Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 282

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February 25, 1799.

All the riders who had left to encourage the lower forces returned to the Sword Garden.

They had heard about Qin all the way out of the house, while touring their respective regions.

“Good work, brother!”


Mary put her fist on Dipus’s back.

“Oh, crazy. Mary! How many times have you told me not to say hello like this, what the hell?”

“Did anything funny happen out there?”

“What could have been more interesting than what you’ve done? I told you how, but I said it anyway. Take care of the back.”

It was a story about Mary stealing Bradamante and handing it over to Jean.

“Why, you were with your first brother earlier. Did you hear anything?”

“Unexpectedly, there was not much to say. However, the older brother is rather dangerous when he does that. You know? Take care of yourself for the time being.”

“I don’t know. I’ve never bought a body in my life. No, more than that. I asked you if you had any fun outside.”

The dipus touched his forehead.

“Yes, I’m bad at trying to have a conversation with you.”

“Has there?”

“Oh, there was. From the fourth day of the tour, everywhere I went, I heard about my youngest.”

“Tell me.”

“Oh, my God. Don’t you think it’s too much of a command line, 7th-

“Speak for yourself, Mr. Quartet.”

“As expected, many people were upset that the youngest had damaged Looncandel’s legitimacy.”

“That’s all?”

“Thanks to the youngest, some praised the saints for helping Hufester again. It was a minority.”

“No, I don’t care about that. You know, it means there was no rumor about the youngest’s ignorance.”

“Well, there’s some comparison to Dante Hailan. Among the Hufester nobles, some of them went to Cosmos, where the youngest participated as a backup rider, and the final match was worth watching. That Mutu competition where you were runner-up.”

“Jun Woo-seung? I beat him two months later, so I’m the winner. We’re not the only ones who hear, but we can’t tell you such a secret. Anyway, Dante Highland……you don’t know much about the world yet.”

“What do you mean?”

“I almost lost to the youngest.”

The dipus stopped moving in a flash.

“You’re kidding, aren’t you?”

“You’d be kidding me? The next part of the Highlands is great, but not comparable to the youngest.”

“You seem to underestimate Dante too much.”

“Can you imagine I could lose to Dante?”

The Dipus was momentarily speechless.

‘Certainly, if you fought Dante, I don’t think Mary would have reacted the same way now. I’m 19 and I’m on the same level as Mary….you think the youngest is a monster.’

Dipus knew, of course, Mary would defeat Jean.

And Jean was seriously injured in the process, so he planned to go out on his own to kill a black knight spy.

‘You’ll be stuck in your mother’s painting, damn it.’

Black knight spy murder mission.

Rosa had already decided to deploy Dipus with Jean on the mission.

After a while the butlers found the two.

“Your Majesty has called a jockey’s meeting.”

At once all the riders gathered at Rosa’s office.

“Today’s flag-bearer meeting, discusses only one agenda item. We talked about it before our lord left us. It’s a mission to kill a black knight spy.”

“Yes, Mother.”

Tense tension was hidden in a momentary silence.

The mission will be undertaken by four-time Diffus Looncandel and twelve-time Jean Looncandel. “The form of the mission is to induce death in combat, and the area is a disputed area near the kingdom of Mila, Ventica.”

As soon as the four and twelve riders were assigned, the brothers’ joys and sorrows were mixed.

Some swept down their chests, and some hid their regrets.

Dipus immediately looked at Jean, but Jean deliberately didn’t take the look.

“A mine believed to have been buried in ancient manhood was recently discovered in Ventica. That’s why there’s intelligence that Zipple has decided to put a white night and a project in Ventica. We decided to send one black knight and two horsemen and ten guardian knights accordingly.”

Looncandel and Jipple have fought large and small wars every day over land, mines, nature and everything.

When fighting over an ordinary gold mine or land, the guardian knights, sorceresses, or lower families were usually screened.

However, when it was necessary to win something rare, such as the ancient fountain or the traces of fairies, important forces would collide with each other.

This time, Zipple decided to send out white nights and cojacs, and Looncandel decided to respond by sending “black knight spies” and two riders and ten guardian knights.

“The two dispatched jockeys form a structure in which they battle the jipple with 10 guardian knights and black knight spies. And during the battle, the Black Knight spy dies at the enemy’s hands.”

Needless to say, the difficulty of this mission was enormously acute.

It’s a great thing to just kill a black knight, but you have to induce a natural death.

It was because of the prestige of the family that killed the black knight so cumbersomely.

In order to get rid of the black knight, he had to be treated as dead while fighting against enemy forces at least a project, so there was no external problem.

Few people in the Zipple know that there is a black knight spy now. All we know is that Kellyak Zipple, Octavia Zipple, and the top three elders.”

The biggest reason for Looncandel’s preparation of a huge play called “The Black Knight Murder Mission.”

Baekya did not know that the black knight who would fight against them was a spy for Jipple.

Looncandel judged that if the black knight appeared to annihilate the White Night with the riders “until he was killed,” the Jipple would not try to make a new black knight spy.

In addition, if all of these plans are successful.

The jipple was like tripping over his own trick.

“And of course, after the death of a black knight spy, we must defeat Jipple’s power and win the mine. If neither condition is achieved, the mission will be considered a failure.”



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There was a moment of silence.

The riders were all convinced. I assure you, from last year to today, there has been no more difficult mission.

“The start of the mission is March 8! Let’s get everything ready by then. The fourth and 12th riders, if you have any requests and complaints about your mission, tell me now.”


“Give me the name of the Black Knight spy.”

said Dipus and Jean at the same time.

With the authority of the 12-time leader, the family’s “all” documents could not be examined.

In order to verify the exact personal information of the black knight, he had to be recognized as a fourth-term or a fourth-term ranking.

“Barton Bichena. I’ll give you a document with the details of the person, so take a look.”

It was an unknown name.

Thus, pre-regression information could not benefit from the fight against Barton Vichena.

“Thank you.”

“As it is a very carefully prepared mission at the family level, I hope the 4th and 12th terms will have a successful outcome. That’s it, disband.

The riders left the Oval Office.


Joshua did not respond much to Mary, who recently opened his warehouse, and Jin, the beneficiary. He looked like he was going back without giving him a glance.

Luntia yawned several times and then went back to Rosa’s office. I didn’t mean anything special, and I just wanted to get the documents that I forgot.

Mu and Ann didn’t really pick a fight with Jean either.

Lan and Vigo looked alternately at Jean and Mary, but that was all.

The Tonya brothers wandered aimlessly around Jin again.

“Do those cute guys want to play you like I do?”

“I don’t think so.”

“Well, that’s a relief. Youngest, I have one piece of advice.”

“It’s all right, Sister Mary.”

“It’s because I’m not okay. For this Black Knight murder mission, I’m sure you’ll get the right combination with Deepus Orabunny. Just for the sake of the contract I made with my sister.”

Mary has a tremendous appreciation of Jean.

I thought it was still a long time before Jean fought with the black knight.

Especially in this complicated mission.

“How bored would this sister be if you died or got hurt so badly. My sister is thinking about fighting with you when spring comes 3 months later. I’m going to go, so you two have a good talk.”

When they left to Mary, there were only two people left in the corridor: Gene and Dipus.

“Mary is right, youngest.”

The Dipus opened his mouth first.

“What do you mean, second brother?”

“It’s a good match. I know well that you recognize all your brothers as enemies. But this is an important matter. My father has even euphemistically called me to refrain from a hierarchy war.”

“Do you mean we should train together from today until the mission begins?”


“I refuse.”

The Dipus shrugged.


“You will be able to accomplish this mission on your own without me. Except for Luna, I personally think you’re the strongest.”


“And you wouldn’t be greedy enough to drive the ball to me. By the way, why should I train with you? It’ll only be used as bait or assorted anyway. It’s a waste of time.”

“Well, that’s what I’ve done. If Mary asks, she has something to say.”

“You really care about Mary.”

“Maybe more than your first sister cares about you. So, the youngest.”

Deepus, who had stopped talking for a while, spoke in a calm tone.

“I hope, perhaps, that during every three months, there will be no killing or maiming Mary.”

“Is that a warning?”

“No, this is just a human-to-human request. You could understand me.”

The glances of Jean and Dipus clashed.

There was neither life nor speculation, but a strange sense of hypocrisy filled the two tightly.

“Do you know that there is usually a price to ask for?”

“Tell me what you want.”

“Do not demean the Looncandel.”

This cold tone of voice is due to disappointment.

The middle of the forehead of the dipus flinched.

“It is not Looncandel who asks the enemy to do a favor. As much as I love my brother, I understand this once, but if you show this again…… I will no longer classify you as an enemy.”

Jean turned back.

Deepus had no choice but to dwell on his thoughts until his back was gone.

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