the Lan, Vigo, Mu, Ann, and Tonya brothers. The rest of the characters knew that the conversation so far was Rosa’s “test.”

Rosa’s pressure on Jean wasn’t just to embarrass her.

Since this mission is really an important matter for the family, I wanted to see how Jin worked it out as a rider.

I also wanted to set an example for riders who have not noticed this. This is what Runkandel’s rider should do.

Rosa would have immediately punished her for failing her mission if Jean had brought the answer, “I just couldn’t help it.”

But Jean has brought a satisfying result, as always. Despite the serious variables of space explosion, the mission has achieved near perfection.

That’s why I felt so close.

‘It’s deplorable that one day we have to crash this kid. Until then, you’ll have a lot of work to do for the family.’

‘Use as much as you like. Eventually, it will strangle your mother and Joshua.’

Between the two eyes that Jin and Rosa met, different thoughts were floating.

Knock knock knock knock!

Someone knocked on the door of the conference room.

“Sir Rosa, this is Butler Heinz.”

“Come in.”

There was a bundle of newsletters in the hands of Haints, who entered the ceremony.

Rutero Magical Federal Newsletter.

“Jipple has published an article about the Bentica mission. Overall, the Zipple was defeated, but it is said to have achieved the triumph of killing the black knight.”

“Kellyak Zipple took the lead. He’s a ghost. Are you sure Barton was discovered just by the flow of this mission?”

The top riders seemed to be quite surprised this time. Of course, Luntia was enduring yawning as usual.

“Is there anything else special?”

“No. May I prepare a response article?”

“Do it that way. The death of Barton Bichena is beautifully wrapped, but do not reveal his real name. Also, wipe out all records and documents about Barton.”

“I’ll do as you wish.”

As of today, there will be articles praising Barton throughout Hufester, but his black pitches and remains will not be enshrined in the graves.

When Heinz left, Rosa looked back at Jean again.

“It’s gone as you said, 12 jockeys. I’ll have to lower the table. Is there anything you want?”

“Give me 10 percent when the mining of ancient eternity is finished. And I’d like to take about 10 days off.”


Unexpectedly, Rosa readily accepted Jean’s request.

For the time being, she decided to focus on using the camp rather than keeping it in check.

Just as Looncandel and Jipple are taking care of each other’s interests, so are Jean and Rosa.

Above all, Rosa thought that everything Jean got would eventually be attributed to Joshua over time.

So support above a certain level was not bad for her either. No, rather, sometimes it was necessary to give wings.

“Over, end the flag-bearer’s meeting. The 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th planes will be assigned a mission in the evening, so send each deacon to my office.”


Shortly after leaving the conference room, Jean walked straight to her room without talking to anyone.

Instead, he told me that he didn’t forget his promise when he passed the Tonya brothers.

“Drink at night.”

“Well, yeah! I’ll have a good one ready.”

Other riders kicked their tongues at the sight of the Tonya brothers, but Dipus and Mary felt very envious.

Mary only wanted to get closer to Jean, but in the case of Dipus it was different.

The brain sword that the youngest showed me must be……there was something similar to the electric light of the sixth series. What do you mean, a drinking seat? There’s so much I didn’t know about the youngest. The magic power was way beyond my expectations.’

Mary, who saw the neck of the Dipus, blinked her eyes.

“Are you coming? Are you cold? I’ve got goose bumps on my neck. Gross. We should also get some hot drinks.”

Gilly welcomed Jean when he returned to the room.

And the black dragon, about 3,000 years old, Murakhan, with a full pouty face, glanced at Jean.

“Good work, Master.”

“Thanks, but what’s wrong with Murakhan again?”

“Oh, well….”

Gilly smiles awkwardly.

The reason why Murakhan was so horny was no different.

It was because Gilly insisted on taking the vacation “all together.”

In other words, it was not easy for Murakan to accept the fact that an ancient date had gone out of hand.

“I heard that Olmango’s contractor is in the Kingdom of Sucheron. I’ve always wanted to go to that beach, but I thought it would be great if all my colleagues in Tikan could go on vacation together. If you don’t mind, you should go with me…….”

Looking at Murakan, who once again frowned, Jean burst into a giggle.

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