Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 256

After killing all the wizards, he immediately left the harbor. Then he deliberately turned around a few alleys to confuse the chase, and threw himself into the sea in search of a previously seen cliff.



As soon as he reached the sea, Shree made a cheerful cry. It meant that there were no closer pursuers. He wiped the sweat off his forehead by picking out breaths.

“You may come out now, Dante.”

Jean pulled Dante out of Shri’s mouth.

As soon as he untied the lobes that were winding Dante, Jean was left to be startled.

‘What kind of blood… ..was stabbed in Shree’s tooth earlier.’

In addition to the inside of the robe, Dante was literally wet with blood. I wonder if Dante Ilsun is dead.

“It’s all right… …it’s all right?”

“It’s all right, haha.”

“There’s a hole in your shoulder. I’m sorry.”

“Oh, that’s a little deep. Well, the beast did it. There must have been no malice.”

Jean shrugged out a healing resin. Dante, who roughly cleans blood with seawater and applies resin. His whole body was stained with a training scar.

‘Beradin said something similar when Murakhan scratched him at the Meitel transit gate. These things, I thought they were completely different, but they’re very similar.’



“What are you going to do now?”

asked Dante anxiously. It was wrapped in a robe, but Dante also recognized that Jean had killed the wizards.

The fact that he used magic. Dante did not know the oaths of Jipple and Looncandel, but he knew that Looncandel strictly forbade magic.

“Well, we’ll just have to run away for now. It’s too early to be completely relieved. What were you going to do? You didn’t think you could set fire to gold and run away with that sailboat.”

“Well… …I was thinking of it.”

The sailboat Dante and Veradin had come aboard was not a thing worthy of escape from the pursuit of the Zipple.

“You two would have been in big trouble if you hadn’t met me today. Veradin would have died at my father’s hands, and Hylan would have suffered tremendous damage because of you.”

When Jin hit his back, Shree picked up the speed of swimming.

“Well, I wasn’t in a position to ask you what you were going to do now. At first, I was impressed by Veradin’s determination, but it was foolish to think about it. But it’s a new set of blood compared to you.”

a smirk

Two people burst into laughter at the same time.

“I’m worried about Lord Veradin.”

Soon Dante smiled bitterly.

“I’m not going to die, that’s a theory. I controlled it in moderation and hit him.

“That’s not what I meant.”

“You’re afraid you’ll go back to your family and make a fuss? Don’t tell me, you don’t know why I knocked him out.”

“I don’t mean it either. Veradin, he’s……and neither did I, but he seemed to have no idea what Zipple had done.”

There was a moment of silence.

“Of course there’s no such thing as a family that doesn’t dust off, but the Zipple went too far. I was actually suspicious of him. Veradin’s going to be involved in some of Zipple’s misdeeds.”

“Do you still think so?”


“What do you think will happen in the future?”

Jean made eye contact with Dante.

“I think Veradin has only two futures left. To be banished against a family, or to give in to a family because of a broken will. Maybe he’ll be killed like Carl Zipple, not exiled.”

veradine of previous life

He was a nine-star wizard at the age of thirty, and was also known as the next lyricist of the Jipple.

Young wizards were admired by everyone, and their personalities were also excellent, so they were truly loved by the public.

However, it was all an issue that was known only by external information in the newsletter.

‘What kind of person was Veradin at the time?’

The next generation of just and brilliant jipple.

Was the image known to the public really his true self?

Or, in fact, he’s succumbing to the family, but he’s wearing a good lookout.

Jean was spending a completely different teenager in her previous life. In his previous life, he was treated as a scum by his family as he failed to achieve even a single stroke of swordsmanship.

But now he has become a backup jockey and is wandering the world.

Including today’s events, there have been several incidents that could turn the world upside down, and some have learned about the wonders of the gods, the behind-the-scenes of each power, and the truth of the people around them.

And I made friends that I might call friends. One of them, Jean, was insinuating to distance herself from Veradin.

It was due to the fate of Looncandel and Jipple. Dante thought that one day Veradin and Veradin had no choice but to point swords at each other.

This was especially true after Andrei Zipple’s use of “massin stones” and his understanding of “living experiments.”

Whether Veradin wanted it or not. In the end, he thought he had no choice but to become a sympathizer.

But it wasn’t.

Veradin set fire to the gold, saying he was ashamed of the jipple.

He was ready to die and tried to kill his family’s wizards, and the biggest reason behind the impulsive decision was the fact that his friend, who revealed all these truths, had been attacked.

“You shouldn’t let that happen.”

Jean said, Dante smacked his big eyes.

I thought Jin would give a more cool answer.

By the way, I don’t think it’s a bad idea to just become an ally after all the fighting. We’ll just play fair and square, and we’ll get along.….

I’ve never dreamed that the next singer of Gipple would tell such a mellow story.

On the last night in the arena, when the three of us were tilting our glasses.

I’m afraid there’s something hard to explain to Jean, Veradine. You’d better stop asking the question.

You’re always drawing a line on us!

Haven’t you ever thought it was weird for you guys who don’t draw too much line?

It was the same when we left Samil, an unknown city, and spent about two days together.

But now Jean was saying Veradin ‘cannot be left alone.’

“What are you so surprised about?”

“No… Hmm! Nothing. However, it is somewhat strange for you to say that you must save the ball of Veradin.”

“Let’s get to Veradin’s idea for now, so let’s go there.”


“Agit. Shree, speed up. By the way, why did you need money? When the gold bars came out of your pocket earlier, I was a little freaked out. Is there any need for the next Highlander to take care of a little gold bullion?”

“Oh, well….”

Dante hesitated and continued the back talk.

“Not long ago, I accidentally broke one of your grandfather’s favorite pottery. I don’t know about anything else, but he cares about ceramics as much as your body……it was necessary to restore it before my grandfather knew it. The cost of recruiting the Master Recovery Wizard is very high.”


Ron’s love of pottery was a famous story among the uninhabited. Some even said that if you want to make friends with Hai Ran, you should win the favor of pottery craftsmen of the Mila Kingdom.

“It’s a shameful story. Well, that’s why I’

As the next housekeeper, you can’t just drag money out of the family, and if you spend too much money all of a sudden, you’ll get a report from Ron.

“You want me to lend you some money?”

To Dante, who nods his head.


“You are the only one!”

Six hours to cross the sea and move forward.

Fortunately, the pursuers never found them.

The sea where the sun was out was dark without a lighthouse, and only Dante’s eyes were shining brightly.

* * *

January 1, 1798.

The new year has dawned.

On New Year’s Day, it’s common for loved ones to get together to celebrate each other’s New Year’s Day, to welcome the first sun rising with their lovers, or to sleep well as it’s a holiday.….

This man, guardian knight Khan, was covered in the blood, intestines and bone fragments of a demon, as he did on the first day of 1796.

The speed at which mana was cut was unusual.

He was driving in the middle of the Black Sea three nights and three nights without even taking a short break. With an anxious look all the way through.


Siron had been feeling Khan approaching for a while, but only after Khan had such a poor voice did he slowly open his closed eyes.

“You look impatient. What’s the matter?”

“The youngest master ended up in an accident!”

Surprisingly, Ciron nodded calmly.

As if he had been expecting it to some extent.

It was not Kashmir’s letter, but a bundle of newsletters that Khan politely took out of his arms.

Runkandel’s reserve rider, take down Jipple’s Golden Castle!

Who are the unidentified strains of Looncandel and Jean Looncandel who use magic and brain organs?

The youngest member of the gang revealed the bare face of justice and about a great evil named Jipple.

Jipple and Kinselo’s bio-golem experiments, they were clearly preparing for war.

Will the first Looncandel of the 1700s, who violated the strict laws of the reserve jockey, tolerate this situation?

Lani Salome, who mentioned Jean Looncandel as a “friend” three times at King Seong’s coronation…….

However, he announced that he would send a regular message to Looncandel, saying that he would continue to be completely closed for the time being except for the time being. The triumph of the backup rider!

The newsletter was plastered with such articles.

Siron, who was still looking at the articles, had a meaningful look on his face.

“You’ve hit it hard.”

“Sir Rosa urgently called the riders. He said he would wait for your judgment, but he was about to release his riders and bring the youngest master to his feet.”

The newsletters on the magic federal side of Rutero, which Khan followed, had a completely different atmosphere.

Kellyak Zipple and Looncandel declare that they will be held responsible.

Zipple says it will not supply life magic products to the Hufester Union in the future. It will remain in effect until Looncandel sends Jean Looncandel.

As of today, the world’s most wanted man on Jean Looncandel, Zipple, has offered a reward of 100 million gold coins and a lifetime of close protection…….

The subjects of the biopsy are not Jipple, but Kinselo, the alliance with Jipple, the factless, the malicious instigation of Looncandel!

A reserve rider of the ruling party threatens the peace of the world by announcing a statement that he will fight all-out war with the Roonkandel.

A faint smile hung around the mouth of Siron, who looked through the Rutero Magic Federal newsletter.

“That’s a feat.”

Khan bowed his head and waited for the next horse.

“When I sent him out to build his reputation, he raised not only himself but also Looncandel’s reputation, and Jipple’s reputation has been tarnished to the bottom, so it’s worth calling it a feat.”

a sigh of relief in one’s mind

No matter how much his opinion is devoted to him, he cares about it. I didn’t think it would cover up such a big accident.

But at the next word of the Siron, Khan had no choice but to feel disturbed.

“But apart from that, the youngest was always responsible. Khan.”

“Yes, my lord.”

“Give the youngest a special wanted order. As of now, it is the duty of all riders, former guardian knights and former cadets to find the youngest. If an outsider brings it, promise 300 million gold coins and absolute protection of Looncandel, and announce that it doesn’t matter if it’s a corpse.”

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