Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 260

How did those wizards come to me?

It was obvious. Either you got some clues by manipulating Veradin’s memory, or there was a bug or a sense of magic in the first place.

Either way, it wasn’t very unexpected development.

‘I thought if we had a tracker here, we’d have a white night or another elite wizard or a mower, but…… those gray lobes, what are they?’

He was dressed that he didn’t even remember in his previous life.

But I could be sure. They are superior to any sorcerer they have ever experienced.


Just as Dante was about to reflexively pull out the sword, Jean grabbed him by the wrist.

“Don’t draw. The moment you pick, you’ll see yourself as an enemy. That’s the atmosphere.”

“I don’t feel good, Jean. I don’t think they’re usually wizards.”

“So you’re even more of a shield against Veradin. What are you doing, Veradin? Hurry up and get Dante.”

“Jin, the authors are my aunt’s direct wizards. My aunt must have come with me, so I’ll talk to her.”

“You’re not going to listen if you faint again, are you? What’s gonna happen if you cover for me?”

“Ha. Damn, I’m sorry.”

“You don’t have to be sorry.”

Auntie, Kellyak Zipple’s sister.

octavian zipple

Jean knew her name. But as a member of the Zipple, I just kept it to myself, and I didn’t think he was important.

She was a seven-star retired figure before Jean was even born.

Naturally, it was said to be at the level of a pan-disaster for a Zipple, and even though she was the sister of the Kellyak Zipple, she had never received public attention due to her relatively low skills and early retirement.

The air of a jipple, so to speak.

Octavia has come here with some of the most famous wizards of all time.

You got it right. Like you said, he’s only a fringe, not a second-in-command. There’s a real power after Kellyak. I don’t have the information to tell you yet.

Suddenly, Jin recalled what his father had said about Andrey in the past.

“Was she really the No. 2 man?’

Outside the window, in the middle of the chained wizards, there was a man holding a uniquely shining cane. She was Octavia.

And Octavia’s cane was pointing exactly towards the drawing-room where they were.


Jean almost missed the moment when the cane threw up the beam.

The “light magic” in the form of a ray of light shot by Octavia was not magic, but an island of a warrior who enlightened the extreme.


Jean pushed Dante toward Veradin and pulled out the sign.

It wasn’t pulled out to get rid of the rays. Even nine-star armed men could not strike the attack immediately unless they were aware of it beforehand.

It was a stepping stone to avoid fatal injuries and cope with the next situation.

A sill-like flash brushed Jean’s left cheek. A few strands of hair were cut off and blood splashed, but fortunately Dante fell safely near Tuyan and Pinia.

“Damage? Not a very fearless one.”


As soon as her low-key talk to herself ended, a crack broke in the spot where Jean had avoided the rays.

The thin crack stretched out as if drawn with a ruler was a trace of the whole of the villa.

There were five such cracks in an instant.

Octavia fired a follow-up as soon as Jean dodged the attack, and the purpose was not to kill Jean.

An attack to get rid of the villa, so to speak, where Jean might hide.

A huge villa was being cut off casually. Cracks made by rays of light opened, and stones and materials that used to form the villa burst.

In the cottage that began to crumble, debris splashed as if the corn were being fried. Scraps flying from all sides were quickly shielded by gin and dragons.

No, the dragons have been protecting Veradin and Dante since earlier. The cute, chattering and cleaning scene was everywhere with an emotionless look.

The dragons even stopped Veradin from reaching Jean.

Dante is also unable to escape the shield of dragons.

As soon as Octavia appeared, the dragons had calculated that Veradin and Dante would die if they left their shields.

Octavia also had dragons, so he was thinking of holding the camp with ease by playing magic.

As Jean had predicted, Octavia and his men, the “ghost squad,” concluded that it would be okay to remove the entire island.

‘Certainly, it’s not a joke.

Watching countless debris break against the shield, Jean was feeling a chill in her neck.

a sense of crisis in a long time

Jean said to Dante and Veradin, who were evil in the shields of dragons, with a mouthful.

You think I’m gonna get caught?

See you later.

All of a sudden…!

The villa collapsed completely. a black cloud of dust in the dark

“Breathe in and bring him to me.”

Octavia’s orders were issued, and at the same time the specter raised their staff in unison.

Then the red-colored sky swirled, shaking countless particles of mana.

It seemed like blood rain. The particles of red mana turned into knives and chains and poured into Qin.

It was a magic that Jean could not help now. It’s the magic of 9 to 10 wizards.

The red mana that poked my eyes made my hair stand on end. As we did against the wizards of the Gipple in the Holy Land, hitting with a counter-campus was an unthinkable mana.

It was the same even if we spread our brains and spirits. The difference in power is too great.

If we didn’t anticipate this would happen in advance, and if we didn’t prepare anything. There must have been no way to make progress this time.

‘Oh, I think it’s a little late.’

Squirt! Kang!

Jean flung herself aside and struck out the red chains and blades one by one. It’s been a long time since I felt like my hands were torn.

Ten times at most.

It would have been a miracle to strike out that much. You had to come in there.

Just as Tuyan and Pinia now protect Veradin and Dante, the guardians who will protect themselves.

Two, three, four.

Whenever he blocked the red horse power, his physical strength and energy escaped as if he had been cut off by the smallpox. It tasted like death, but the sorrows of the specter were also getting quite a few shocks.

It was only natural that the soon-to-be Looncandelian, who was just eighteen, had struck out their regimental magic several times.

The island was already being smashed. Every time the red mana taken by the camp hits somewhere, the ground rings and parts of the island are falling off.

Of course, it should have ended if there was no condition of “saeng-po.” Jin looked as if he were walking on thin ice every moment.

But that alone hurt the spirit’s pride.

Seven, eight.


Eventually Jean threw up a handful of blood and knelt on one knee. I felt like I could no longer wield a sword because of the backflow in my body.

But Jean was raising the corners of her mouth.

The ninth time he struck out the Red Mana, he saw a dark, huge hole in the middle of the sky.

Suho-ryong, not singular.

It was a plural form, ‘Soo Ho-ryong.’

It was not Veradin’s only privilege to be protected by two dragons.

In the black cavity of heaven, which broke through the bonds of the specter, the last black dragons left in the Inse were showing up.

I can’t say a word even if the old specter are kicking out of the grave.]


As her voice suddenly spread, the swords and chains of the chronology magic “red abyss” directed at Jin stopped moving in unison.

The specter did not stop.

The spirits and shadows clinging to the red mana were breaking the drive of the red abyss. It was the power of Missha.

[Little boy, how is it? Wasn’t it a bit dizzying this time? If this is not the case, when will you ever know that you’re the scariest person in the world?]

Then came Murakan’s voice.

He was turning the red-colored sky into new darkness. Like that time when the Dark Wizard Society was annihilating, vortexes of great and small spirit were swaying with his wings.

It seemed like a fierce dark sea spread out where the sky was supposed to be.

In the meantime, Jean was brooding over Murakan’s greetings.

You think I’m scared? That crazy dragon, you didn’t come late on purpose, did you?’

In fact, Murakhan and Misha were later than expected due to the thickening of the framework of the specter belt. However, the truth will not be told to Jin.


Even before the specter formed a new formation, Murakan’s breath was shot to the ground.

We’re working on a new protective shield, following the super-massive regimen of red abyss. The sorceresses of the specter were in a calm atmosphere, not to mention a reverse flow, with their breath unbroken.

As soon as the breath was about to strike the shield, Octavia’s rays shot up.

The rays of light, surprisingly splitting the breath in half, flooded the neck of the Murakan, who did not avoid it, but struck it with wings.

Missha was slowly descending to Jean, bearing a red abyss.

“Murakan and Mishara, legendary black dragons meet in such an unexpected place. As expected, Jean Looncandel was your contractor. Are the wounds Kadun has healed?”

Octavia, who looked down at the black dragons but didn’t even blink, was also a monster.

[Wizard, if you can go back alive, tell Kadun. The king of heaven is back.]

“It’s not difficult.”

[And the king of the earth will change, too.]

“Do you think Looncandel can defeat us and ascend to the throne of the world? A thousand years ago, I must have forgotten the lesson of your old contractor.”

Then the mouth of Murakhan was sealed.

It was not a twitch in anger or disgrace.

[Puhhhhhhhhhhhh… hahaha!]

a derisive laugh

It comes from the funny feelings that great beings often feel when they see foolish humans who don’t know anything.

Who said it was the House of Looncandel that became king of the earth? I’m referring to my contractor now. You talk to your men without even knowing that today was their last chance to change the future.]

It is not the Looncandelgah who pushes out the Zipple and becomes the king of the earth, but the Gene Looncandel.

Octavia somehow couldn’t laugh at the ridiculous joke.

Although he was calm just now with the two black dragons in front of him, he suddenly felt like he had a big thorn in his throat.


It was a hunch. The ordinary, ominous, intense intuition that every human being often goes through, not the insight of a ten-star wizard, was displeased with Octavia.

“……good, if the great Black Dragon warns you this much. You don’t have to worry. Ghosts, you don’t have to capture them alive. Kill Jean Looncandel.”

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