Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 241


Jean regained consciousness when Tess returned to the flame. But it wasn’t easy to keep one’s body in a great deal of exhaustion.

“Wake up, kid.”

“……this is a mess. Did Tess do it?”

Jean re-activated Multa’s run and said, looking around.

Within minutes of unconsciousness, hundreds of human, male, and biological golems, as well as unidentified golem resembling elephants, have all become ashes.

Even though Tess had disappeared, there were still blue flames everywhere, causing heat.

The three nine-star wizards were devastated, completely disheartened.

“Well, maybe you did. He’s basically using your power. Just based on divine insight and experience, we used that power more explosively…… No, that’s not what matters now. Look at that.”

Jean looked up and looked up at the outer wall.

The human figure standing there was slowly descending to the ground.

“What the hell is that?”

When Jean tilted her head, the nine-star wizards followed the two and looked at her.

As soon as they saw the blurred figure, they lowered their heads hurriedly. With a ‘live’ look on his face.

“See you, General Manager!”

Wizards screaming on one knee at the same time.

Jin and Murakan were also surprised at the point.

‘That’s…… the head of Kinselo?’

Suddenly, he met an unidentified giant.

I haven’t often imagined him, but he wasn’t much of a match for terrorist groups like Kinselo.

It was because of the glow.

As if God had descended on the earth, a brilliant radiance was flowing through the hazy body of the head of the Kinselo.

“What’s so cloudy and shiny? I feel like I’m seeing a big firefly.”

Jean shrugged as Murakan expressed his sour appreciation.

“That’s the feeling.”

Both of them were nervous even if they said so. If Jipple was the head of a force that avoided all-out war, he must have had the skills.

“I didn’t feel at all when I approached him. Well, I’m sure he’s dangerous, but……I don’t think it’s real. There’s no weight at all like a spirit or a ghost.”

The leader had been in limbo for a while, landing in the middle of their confrontation. He did not give a single look to the wizards, but turned his head toward the camp.

The distance between Jin and Murakan is approximately thirty steps. It was a distance for a talented person to narrow down and attack in a blink of an eye.


Murakan stood in front of the camp and raised his spirits. So that Haengyeo can fight back immediately if he attacks.

[Jipple and Beaumont meet the celebrity they’re looking for with their eyes open. Nice to meet you, Bamel.]

It was a deep voice.

[And Murakhan, it’s been a long time no see. I’ve heard you woke up before, but…… Oh, you’re protecting him, so Bamel is one of the Looncandels? Somehow, I thought that such a brilliant figure came out of nowhere.]

“What, you. Do you know me?”

[You know, I’m your lifesaver.]

“Khaha, this is a new type. A lifesaver? What the hell is that? Are you from the laughter troupe? You’ve heard everything in your life.”

[It was me who stopped the friend when Temar tried to kill you in a storm. Murakan. You don’t remember me?]

Temer Looncandel.

When the name came out, Murakan’s eyes were colored to live at once.

Murakhan gathered his spirit in a fierce manner, and soon burst into laughter.

“How dare you sell someone’s name recklessly. You look like an old horse, but the theme could not have matched yours. Besides, there’s a lot of traffic, so you must have heard something from somewhere? The explosion that day…….”

[Do you want to say that it wasn’t you, it was the Temer?]

The leader smiled calmly.

Rather than smiling to be exact, the mouth of the cloudy face looked like a crescent moon.

[Besides not recognizing me, you remember the fight of the day as the Temer’s responsibility. I can’t imagine how unfair the dead friend would be to know this.]

“… …tell me the name of Themeer one more time. I’ll kill you right now, and I’ll send all the Kinselon or whatever to hell.”

The reason why Murakhan didn’t rush immediately was because he thought of Jean. If Jean had been fine, she would have started the fight without even thinking for a second.

It’s impossible for you in your prime. More than that, I’m so curious. Did you really have a memory problem? Do you really think that Themeer, not you, was driving too hard?]

“You hasten death.”

[Or did you reconstruct the memory to your advantage?]]

“Shut up…”

[Reaction suggests the latter.]

As soon as Murakan was about to turn into his real self.


Jean grabbed him by the shoulder.

Jin was just listening to the conversation and convinced that the leader was a “well-informed” person.

He is a man who knows what the most vulnerable part of Murakan is.’

The moorakan breathed heavily in anger.

A frantic tremor was passed on by the hand touching the shoulder, and Jean determined that Murakan was quickly caught up with the leader.

“It’s just a provocation. You can’t let it go.”

“That bastard dare to…What are you talking about?….”

Murakan’s focus on saying so was blurred. As if possessed by something.

“Calm down. He’s the head of Kinselo. If we stick together like this without preparation, chances are high that our side will break. Especially when you’re as excited as you are now.”

I can’t describe my usual Murakan as rational and cold-hearted, but I’ve never seen him collapse so much in a few words.

[I understand, there’s one thing that everyone doesn’t want to admit. Even if I reconstructed my memory, Themeer, the sadness of losing him would be real, so I feel sorry for him.]

“Crazy Arcade!”



Jean hit Murakhan in the back of the head with all her might. The strength was almost exhausted from the body, but the average person wielded a hammer.

Then Murakan looked back at the camp with a startling look.

“Little? Why are you hitting me? Are you crazy?”

“Get a hold of yourself.”

“What? What’s all of a sudden?… ahh!”

The head-shaking Murakan.

“You were possessed for a while by that snake. He showed an ugly look.”

The head of the Kinselo did not use hypnosis or spiritual magic. However, confusing Murakan’s unstable memory was far more effective than that.

[Oh, I wish I could have stopped the runaway so simply then.]

Jean opened her mouth first before Murakan got angry again.

“Hey, it’s not very pleasant to see you squabbling as soon as you get here. Me and Murakhan killed all your men. If you were the leader of Kinselo, wouldn’t it be right to ask this question first? Don’t just think of Temer, but count the positions of your men who are ashes.”

[The blood of the King] Yeah, you’re right. I acted too lightly because I met a friend after a long time.]

“If you’ve learned, why don’t you go at it right now and wash away your men’s rancor? Don’t make fun of your tongue.”

Kid, didn’t you just tell me that I shouldn’t fight like that?

Murakan looked at Jean with such eyes. Of course, Jean looked at the leader and spat.

He also made an unpleasant gesture of throwing his finger at him.

“What are you doing not coming at me? Temer, if you can stop Looncandel’s first lyric, I’m not saying you’re massive, either. If that’s not a lie, we could get rid of things like us in one stroke, right?”

[Funny friend]]

“Jaemi’s still your guy. Like Murakan said, I think you’re really out of the laughter theater. Have you ever met Themeer? I’ve seen it once. You’ve stopped me, by the way. It wasn’t up to me. You pretended to be there, but now that you’re about to fight, do you feel like your liver is shriveling?”

This childish provocation of Jin was a gamble.

‘Absolutely strongman doesn’t talk much. When you want to have a little conversation, you have to overpower your opponent before you do.’

All the transcendent powers Jean has seen so far have.

Xiron, Talaris, Luna, Owl, Missha, etc. For them, dialogue was a procedure that took place once the opponent was half dead or completely overpowered.

On the other hand, provocation is only used when you don’t have that much power or when you have to resort to tricks.’

In that sense, Kinselo’s style was never the absolute power’s.

The leader is acting as if Murakan would fight only if he rushed in first. Like you’ve got a trap in place.

“Now, judging by the way you thought of Murakan’s memory, I think it’s time for cheap psychological counseling. I’ll try to guess your mind this time. You came here because you wanted to save them, and you set some sort of trap. But I’m kind of sick right now. Because I don’t think we’re going to get caught.”


“What are you laughing at, a bugger or something? Am I wrong? What are you going to eat? Answer me.”

I’ve done this much.

The leader did not launch an attack. I just stood still and looked at Jean. Naturally Jean was increasingly feeling the initiative coming to her.

I couldn’t read the look on the leader’s face because my face was blurred. It seemed very shameful and enjoyable.

[You’ve had a good blow. That’s what you say, Jean Looncandel. Almost everything was right. I can’t handle you guys properly right now. As you can see, I have no bones.]

“Then wait a few more minutes. I’ll finish thinking about the trap you prepared, and then I’ll break it myself.”

Didn’t I just say, almost?]


Suddenly, pieces of metal gathered in front of the leader at a rapidity of the leader. The pieces of iron, which were not known where they came from, soon became a sword.

‘Not coming, but forming a real sword……?’


The place where the sword of the leader was headed was none other than the side with wizards.

“Da, General Manager… … Kuck!”


In an instant Susan Lilitha’s neck fell on the sword of the leader who narrowed the distance.

Her neck, which fell to the floor, was looking up at the leader with a wry, frosty eyes, with no hindsight.

Then he stabbed Chukon in the chest and twisted it. Even the master of defense, it was difficult to stop the blade of his main army in this situation.

[Sorry, I can’t save you guys.]

Let Chukon fall forward and die.

Just as the sword was formed, metal popped out from somewhere and formed a “door” in no time.

When the door opened, it was a black space, with the leader trying to escape with Joe.

Joe was a man who should not be lost to the leader yet. Joe knew it, so he thought the leader would save him if he survived somehow.

[Next time, I hope it’s a little more pleasant for each other.]

As the leader entered, the door closed, and the iron fittings that formed the door disappeared like smoke in an instant.

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