Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 280

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After the incarnation, Bin learned all the truth. It was because the memories of the short period of time that the Picon was brilliant remained the same.

“Uh…… that’s amazing, the legendary blacksmith, Picon Minche! I’ve never imagined I’d be the blood of such a great man. I thought it was a demon, but it was the voice of God. Haha.”

Bin’s swollen chin (because the Picon was in a state of incarnation, it ended up being hit by Jin’s fist) and smiled with a good smile.

Unexpectedly, he was in a mood of accepting what had happened to him. Not only himself, but also the fact that all ancestors after Picon did not enjoy the benefits of being a contractor.

“Bin Branche.”

“Yes! Lord Qin. I couldn’t say hello properly earlier because I wasn’t busy. Suddenly my body was out of control…….”

“Isn’t that unfair?”


“You and your ancestors made unwanted sacrifices because of me.”

Bin opened his eyes wide and waved.

“Aigo, what sacrifice is it? I didn’t particularly benefit from not knowing I was a contractor, but I didn’t lose anything in particular. At least for me. Besides, if the fact that I’m a new contractor for a blacksmith alone had a high chance of becoming a slave to Zipple, I should have kept it hidden. So I don’t think it’s a sacrifice.”

I haven’t benefited in particular, but I haven’t lost anything in particular.

Bin sincerely thought so.

“Of course, if I had known I was a contractor, my life would have changed. With a high probability. If I had been a blacksmith in Looncandel, or if I had been a member of the Association, I would have had a better life.”


“But is there any guarantee that it will be absolutely happier than my present life?”

This time, Jin’s eyes grew bigger.

“That’s something no one knows. If you were a blacksmith in Looncandel, you might have died trying to keep up with the high-income bracket. It’s a scary place, isn’t it? The Society of the Mints may have had all kinds of envy and jealousy.”

Bin, who stopped talking for a while, shrugged his shoulders and continued his back talk.

“On the other hand, I love my life now. Although I was kidnapped after living under a madly poor lord, I have experienced Lord Qin come to rescue me personally…… you’re a little unlucky, but you’re a good man.”

“Continue, talk to me.”

“That’s all.”

“From now on, Mr. Picone will strengthen Bradamante through your body because of me. It would be unfair for you. If there’s anything you want to argue with me about him, tell me. I’ll accept as much as I can. I don’t mean to punish you or hurt you if you refuse.”

“Sir Qin, what does that mean? I just happened to meet you today. Except that I was a blacksmith’s contractor, you saved my life.”

Bin wavered again.

“So I have no complaints. Rather, it’s better to think that I can pay you back.”

“Thank you for saying that.”

“I can guess why you came to see me. Volta was the only one who didn’t send me a congratulatory gift, so I’m sure he came to ask me about the situation of the land. But Lord Qin, please know this. My lord has never pocketed a tax.”

Bin had one big misunderstanding.

It was only a coincidence that he met Picon from his point of view, but it was inevitable that Jin visited him.

In fact, Bin continued to care that he failed to send Jin a gift to congratulate him on his appointment.

I didn’t think Jin would be the first person to ask for a gift.

Bin also read an article about Jin’s anecdote in Sungkuk when he was a backup rider.

So Bin thought Jin might suspect the Bolta family’s tax ruse.

No matter how fallen it is, it makes no sense not to send a gift to the noble family.

Of the numerous Hufester families, everyone would have sent Jin a gift except Volta, where he is the butler.

Jin was in a situation that seemed suspicious enough to Bin.

“The lord sold his household to save the poor. It was hard to get a good letter paper, let alone a gift, because famine continued in barren land and bandits were rampant.”

The sudden defense of Vienna made Jean feel absurd.

There was no need to correct his misunderstanding.

I didn`t think the Volta family embezzled the taxes. But, like you said, I was curious about the land situation. I wanted to support you if you were in a bad condition.”

Then Bin nodded in delight.

“As expected, you were my friend! Sir Jin, thank you for counting! Until you look at the land that is not as important as ours, and save me from the bandits…. this honor, I will not forget it even when I die.”

This is what Jean thought.

‘How come…… this friend’s misunderstanding is getting bigger and bigger? No, isn’t that a misunderstanding? If we could secure the blacksmith’s god first, we’d give Volta enough support.’

Not only did he secure it, but he also learned that the blacksmith’s god was changed, and that it was the arrangement of solderlet, and he was promised to strengthen Bradamante.

It was a perfect situation for Jin.

“Then, take good care of my sword.”

Bin carefully lifted Bradamante.

“I don’t know the art of blacksmith, so my forefather will do it all. As long as I have enough space in my territory for my ancestors to hold a sword without anyone knowing…….”

“That’s my job. I’ll do everything I can to keep you from getting in trouble while the smith god is working. And we’ll raise money and food, including house repairs.”

“Oh, thank you. Thank you!”

Jin smiled awkwardly as he looked down at Bin, who bowed his head in the spirit of bowing.

“Is there anything else you want from me?”

“None. It’s already full, Ser Jean.”

“I can give a lot of support to your individual if you want. You remember what I talked to Ficon earlier. I told you not to stop me from supporting you.”

“Ha-ha, I can’t stand the words. But Sir Jin, as I said before, I like my life. The estate, Volta’s mansion is my home, and it’s like I’m getting back on my feet when I’m through this hard time.”

Although it was a short meeting, Jin felt a great deal of favor with the character Bin.

You could have wanted as much as you wanted. He could have done evil to compensate his ancestors and his own sacrifices.

But Bin didn’t.

“Thank you. Now we’re going back to your house.”

* * *

Upon returning to the Sword’s Garden, Jean found Petro.

“I want you to visit the Volta site in person tomorrow morning, and support Volta in a non-excessive way. Focus on gold coins and food, and don’t send troops. Be careful not to look special to other brothers.”


“And please contact Tikan and ask him to have only about five reliable plainclothes guards stationed in Voltaaga’s compound.”

“Yes, Master.”

When Petro left, Gilly and Murakan, who were in the midst of sharing glasses, approached.



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“Where have you been, my lord?”

“Only Volta didn’t send me a congratulatory gift, so I went to see what was going on.”

“Hey, now that you’re a jockey, are you already swinging your power around? My little boy, I didn’t see it like that. A fallen aristocrat would have a pretty tight family life. You’re taking money from those guys, huh?”

“Murakan, I’m sure you left, not because you were disgusted.”

“The territory was in very bad shape. I was supposed to apply, but I happened to meet the blacksmith’s new contractor there.”



When Jin told them all about what was going on with Picon, they seemed to be quick to understand it.

“So little boy, you mean. I don’t know why Grouller died, and the new smith god, Peacon, was the arrangement of the Soldier for you. Besides, Themeer’s first grave? Ha!”

“You get involved with great beings everywhere you go.”

“Now do Do you meet God in such a rural village?”

“Both of you don’t seem to find it very interesting.”

“You’ve done this before or twice? Even in Colon, I met a strange god and got a mirror. It was the arrangement of Soldierlet. When I was looking for a big fan on Beemance’s deserted island, I drank it. A blacksmith’s god is all right. I think it’s Soldier’s plan.”

Gilly nodded still.

“By the way, Picon Mince used the same power that General Manager Kinselo used?”

“Yes, it seemed strangely superior to the leader, but Mr. Picone also handled iron. Just like he did. Is it the ability of the blacksmith god by nature?”

“I’m not sure about that. My predecessor, Groller, was a closed-source god.”

“If the blacksmith is God-specific, it’s highly likely that Grouller’s death has something to do with General Kinselo. You haven’t got any idea yet about General Manager Kinselo, have you?”

[It was me who stopped the friend when Temar tried to kill you in a storm. Murakan. You don’t remember me?]

How dare you sell someone’s name? You look like a n*gga, but the theme couldn’t have matched yours. Besides, there’s a lot of traffic, so you must have heard something from somewhere? The explosion that day…….

[Do you want to say that it wasn’t you, it was the Temer?]

A conversation between the head of the Kinselo and Murakan in the old Oterium.

Ever since that day, Murakan has been poking his memory.

However, no matter how much I searched my head, I couldn’t find any memories of having a relationship with Kinselo.

“Oh, there isn’t. Goddamn it, I’m going crazy wondering who that bastard is.”

“Kinselo’s been revealed to the surface anyway, so it’ll be revealed who he is. There must be a lot of people besides us who are curious about him.”

When Murakan was frustrated, Gilly turned the subject around.

“I can’t wait to hear that you’re improving Bradamante, but I’m already worried that you’re going to the place where the first lady was buried. I think it’s dangerous for somehowever. That will, that’s…….”

“Don’t worry, Gilly. I’m going there with Murakan.”

“The smith god knows you don’t even know your mother. I can’t say hello to Themeer even if I visit him. Hoo, it’s Temer’s first grave.….”

Murakan smiled bitterly.

He had been trying to keep his troubled heart under control ever since Jean first brought up the story of Themeer’s grave.

“Yes, where is the location? Where he was buried.”

“Anz Grand Plains. It was the land of Chukon Tolderer.”

said Jean, showing the ‘key’ she received from Picon.

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