Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 283

In fact, the Tona brothers were not going back completely and were hiding in the end of the corridor columns, secretly peeping at Jean and Dipus.

It wasn’t because I wondered what the two were talking about.

It was because Emma asked me to bring Jean on this occasion because she usually doesn’t have much to encounter.

Emma was nervous because Jean had never found her.

He seems to be very shocked. Right, Heitona?

‘I think so. Let’s go back to Jean……Uh. Diffus is coming this way.’

I’m doomed. What if I get dumped again? Why are you peeping like a rat?’

‘Just pretend you’re as calm as you can be.

The Tonya brothers rushed their heads into the pillar.

Jabbuck, jabbuck. The closer the Dipus got, the faster the Tonya brothers’ heart beat.

Before long, the two smiled awkwardly as Dipus passed right in front of them.

The Dipus gave them a look of indifference once, and then passed it by. Not craving the Tonya brothers like Mu or Ann.

Dipus, so to speak, treated the Tonya brothers as if they had no brothers at all. Not only is it not a competition, but it is also not worth caring about.

Even Dipus knew from the start that the Tonya brothers were behind the pillar.

Anyway, I’m glad it went by without a hitch.

On the other hand, they were Tonya’s brothers, whose self-esteem was shattered. Outside the family, they are also notorious for being called “the son of hell,” but among their brothers, they were often treated like nothing more than air.

“Let’s go to the youngest…….”


The Tonya brothers who chase after Jean with a clumsy yet quick walk.

Jean was waiting for them at the other end of the corridor. Jean, too, was aware that the Tonya brothers were peeping, just like Dipus.

“The youngest.”

“Oh, brothers.”

When Jean turned naturally, the Tonya brothers scratched their back heads.

“What’s going on?”

“Oh, well. Maybe with us.”

“Why don’t you have a cup of tea?”

The hesitant Tonya brothers looked cute.

“I’m sorry, but I’m busy today.”

“He, yeah? Then what about tomorrow?

“For the time being, I’ll be busy preparing for this mission.”

“Ah…… I get it.”



“Sometimes you’d better see yourself moving on your own will, not Emma’s nanny.”

When Emma’s name came out, the Tonya brothers showed signs of embarrassment.

“If the brothers just wanted to talk to me, they might have made time. The other brothers keep ignoring them because they look like Emma’s puppets, not Looncandel’s jockey.”

“That… ..that much?”

“To that extent? Isn’t it just because we’re weak?”

“Honestly, I’m not at the level of being told you guys are weak anywhere.”

They’re both 21 and seven. He deserves to be called a genius, but the problem was that this was Looncandel. Of the riders, the Tonya brothers were undoubtedly the weakest.

“Preciousness comes from attitude. And tell Emma a story.”

“Oh, yeah. What is it?”

“Do not be impatient, and do not call me unless it is important enough to come and inform you first.”

The Tonya brothers nodded with a heavy look.

It was embarrassing to hear advice from the youngest, but there was nothing to refute.

They know where they are.

And Chin sincerely hoped that the day would come when the Tonya brothers were recognized by all the families.

Jean hated the Tonya brothers so much that he was sick of them in his previous life, but in his present life he was not unaware of the fact that sometimes they were worried about him.

“Drink tea only after you finish your mission to kill a black knight. Drinks are good.”

* * *

“Hey, kid. Do you really have to ride that? Can’t you just fly away?”

“No, I can’t. I’m flying all the way there. You have to return to your family by at least March 6th.”

“Hoo, I’m throwing up again and my head is burning. It’s annoying.”

Murakhan shook his head irritably.

Qin and Murakhan, the two men, were heading for the Kalon Express mobile gate in a Runkandel steel wagon.

“We’re here, Master.”

“Great work, you guys go back.”


When Qin and Murakhan got off, all the eyes of Ilsun Street were focused.

In Hufester, the rider of the Looncandel was like a star. This means that there are many people who stare at the streets just by walking.

Of course, it was a story not applicable to a rider known for his dirty temper, such as Mu and Ann. It was the power of the Runkandel rider that could kill a person just because “the eyes are unpleasant.”

Although Jin’s actual personality has not yet been known to the world, most of the public had fantasies about him.

There is an image of confronting, winning, and seeking justice with a single body. It wasn’t very wrong.


Perhaps that’s why there were many passers-by who talked to each other because they felt strangely familiar with each other.

Is he Jean Looncandel, handsome, or the legendary cat, Sukho-ryong?….

“Who’s the cat? These things are crazy.”

As Murakan shouted back, passers-by bowed their heads and disappeared with a short steps.

From today on, Hufester will be rumored to be very ferocious with the guardian dragon of Qin.

“Oh, ears. Why all of a sudden scream?”

“It’s annoying to ride the gateway, and they call me a cat. Why don’t you know that the whispers can hear everything?”

“Because not everyone in the world has an eight-star, unmanned level of hearing. You can’t help but think that you won’t hear.”

“I don’t know! I’m pissed!”

It was no different why Murakhan was so sensitive.

Last night, I asked Gilly out for a date, but she was rejected in a single stroke.

Strawberry pie, they say there’s a lot of places to visit in Calone. Why don’t you go around with me one by one from now on? Now you don’t have to hide your identity, so just relax and hang out.….

I’m sorry, Murakan. I think you’ll have to be very careful about your behavior until you settle down.

“You can go fast! I’m so frustrated that I can’t live.”

“Loud, you’ve got a few ears to listen to.”

“And the Great Plains were the land of Chukon Tolderer, right? So there could be remnants of the Dark Wizardry, right? When you get there and you catch sight of such odds and ends, you’ve just gone through everything. Real.”

“We destroyed the Dark Wizardry last time.”

“I wish I could stay.”

“Sound of horrors.

As usual, the express transit gate was a quiet landscape. The guide called the gatekeeper as soon as he saw Jin’s rider coat, and he guided him to the inside rider’s private seat in an intense manner.

“Sir Jean Lundel, it is an honor to have you here. Please tell me your destination.”

“To the nearest mobile gateway to the Holla Mountains.”

“Okay. What should we do with the gate usage?”

“Delete it so that no one can read it.”

“Yes, then have a comfortable journey!”


As soon as the gatekeeper left, the moving gate was opened.

“Little boy, what’s the Hola Mountains? Not near the Anzu Plains. You said you didn’t have time, but you said you had to go as soon as possible.”

“I’m going to check it out. May I just leave the gatekeeper alone?”

The blue mana enveloped two people.

When I woke up after a while, it was an old mobile gateway near the Holla Mountains. Knights waiting at the gate saluted as soon as they saw the camp. Murakan had been puking beside him for a while.


“I don’t need an attendant. I’ve had personal business, so don’t worry and do what you have to do.”

Jean deliberately flew in the Murakan in front of the knights and toward the Holla Mountains.

After flying from place to place for a few hours, he hid deep in the mountains and took out cosmetics and hair dye from the Geumseol tribe.

The products that are perfect if you just scoop them out.

“Well, they’re the ones who make this all right, so they deserve to be rich. Murakan, put some on you too. Now most people recognize me even if I turn into a cat.”

The rider’s coat was folded neatly and put in a bag and wore a normal robe. Both of them had their hair dyed blue hair.

“I thought you wouldn’t have to disguise yourself after you became a jockey. Do I have to?”

“There’s nothing wrong with being careful. It reminds me of my days as a backup jockey. Let’s go to Anzh Grand Plain.”

Jean who brings out the enemy’s prison and summons Shri.

Shri drove silently through the mountains with two people on board.

All night through a mountain range, and by sunrise, across the sea. Murakan has never flown before.

The last time I passed a forest, it was night again, and from there it was Anz Grand Plain.

If the mithra is full of leaves, it will look just like Anzh Grand Plain. An absurd stretch of green grass was swaying in the wind.

It took another day to reach the first tomb of Themeer, which was told by the Picon Minche, “Baolai.”

Fortunately, nothing happened that Murakhan expected. There were no remnants of the Dark Horse Court in the Great Plains.

Sometimes I could see a wizard far away (they were ordinary wizards, and Jean struggled to stop the Murakan who said he was definitely the remnants of the Dark Wizardry), but they didn’t see the Qin party.


As he reached his destination, Shuri looked tired and childish.

“Good work, Shree.”

By the time they arrived at Baolai, all the Qin and his party had encountered was a pack of nomads on the move. One they didn’t use the continental language, and they didn’t even recognize that Jean was a warrior.

Baolai looked like a hill lying low in the middle of the meadow.

But the reason why Baolai’s land is a little high is because it was once a huge mound.

Murakan’s eyes deepened when he recognized the fact.

Murakan was inwardly skeptical of Picon’s words, but as soon as he arrived at Baolai, he felt intuitively that this was the land where the theme was buried.

“… …take out the key, kid.”

* * *

“Have you found anything yet?”

“Yes, Lord Joshua. Apparently, the gatekeeper told us that the 12-gear had moved to the Holla Mountains, but there was nothing unusual about searching through them like this.”

Jean’s prediction hit the mark.

Records of the use of the mobile gate were deleted, but the memory of the gatekeeper was not lost.

The gatekeeper informed Joshua of Jin’s destination. Before Joshua asks.

The Holla Mountains…. is there something about solderlet? Or what you got when you were a backup jockey? Are you a man? You have to figure out what the youngest went there to get.’

However, the guardian knights are not able to get the information, which is frustrating.

Suddenly, Joshua felt that Jean could not have moved so “lackily.”

I think he intentionally leaked the wrong information to the gatekeeper in anticipation of his coming.

The idea soon became convinced.


“Sir Joshua?”

“I’m in a hurry. Pull everyone out. Cut off the gatekeepers, and give me an adequate amount of severance pay.”


Joshua took a sip, deeply sucked in cigarette smoke.

It tasted bitter.

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