Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 254


The eyes of Jin, who fell from Shuri’s back, also grew significantly.

Why is he coming out of here? And why is the gold bars like this……?’

The fire that hit the gold bar was huge enough to be called a fire horse.

As the Holy Land is a gold bullion that can be used for decades, the scale of burning was extraordinary.

Did you do this?

The moment I was about to ask, I heard another familiar voice.

“Dear Veradin! We’ve caught fire all the way back, now run……uh? Jean? Are you sure it’sir.

A dwarf physique, a husky voice.

It was Dante Highran. He was initially invisible because he was checking the back of the gold bar to see if it caught fire well.

“Da, Dante?”

Even Jean had no choice but to stutter when Dante came out.

‘No, why do these always pop out of the unthinkable?’

Every time I left the storm, at the foot of Cosmos, in the unknown city of Samil, even now.

Jean pulled herself together and looked at the two men.

The two of them are already very happy to see their eyes twinkling.

“I see you all here! There must be something between the three of us.”

“That’s right, that’s right. Haha, hee, hoo-hoo. You were having an accident in Samil at the time, but this time we’re having an accident.”

“What is the cat anyway? That’s very big.”

“By the way, you’re riding a red grave! How did you get to know this creature? Uh, it’s so nice to see you anyway. Ha ha, ha.”

Dante and Veradin pointed at Shri at the same time.

When Jean looked at the two innocent men in front of the burning gold bar, she felt a headache.

“You guys, you just ran away. Didn’t you say something? This fire, did you guys make it?”

“The ball of Veradine, accurate, fell.”

Dante pointed his finger at Veradin. Like a child who is caught in a mistake is nagging.

“No, you did.”

It was Jean, not Dante, that Veradin, with a straight face, pointed to “nega.”

Jean pointed at herself with her index finger, her eyes hop.

“What, me? When did I?”

“Lord Veradin, this guy just got here, right? The fire must be you.”

“Well, let’s just go with what Jean did. He’s a backup for Looncandel anyway, so if you’re saying he’s done it…….”


In Dante’s pocket, which was about to wave to Veradin, a lump of gold suddenly fell to the floor.

Jean, who looks up and down alternately at Dante and the fallen gold bullion.

“… …you, child, crazy. You didn’t steal a chunk out of here, did you?

“Oh, wrong! I just followed Veradin because he said he would give me money if he helped him.”

“Dante! Did you take the gold bullion behind my back?”

Dante’s eyes almost popped out on Veradin’s brow.

“Dear Veradin! Why do you keep saying weird things? The fire was on you, and this is my reward……!”

a gibberish feast

Jean swallowed a sigh, touching her forehead.

‘Yes, Dante, there’s no way this godfather could have been possessed by a piece of gold. And Veradin, this looks a little weird. My eyes were a bit tired.’


Veradin looked around in a cold sweat.

Dante grabbed him by the collar and raised his voice, saying, “Why are you driving him to be a thief?”

“Oh, anyway! I don’t know, this should be Jean’s. Otherwise we both get in trouble, Dante!”

“You didn’t mention that until you got here!”

“I lost my reason for a moment in anger then!”

“You lost your reason for a moment. The two of us rode that sailboat for three days while we were coming here. You’ve been fine all this time. Are you saying that the image of your family determined to be unforgivable was all false?”


Veradin twisted himself grotesquely, like a broken spring doll.

“Beradin, you shut up and Dante explain the situation. I’m running out of time, ’cause I’m about to have jipple wizards coming in.’

“Jin, what the hell does that mean?”

“I’m the one who revealed the whole story of this holy country. I’ve just revealed it in the square, and I’m on the run, fighting the wizards of the Jipple attacking me.”

“What, what, so you were a bat?”

“You’re a bamel!”

Dante and Veradin thrust their faces close to Jean.

All three were a series of shocks to each other. Jean managed to keep her cool. It is only for a moment that the situation becomes funny if even himself joins the march of these fools.

“And by revealing the fact that he’s a backup jockey for Looncandel, the Jipple must kill me. The direction of the escape was intended to wipe out all the gold bars that Jipple had given the Holy Land.”

“Jin, we are meant to be.”

Dante clenched his fist with a moved face.

“You and our purpose are the same. Now that Lord Veradin is out of his mind for a moment, he also asked me for help, saying he could not forgive my family. The next housekeeper of the Zipple himself is to blame.”

In other words, the three had visited the port for the same purpose.

Veradin and Dante were resentful to hear of the situation of the Holy Land in the newsletter.

And Veradin decided that even though Zipple was his own family, he would come forward and correct the evils himself.

Jin and Dante, too, were the heirs of the great Ming family, well aware of how great the choice was.

That’s why Dante, the next governor of the Highlands, decided to help Veradin, though there was a request. Dante was moved by Veradin’s decision.

After the incident, his gibberish appearance is being reduced.

“So I don’t care if I set the fire of gold bars. I would have done it if it weren’t for you guys anyway.”


Veradin fixed his expression and made eye contact with Jean.

“Our wizards attacked you? To cover up the truth, to preserve the prestige of the family?”

Jean nods her head instead of answering.

Veradin’s eyes were dimming.

“And they’re coming after you now?”


“You… …you sons of bitches……without shame. I’ll kill them all.”

Veradin’s hair began to flutter as if it were fluttering in the wind. It’s to boost mana.

Eight stars.

Or more.

Jean, who gauged Veradin’s mana, swallowed a breath into her heart.

‘When did you get this strong? In his previous life, he was known to be 9 in his 30s.’

Jean has thought that Veradin’s power remains in the seventh star. Since he is a monster who performs super-simultaneous singing, he is better than other eight-star wizards.

But it wasn’t. The mana that began to fluctuate from Veradin now was almost nine stars at first glance.

“Calm down, Veradine.”

“The prestige of the family? That’s important. How many innocent people are you trying to kill?”

Suddenly, I remembered the day I first met Veradin.

……well, good. That’s great, but I’d like to give you some advice as a senior in a similar situation. Don’t cut your fingers if you meet another jiffle later and experience something rather unpleasant. Wouldn’t each family be too tired?

That’s a funny joke, Veradin Zipple.

Well, why? If we and Looncandel fight bloodily whenever there’s a minor problem, the world won’t be left alone. I meant to ask you to think about the people who are suffering from war.

At that time, Jin had a conversation while trying to cut Veradin’s finger off inside the gateway to the Meitel Kingdom.

‘I always thought Veradin was an unknown person. The next housekeeper thought that he would not know about the evil deeds of the Zipple.”

But now Veradin really didn’t know about Zipple’s misdeeds.

It’s just that his behavior is unique, and perhaps Veradin is a far cry from the “zipple” he knows.

“Do you know what this gold bullion means, Jean? This means that if we don’t let this go, we will make the Holy Land poor for decades. It means starving more than a million people to death.”

Now Veradin was again showing Dante being moved.

Jean seemed to know why he went back and forth like this.

‘You must be afraid.’

It was Veradin’s condition to be angry at the family’s misdeeds, but on the one hand, shuddering at the fear of future events.

However, anger once again beat fear at the sound of Zipple’s wizards attacking Jean.

To be exact, the fact that Jean was attacked left nothing but anger in Veradin’s head now. Reason and other emotions have disappeared.

If Jin made this choice in the same situation.

Looncandel will maim the camp and banish it from the family, regardless of the reason.

At a time when the whole family is desperately moving to protect its power, it was impossible for a succession to overturn the situation under the influence of justice.

“I know. That’s why I’m trying to deal with the gold bars even after I revealed my identity.”

“But how can I calm down!”

“It’s different when I step up and you step up. As a third party, I will give the Holy Land a cause to refuse gold and run away. And you? If you kill the wizards that come here with your own hands, what next?”

“My father will understand my will.”

“I don’t know what to say, but your brother. Carl Zipple also died at the hands of an assassin sent by your father. Carl, the owner of the four-horse tower, was used as bait to call me out. I wonder if you’s you.….”

It’s a fire! The gold!

I’m sure he set it on fire. Catch him, surely!

Suddenly someone’s cry came from afar.

The sorceresses who followed Jean, they arrived at the port.

“Stop. Jean, Dante. You guys go first. Those things I stop.”

Veradin said in a low voice. Mana was forming a new fire in his hands.

Unlike in Samil, the first type of rock salt and salt, the ceremony was completed perfectly.

“Princess Veradine.”

“It’s been a pleasure.”


Jean sighed.

Is it like a late adolescence? I understand how you feel, but it’s enough to make a mistake in anger. It’s not some kind of fire moth.’

Jin thought there were many ways to end the situation more efficiently and neatly.

“Okay, we’ll get out first, Veradin.”

“Jin! If only we run away, Lord Veradin!”

Dante turned his head and shouted.

“However, you lost heroically trying to stop me.”


Jean’s right fist stuck right into Veradin’s chin.


Bam! The next front kick is veradin, who vomits blood and falls forward. Jean stepped on the back of the fallen Beradin once more, and even completely crushed his head into the dirt floor.

A sudden attack led to a rapid mana reflux.

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. There was a sound of Veradin biting the blood.

“Gee, Jean?”

“You don’t want to see this guy go wrong. Come here, too.”

Jean wrapped Dante like a bojagi with her own robe.

“Even if it stings a little, keep your mouth shut until I give you the signal. Shri, bite.”

As Jean climbed back to her back, Shri took Dante in her mouth.

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