Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 250

A sailboat of 500 ships was approaching the eastern port of the Holy Land.

It was a fleet of scale that should never suddenly appear. The ship’s owner was not even an ally of the Holy Land.

It was the Suin fleet led by Veracte Sidriker, the great warrior of the White Rangs.

Since the ship entered the territorial waters without asking permission, the Holy Land had no choice but to accept it as a declaration of war.

Surprisingly, however, the five hundred sailboats were all wearing the highest mast with a black band of condolence.

In addition, every single one of the warships was removed, and each ship’s player stood one by one the Baengnang Sui waving a huge black flag.

It’s not a war, it’s a tribute.

It was a delegation of condolence on an unprecedented scale in history.

“Are they crazy? “You know the Holy Land is a mess, and you send 500 ships with your condolences?”

Murakhan shook his head.

“Because of Dino, Kinselo’s name has come to the surface, I’m trying to show off. They’re not third-rate terrorists. I don’t know whose head you’re thinking, but you’re smart.”


“Kinselo said he’d help me. But if the public recognizes Kinselo as a shabby group, it’s hard to have any public confidence in whatever it offers to the Holy Land.”

“Well, so is that.”

“We are such a great group that we can send 500 sailing ships just for condolence. You’re trying to make that known.”

“For human reporters, there must be a good harvest.”

It was surprising that Kinselo, who had been hiding his power so far, came out this far.

“Did you decide that you don’t need to hide your power anymore? Or did he hide it naturally because he had no chance so far?’

Either way, the paper was in a situation where it was upsetting.

Although he gave up his image to hide that Carl was caught by a third-rate terrorist group, Kinselo has shown his full power.

The Holy Land allowed only one out of five hundred ships to dock. It was impossible to accept all 500 ships, and even the mourning was over the limit.

From one ship, Veracet, five men, and twenty men, who were his assistants, were brought down.

Veracet’s huge body was by far overwhelmingly eye-catching. The White Rangs, who served as assistants, were well-known warriors in the world of Sui, but were no match for Veract’s energy.

They immediately entered the capital city using the mobile gate and found the square where Laney was.

Every time Veract strode, the crowd gathered nearby flinch.

Like animals who have met natural enemies, most dare not even look directly at Veract.

Veracet also did not observe courtesy, but the crowd, weighed down with fear, did not jeer. The atmosphere was quite different from when Baekya led the project.

Soon Veracte stood before Laney, and the golden shielded genitals waited, extremely nervous, for him to speak.


Jean and Murakhan were also watching the scene.


‘That’s pretty strong. Your oldest sister can’t be sure.’

Murakan evaluated Veracan as such.

“Berak Siddriker, the commander of the Revolutionary Army in Kinselo and the great warrior of the White Rangs. I’m here to mourn the death of Michaelan the Holy Father.”

“……thank you, Veracte Sidriker.”

“Sir Rani, I don’t know about you, but I have been indebted to King Seong about 30 years ago. I was seriously wounded in the battle, and by chance Miklan, who was performing on our land, treated me.”

“I remember my father telling me that around that time, in the land of the Sioux, he was at the stake. That’s what happened.”

“He was the nicest man I’ve ever known. I offer you my deepest sympathy.”

People had no choice but to be shocked. It is surprising that the Baengnang people, who are famous for treating humans like bugs, especially Daejeon Temple, have visited, but it is unimaginable for them to use such gentlemanly words and deeds.

Laney’s gaze reached the captive humans behind Veract. They were wearing dirty, ragged jipple robes.

“And the humans tied behind them are the prisoners of the Zipple we’ve been holding. When we were allies with Zipple, these humans conducted biomass experiments on our land without permission under the orders of the Lord Zipple.”


“All I can tell you is these things will confess. I pray that your country will escape from its grief as soon as possible.”

The crowd roared.

And Jin wondered, once again, who in Kinselo plotted the plot?

The attitude of treating Laney as the head of the Holy Land, following the show of authority, and the way that bio-testing was a command of Kellyak.’

The process of putting a complete blame on Jipple was bound to be a mud fight anyway.

In that sense, Veract’s remarks were a very good attack on the Zipple.

‘In fact, considering that the biopsy was a collaboration between Kinselo and Gipple, it’s an indescribably brazen statement.

The first thing to do was to get Giffle out of the Holy Land.

Kinselo’s guilt is not too late to interrogate the Holy Land after it is on track. For now, Kinselo’s name is on the surface.

While Laney picked out the answer, Veracte opened his mouth again.

“I’ll be here for a long time and everyone will feel uncomfortable, so I’ll leave right away. It is true that we were also allies with Zipple, so we will take responsibility for this later on.”

* * *

It has been revealed that all of the prisoners Veract brought were wizards from Zipple’s Academy.

They left behind all the experiments Zipple conducted on the people of the Holy Land.

The confession was almost in line with the record left by Mutual Scylla, and included content about the experiment conducted by Gipple alone, not a joint venture.

by their confession

It has been told all over the world that there are additional experimental facilities in the Holy Land. In the northern capital of the Holy Land and several cities, Jipple was building a secret laboratory.

That was the most decisive. Laney and the people were shocked that there was a laboratory of Jipple in the Holy Land.

It was the same with Jean.

“Even if Carl Zipple was found to be the tail, I thought the best outcome was to undermine his image and make him properly retreat. This changes the story. I didn’t know there was a lab in the Holy Land.”

A good and just wizard family is now an old saying in the Holy Land.

Still, Zipple was not issuing any further statements yet.

“Kinselo’s been providing you with the right support. No, kid. Should I say you took advantage of them?”

“That’s right. They don’t intend to stay still either. If the atmosphere keeps going like this, Kinselo won’t lose anything. We only get the good image of being a well-known group that can kidnap the Matapju of Zipple and capture the Wizards of Zipple.”

“Although the Dark Wizardry was destroyed and lost the magic of the Riol Jipple.”

“That’s not enough. We have to let them know that Kinselo is no different than the Zipple. It’s time to throw it away because we’ve spent enough in the Holy Land.”

“What are you going to do?”

When Jean was about to answer, someone rushed to tap on the door where the two were staying.

“Prince Jean!”

An urgent voice, Kashmir.

“Sir Kashmir? What’s the matter.

“Karl Zipple was murdered……!”

Jean and Murakhan raised themselves reflexively.

“What? Wasn’t the cellar guarded by the Golden Barrier Reef?”

“The assassin broke through the Golden Barrier Reef. It must have been sent from Jipple.”


Carl Zipple was now a man who shouldn’t have died.

Only when he is alive can Kellyak prove that he used his son as an innocent tail.

In addition, the death of Carl had no choice but to diminish the cause of the Holy Land’s pressure on the Zipple.

It was because Sung-guk killed a human being whom Jipple sent as the “main culprit of the experiment.”

The G-Floor can say that Carl has died and that he has paid for his crime.

Killing the sword was, of course, not the Holy Land, but the assassin of the Zipple, but the truth didn’t matter.

As of today, Jipple’s pens can spread fake articles, saying that the Holy Land demands an excessive apology even though the sword is dead.

If you don’t want to be cut off, never cut off the tail.

“Jipple’s press is already moving. Jipple’s paid enough.”

“Human is a stupid species, but would you believe that? Mimul, it’s the Zipple that killed the sword at first sight.”

“Of course no one believes in the Holy Land. However, foreigners may think that the Holy Land killed him while torturing him too much to get a confession from the sword. There will be rumors that the Holy Land wrapped Carl’s death as an assassination to hide it. Because…”

Kashmir breathed a sigh and said back.

“Jipple, they left the name Bamel at the scene of the murder.”

Jean and Murakhan’s eyes grew bigger.

With your blood, I will wash away the grudges of the Holy Land.

After killing the sword, the assassin carved the sentence with a sword on the wall of the entrance to the camp.

“Reporters have already identified the sentences engraved on the wall. It’s not a solitary cell where the knife was locked up on purpose, but it’s engraved at the entrance. So that everyone can see.”

“I see what you mean. Image, prestige, you’ve lost them both because of me, which means I need to know who I am.”

“I think so, Confucius.”

The assassin who killed the knife identified himself as “bamel.”

No one would believe it, as Murakan said.

But unless the real Barmal officially reveals that he is not the culprit, the Holy Land could no longer ask the Zipple for its crimes.

It was because it was true that the sword died anyway.

On the contrary, if Jin, a real bat, appears in public and proves that he is not the criminal, then the image of Jipple will simply plummet. Not only in the Holy Land, but all over the world.

The “evil and mob,” which was the symbol of Looncandel, could be the share of the Jipple.

“What will you do?”

“I’m struggling to be a villain, and I’ll have to help. I have to make it official that I have never done anything like that way.”

“The will of Confucius is important, but…… I think it’s too dangerous to identify. As Confucius said, I lost my image and prestige, so find out who Barmul is. You mean you’re going to show us exactly what happens to those who fight against the jipple?”

Jean smiled sizzlingly.

“On the contrary, if the man against the jipple lives well without any trouble.” That’s going to be a big blow to them. It’s better than that. I’m gonna have to identify myself and screw him up to Kinselo.”

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