Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 277

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“You’re not sending an envoy because of Gilly?”

There was an indescribable amount of emotion in her eyes and gestures. Shame, embarrassment, guilt……and bitterness and concern.

All the negative emotions that made a person smaller were intertwined with her.

As Gilly bowed his head, Jean patted her shoulder without further asking.

“It’s all right, Gilly, you don’t have to be sorry. I won’t be particularly offended by McLoran over this, so don’t worry.”

Jean pointed out exactly what Gilly was worried about at once.

“……I have no regrets. Thank you for counting, Master.”

Actually, unlike Jean’s answer.

If McLoranga had hurt Gilly badly, and so far has been troubling Gilly, if he is so distressed that he still hasn’t been able to tell himself and Murakan what he had been through.

I was going to punish McLoranga later. It was really no problem not to have sent a delegation.

“Strawberry pie, don’t look sad and come here. That unpretentious little boy’s king game is coming to an end, so I think it would be perfect for adults to have a drink.”

When Murakan naturally took Gillie, Jean found Petro.


“Yes, Master!”

“Is it possible Volta didn’t send someone?”

“I’ll double-check.”

By the time Petro returned, it was past midnight.

“That’s strange. All the fallen aristocrats came and went back, but only Volta didn’t send a messenger.”

Like Volta, simply ‘crawling on the floor’ families didn’t have to be wary of other brothers about sending envoys.

This is because they are not worthy enough to establish direct contact with Looncandel in the first place.

Brothers won’t care, no matter what kind of fallen aristocrats Jean meets. Even Rosa.

Therefore, the weaker the family, the more they tried to make a connection with the pure blood of Looncandel.

It was common for them to squeeze out the money they didn’t have and send it to pay tribute, and to bring a family heirloom.

But Volta has made a completely different move from other fallen families.

“Yes, well…….”

Jean was lost in thought for a moment.

Do you mean there’s someone in the family who knows that there’s a descendant of the Pikon people in the Volta family? At this time?’

Picon Minche.

Undisputed, the greatest blacksmith in continental history and a figure who has set his sights on Varysada and Bradamante.

Nearly a thousand years have passed since the death of the Peaconians, but the largest blacksmith group on the continent is still the “Public Blacksmith Association.”

The official blacksmiths of the Society of Civil Health were treated better than most knights and wizards, both Hufester and Rutero.

In particular, the three blacksmiths of the Society for Civil Health, called Moru, Hammer and Fire, treat even their opinions with special courtesy.

No one could have imagined that the immediate descendants of the people were deacons of the fallen noble family.

“It was when I was 23 or 4 that it was first revealed in my previous life. I’m sure it was about to reach the first star of the sword.’

I still remembered vividly. Hufester’s whole world was in a state of course.

The descendants of Pikon Minche were using the name ‘Bin Branche’.

Like everyone else did. He didn’t know he was a descendant of Picon, neither his parents nor his great-grandparents nor his great-grandparents.

In other words, the descendants of Peacon lost their gender and identity as “people” and lived as ordinary citizens. The castles were changed several times according to the marriage laws and customs of the time.

Then out of nowhere, a blacksmith’s god came to the Volta family butler Bin Branche.

To be exact, it was around twenty-four when Bin first “recognized” the already contracted god of blacksmith.

‘My previous life’s information could be wrong. It was only then that Bin Branche’s anecdote was known to the world, and the family might have known Bin before. Especially, Joshua has a character called the Prophet.’

Jean nodded, arranging her thoughts.

At that time, Jin was not a rider, unlike now, and was secretly despised by his servants.

Therefore, the family could not be fully aware of the situation. It was only natural that he continued to practice meaningless training all day long in the corner and return to the room as if he were hiding.

On the other hand, Joshua was not much different then.

Even if the brothers other than Joshua had secured Bin Branche, they wouldn’t have had to share it with their family’s trash.

Jin didn’t even know whose power he was included in, after being known at the time as the new contractor for Bin Branschuga blacksmith.

I just assumed he belonged to Looncandel.

Either way, we’ll have to see for sure what’s going on in person by person.

“Bolta’s estate was a country in the Kingdom of Shucheron, wasn’t it? Do you have a travel gateway that can go straight?”

Seo, you’re not going to visit Volta.

Petro was a man who didn’t ask such a thing.

“No, sir. I’ll order you to open the gate to another city in Scheron, which is closest to the gatekeepers, immediately.

* * *

As soon as he arrived at the southern gate of Shoucheron, Volta rode Shri to the mansion.

Now, there was nothing wrong with being seen riding Shuri, but Jin did not want to draw attention for no reason, so he only took the mountain path.

“Who, are you?”

The small mansion in the Volta family was so shabby that it would not be strange if it collapsed soon.

The entrance was guarded by two skinny boys, embarrassed to call them gatekeepers. I couldn’t tell whether he was hungry because he didn’t get his salary on time, or if he was this shape even though he received it well.

“It’s the 12th Runkandel. It’s Jean Lunkandel. I’m here to see the Bolta family, so guide me.”

“Uh…” Uhh!”

“Oh, I see! Go, go, go, go! My lord! Lou, here comes the rider of Looncandel!”

The two men, who jumped to their feet, shouted for the lyric.

After a while, when the housekeeper appeared (even if it wasn’t as much as the boys, it was quite gruesome), Chin almost got a laugh.

He stepped forward and broke the door of the mansion. It happened when I opened the door a little harder than usual because I was in a hurry.

At this point, Jin had to erase all of the “why Volta didn’t send his envoy” that he had been agonizing over the whole time.

Far from being a mobile gateway, you’re as poor as a horse. What kind of envoy would an envoy be in this situation.’

Volta didn’t send an envoy because he just didn’t have money.



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No matter how bad it was, it was amazing that such a family existed in Hufester.

“Lu, have you come to this shabby place for fishing?”

“I’m here to ask you something. By the way, why did you end up like this?”

It was my first time meeting him, but I couldn’t help but ask him.

“Oh, there’s been a famine in the land recently……with bandits and demons in full of them…. well, I’m ashamed.”

“Why don’t you ask the House of Shucheron for help?”

“It’s been a long time since the royal family abandoned the territory. As you can see, it’s not worth much, so…….”

As soon as I heard it, I was convinced. As the Volta family said, the estate really didn’t seem worth a damn.

“Well, I think we’ll be able to be self-sufficient this year because winter-growing items are being harvested properly…… No, what am I talking about? I’m sorry, Sir Jean Lundel. I couldn’t afford to spend my time with you, so I couldn’t visit you.”

Jean grabbed him by the shoulder as the Bolta family was about to kneel down.

In fact, Jean wanted to hold him tight and give him a bag of money. It was because of the conviction that Volta had not yet been seen by anyone in the Sword’s Garden.

If anyone knew of the existence of Bin Branche, they wouldn’t be living like this.

Therefore, the Bolta family has done enough. At least from Jean’s point of view.

“I’m not here to argue that. I’m here to see a friend named Bin Branche. I heard you’re working as a butler for Volta.”

The eyes of the Bolta family have become round.

“Bin? What brings you to find that friend?”

“Do you need to know?”

At Chin’s calm voice, the Volta family and gatekeepers shook their heads at a very rapid pace.

“No! Lord Qin, only, Bin. Our butler.”

The eyes of the Bolta family turn red in a flash.

“I was taken by bandits four days ago. It would have been better if I had been taken away from the snow piled up on this road and I was older and useless…….”

It was very sad that the Bolta family was sobbing, but there was no time to console him.

“I’ll get him right away, so pray Bin Branche is all right.”

Maybe you’ll be safe. Unless the historical changes caused by Qin’s return spread to this extreme village.



“He, Bu, North. The bandits headed north.”

“Let’s go, Shree!”


For a while, people in Volta only blinked at the back as Shree suddenly shot his eyes in a cloud.

After three hours of driving north, I could see a den of bandits.


“Who is it!”

As Qin turned aside the sloppy curtain he had placed in front of the natural cave, the bandits who were playing the drinking board jumped up and shouted.

I assure you, it was one of the pyramids that I had never met before when I was a backup rider.

Not every city in the world was a big city, not everyone was outstanding.

Although Qin grew up in the midst of environmental monsters and candles, there were some people in the world who were troubled by these insignificant bandits.

“Bin Branche, raise your hand.”

“Who are you!”

“I think it’s a capital aristocrat, just go your way. Don’t let it get ugly.”

A slender young man in the back was seen raising his hand. He was Bin Branche.

Since then, there has been no sword or fist to stretch.

Of the energy they had, the bandits were instinctively busy lying flat or shivering. Soon, Jean was more energetic, and every single one passed out.

Bin looked round with a frightened look, and came up to the camp with alacrity.

And as he approaches.

Jin was feeling a strange resonance that he had experienced in the Blue Bird Islands in the past. Sigmund responded to Gram’s tomb and was almost like the phenomenon that resonated.


But what resonates now is not Sigmund, but his favorite sword that has been recovered.

It was Bradamante.

The god of the blacksmith who signed the contract with Vienna and Bradamante are resonating.

“Today is a very lucky day for me and for you.”

Jean said, asking Bin to shake hands. As soon as Bin held Jin’s hand together, he experienced a voice ringing in his head for the first time in his life.

[Bradamante! Bin, come on, take away the sword he’s holding. Come on!]

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