Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 276

The Kingdom of Delkie, the Holy Land, Bilga, Volta, MacLoranga.

Of the five powers’ envoys to meet in person, Delkie was the first to arrive. It was Laika, the third prince of Delky, who led the envoy.

“Prince Jean, no. I guess I’ll call you Kyung now. Long time no see.”

“I’ve been waiting, Prince Laika. You can sing as comfortably as you used to.”

“You can’t keep calling yourself Confucius when you’re a jockey.”

You want something from me. Tell me, Prince Laika.

When Confucius becomes a rider in the future, please send more guardian knights to our Delkies. Please give me back a little bit of your stake in the Delky gold mine that Looncandel owns.

The conversation we had as soon as we woke up at Laika’s villa after fighting with Kuzan.

Jean was greatly helped by him twice as a backup jockey.

When I first fought Kuzan, I wouldn’t have survived without Laika.

Also, when I recruited Kuzan, Laika helped me find him before Joshua.

“How’s Delky doing these days?”

After all the words of blessing, Laika’s expression darkened when Jean asked.

“There’s no big problem internally. The brothers have a good friendship, and the people’s hearts are still directed to the royal family. But the problem is the extreme followers of the Jipple.”

a jipple follower

All the best mana bombs Mary used for Jean were taken from them.

They were more aggressive than ever in many parts of the world, serving as front-runners for Jipple.

In the past, terrorism was mainly caused by excessive praise by fanatics.

However, today’s extreme followers seem to be receiving direct support from Jipple.

Those who were recklessly flying in the form of mucous tissue suddenly flew mana bombs and formed some kind of chain of command to terrorize Hufester.

In addition, there are not a few outstanding wizards with more than six stars. It would be impossible without the support of huge forces.

But only “psychological” to the point, Hufester had yet to find a direct link between the Zipple and its diehard followers.

“There are a few or two people killed and wounded on a daily basis and dozens more than that. It’s a real headache to find out what you’ve done and to torture them.”

“Sorry, Prince Laika. I can’t say I’m not responsible for the Zipple supporting them in earnest.”

This was exactly the same as when Qin revealed his identity.

There has already been talk among Hufester forces that “we are suffering because of Jean Luncandel.”

“You destroyed the golden castle of the Jipple at the end of the reserve jockey, so it could be a retaliation. But Lord Qin. If it wasn’t Confucius, one day, Jipple would have served his followers. Any time the mask of justice is taken off or they’re on the defensive.”

Laika was right.

The “war” of Looncandel and Jipple is inevitable, in some form, and bound to happen.

The spirit of followers is only the beginning, and in the future, more and more people will die. There could never be a war in which people could not die.

Either Jin or anyone else, if you didn’t have the power to wipe out the Gipple at once, you’d end up with the same results.

Nevertheless, Jin felt a heavy sense of responsibility.

“I don’t know you very well, but I believe you are the one who will end up making Hufester a more prosperous land.”

“You flatter yourself.”

“I’m not flattered. The empty-headed aristocrats are talking nonsense because of you, but please know that public sentiment is not. At least the people of Delkie don’t forget the courage and results you showed when you were a backup rider. I will always fight against Jipple on your side.”

Laika brought a variety of jewels and outstanding armor, but the real gift he had prepared was sincere support and encouragement.

As Laika said, the numerous people of Hufester were supporting Qin.

To reveal the hypocrisy of the Jipple, to fight for those trampled on by the Jipple, to count the victims and rage.

The risk of life was not something anyone could do.

“Thank you, Prince Laika. I will fulfill my promise with you before the end of the year.”

After Laika returned, Bilgah’s envoy came.

As he did not meet the envoys of the royal family, he received only the envoys of the royal family, so he was extremely excited.

“Gee, Confucius Jean! No, Lord Jean! The great twelve riders of Looncandel! I knew this day would come……! Congratulations!”

“Sember, thanks to you, I started my preliminary jockey career. Good to see you.”

Likewise, words of blessing have been exchanged for some time.

“What’s the situation like these days?”

“Very peaceful! The Zipple’s followers are not terrorizing in the Kingdom of 쟌.”

“It must be because of Kinselo.”

The kingdom of 쟌 was located close to the land of the Sioux, and its followers were not behaving recklessly.

“That’s right, Lord Qin. After Kinselo revealed his power during the Holy Land incident, crime in the Kingdom of Cheng has decreased. There’s even a constant stream of traders trying to do business with Kinselo, with the perception that it’s safe.”

The perception that Kinselo is just such a third-rate terrorist group has been completely erased from the world. It is emerging as the fourth power after Jipple, Looncandel and Beimant.

‘Jipple still feels burdened with an all-out war with Kinselo. Seeing that only the Kingdom of Zipple has no terrorist attacks, it’s clear that Zipple is in charge of his extreme followers. If a number of people are involved in terrorism, the problem could grow.’

Sember followed with unexpected news.

“Do you know Jingyung, and a golden snowman named Fang?”

“I know. They’re the ones who brought Bradamante back to his family.”

“Recently, the golden snow merchants led by Fang jumped over our villas and became the greatest rejections of the Kingdom of Shun. Can you believe it? It’s only been a year. I rolled up the money I got from Looncandel and ran a lot of business, and everything I did was crazy.”


I expected the Geumseol people to be rich, but I didn’t know they would be that rich.

“Yes, even my father had the ability to speak out. Suddenly, Fang brought it up because he asked me to tell him a story when he met you.”

“Tell me.”

“The business is ready, so just come…He said… If I could only meet Confucius, I would spend all of Hufester’s money. I don’t think it’s just about making money.”

The cute ones, Jean swallowed the horse and smiled.

“Tell him I got it.”

Whatever it was, there seemed to be something prepared by the Geumseol tribe.

Sembert went back after a much more emotional chatter.

What he left behind, of course, was a huge amount of gold coins.

Jean gave all the gold coins to Gilly.

After Sember left, Lani’s delegation from King Seong visited the Sword Garden.

As she was a special guest as Looncandel, Rosa came to meet her herself.

But Laney blessed the Colon survivors after only exchanging ceremonial greetings with Rosa, and immediately found Jean.

Laney had become a completely different person from the last time we met.

His eyes are as hard as a rock, and his body is filled with sacred dignity, and his attitude is never lacking the crown of Mt. Huashan.


“Your Highness the Holy Father.”

For a while the two looked at each other without a word.

During the unseen period, I could see how deep and deep each had passed the time of growth.

“You’ve become stronger.”

“Your Majesty also has no previous weakness.”

“Don’t be so formal when we’re alone, I’m sad.”

“Shall we, Lani Salome.”

Although the time together was not long, the two felt a close bond.

It was only natural that they watched the sacrifice of an honest knight together and saved the kingdom from being eroded.

Laney smiled.

“A little over a year has passed, but the Holy Land has not yet completely escaped the chaos. There are still some maekkunos alive and breathing.”

“But since you’re taking the throne for sure, you’ll soon be a real kingdom of saints again.”

“On the news that the police returned safely and became a rider, the people who had long been tired of the closures are reviving. Lord Bittura must be watching in the arms of Ayula.”

“Sir Vittura’s family is well adapted to Luna’s estate. Before you come down from the throne, I hope they know Lord Vittura was more honorable than anyone else.”

“I will. Lord Qin, don’t you wonder what gift I have brought?”

“Tell me.”

“I’m a saint, and I’m going to stop the closure of Hufester after today, and I’m going to send the saints. The relief targets are the innocent victims of the Zipple’s diehard followers.”

It was Laney’s consideration to count and ease Jean’s heavy heart.

“You said you were still confused, can you afford it?”

“I can handle sending as many as 500 saints. Instead, you must fund the operation of the Holy Land.”

Not to the extent Jean was concerned, but the Holy Land was suffering from financial difficulties. Jipple did not propose gold to the Holy Land for no reason.

Of course, because of the special nature of the Holy Land, there were many people who wanted to sponsor it even after the incident.

But Laney was waiting without the backing of any force.

May Jean return.

“To be sponsored means that the Holy Land will officially ally with those forces. As I said before, I would like to form an alliance with Sir Jean Luncandel.”

Rani gave a boost to the pronunciation of Jean Looncandel, not Looncandel.

“Good luck, Lani Salome. We can’t really sponsor the Holy Land in earnest with the money allocated for a 12-year-old fund, and we just had an excellent line of funds.”

“I look forward to it. You don’t have to tell me exactly how much you want, do you? I don’t think Confucius and I are that close. ‘Cause we’re friends.”

Laney deliberately used the expression ‘Confucian’ instead of Kyung.

“You’ve got a sly corner. Well, it’s essential to be king of a country. I’ll try to make it overflowing, so please officially announce that my influence on sending the saint to Hufester.”

“As expected, you never miss a thing. I just wanted to announce that it was Ayula’s will. By the way, where is the black cat I saved?”

“I’ll call you and you’ll have a cup of tea. By the way, when he comes, he’ll be a saint and hear religious arguments. Are you going to be okay?”

“Well, I don’t hate that nickname.”

Murakan was so pleased to see Laney, who burst into laughter and chatted for a long time.

Laney left in the evening.

And even until midnight, McLoran, the home of Gilly, was not sending a delegation.

The Sword’s Garden meant that he had no intention of celebrating Qin, as he had decided to receive all the envoys about Qin only today.

“Sorry, Master.”

“Why are you sorry?”

“My family is disrespecting you. That’s probably because of me.”

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