Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 289


Jin, who was trying to pick up a piece of black beads and a sword, suddenly vomited blood.

When the extremely tense body was released, a belated shock came.

The Mingwang Gunlim Sword was a hard-to-use sword until it completed all three stages of dog, jeon, and gyeol.

I got chills and pain from my spine.

In the injured organ, hot heat rose like a fireball, and broken bone joints screamed.

He reigned in state for a while. Gently pressing down on the ore trying to reverse flow, pushing the least amount of brain into the empty photocardium.


The pain gradually subsided. I thought I could do enough to walk and run.

I was worried about whether I would be able to raise my condition to the highest level before the mission to kill the black knight began.

But the price was nothing compared to what was gained in this tomb.

He met the person who was the beginning of the Black Knight, experienced a broken battle, and peeped at the secret history of a thousand years ago.

A stele about the wise solderlet and those who were the founder and root of the Looncandel.

[He says don’t panic no matter what happens. That’s what Soldier told you to deliver.]

It was not an exaggeration to say that Pikon Minche told us the location of the tomb.

What happened at the first tomb of the Baolai, Themeer, was, in some sense, much more shocking than a return.

‘……Solderet, for a thousand years, had me as a contractor. That’s the fact that I was aware of to a certain extent.’

a thousand-year contractor

Contractor already set a thousand years ago.

Suddenly, I remembered the day when I first met Murakan in Storm Castle.

Hey… …Solderet. You’re kidding, aren’t you? Not this one. Say something. Why would a promised thousand-year contractor be such a little boy?….

[I am Murakan. The last descendant of the first being made of solderlet’s agent, his own friend, and shadow. From today on the promise of a thousand years, I will be with you. Say your name.]

Murakan was not the only one who spoke of a thousand-year contractor after seeing Qin. Clam, the God of Mana, told a similar story when he first met Jin, and so did Missha.

‘But Murakhan and Misha, Clam, knew only that I was a contractor who had already been discovered a thousand years ago. Everyone didn’t seem to know that Solderlet already knew my name when he was pointing at me.’

In a vision seen from the subspace, Solderlet told Temer not to tell Murakhan and Misha the name of Jean.


Jean had already been spotted a thousand years ago, and all those who had a deep connection with Soldert knew the fact.

‘Temar had heard my name from Soldieret. Under the circumstances, the same is true of Lord Shilderay. So, why didn’t you tell the Guardian and the Clam my name?’

It was something that was not immediately understandable.

There was no clue to the vision shown by the gray sphere.

‘There’s no way Solderlet, even considering the arrangement of a thousand years from now, would have hidden my name from them without meaning anything.’

It wasn’t just the arrangement after a thousand years.

Solderlet also left his regards to the Ming dynasty, which collapsed five thousand years ago, and to the forgotten god Clam, who was even closer to the beginning.

Jean, just for him.

By guesswork, the arrangement of solderlet began earlier than the combined history of the human species.

‘There must be some reason. It’s not an immediate problem.’

It was highly likely that Soldert left this kind of arrangement and message somewhere else.

The reason I didn’t tell you my name is because I just need to find out as I reach them.

There were separate problems that really confused Jean’s mind.

‘Solderet had me as a contractor a thousand years ago, but when he signed with me in his previous life, he didn’t reveal the fact at all.’

[Signer, you must have hated someone when you were very young. You’ve been under a lot of pressure because of a small curse. Maybe that’s why I was attracted to you.]

[Now all you have to do is be a test-taker, contractor. It’s going to be fun to enjoy watching.]

Given the fact that he already “knows and grasps Jin,” Solderlet’s response at the time of the contract was clearly contradictory.

“Even then, Solderlet told us that he was originally a god of swords and shadows, unlike what was known to the world. He didn’t say why he left Looncandel…….’

Jean’s heart beat rapidly.

It was because the second vision I saw in the subspace came to mind.

Theme is dying in her bed, and Sidderay calls Solderlet a traitor in anger.


In fact, Solderlet had never been the patron saint of Looncandel since the Temer, until Jean appeared.

There has been a perception that he is the god of Jipple by signing contracts with wizards, especially Jipple.

‘If it’s a betrayal, for what? If not for betrayal, why on earth did Solderlet abandon Looncandel for a thousand years? Even claiming to be the god of enemies.….’

Actions were necessarily based on purpose. God wouldn’t be different from humans.

Solderlet’s leaving Looncandel, coming back, choosing himself, and everything else that’s hard to understand.

After all, it will all be inevitable choices to serve the purpose.

‘……my return is also likely to have been the power of solderlet. What does he want?’

It was a problem that I had never seriously thought about before.

It was because he judged that it was not important.

No matter what purpose Solderet gave her the opportunity to return, Jean decided to follow her own desires and wills regardless of it.

As a result, Qin naturally wished the throne of Looncandel and the destruction of the Jipple. He burned his strong desire to become a warrior beyond his father to reach the pinnacle of the world.

There was no doubt that such a future could be realized.

Today, until we get a glimpse of the old story of Looncandel in Themeer’s first grave.

‘According to a vision from the subspace, the Jipple had enormous power to fear even the Temer. I don’t know if it was before or after the war when Themer was lying in his bed, but he ended up losing.’

Even Chang Sung-kai, who led the strongest family of horse prosecutors in history, failed to overcome the wall of Jipple.

The Tower of Story, where three hundred dragons gathered in the stele, is still in good health, but Looncandel has lost the ability of the Magistrate with all kinds of history erased.

The gap is wider than it was when Temer was defeated.

“I’m also concerned that Lord Silderay called betrayal. Theme seemed to have believed in solderlet to the end, but did the belief really pay off?’

There is no place for the theme in the Looncandel tomb, and Shilderay has not even a single line of records left in every history book that exists in the world.

It was safe to judge that he had not received any compensation so far.

There were too many elements to doubt about solderlet.


As Jean struck the sword, she cut off a confused mind. At this rate, useless anxiety and doubt seemed to grow out of control.

‘At least in the gray sphere I saw, there was not a single complete proof that Solderlet had betrayed him. Moreover, the time between the first and the second is very unnatural. Like a book whose important page has been torn.’

Solderlet’s “recording device” in the open space had seemed to have been damaged somewhere.

It was clearly not normal to see the screen and the sound of the words working for a long time, suddenly crushed.

This means that we should not rule out the possibility that the crushed screen contained decisive clues about the situation at that time.

“Even if the betrayal of Soldert is true and valid so far, there is no need to be disappointed. It is not my defeat that Themeer lost. If the Looncandel at that time was stronger than it is now, I can become a housekeeper and overtake him.’

Solderette, Themeer, then Looncandel.

Whatever they were, Jean decided to worship the values she had set.

Just like it’s always been.

It will be a standard that will never change no matter what secrets Jean finds out about Soldert and Looncandel in the future.

Passat! Passasak! Parsasak!

I heard the sound of stepping on the grass in the back. Looking back, I could see Murakan running with all his body full of frown.

“Hey! Kid! Are you all right?”

“Oh, you were there. Where were you hiding? Murakan. I forgot because I was so busy looking for it right away.”

“This Murakan……forgotten? Hey, my little boy. Did you get hit wrong by Silderay? I never expected you to talk such a heartless noise, huh?”

“You won’t be too sad to hear what I saw inside. You’ll understand right away.”

“What is it?”

“I was sucked into a new space after the fight with Lord Sutherray. There I saw a few people a thousand years ago with a record device left by Soldert.”

“Recording device?”

Jean explained to Murakhan what was inside the recording device for a while.

From the conversation between Soldert and Themer to the anger of Silderay and Diana’s consolation, he said.

Just one thing, ‘Solderlet already knew Jean’s name,’ didn’t say.

The reason for excluding the content was no different. At the moment, he judged that there was no reason not to respect Solderlet’s will as a contractor.

Murakan was very surprised at first, but soon fell into memory and was immersed in Jin’s explanation.

He seemed to miss all the good and bad things that Bisa showed him in the past.

“… …but then I heard, Silderay. I’m sure that’s what happened to your head. It was ridiculous to call me a scumbag, but how dare you call Solderlet a traitor? Ha, you can’t kill another one who’s already dead.”

“You’ve shown me a tremendous bid. I wanted to.”

“He was a great guy if you were to judge him purely as a knight. I don’t know why the scumbag suddenly disappeared. Anyway, this is the result of the subspace collapse of Soldierlet.”

Murakan pointed to black beads and pieces of the sword on the floor.

“Yes. You said the materials were here to strengthen the bradamante, so maybe these.”

“Maybe only the piece of the sword is the material. I’ve never seen this bead before, but it’s not for blacksmithing. Certainly.”

“Really? How can you be sure it’s something you’ve never seen before?”

“You must have felt that the inside of the marble was full of spirit. It’s taking a form close to a seal, like in a mirror from a colon. It’s designed to hide or suppress something.”

“I’ll show it to Missha.”

When Missha’s name came out, Murakan frowned at once.

Jean laughed at the sight and summoned Shri.

“Let’s go back for now. Murakan.”

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