Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 279

The founder of Looncandel, or the guest house of misfortune, that was not settled in the mortuary.

The man who easily overwhelmed the entire Mitra Great Membrane with his remaining presence in the mirage.

‘The ground where Temar was buried for the first time?’

There were at least two pieces of information in a brief expression.

It’s certain that Temer’s tomb exists somewhere, and that there has been more than one burial ground.

It was only based on the memories before the return that he was trying to get a blank branche before anyone else, and it seemed like he was about to hear an unexpected secret.

After the return, there were only two people who felt a kind of “competitive.”

Father Ciron Looncandel and Sijo Themeer Looncandel.

Jin had vaguely thought of jumping over the two since the stormy days, and as he grew up, ideas were becoming increasingly distinct goals.

There were many moments when I wondered about their old stories.

Unlike themselves, who are a regression, they are supermen who have reached the end of their unconsciousness with a single life.

“Solderet really gave you such an order?”

I decided to calm down and listen to Picone calmly for now.

[Order!] [Solderet has sealed me as a god, but I have been his equal friend since my days as a human being. I even chose this boring eternity for Soldert.]

Solderlet’s characteristic personality was to get along with the mortal.

Most of the other gods had extremely vertical relationships. Except for those whose level is ambiguous, like Olmango, the god of shellfish…….

That’s why Murakan is a creature and calls solderlet to this man and that man (Misha herself paid her respect). Jin also talked comfortably with him in his previous life.

Although it’s true that I made the first mistake to you, I apologize again for it, and I hope you at least recognize me as a friend of your God.]

Though his words were gentle, Picone seemed to hate Jean’s overbearing way of speaking.

“Okay, I apologize for the violence against you, too.”

A legendary blacksmith and now a god, and a very important source of information for himself.

It wasn’t that difficult to please such a pecon.

[Hmm! Yes, thank you. By the way, how did you know I was here?]

“I didn’t know. I was just trying to meet Bin Branche, but I happened to see you.”

[Hooh, is it just fate, strange. Soldert, he was looking forward to a thousand years later.]

Jean disagreed with Picon, but nodded.

If Solderet had been an omnipotent being who could even see the fate of a thousand years later, he would not have had to die so vainly and return.

Of course, just because you think you’re a perfectly almighty god did not make Jean laugh at Solderette.

It had been nearly two decades since he had not heard his voice as a contractor, but Jean was still feeling unutterably grateful to him.

“It’s honestly hard for me to understand that Groler died and Picon became the god of blacksmiths.”

[For your part, that’s possible.]

“At least Bin Branche was just kidnapped and on the verge of death. Judging from his incarnation, Mr. Picone would have had enough of it. Why did you leave it alone?”

Not many people in the world know that the god of the blacksmith is dead. “I judged that I might reveal my strength recklessly before I met you, and then be targeted by the enemies of Soldert.]

“So you were going to stay hidden until I showed up.”

[Yes, Zipple, for what those crazy things did to Themeer’s grave, I had to hide myself.]

“What if the bandits did harm Bin Branche?”

[Still would have stayed still. Even if Bin dies.]

Then was I discovered around 24 in my previous life, when the compass was on the enemy.

Or, for some reason, Picone broke his promise with Soldierlet.

Jean swallowed the horse and nodded.

I also felt bad to see my descendants lead a humble life. Since I became a god, I’ve only signed contracts with direct descendants. But I had no choice but to keep my promise with Soldierlet.]

“……Wait, so you’re saying that your descendants haven’t had any benefits as contractors until now? Because of me?”

[Such a thing.]

As soon as I heard it, I felt like a rock stuck in my chest.

The direct descendants of Picon could surely have lived a rich life with the support of the Association of the Mints, even if they had no talent.

But Peacon himself hid his first direct descendant, so to speak, his son and daughter. on the verge of becoming a god.

Since then, his descendants, whom Jin has never seen before, have lived beyond all the benefits they should have had.

Some of them lived a very rich life as a servant at the top, but most of them endured a humble reality like the current Vienna Branche.

There was not a single person who was full of talent as a blacksmith.

It was because he intentionally blocked the potential of his descendants out of fear that he would be targeted.

‘For one thing, they were all sacrificing? Because of solderlet and pecon’s dogmatic decisions?’

Suddenly, I remembered what I had been through at Colon.

[I was waiting for someone to take this. The thousand-year contractor whom Solderet said, the very boy.]

What Clam, who ascended through Laosa, said.

At that time, he thought only that he had settled the tragedy that the Colons had experienced.

But it wasn’t. They, too, had sacrificed themselves to a bird they didn’t even know for Qin, as the descendants of the Peacon Minche did.

Very much.

I felt it was unfair and harsh. It was because there was a dark time when Jin also struggled without knowing that he was cursed.

The Picone, who read Jean’s feelings, spoke behind the scenes.

[I know what you’re thinking. But let us know that this was the best we could do.]

Why did you sacrifice your descendants for me, I never wanted that.

Jin did not forget that shouting now meant nothing to him, not only to the descendants of Peacon, who had already died with all his life.

It was just a grumble.

You can’t undo what’s already gone on, Jean is just.

I had to have a deep sense of responsibility. To the countless people who were sacrificing for themselves without knowing it.

And had to produce results.

Whatever Solderlet intended, apart from that, had to realize what Jean herself believed to be right.

The process naturally involved the destruction of the Jipple, and just added another one.

To make sure that no one sacrifices for oneself anymore.

Of course, I couldn’t always bear all the burdens of the world alone, but I wanted to make sure at least nothing was so unfair.

It takes countless factors to realize it.

The first of them was overwhelming power. It took such a strong force that no one dared to say he would sacrifice for himself.

The second is the absolute power that will back him up.

The two were problems that had to come to the pinnacle of Looncandel. One more big fire was set on the mind of ascending to the throne.

“Don’t stop me from supporting Bin Branche. It’s also true of his future generations.”

[… …I get it.]

“And, thank you for your hard work.”

It is not only the descendants of the Picons that have sacrificed.

Peacon Minche also must have suffered from remorse whenever he could not help his descendants.

I don’t think it’s because you just yelled at Bin to take Bradamante away….? You’re raising him in earnest. I said, “Oh, no.”’

Anyway, Picon seemed very moved by Jean’s greeting.

The misty white snow was gathering moisture.

[Solderet, it’s not too bad that your last contractor could do that. It would be fine if you put all your might into the sword.]

“I’ve been wondering since a long time ago, what does it mean to give Bradamante a shot? And Temer, please tell me what my ancestors meant by where they were first buried.”

[First of all, as you know, Bradamante was a test piece to make a barissada. And yet you, Looncandel and the rest of the world, recognize it as a rare masterpiece, a little less than a barissada.]

Bradamante and Barissada. It’s Barissa.

It was solderlet who asked Picone to produce the two brothers’ swords.

Because, as the god of swords and shadows, he thought he needed a special sword for his contractor, Temer Looncandel.

But while Barissada was a “complete finished product,” Bradamante was a problematic sword.

At least by the standards of the Picon’s people.

It’s true that even a test piece is as great a sword as I used all my power at the time. At least in a spirit attack, Barissada can generate about 60 percent of its power, and it’s cast in the ancient fountain, so it’s never broken.….]

Peacon praised Bradamante like an octogenarian who boasted of his children for a while.

As he was a blacksmith to the bone even in human life (far beyond the general standard), he was actually more affectionate to his best martial arts, especially masterpieces, than his own flesh and blood.

Bradamante is the third of them, so he is naturally rambling.

[… …but the only drawback of Bradamante is that it does not protect users.]

“Protection? It’s not even armor.”

“In my life I have made countless armor, but have not seen anything better than those formed by spirit.” That’s why when we made barissada, we set it up so that if we inject the spirit, the armor would form.]

Tired, for example, wanted to add that feature to Bradamante.

One of the biggest reasons he decided to become a god in accordance with Soldier’s will was his desire as a blacksmith to transform an unfinished masterpiece into a finished one.

[So give Bradamante out here. I’ll give it back to you right away.

As Jin gently turned over Bradamante, he sang as if he was thrilled, and a shivering pecon.

[Finally I can make my baby perfect…]…!]

“How long does it take?”

Of course, Jean didn’t look very good in loving things rather than blood.

However, it was not strange because the geniuses of the extreme were often out of touch and twisted.

[At least half a year is a necessary task. There’s a lot of material you need to get me.]


[And one of them is where Themere was first buried.]

“The first time Temar was buried means he had a head, and he wouldn’t have needed it without someone’s attack or theft. You also said what Zipple did to Themeer’s grave. Is there something left over there?”

Then Peacon smiled sizzlingly.

[You know, the will of the great knights. You will have to face those who were the will of the Temer there.]

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