Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 255

Thanks to his small size, he could easily wrap himself with a robe. It would have been too much to hide shoes even if they were about the size of an average adult male.


I just heard something stabbing….I’m under the illusion.’

You can’t take Dante out again even if you’re not mistaken.

Jean looked down at the fallen veradine. The appearance of twitching convulsions seemed about to faint.

The best number to break through the siege of the Jipple Wizards was to use Veradin as a hostage.

But if he carried Veradin like a flag and forced the wizards to step down, what he suffered would be an “official record.”

Countless reporters will see the scene.

Veradin’s fainting had to remain only the information inside the Zipple. If possible.

After you’ve been beaten up like this, you’re not going to make a fuss in the family again. Even if you die, do as you please. I thought it was Dante’s, not Veradin’s.’

The two were not close for no reason. Dante and Veradin were the ones who risked their lives on fiery beliefs rather than efficient choices.

Full of…!

Gold bars were melting down as the flames continued to intensify. The molten gold flowed toward the sea, not toward the fallen veradine.

“It’s him!”

“We found Jean Looncandel!”

The wizards turned their eyes to Jean in unison to Jean.

But contrary to the urgent voice, it was not as flustered as before.

Some of them set up protective shields upwards in preparation for the Ming sword, while others camped out in preparation for the well-matched attack spells.

Jipple’s wizard is aiming for him as many as twenty, but he is not nervous.

It was because he no longer had to hide the fact that he was a “horse prosecutor,” as he revealed his identity and the alias of Barmel in the square.

Of course, in the future, Jipple was able to put pressure on Looncandel, citing the poison.

But Chin thought:

‘That’s the family’s business.’

If Looncandel had judged that he was not capable enough, he would not have revealed his identity in today’s square.

No, he wouldn’t have even set a goal of becoming a housekeeper after returning from the first place.


Mana gathered in Jean’s palm. The wizards of the Zipple did not miss the sight of the mana scattered in the atmosphere being purified in an instant and gathering in the hands of the Qin.

But I couldn’t believe it even with my eyes.

“Magic? You’ve gathered that kind of mana?”

said the chief wizard with astonishment.

It was no different reason for his embarrassment. It was because Jin did not just “collect” mana.

Even the wizards, who had been hearing the sounds of geniuses until they entered the Giffle, were drinking so fast that they were surprised.

Mana much more pure than even the wizards of the Jipple.

They have thought that this level of mana operation can only be seen in pure blood jipples.

But Looncandel, the young backup rider!

“Attack launch!”

The wizard shouted, clenched his teeth. I don’t know what the goddamn Looncandel did, but I don’t know.

It was terrible to imagine Looncandel performing magic above them.

As soon as his horse fell, a bundle of rays was fired from the wands of the wizards. Shri twisted her body with her eyes shining.

Shaak! Jump from side to side to avoid the mana rays, and claws off the things that cannot be avoided.

The wizards continued their next magic with this degree of calm anticipation.

An elemental system of magic was pouring in, including lightning calls, flame barriers and freezing prisons. Shree can’t stay on the ground for a while trying to avoid it all.

‘And they’re even preparing a settlement.’

In Jean’s view, the Jipple wizards were responding well to themselves.

Despite its numerical superiority, it calmly chose the orthodox method to erase the variables, and three or more elemental spells pressed the gin harmoniously without being wasted.

But that’s it.

They are not able to calculate the unexpectedness that only “real geniuses” have.

It was only natural. They could not imagine that they were not geniuses or that Jean had magical insights that far overwhelmed them.


Shree leaped high to avoid the sudden eruption of flames from the floor.

As if they were aiming for this, the jipple wizards held their sticks together and aimed at Shri.

Ten people, except for those who spread the shield, were singing the same magic, as they did when they first shot the mana beam.

“Tear it apart!”

Hell wind, eight-star wind system attack magic essence.

An artificially formed opaque wind was flooding into Shri and Jin. The orbits were difficult to predict because of the sharp, fuzzy shape of the blade around Orser.

Above all, it was impossible for Shri to avoid it because she had no land to overcome.

‘Because of the range, you can’t miss it, and it’s hard to beat it with a sword, so of course you chose this.’

However, it was also the development Jean wanted that the Jipple wizards fired hell winds.


Just before the hell wind reached, a small crack formed in the air above Jin’s head.

It was a crack for the formation of a sphere in the station stream. If the mana fluctuates and causes a whirlpool, the crack will grow and become a sphere of the Yeokcheon Stream.

Nine-star horsepower is needed to make a complete turnaround, but Jin has usually carried out an incomplete reverse with seven-star horsepower.

But now Jean was not trying to turn the tables on her own mana.

Ten hell winds devoured Shree. The hellish mana was mixed up, and Shuri’s falling scene was completely hidden.

Sweep, swag, roar!

But what came to the wizards was not the sound of Shree’s flesh and bones being cut and cut, but the strange noise. as if the mana of hell is being divided by something like a saw.

It was an extremely short moment, but the wizards instinctively felt something was wrong.


Shri and Jin, who landed on the ground, looked fine without a single scratch.

And less than a second later, the first crack that had spread to create the reverse was forming the largest sphere ever developed by the camp.

For wizards, it feels like the sky is covered.


It also caused grotesque binge drinking like the roar of a demon.

For a moment, as soon as the wizards understood what happened, Jin released the backflow that had been unfolded in the air with “simultaneous Yeongchang.”

You can use the least amount of mana to activate it.

It changed the direction of the hellish wind that gathered by swinging back the backflow that was floated in the same time as a shield.

Thanks to this, the hell wind was sucked into the cracks of the stream, and it became the driving force for the stream to fully unfold.

It’s to absorb the hell wind and give it back to the Jipple Wizards.

Although Yeokcheon, which was more than nine-star power, was started, the only mana Jin used was one reverse flow width.

Of course, for the majority of wizards, not Jin, it was an area that was “only theoretically” possible.

At least five new gods were included in the station stream that Jin had just opened in the air.

The speed at which Yeokcheon’s formula can be completed in just a few seconds, the trick to see the number of opponents clearly, the simultaneous mortuary, and the sophisticated control ability to pick a magic starting point on a moving vehicle.

And in a situation where failure can kill you as much as you want, the confidence to achieve it all without wavering.

“This is how magic should be written.”

A stream of blood flowed from Jean’s smiling mouth.

The reverse flow did not start due to excessive mana operation. When the backflow was swung like a shield, the reactionary that prevented the hell wind only hit the chin on my forearm.

I felt a tingling sensation in my mouth.

In other words, except for that, there was no damage to Jin.

“Power protection, ma’am!”

The team leader, who first figured out the situation, shouted like a madman.

About half of the wizards didn’t even know what happened until then.

The level of understanding ‘magic’ is different.

The team leader was looking at Jean and thinking like that.

If Jin had such a talent and had known that he had learned to draw, he would have responded differently.

The wizard of Jipple, if not the elite or the express, was twenty-one. How could they have expected to lose the battle of magic?

To the reserve rider of Looncandel, less than twenty.


Yeokcheon, which has absorbed all the mana of the hell wind, began to suck it up in earnest.

The protective shield, which was the first to prepare for Pluto’s sword, was crumbling. The offensive team was opening a new shield, but the urgent mortuary was always poison to the sorcerer.


There were already a number of wizards in the backflow. It was too much for talented people to open their shields right after they performed a magic trick like a hell wind.

The moment the hell wind was absorbed by the backwater, the defeat of the Jipple wizards was already a set step.

“You shouldn’t have opened the shield, but you should have thought of turning off the mana and running away. If we were lucky, we could have survived at least one.”

I’ve never felt inferior or defeated to Runkandel’s brothers and knights in my previous life.

I’ve never felt envious of the wizards of Gipple.

At that time, Jin started magic at the age of 25, and reached five in three years, so he didn’t have to be intimidated by the talented.

Although he had similar feelings for Veradin, he thought he could have overcome it if he had started magic early.

And the idea has become a reality now. Veradin became the only person in Gipple who liked him.


Sigmund escaped the search. The moment the blade glistened in the sun, the wizards felt like death row inmates.

There is no means of resisting the threat of reverse.

“Drop it, Shree.”

Shree lowered his posture and ran forward like an arrow.

Wizards who had not yet fallen into the backflow launched a check attack, but they were only cut like leaves by Jin’s sword with brain.

From now on, it was not a fight but a massacre.

Of course, Jean had no intention of keeping a single person alive.

“There’s no personal feeling, resent that you belong to the Zipple.”

“Nenoohoohm… …! Zipple, surely, will kill you!’

“Fortunately, it would have been more disappointing if I had begged for help.”

Squirt! Took.

Every time Jean swung a sword, the wizards’ bodies fell on the floor like a broken doll.

And just arriving at the port, a group of reporters covered their mouths at the sight.

“What the hell is going on?….”

The Golden Castle of the Jipple, which is being burned and melted.

And Jean, who is killing the wizards of the Jipple in front of him.

From evening on, the world will be covered with articles about him.

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