Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 242

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* * *

The gate was connected to the land of the Sioux.

The residence of the present White Rang warrior Veracet Sidriker and the main assembly of the Kinselo.

“Dress up!”

“Dear Leader!”

As the leader and Joe walked out of the door, humans and minorities bowed their heads in unison. At the same time, several watermen quickly clung together to help with the grooming.

Then there was a sigh of relief everywhere.

It was because of the fact that the leader and Joe returned safely.

“Joe, you must not forget the grace of the leader even in death. Did you even say that you took the risk for him in a way that the leader didn’t do anything for him?”

said Veract, glaring as if to kill Joe. Joe dared not look him in the eye and bowed his head.

The leader’s visit to the old Oterium was literally an accident for Kinselo.

There have been no signs of any major danger on the part of the Jipple and Looncandel, but no one expected that Jean and Murakhan would raid the main headquarters of the Dark Wizardry Council.

If only Chukon and Susan had been present, Jo, a key personnel to complete the “master” in the main camp, was on standby.

If Joe dies, the master’s development will be delayed, which means that the realization of the great business will be delayed.

Therefore, the leader risked his own life to save him. That’s the only one that’s capable of space movement in the midst of a minute and a second of urgency.

[Don’t do that too much, Veracte. Now that you’re back without a hitch.]

“Next time, if the task is delayed a little, take care of yourself more, General Manager, for the sake of the many comrades who see only you.”

[Let’s do that.] By the way, I went and checked out an interesting piece of information.]

“What information?”

[Bamel, he was Looncandel’s youngest. I wonder if Zipple and Beaumont are aware of this.]

“What, what!”

As soon as the leader’s words fell, a man exclaimed in great astonishment.

[Assistant Manager, what’s wrong?]

Deputy General Manager of Kinselo, Vishkel Ibliano.

Famous for his usual cool-headedness, he responded so violently that everyone naturally reached him.

“No, or……it’s a surprise, sir. I never thought Jean Looncandel was a bat.”

Through Joe’s eyes, he is not enough to use magic and the power of the Ming dynasty, but he is also a contractor for Soldierlet. It’s a breach of the covenant with the Zipple. I guess Looncandel decided to play a game with Jipple, so we’ll have to get ready.]

Except for Qin, the leader was the one who knew the power of the “Myeongwang people” best in the world.

Vishkel had difficulty calming his pounding chest.

“I was involved with Bubar at a one-legged party, and I came to a sculpture workshop a few months ago….is it all the intended approach? Because you know who I am and who I am? Since when and how can I……!’

A cold sweat broke out on the chills, backstem.

Jean could not have identified herself by herself. Surely Looncandel would have given information to Qin and given orders at the family level.

‘We know that our spies are planted everywhere in the power of the jockeys, but rather, we’ve got the reserve jockey, Qin, to figure out our trends! In the judgment that we won’t even care about the backup jockey!

Vishkel clenched his teeth as he spread his imagination and family to that extent in an instant.

Vishkel thought all this was his own mistake. From the thought of Qin and Bubar being strangely intertwined, he should have attached at least one man to Jin. A deputy director is such a position.

Especially the last meeting.

Jin’s behavior was obviously unusual on the day he came to the sculpture workshop because he wanted to compete with him under the pretext of Boubar.

After becoming a backup jockey, I fought quite a few. But I didn’t feel as desperate as I did when I competed with Lord Vishkel. The sense of the heart opening.

I acknowledge my arrogance and disrespect, Lord Vishkel. I’m just a baby who can’t dare face Lord Vishkel. But it’s another matter for him to insult Looncandel……. One step and I’ll cut you, Bubar.

He continued to make violent remarks and actions to attract his attention somehow.

At that time I thought only it was puberty of a young warrior, but now Vishkel could understand why Jean did it.

‘Yes, I had felt a faint air that day while Jean had left and we were talking with Bubar about the withdrawal of the compasses. Jean was trying so hard to get my attention, to plant a figure who would be an ear in the sculpture workshop……!’

I also remembered talking about the withdrawal of the compass with Bubar that day. The place of recall, the date, and the memory of revealing even the top secret that the alliance with the Jipple had been completely destroyed.

And on the first day of the month, the man who had just turned out to be Barmel, who knew nothing but the executives of Jipple and Kinselo, appeared in the Empire of Belo, who had just been identified as Jean Looncandel.

Since the failure to retrieve the compass, several emergency meetings have been held inside Kinselo, and how many investigations and accusations have been made to search for information leaks and routes…….

As Vishkel, it felt like his whole body was completely out of color.

You have to take responsibility.

“Leader, I have something to tell you…….”

The moment Vishkel uttered his soulful voice.

[Oh! Damn it!]

Suddenly, the leader held his forehead and breathed out sighs.

“What’s the matter, boss?”

[I left it behind. Damn, the situation was so urgent that I didn’t think about taking it. Oh, my God, you made a mistake.…!]

“What is it? Oh, come on…!”

At Veracet’s question, the leader bowed his head and sighed.

[Dead-of-the-dark, salt-burning final form] The legacy of the Riol Jipple, which had been kept at the Dark Wizard’s home……I didn’t pack it. Joe, did you take it? Please say yes.]

“Huh. That, that. Sir, I wasn’t in a hurry either…….”

“You worthless, you stupid bastard! Joe, you’re the head of the Dark Wizard, and you forgot that? Why should the general manager care about that!”

Veracte grasped Joe by the collar and opened his eyes with a knife.

“Ve, Veracte Warrior. Talk about this! I was going to take care of Chae, but I was too busy!”

“I’m furious that I’m saying it now. Argh! Hey! Whoever gets this bugger out of my sight, take it out of my sight for a while. I’ll kill you if I see you!”

Flap! Flap!

Beracte, who threw Joe to the floor, reflexively raised his foot. He tried to trample on his head under his anger.

“Aigo, my great warrior!”

“Devil, the general brought me here with difficulty! Fix it!”

Fortunately, Jo’s head, which he had been trying to save, never became a watermelon because other people blocked him with their bodies.

Even after a storm of unrest, Veracte was unable to calm his anger by exhaling hard breaths.

[…]…you’ve seen a complete disaster. I’ve lost one of the most important cards for the Jipple. Oh, my God, we’re supposed to deal with Kellyak soon about the final sentence of the extinct rock salt.]



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“Crouch! The humans, they’re not doing anything right! Hoo.”

Veracte’s gaze touched the hardened Vishkel.

“Hmm, hmm! Of course I spoke without the vice-chief. If human worms were half as much like our vice-captain, I wouldn’t be so furious. Why are you so different when you’re the same human being?”

As if to agree, the leader nodded at the back of Joe, who was being dragged away by Su-in.

Vishkel’s chest seemed to be jammed.

[This is my fault too, so I can’t help it. It’s in the past, so we should think about making up for it. Veracte, send the fastest of the Sioux to the Oterium. Jean, maybe he didn’t bring the magic book. There’s a high possibility that we don’t know the wizard is there in the first place, so let’s hope.]

“Okay, sir. I’ll send it right away.”

[Vishkel. You take care of Carl Zipple yourself from now on. If you can’t take the magic book this time, you should take him and negotiate.]

Vishkel nodding his head.

[And, didn’t you say you had something to tell me? Vishkel.]

In the brief moment of eye contact with the leader, countless thoughts passed through Vishkel’s head.

In this gruesome atmosphere, is it really the right thing to confess one’s mistake…….

The answer was in what Jeon said about 10 seconds ago.

‘It’s already in the past, so you should think about making up for it. There’s nothing good right now if I reveal my mistakes. First of all, we need to put out the fire that fell on Kinselo’s feet.’

Bearing a heavy scruple of conscience, Vishkel opened his mouth.

“……it was about the Holy Land. Jean, he may accuse the Holy Land of the substance of the oterium, bringing the fact that there was a bio-golem experiment to the surface. It’s the best chance for Looncandel to intervene in the Holy Land.”

“Oh, you’re the vice-captain, too. The Assistant Manager is right. I’m sure they’ll try to use it politically. Isn’t that human specialty?”

[Hmm, yeah. I don’t think he’s an ordinary backup jockey, so we can work with the Sword Garden to develop a case. What should we do?]

“I think he attacked the Oterium out of the blue because he was commissioned by the Holy Father. In the process, you also found out that the Holy Land was divided into two parts of us.”

[Keep talking.]

“If you were in Looncandel’s shoes, you’d want to drive the Jipple out of the Holy Land before us. To drive them out, we’re too little known to the public. So no one’s gonna believe we did a biogolem experiment.”

[You mean, Jean could put a bio-golem experiment on the side of the jipple?]


[I got a point. It’s been known that Jipple did a biological experiment on colons.]

“I think we should wait and see and follow his lead. If it goes as I expected, I’m afraid…… we need to empower him. To hold the Holy Land in half.”

The reason why Veracte fumbled at Vishkel was at this point.

A clear-cut statement and that brilliant insight. Veract felt his anger rising by Joe gradually subsided.

[The vice-captain is right. It’s ridiculous that I might have to play with his rhythm again, but…… what else, I think that’s the best thing. Let’s wait and see how Jin comes out.]

* * *

Meanwhile, Qin and Murakhan were staring blankly at Chenghua, who was still burning the area without being turned off.

What the hell is that steel door? Are they really running away? You moved in space?

As soon as we were about to ask each other the same question.

In the midst of the blue flames, the white glow that caught the eyes of the two was spreading.

As Chin and Murakhan did not know exactly the leader’s ability, naturally they thought the luster was the attack magic or trap he had left behind.

But it was not an attack. The luster was in the form of an ordinary protective shield.


Jean, with her eyes wide open, hurriedly began to run toward the light.

the final form of an extinct rock salt mine

The magic book that Missha asked to find is shining in the blue.

The identity of the light surrounding the magic book was ‘protective magic’. Two generations ago, a woman who used to be the owner of the Giffle had her magic book engraved for fear of being lost.

“Get in, you’re getting in. Murakan! Turn off your Chunghwa quickly!”

Murakan quickly threw himself and rolled over the flames near the magic camp.

“Oh, hot!”

It’s a pity that his hair was burnt down a little, but Jean was able to secure a magic book before the protective membrane was finished.

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