Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 257

The families of the two large families came forward and offered a reward of 300 million won and 100 million won, respectively.

It was the first time since civilization began to pay a bounty of billions of won. The “Sungguk incident” was stirring up another round of the already noisy world on a wanted list.

Special mercenaries such as the Black Royal Army and the Ghosts have launched their own searches, while mercenaries below have formed an alliance.

Even the regular army and knights of the small and medium-sized kingdoms were eager to find the camp. It was a natural phenomenon, as 300 million won in gold is money that could create a nation’s economy.

But their pursuit was nothing.

The two big families, Looncandel and Zipple, were searching the camp most fiercely.

Thousands of guardian knights, wizards, subordinate soldiers and allied families are setting up a tracking group to find the camp.

“Sir…… I’m not sure you’ll be okay.”

Gilly sighed. In front of her was a wanted letter from the reserve rider Jean Looncandel.

Her colleagues, including her, were all gathering in Tikan to watch the situation.

The promises Jin had received from Ciron in the past still worked. The very promise that no one in Looncandel can step on the Tikan land without Jean’s permission.

Thanks to this, the Looncandel guardians did not visit Tikan in person, but about fifty people were waiting near Tikan.

On the other hand, Jipple’s wizards have already combed Tikan like a tooth.

They searched records of mobile gates around the world to find out all the routes used by “Jin Gray” and “Bamel,” and inferred the fact that Jin was based in Tikan.

Of course, the jipple went back with nothing but bluffing. Ignoring the fact that Tikan was a neutral force, he searched the interior of Kashmir’s mansion like a clamor, but could not find the camp.

Because Jean was not in Tikan.

“It’ll be all right. Don’t worry too much, strawberry pie.”

Looking at Gilly, who nodded helplessly, Murakhan crumpled his face.

I didn’t mean to show any signs of discomfort, but I literally crumpled my face in this shape and that shape to make her laugh.


“Yes, don’t just keep on crying over such a little fellow and laugh like that. You look good.”

When Gilly couldn’t stand it and burst into laughter, Murakan smiled.

Star crazy… is that funny?’

Veris, who watched the figure still, frowned as she cursed inwardly.

And Kuzan, surprisingly, crumpled his face around Berry’s, following Murakhan.

Big! Looking at Berry’s barely holding back her laughter, this time Julian had a similar thought.

‘Kuzan, Veris. Crazy guys are having fun.’

But Julian also had no choice but to smile unconsciously when Yuria approached and poked her in the ribs.

So to speak, the world was full of campers, but Tikan was quite peaceful.

Until just yesterday, he had been plagued by visits by all kinds of forces.

“You’ve just become a big shot, Confucius Jean. He became the most famous person in the world.”

Kashmir swept his head off with a tired face.

“No matter how thoroughly the jipple wizards comb through my safe houses……I’m sick of it.”

“But thanks to all of that, for the time being, the Jipple side has no choice but to be wary of us. You’ve been searching other people’s houses without justification or confirmation.”

said Alisa, hitting Kashmir on the shoulder.

It is true that Jin stayed here, but there was not much justification for Jipple to search for Tikan, a neutral force.

As Alisa said, Jipple could not come to Tikan for a while. No matter how much Jipple it was, it was impossible to control the neutral forces outside the magic federation.

“I was surprised when the Vision Guards came.”

This time it was Enya. Quikantel next to him also nodded.

Beacon did not scour Tikan as thoroughly as a jipple, but the two were still Beimant’s unofficial wanted men.

In particular, as the name Jean Gray was revealed to the world, Beacon was even tracking the identity of Austin Gray, an alias used by Enya during the Dark Wizardry Residences.

But the three Academy cadets, whom Jin and Enya played like their subordinates at the time, Chip, Maura and Aurel, were still not telling Beemment that Austin was Enya.

Thanks to him, Beacon didn’t search Tikan as roughly as a jipple.

“Oh, my God, but where did Looncandel not come? If it were Looncandel, it wouldn’t have been a mess to beat, dig, flip.”

Jet shrugged back.

“But I don’t know Sir Siron’s mind at all. Didn’t you think you were too weak? I’m sure he’s condoning most of it, and he’s still keeping Tikan and Looncandel from touching it, but I never thought he’d suddenly be wanted for 300 million gold coins.”

Jet seemed very upset about the fact.

“If you’re curious, why don’t you go and argue?”

“Hen, this jet. I can ask you any questions if you can take me to Lord Xiron’s Black Sea.”

“Is that crazy, who’s going to whom? And you can’t open your eyes and breathe when you stand in front of Zion. Pressed by energy.”

“No, is Mr. Murakhan not sad? Of course I thought Sir Ciron would take care of us. But now that Looncandel is on the verge of killing me more than the Zipple, I’m so sick!”

“It must have been done by the boy’s father because he had an idea. I told you yesterday.”

“What the hell are you thinking? Well, I have a son, too. I would never do that.”

“Oh, yeah. I know how you feel, but…You’re taking it out on me, aren’t you? Hey, Mimul. How do you manage your kids?”

“But I agree with Mr. Jet! How do I live when Confucius, who lost at least one, gets caught by bounty hunters or Looncandel?”

As Enya shouted, Murakhan opened his eyes wide.

“No, why can’t you live?”

“For me, the true Confucius is like light, life, and life. A world without Confucius is worthless just to imagine. I can’t do this, Mr. Jet! Let’s go and argue with Sir Ciron.”



Soon Enya and Zet met hands and left the room.

Murakhan kicked his tongue looking at their backs, and the rest of his colleagues were in a huffy mood. Quikantel breathed a deep sigh.

Of course, it didn’t happen that two people went directly to Ciron. The two were to go to Latri’s cookie shop and drink cookies and tea, talking behind the scenes as much as they could.

* * *


The argument scratched the ear. The sense of self-reflection has proven so far, and when my ears are itchy, loud customers always come.


Mott the eyelid opened the portal.


One person who, unlike Enya or Jet, can really come to Ciron to argue.

As soon as he saw Siron, he raised his voice.

“My ears are going deaf.”

“I’m going to melt the soy sauce! What the hell are you doing? My position, no. Don’t you think about my daughter’s position?”

She’s not even engaged, let alone married, but she’s in her shoes. It was ridiculous, but Ciron closed his eyes and did not answer back. Looking back, Talaris was originally this kind of person.

“Siron, think carefully. You don’t know how bad public opinion is for killing his son, Carl Zipple.”

“The situation in Zipple and Looncandel is different, Talaris.”

“You don’t think Jean’s done any harm to Looncandel, do you? I’ve only given them a lot of benefits. But I can’t give you a prize, but you’re wanted? Except he broke his vows, there’s plenty of justification for him.”

Bo-Ong, Bo-Ong! Mott also burst into wild tears as if he knew Talaris’s sad feelings. However, when the poet looked at her, she turned her eyes to one side and looked at her.

“It’s an issue that has already been decided. There’s no reversal.”

“My God, are you really going to kill Jean?”

“Of course.”

an answer without hesitation

Talaris tried to scream, and took out a cigarette from his bosom and asked. Then, after burning all the cigarettes in one breath, he bit a new one.

Talaris, who finished five cigarettes in such a short time, stared at Ciron.

“Siron, did you happen to have been eaten up by Chaos while fighting the kings of the Black Sea? After I got to the level of self-belief, I felt like I was losing my humanity, but……not this one. We can’t do this without going crazy.”

Tsurrung… …

Ice gathered in Talaris’ right hand, forming a sword.

Manbing, it was the new sword that chose her.

“What are you thinking?”

“If you were really sunk in chaos, as the master of Manbing. And I can’t just watch as a friend. While counting to three, give me the assurance that you’re fine. If not, I’ll cut it.”

One, two… …

Siron, who was watching Talarius, smiled faintly.

“You haven’t forgotten your promise. Take the sword, Talaris. Your prediction is wrong.”

The conversation so far was a test of a poetic argument towards Talarias.

Talaris’ summoning of Manbing was also a gambler to hear the truth of Siron. If he didn’t do this, he wouldn’t be able to give himself a hint as a “foreigner” no matter how much his friends would do.

She also kept in mind the possibility that the theory was really eroded by chaos.

a thalaris gathering ice

Behind her, the earth in the middle of the Black Sea was frozen in a huge fan shape. Her power was frozen in such a vast area that her eyes could hardly follow.

“You don’t know where the charming Looncandel’s lion is going, and how only such an eccentric old man is left. Yeah, tell me now. What the hell is your intention?”

* * *

“My father gave me another chance.”

“How can you interpret that? You’ve got a piece of your mind, too. Looncandel, like Zipple, has been wanted by your father himself. It can’t be a simple show-off.”

Dante replied, putting down the newsletter.

“Even if I hide you from my own family, I’m not confident I won’t be seen for more than two months. Here, Lord Veradin’s villa will be the same.”

If Looncandel and Zipple put all their efforts together at the same time, there was by far no one in the world who could not find them. Everywhere in the world you hide, you’re bound to catch your tail.

Furthermore, there was no hope for a famous person like Jin.

“That’s right, if you get caught, you’ll never survive. as far as I can tell On the contrary, if I don’t get caught for more than a year and go back to my feet, my reputation will pierce the sky, and I will be a backup jockey who has been fooling around from Jipple to Looncandel.”

It’s a disgrace that Jin made fun of Jipple.

It was disgraceful that the Looncandel was played by Jin, and ironically, the honor of the family was high.

“……that Lord Xiron will seek for you?”

“You won’t be wanted for the reserve jockey Jean Luncandel. But there was no wanted order for the rider Jean Looncandel in the first place.”

“Huh…… I think you’ll make it somehow, but I honestly don’t know. Are you sure you’re confident you’ll survive a year or more from Looncandel and Zipple?”

It was impossible, even if it were Jean, to hide in the hands of the people. However, the story was different if it were the land where his story was different.

‘My father knows I’m going to hide in Laparosa. Because you would have been briefed by Lord Kashmir.’

There was no need to tell Dante even that.

As soon as I was about to answer with a smile, I could see the villa’s exclusive mobile door shining through the window.


Jean and Dante lowered themselves close to the window.

It was because it was not Veradin that escaped from that mobile gateway, but it was not that there was no possibility that it was any other zipple.

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